Battle between 3 Idiots’ makers and Chetan Bhagat heats up

The controversy over Aamir Khan’s ‘3 Idiots’ dragging the star, the producer and author Chetan Bhagat, whose novel was the basis for the successful film, escalated on Friday with the media caught in an ugly crossfire and was told to ‘shut up’ amid high drama.

An upset Aamir at a press meet in Kolkata and in Noida, trained his guns on Bhagat accusing him of being hungry for publicity after the author pointed fingers at the star and the makers of the blockbuster for not giving him due credit.

Aamir accused Bhagat of trying to take away the credit from the film’s scriptwriter Abhijat Joshi, who the star said was working on the script for three years.

He also said publicity-seeking people were trying to generate a controversy.

In his response, Bhagat called Khan and the filmmakers — producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra and Director Rajkumar Hirani — as ‘uncivilised people’ and rejected allegations that he was hankering for publicity.

“They are making a fool of themselves,” he said. The press meet of the film crew in Noida turned ugly when their reaction was sought on Bhagat’s allegation against them.

Chopra lost his cool when a journalist said the film was similar to the book. When Chopra asked that journalist whether he has read the book, he replied in negative after which the producer asked him to shut up.

Aamir also inquired from the journalist whether he had read the book. When Chopra’s outbursts were strongly objected to by the assembled media, Aamir asked him to apologize but the producer refused

An angry Chopra said, “Aamir had asked me to take the legal course before but now after all this furore I am really angry and I might take a legal action.”

“We have signed a very defined contract with Chetan stating his name would appear in the rolling credits of the film. We are going to upload the agreement on vidhuvinodchopra website,” Chopra said.

“Chetan is the only person with whom I signed a contract. I had told Raju (director) earlier that this guy is going to create problems later,” he added.

Hirani, who has previously directed films like ‘Munnabhai MBBS’ and ‘Lage Raho Munnabhai ‘ for Chopra’s banner also tried to pacify the media.

“I want you to recount each and every scene with me from the beginning till the climax and tell me where is it similar to the book (Five Point Someone). There are so many scenes which have nothing to do with the book. I would be very honest that the film has only five per cent of the book and Chetan had read the script and approved of it,” Hirani said.

Aamir said that he was told by Chopra and Hirani not to comment on the issue but he felt ‘hurt’ that ‘Hirani’s credibility is being questioned.’

“I have nothing to do with this issue. I am the non-interested party but I know Hirani and Abhijat both very closely and I have seen them slogging on the script for last three years. This guy (Hirani) has made Munnabhai films. How can you question him without knowing the whole story?” Aamir said.

Earlier Chetan Bhagat, the author of the book from which the movie has been adapted, accusing the filmmakers and actor Aamir Khan of not giving him due credit.

Bhagat said that 70 per cent of the film ‘3 Idiots’ is based on his novel ‘Five Point Someone’, contradicting Aamir’s claim that he was trying to take away the credit from the film’s scriptwriter, Abhijat Joshi.

“From the very beginning the film has been promoted on the lines that it is based on ‘Five Point Someone’ but when I saw the film, I found out that my name was nowhere to be seen in the credit line,” Chetan Bhagat told PTI (Press Trust of India).

Aamir, who plays the lead in the Rajkumar Hirani directed film, had said, “Abhijat has written the script and Raju Hirani worked on it. Raju and Abhijat took the idea from Chetan’s book. The starting point is ‘Five Point Someone’, but after that the script has been completely changed.”

But Bhagat has a different take on it, saying that the credit for the story has been given to Abhijat and Hirani while he has been left out entirely.

“For the past two years I have trusted Hirani, Vidhu Vinod Chopra and Aamir blindly and this is what I get in return. Now I am being threatened with legal action but I am ready for it,” Bhagat said.


The raging controversy over the credit for the story in ‘3 Idiots’ escalated on Saturday with director Rajkumar Hirani [ Images ] accusing author Chetan Bhagat [ Images ] of “lying” despite agreeing to several conditions, including a rolling credit in a contract.

Hirani, who also shares the writing credit with scriptwriter Abhijat Joshi in the Aamir Khan-starrer, said Bhagat had approved the film’s script and agreed to the condition that it would be different from his book.

Addressing a press conference in Mumbai [ Images ], Hirani showed the contract signed with Bhagat, whose novel “Five Point Someone” became the basis for the film. The director said he had made a four-hour narration of the script to the author.

“We never denied Bhagat the credit. I am confused as to why is he saying all these things after the film’s release. We have not stolen the story, we have purchased the rights of the book and can modify or change it as per our requirements. There is nothing illegal in it. Chetan is lying,” Hirani said.

He said that as per the contract signed between Bhagat and producers of the film, it was obligatory on part of the latter to mention in rolling credits that the film was based the novel.

“His name appears immediately after the main cast in the rolling credits. If he wanted to see his name in opening part of the film, he should have asked us after reading the contract itself. I am a writer and I respect writers,” Hirani said.

Reacting to Hirani’s statement, Bhagat accused the film-makers of abusing the contract.

