Most Disappointing Films of 2009

2009 was a poor year with some epic big budget disasters. Movies that were expected to be classics, were thrashed by the critics and rejected outright by the audience. Here is our list of the Top 5 most disappointing Bollywood movies of 2009

5) Blue – Huge budget with stars allegedly being paid double salary.. all wasted on a film that completely lacked a plot. Filled with lame dialogues and a 50 year old Sanjay Dutt uncomfortably romancing the† sexy Lara Dutta, the film was a disappointment start to finish. The only saving grace were those underwater sequences, which many preferred watching on National Geographic. Released during Diwali, Blue opened to huge numbers, only to eventually witness a huge crash during its weekdays.

4) Kambakht Ishq – Akshay Kumar returned after 2 back to back failures and while Kambakht Ishq recovered its investment, the movie was a waste of time and money. Hollywood bigwigs Sylvester Stallone, Denise Richards, Brandon Routh, Bollywood stunners Kareena Kapoor, Amrita Arora et al couldn’t save this tragically torturous film. Wonder what the makers were thinking?

3) Tasveer 8 x 10 – Accused of acting in far too many mindless entertainers and a overall lack of variety in the characters he portrays, Kumar’s biggest claim to critically acclaim turned out to be a damp squib. The film didn’t even manage a face saving opening at the box office.

2) What’s Your Rashee? – The Oscar nominated director of Lagaan and acclaimed films like Swades and Jodha Akbar, returned this time with a comedy starring Harman Baweja and Priyanka Chopra. The result? A clueless film that dragged on for hours and put most in theater into deep slumber. Certainly we expected more from Gowariker.

1) Delhi 6 – From the biggest stars like Hrithik Roshan to newbies like Ranbir Kapoor rejected the film, and after release we know exactly why. Fresh from the super success of Rang De Basanti, Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra’s Delhi 6 was at worst, expected to watchable. Sadly, Mehra got it all wrong. Right from the story, direction, to the characterization and even the dialogues.

Do post your list of Most disappointing films of 2009 below.



  • ha ha more than half r akshay movies here…;) The article could have been named most disappointing akshay movies 2009 n could `ve added CC2C also..;)

  • Completely agree with all but last one. Delhi-6 music was awesome. Art direction was fabulous. Characterisation was also perfect. But story was not good (especially climax) and directiona also..

  • Yes Amish, could so easily have added Chandni Chowk and De Dana to the list too and titled it Worst movies of 2009. ;)

    On a serious note, Akshay Kumar movies rarely carry expectations of a ‘good’ film anyway.. Delhi 6 and What’s your Rashee were bigger disappointment..

    Yashpal, thought Mehra messed up big time with Delhi 6.. The music, Sonam Kapoor and a few character-actors performances made it watchable, but overall a huge disappointment..

  • @Indicine Team:
    yes, definitely huge disappointment.. but do not agree with u that characterization was wrong.

  • Neeraj machand have predicted that Veer will last as long as salman craze ….n abt would have phenominal opening weekend and For My name is khan….It would be hit but not biggest hit…n About dance per chance…it wouldnot work!!!!!! His prediction is by far best among all…….His 2008 prediction were almost correct except Abt katrina!!!!!!!!! But Look like Veer is not going to be hit!!!!!! Sad to hear but hope his prediction go wrong…Really hope so

  • Niraj Mancchanda was one who said 2007 would be brightest year of akshay………But one thing to notice is,he said frm 2010 onward,akshay will again shine……

  • Neeraj Manchanda has no way of knowing the fate of box office….wasnt he the one who said this:

    ” Ghajini sums up to number 17. The fate of number 17 can be summed up by the film Saawariya which came to the same number. Much like Saawariya lasted only till the craze of Ranbir Kapoor survived, even Ghajini will last only till the craze of Aamirís new look survives”

    You can find this quotation on the internet and a person cant go more wrong than this..

    Personally speaking, i believe in the Aamir Khan rule which if a film is a good film, it will work at any cost and if a film is bad, it will never work regardless of who the actor is and how much it has been promoted..

