Kurbaan Movie Review

Real life couple Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor come together for Rensil D’Silva’s Kurbaan produced under the Dharma Productions banner. No publicity is bad publicity and hence the controversy surrounding the film right from the time Karan Johar revealed the first look on Twitter to the Shiv Sen protests just before release, has only helped raise the curiosity level. But come Friday, when the film witnesses a global release, it all comes down to the merits. Does Rensil D’Silva in his debut deliver? Read on to find out

The story revolves around Avantika (Kareena Kapoor) and Ehsaan (Saif Ali Khan), both professors at a university, fall in love, marry and move abroad to the United States of America.  All’s good, until Kareena discovers her husband works for a terror sleeper cell and along with others, is planning an attack similar to 9/11. Under house arrest, Avantika’s only hope is a journalist (Vivek Oberoi), who is also on a mission to take his revenge on the terrorists, who were responsible for the death of his girlfriend (Dia Mirza in a special appearance).

Kurbaan Review

What works for Kurbaan

  • The first half is fantastic, extremely gripping. Aided by a powerful screenplay in his very first film as director, Rensil D’Siva has managed to keep the intensity level going throughout. He also proves to be an expert story-teller, a director to watch out for.
  • Also there aren’t any unwanted scenes or excessive melodrama, due to which the pace remains very consistent.
  • The second half though, does get a bit heavy with the cold-blooded characters and the crafty yet involving plotline . Don’t expect a moment of relief, till the credits roll – a good 2 hours 40 mins later.
  • What makes Kurbaan a must watch are superlative performances (rated below) from the entire cast – right from the lead stars to those FBI characters played by foreigners.
  • Technically the film is brilliant too. High on production value, even the blast sequences and the aftermath have been shot with attention to every small detail.
  • Music, like in most Dharma productions, is top notch. Shukran Allah and Ali Maula deserve mention.
  • Dialogues (Anurag Kashyap and Niranjan Iyenga) are very effective, especially those written for Saif and Vivek.

Scenes to watch out for (Possible spoilers below)

  • When Kareena gets to know the ‘shocking’ truth.
  • Vivek’s test at the burger / sandwich shop, when he is asked to shoot the chef down.
  • Kareena cutting open the wound to remove the bullet off Saif’s chest.
  • The much discussed love making scene featuring Kareena and Saif. Loads of skin show (bare back) but tastefully shot.
  • Climax

Performances (in order)

  1. Vivek Oberoi – Given a meaty role, Vivek delivers a performance comparable to the likes of Company and Shootout at Lokanwala. Re-birth of a star, if you could call it so. Here’s hoping, he gets noticed and Kurbaan proves to be the much needed boost to his career. What also deserves a mention is his enunciation, which is spot on.
  2. Saif Ali Khan – Very consistent and a performance that stays with you, long after you leave theaters.
  3. Kareena Kapoor – In a depressing character is very effective.
  4. Om Puri, Kirron Kher and the rest of the cast are very good.
  5. Dia Mirza – In a very sweet character, looked stunningly beautiful. How we wish, she had a longer role.

Negatives, not many

  • Family audiences may not enjoy a few sequences. As the movie progresses, it does get too heavy. There is a decent amount of blood and gore too.
  • 4 -5 people organizing a terror attack of such magnitude. isn’t too very convincing. Especially the first plane bombing.
  • The climax, while shocking, may not be universally accepted.

Overall, Kurbaan is a fascinating watch and arguably the best Dharma Productions film this decade. Forget comparisons with New York, this ones much better. Go for it.

Rating: ★★★★½ For performances, direction and screenplay. Must watch.

Other Notes : We would love to repeat, something we have said time and again. Buying, renting CDs / DVDs or downloading it from the internet is illegal. Its quite simply like going to a shop and stealing something that you want to buy. A lot of money and more importantly effort, goes into the making of each film. If you decide to watch it, do so ONLY in theaters. Its a request :)

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  • Good review. I saw the movie and think it is worth a watch. However I did find the second half a bit too long and drawn. Climax could have been a little shorter. The songs are great. Background music is also good. Wonderful performances..Only worth watching in the theatre.

  • How does Saif’s performance in the film compare to his in love aaj kal?
    Also how does it compare to some of the best of the year? Could this be year he finally gets a best actor award?

  • With every film saif is proving himself to be best actor in tinsel town while I eagerly waiting to watch this film now, after reading this review my curiosity for this film increases further more, regarding Kareena yeaa she desperately needed a HIT, now Hopes this movie work…………………

    One thing like to mention regarding VIVECK,”He is a fantastic actor”, I have seen his perfomance in company well for Lokhandwala I not seen this film for long but once in a dvd I started watching its not make me to stop n goes on till the end specially for VIVECK stunning perfomance ( Most underated actor in Bollywood )

    Fathiyaa r u going to watch this movie for SAIF OR FOR VIVEK ?