“They abused the contract and thought that they can hide the credit. They made a new credit that is of story, which gives the wrong impression that the original story was written by Abhijat and Hirani but it is my story they adapted from.

“They should have mentioned novel’s name in ‘Adapted By’ or they should have mentioned my name in the story credit,” Bhagat said.

Film’s producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra [ Images ] had to apologise to the media after he told a journalist to “shut up” during a press meet last evening in Noida when he questioned him about Bhagat’s allegations.

“I really think it was silly. I was provoked as you guys know but I should not have done that. It does not befit me. I was shouting ‘shut up! shut up!’ like an animal. What I did was silly and I am really sorry,” Chopra said today.

Aamir also blasted Bhagat, accusing him of trying to gain “cheap publicity”.

“He (Chetan) was saying something else three months ago, but he has changed his tunes now that the film has become a hit. He is using the media to gain publicity,” Aamir said.

Hirani said he had liked the novel and had told Bhagat that the script of the film he intended to make would be different.

“I had asked Chetan if he was okay with the script turning out differently from the novel and whether he would like to be associated with the film. He told me that he had liked the script and would want to be associated with the movie,” Hirani said.

“The book is not more than five per cent in the film,” he said, adding that Bhagat had been paid his dues by Chopra even before the release of the film.

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  • This is very wrong on the part of vidhu vinod chopra.i wil blame aamir khan also as he is supporting the makers of 3i blindly
    I have read the book and hv seen the movie also.if not 70%,atleast 50% of the movie is taken from fps.
    Chetan is not askin anything.All he wants is his name in the initial credits
    It was utterly disappointin to see vvc’s cocky behaviour with the journo.even if the journo had not read the book,he stil had all the right to ask the question.
    They should give the credit
    Where its due..
    Least expected that aamir khan wil accuse chetan bhagat of hogging publicity..
    SHAME ON U VVC.U MADE A FOOL OF URSELF..i advice the makers to watch their own movie Lage raho munnabhai again..

  • I am sure this is a consipiracy from the industry,they wanted 2 snatch d result of the film from Aamir Khan no way. I think no need 2 use chetan name since they paid copy right, let them go to hell.

  • Aamir is right in sayin that chetan wants publicity,he thinks he might get some money out of them!well i have read his novel and its true they have taken idea out of it not the 70% film he is lyin!u can doubt vinod chopra but dont questioned hiranis credibilty he took him in trust and made film!where was he for last three years??now the film has made plenty of money he is claimin its due to him!!COME ON GROW UP BHAGAT!if the film wudnt work at box office i dnt think bhagat wud claim wot he is now claimin now!!
    Raju hirani is the modest man dont drag him and aamir in these war plz!!!

  • a man of self respect ll do same as done by chetan bhagat..i support chetan..widout five point sumone there ll be no 3idiots.period

  • Sahil, for creative people its not all about money and fame. It hurts terribly when someone else walks away with credit for your work.

    I haven’t read the book, but from what some of our journalist friends say, the core idea and story behind the film is very similar to Chetan Bhagat’s Five Point Someone, so in short without the book.. 3 Idiots wouldn’t exist or if it did, would be completely different from what it is. That in itself, is reason enough for Bhagat to get credit in bold, at the very start of the film. Not end credits, when most people would have reached parking lots.

    Aamir shouldn’t be commenting on this at all, since he hasn’t read the book in the first place. And like Bhagat said in his blog, he has nothing against Aamir either.

    All said and done, really can’t understand two things

    1) Why did VVC ask Aamir not to read the book?
    2) Why wasn’t Bhagat given the full script to read?

    Can’t say more publicly but, its indeed very disappointing.

  • Hi indicine team!
    Its always the case when Aamirs films get success credits dues to others(ghajini,tzp,rdb,fanaa etc)thats big conspiracy against the guy because he dont follow the rules created by industry!and media has (includin indicine)always something agaist aamir!
    Chetan Bhagat should keep his mouth shut and so other media persons!END OFF

    Thanks for the response..
    Indeed very wrong on the part of aamir khan..he says he hasn’t read the book and stil he has the audacity to blame chetan..
    VVC has always been a temperamental jerk but I was certainly surprised with aamir’s remarks

  • To others who are saying Chetan wants publicity. Maybe he does, what’s wrong in that?

    Lets say you write a story or script, which is made into a film. Would you take it lightly if you aren’t given your due credit, just because the director / other writer made certain changes according to their vision?

    Think about it.

    Nooman, who is taking credit away from Aamir? Aamir has nothing to do with this whole issue, its between Bhagat, Hirani and Chopra.

  • In which world u live nomann..aamir always supported by is salman khan not aamir which chetan bhagat is more famous than vidhu nd raju..he is hugely popular already..aamir nd srk would be nuthing media…they dun hve crazy fan following like salman akki to survive widout media.