  • @sudeep-u cleverly downplaying veer…good…keep it up…but ur wish will never come true 4sure… of luck

  • Zakir:Y should i do…if u r viewer of indicine site then,u clearly know..i m salman khan fan…y should i do tht

  • @sudeep- i visit indicine 20 times per day…and i know u r a akki fan also…u r d 1st one(perhaps only one) who gave poor ratings to veer music…and now see wat u hv said in earlier post “But Look like Veer is not going to be hit”……………..wat is this bro……even b4 the release u r declaring the film wont do well ..and claiming urself a salman fan?????a salman fan is never like this……i hv nothing against u bt plz do salman a favour dont post cmmnts like this…thnx

  • Why You All Are After Akki? He Is The One Who Did A Lot Of Films With Different Directors… Not Like SRK. SRK Is Doing With Karan, Yash Raj And Farah Kahn…. Cuz He Knows That If He Will Work With Others Directors Then That Movie Will Be Surely Flop…Akki Is Best Of All… And He Will Shine In 2010…

  • Bro…i never say veer music is poor….3 songs were good n the song which i donot like Taali…nowadays growing on me…..I have rated movie song 3.5 in my blog!!! u can see it clearly…..I hope Salman khan prove tht predictor wrong….by giving Big Hit!!!!!i never disrespect Salman..He is my since child ..only difference is I like akshay also nowadays but Both actor r truely awesome rather than other pathic actor who say He is king/baadshah of the bollywood…….U just got misunderstanding bro……We must be positive eventhough wthever article is………I know salman will prove tht person wrong


    yes , indicine your list is right for ”Most Disappointing Films of 2009” above iam totally agree with you this time, but we should wish them ”best of luck ” for all above one for their forthcoming movie should do better than this one’s as they all had done hard work for the above one’s also and so , once again best of luck for thier future projects….

    and to indicine request you to start online deserved results for best of bollywood industry in 2009 for each category by votes of your users like from best actor of 2009 to best film of 2009 both commercially and critically desrved ones…..start nominees as year ends and with your users online……….. so , we should know the most deserved one’s of 2009….

    with only and only ALMIGHTY GRACE

  • indicine team:
    if u dont like akshay’s movie then why u bother urself to spend ur 200 Rs and 3 hours to watch it.
    if u only go to cinme afor review then plz dont bother urself and dont spend ur 200 rs just only for review. here u hv a lots of other reviewrs who can give a batter review than u , even me here i can watch movie before u and i can give review batter than u and i can give batter rating than u.
    so plz dont put any akki’s movie review next year , me , sudeep , Amish , Usman solo, payal , naveed (akki fan), and so many others will appriciat your this step.

  • @ Suddep
    dont worry bro nothing is gonna stop VEER hopefully.
    my least fav song was Mehrbaniyaan but da video is awesome. i love da song.
    lets just hope now dat rigorous promotion starts for VEER.

  • OK forget it sudeep… be positive….even i like akshay only after salman…but i never like some of his fans….some akshay fans r pathetic and disgusting)….nauman the list indicine given is bang on….blue,kambakht ishq r two worst movies i have ever ever seen in my life… rating for those 2 films r -5/5……but i liked ddd and cc2c..i didn’t watch tasveer…so cant comment on that…….indicine reviews hv been consistent so far(except 3i and ddd)……..if u like blue and ki dat doesnt mean every1 hs to like those….thnx

  • how can u put Kambakhht Ishq in this list ???
    if u r talking about critics then Taran gave it 3.5 and so many others gave it between 3 – 3.5 star. and dont forget Kambhhat Ishq is 3rd highest grosser in 2009 after 3 Idiots and Love Aajkal . even 1st week of KI was batter then LAK , KI got 42 cr in 1st week adn LAK got 40 cr.
    and tell me where are these movies
    Billu Barber
    Main aurr Mrs Khanna
    Tum Mile
    Rocket Singh – SOTY