    FRIENDS while giving your review Please mention it a seperate Paragraph

    Why you like/dislike in this movie ?

    Your favourite scene ?

    Your rating ?

  • Anonymous, yeah, in my opinion, way better than Love Aaj Kal. Best of the year, not sure Shahid was good in Kaminey. One of the best, definitely.

    Sajid, Yup. For user reviews, that format would be great.

    Also please avoid one line comments, it usually doesn’t add any value to the discussion.

  • indicine team:
    if it is 4 or 4.5 star movie then why industry didnt hv much expectations with this movie ? even u didnt hv much expectation with this movie as well.
    best of luck with siafi . i like him

  • Hi All,
    How many times havn’t we seen the negative plot/terror plot being appreciated beyond limits…
    let not blow tis out of propotion…Indicine 4.5/5 i hav my doubts for that…
    the movie is good so is Gulaal, steamy scenes makes it a advantage to pull in crowd…
    my review normally doesnot have spoilers…

    Performance Saif is good oflate he is wrking more on his serious image expect another RACE performance.
    Viviek is great in such roles…
    Kareena wel OK
    Dia Mirza much more beautiful than Aishwarya Rai

    The Director has done a good job.
    My take: Its a tried and tested formulae now to wrk on Terror plots I doubt MyName is Khan will get affected by these overdoses..
    A decent movie..at the box office will wrk 4 the steamy scenes, watchable once.
    Rating: 6/10 (Bollywood i thnk we deserve a better “story” than the tried ones)

  • Interesting to See INDICINE team giving it 4 n half star!!!! It have been back to back good review for many movie like First it start with ALL THE BEST 3 star,LONDON DREAM 3 n half star JAIL 4 star..APKJK 2 n half…TUM mile 3 n half….and now 4 n half star!!!

    i was sure tht this movie will be praised by critics because of drama production always received good review of their movie …Look like this movie too will be hit!!!!!

    I m not going to watch it in cinema hall…rather wait for pirated DVD to see it !!!!!!!!

    I wonder if DE DANA DAN received good review but chances are very low!!!!

  • Sudeep- de dana dan `ll be d only movie in dis month which `ll get less than 2stars…;)

    my frnds who watched Kurbaan r tellin its similar to other terror movies… lets c…

  • Amish: even critics trash DE DANA DAN…i m going to see it!!!because the latest theatrical trailer of de dana dan is so funny tht u will laugh again n again after seeing that promo!!!! 25 character was totally confuse n was funny to watch!!!! I think it will be similar to priyadarshan movie with thin plot but full of comedy!!!

    Now coming back to Kurbaan .From personal point of view,it will surely cross 35+ 1st weekend…and it will be also hit in overseas as there are lot of Karan johar fan n always his movie are running successfully so!!!!!

    Have to wait n see CAN akshay kumar DE DANA DAN movie can get 20-25 crs weekend next week because of his last few films

  • Sudeep- which DDD trailor u r speakin bout…? tat katrina comin to his room n tellin suicide karke vaapas aao? or tat kutta one..? ” aise chal raha hai jaise uska baap ka raj ho..;)

    Kurbaan getttin 35cr in 1 wk.. hmmm bit difficult i guess.. wat s d budget of kurbaan? i feel it `ll collect around 30 not more than dat..

    ya DDD every1 `l watch… 30cr sure in 1 wk… ya critically it `ll be thrashed… last akki movie dis yr… can he atleast finish this yr with a hit… lets c… fingers crossed…;)

  • Amish:No..not that Go to erosentertainment.com n click on video on demand n there will come new additional video…Their new theatrical tralier is given!!!!

  • The movie is good not doubt but i do not want to watch such a movie. i am tired of all the violence going on around the world. i would rather watch a love story or a movie where i would rather leave my brain at home. Ajab… anyday. Rak Kapoor would not have been happy with Kareenas performance….but i just say it is Karma – what you do you shall reap.

  • INDICINE TEAM:One question i wanna ask, Wht is difference in critics n common people who watch the movie…Take example,Critics have praised KAMINEY so much n saying sahid will get best actor award n now it may be kareena best actress award this year….but y such movie doesnot work at boxoffice..it may be avg or above avg but not big hit like commercial movie???? Tht mean people will always prefer commercial movie rather than this type of movie? Y doesnot actor like salman,akshay donot play this type of movie? It is because of THeir fan doesnot want to see them in this type of movie or director donot pick them??