  • @ Amit

    Are you from China ??? SRK and Aamir has no fans ?? they have only media ?? from which channel do u get all this info …

  • @NOMAAN:
    Dude don’t defend aamir khan just for the heck f it…Grow up man..Think before u write anything..
    agar aamir khan ki jagah koi bhi actor hota,toh use bhi criticise karaa jata..

  • Amit, without craze and fan following, their movies wouldn’t be such huge grossers at the box office..! Aamir had absolutely no media backing until recently. Rang De Basanti did superhit business without Aamir giving a single interview, speaks volumes of the man’s star power!

  • @ali..i said crazy fans.just u agree there is no fans of aamir in china.i thought there may be few…it is a FACT that aamir has least fans among all the superstar..HIS MOVIES HAVE FANS NOT HIM

  • @ amit

    dude we r not talking about amir fans in china…….

    i am saying everyone knows that SRK and Aamir both have more fans than other actors…. They are class actors who gives back to back great performances………SRK and Aamir belong to a diff league compared to Akki , Sallu or others….

  • Indicine tell me many times u came across an aamir fan..he is a superstar no doubt..but m just saying he has least fans among superstars..reply in yes or no..btw u r saying ki he has no media support before rdb.u hve answered my question urself as aamir start giving bighits only after rdb.

  • and can u please tell me the defintion of crazy fans ??

    from what i ve seen crazy fans are those people who blindly follow a particular actor. ‘Crazy’ fans often dont appreciate other good actors or performances…..

  • who da hell cares if SRK is gay ??? (maybe Gauri does or even Karan)…. as long as he is giving good performances……….

    And Amir dont like rising talent??………if thats true he wouldnt have acted in a movie like Rang De Basanti or TZP …… In Rang De, Siddhart is the real hero compared to others . and Aamir has equal role compaerd to others…

  • 2012 Is the 2nd biggest blockbuster in india widout any star…it is the buzz hype marketing genre star music theatrs which decide an opening not star alone.typical examble ranbir kapoor..not a star alone cant guarntee a gud opening..even rnbdj cdi tzp opened to 50percent.

  • i completely endorsed the point of view of Indicine. these cheap type of things nothing new for vinod chopra, look what he has done with rajneeti trailer. But i never ever expected that Aamir and Raj kumar hirani do these type of cheap things very bad. original creator of the story should be getting the true credit. It would be very unfair if this year any award for best story goes to 3 idiots. Aamir should have kept himself away from this controversy.

  • aamir in any of his blogs never praized sidhartha sharman chetan bhagat..

    why should he ??? he is neither the director or producer of the movie………and if Aamir doesnt praise anyone does that mean he doesnt like rising talent….

  • If the makers of 3 Idiots say that its not based on 5 point someone then why did they give the credits at the end of the movie…. no body will notice when credit is given at the end… they thought by doing so Chetan will be happy and they can get credits for the movie’s script

  • Its an irony that after giving a mega blockbuster jane tu no body knows abbas tyrewala all coz of aamir.

  • This is what he said in an interview……here he clearly says that he had read the script:
    Now indicine team….can you give me your opinion on this interview

    Mumbai, Sep 26 (IANS) Writer Chetan Bhagat, whose book “Five Point Someone” is being made into a film titled “Three Idiots” by the acclaimed director Rajkumar Hirani, said he was not involved in writing the film’s script, but he liked it.

    “The director took my book as the base but he has changed it according to his requirements. He took permission from me before taking my story, but has not involved me in making it into the final script. But, he has shown me the final script and I have liked it too,” Chetan told IANS.

    Hirani’s film stars superstar Aamir Khan along with Sharman Joshi, R. Madhavan and Kareena Kapoor and went on floors recently.

    But, for “Hello”, which is an adaptation of his book “One Night @ The Call Centre”, Chetan said he has been actively involved in the scripting of the movie.

    Chetan said: “I have written the script for the film and it has really come out well. The changes that were needed to make turn into a good film were made by me with inputs from the director.”

    “Hello”, which stars Khan brothers – Salman, Sohail and Arbaaz along with Katrina Kaif, Sharman Joshi, Gul Panag, Amrita Arora and Isha Kopikkar, has been directed Atul Agnihotri.

    Chetan is in talks with a few production houses and directors for writing scripts and is also penning a script for director Imtiaz Ali, who directed last year’s hit romantic comedy “Jab We Met”.

    “Talks are on for writing a couple of scripts but everything needs to be planned. They are on preliminary stages and I would not like to comment much on it,” said the 35-year-old author.

    Chetan says writing for films is a different experience and he is enjoying it a lot.

    “Film writing gives a different pleasure – you see the characters on book coming alive in front of you. In films, we have to write giving emphasis to the visuals which is quite an enjoying experience.”

    Though he is actively involved in writing for films, Chetan says he will not leave writing books.

    Chetan said: “Though I’m involved in writing for films, but I will definitely continue writing books. My next book is expected by 2010.”

  • This interview shows that he is a fucking hypocrite….also indicine team you should see his interview with Faridoon Sharayar of Bollywoodhungama….there two he says that he was narrated the script twice by Raju Hirani and he okayed the script…. now he is saying that he didnt even read the script

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