    Billu Barber was SRK movie 3 top actress Deepika , Kareena , Priyanka had item songs , Lara had good performace and Irfan ran the show , but movie didnt work , even critics werent happy with taht movie.
    Gulaal, only u and some of ur viewers like it but other critics and box office report ????
    Main aurr Mrs Khanna, critics and box office both thrashed it
    Tum Mile after great success of Jannat , all team backed in Tum Mile , but mostly critics gave it 2 – 2.5 star and box office flop
    Kurbaan , except u and taran who gave it 4 and 4.5 none of any other critic was happy with movie and box office ??????
    Rocket Singh came after great success of APKGK and shimit amin’s chukde indian, had mix reviews by critics and box office disaster ,

    indicine please explore ur vision and have a look some other actors as well except Akshay Kumar.
    i was thinking that i will take some days off from indicine and i ll back on 8 jab with review of Pyar Impossible but if u will post this type of bullshit articals and how can i get rest?

  • Sudeep:where r u ? i am waiting u on msn u forgot u had to come at 8:30 IST but where r u ????
    Amish if u r here then come to yahoo.
    Naveed ( akki fan ) nice to see u with diffrent nick Naveed UK … thx u accept my suggestion abt ur nick.

  • Zakir :
    I didnít say that I liked Blue and KI, I am saying that KI doesnít deserve In disappointments movies, ok u can add 8×10 and CC2C because both movies didnít meet the expectations of crictics and audience but how can they put Kambakhht Ishq and why they didnít put Billu barber, MAMK , Kurbaan ????
    these three also deserve if they only wanted to give top 5 then they can add 2 akkiís movies 1 saifi , 1 sallu and 1 some one else.
    But donít worry just wait for 1 jan 2011 when they will put top 5 biggest hits in 2010 then we will see how many akkiís movies got this artical. inshallah

  • Sorry 2 say buh yu cnt be a reviewer anyday… were realy gud in reviewin except 3idiots……if yu think KI ND BLUE ND CC2C WERENT DISAPPOINTIN DAN WAT ELSE CN BE?????? HU DA FUK IZ TARAN?? He gav 3 stars 2 do knot disturb….hahaha…nd 1.5 Star 2 rocket singh….he iz lyk yu.

  • Sudeep, stop going off topic in every article.. This had nothing to do with either Veer or Neeraj Manchanda..

    Nauman, avoid telling us what to do and what not to. Please understand that a review is a opinion, which can differ from person to person.

    Regarding Billu, Main Aur Mrs Khanna and Kurbaan.. There were no expectations in the first place, to be disappointed. Blue, KI and Tasveer looked very promising pre-release, especially Tasveer coming from the director of Iqbal and Dor.

  • Of course Nauman, Indicine why kambakht ishq? I know the second week of the film has failed to deliver any good collection, but people love the film dont forget the title that media give the film “Audience vs Critic”. So u better romove Kambakht ishq from d list. My list are…

    1. Billu
    2. chandni chowk 2 china
    3. delhi 6
    4 main aur mrs khanna
    5. kurban
    6. what is ur rashee
    7. blue
    8. roketh singh
    9. london dream
    10 tum mile

  • usman a know london dreams flopped but a woudnt put that there on the list a very good movie and deserved to be a hit thats my point of view

  • indicine team:
    as we know that u r owner of this site , u r boss and boss is always right .
    wht can we say .
    tell me why u didnt mentioned Rocket Singh, it had good expectations , and Tum Mile had also , and how can u say that MAMK didnt ? when i saw the promo 1st time i thought it would be batter then Blue because poeple like simple love story movies than action movies.
    but why would u put Salman’s movie
    u r here only to pull the leg of Akshay
    lagta hai akshay tum logoo ka udhaar le ke bagh gaya aur paise wapas nahi kiye.
    i dont know how did u post one artical about akki which was ” there is no stopping Akshay kumar”
    other wise always try to pull him down, but i m sorry to say indicine at this year u would be disappointed when he will back on 20 May 2010 Housefull then one july relase Action Replay , then Diwali release Khatta Meetha/ Patiala House and then Christmas release Tees Maar Khan…
    Akki is co producer of Khatta Meetha and Tees Maar Khan and budget is not more then 25 cr. and he will get 25 cr within 3 days weekend . inshallah

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