  • Sudeep- ya i watched tat trailor of DDD… its really gud… akshay s wow..

    kurbaan has 50cr budget? but usually big banners like yash raj and dharma productions dont pay more i heard… i mean payment regardin d actors.. den hw come budget `ll be so much… in one interview akshay did say dat.. yash raj ppl pay half their market price…

  • Amish:I m not confirmed but heard tht it is big budget movie around 45-50 crs

    And abt tht tralier:I just love tht One people kicking another one (i donot know their name but it was funny) and the way chankey pandey say Paresh rawal Daddy …..hope it is funny ….finger cross though!!!!

    And one similar thing!!Last time Akshay kumar comedy movie KAMBAKKHT ISHQ released time,just one week ahead NEW YORK was released and now KURBAAN is releasing one week ahead of DE DANA DAN…Just hope its fate will also not be same though

  • Sajid: I can’t wait till Saturday to watch it.. I’ll watch it because 1) it’s Karan Johar’s production which means 100% a good movie in direction although the director is new but because I trust Karan Johar as a director & producer..2) I like Saif Ali Khan and I consider him one of the top best actors in bollywood 3) the story encourages me to watch it, and karina is a good actress.

    Indicine Team: I trust your review, and I wish that Vivek Oberoi will have a bright future after Kurban.. I got a strong feeling that Vivek Oberoi will grow big in 5 or 6 years.

  • Wow !
    A very good movie with fantabulous performances by saif, kareena n vivek.
    Kareena once again proves herself to b the best. Go watch it in a theatre. Award winning performances !

    Initially the movie couldnt get much hype n attention unless the protests came up against it. Well these protests have inflicted curiousities in the minds of ppl n it hopes to get an excellent response by the audience in the coming week. A hit is very likely but superhit status can’t b acheived.
    A very different n entertaining movie 4m karan johar.
    I just hope it survives in its cut throat competition with de dana dan.
    Indicine team- its gr8 to c 4.5 stars for kurbaan. Wel i m very sure ddd couldn’t make it till 2 also.

    After kurbaan we have my name is khan on the same topic n that too 4m the same producer. Well Mnik is safe n has a plus point as its bringing srk n kajol after a pretty long tym.

    According to me its the best movie i have watched this year till date. Much better than new york. Go 4 it.
    I agree 4.5/5. Yo indicine !

  • Well i have much more expectations 4m 3 idiots. A movie in which we can relate ourselves with the characters n specially if we have identical background as them like i have.
    Even parents would love to watch it. The movie is going to the b biggest blockbuster. The gross won’t crash easily.

    Like sudeep sir has an excitement to see Ddd desperately ,same is the case with me to watch it. Moreover its releasing after my exams.

    Guys n girls, do tel wat u feel about 3 idiots

  • Saurabh :Saurabh sir ,i m also eagar to watch both de dana dan n 3 idiots !!!!!I always watch aamir movie first day first show most of time…only i dont see his Tare zameen par because it was clash with WELCOME n i went to see welcome but I respect Aamir acting~~~Hope both movie cheer the bollywood industry

  • Sudeep, no movie is universally accepted. The movie deals with a sensitive topic and heard quite a few muslims felt offended. Although honestly, in my opinion, there was nothing that could offend any religion.

    Would love to read Fathiya’s Kurbaan Review

  • Fathiya:Dont mind but how interestingly u change ur view…In last time ,u say i can never fully trusted INDICINE TEAM when they give RNBJ 2 n half n DIL BOLE HADIPPA 3!!!

  • Sudeep: yeah.. right.. I didn’t agree with them for these 2 movies, even for LS2050, Umrao Jaan, but lately..I did, and found some of their reviews are correct & honest

  • Sudeep: Some scenes in the trailer of De Dana Dan movie is good ( I found Akshay funny & did a good acting), but some is cheap comedy.. for sure, this movie will win at the box office coz it’s a comedy movie.. and comedy/action are the most movies which win at the box office in India.. right?

  • movie has already collected 1.25cr on paid previews.. 2nd highest after ghajini… this guy saif s al set to break records this yr i guess…;)

  • Fathiya:I was not satisfy with promo of de dana dan but since i saw new theatrical trailer of 1:56 second ,i think it is same priyadarsan type of movie ..full on comedy + face pace movie!!!!!Movie is also been promoted as a three combo of hera pheri team”Paresh,akshay n suniel”…hope movie is good but still finger cross

  • Amish, not quite. Paid previews were good since there were two shows (7PM and 10PM), much like Ghajini and Kaminey, which lost out due to a delayed release in Mumbai / Pune.

    But what’s disappointing is the Friday opening. Morning shows were as poor as 20% at a few multiplexes. Did improve in the afternoon (50%) though and the advance booking for evening shows is pretty decent.

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