Krrish 3 beats Chennai Express, sets single day record

Krrish 3With Krrish 3, the odds were stacked heavily against the Roshans. The music was the biggest disaster in recent times for any big-budget film, the song promos weren’t really impressive and the release date wasn’t ideal either. The inevitable and unfair comparisons with Hollywood superhero films meant that Krrish 3, made on a humongous budget, was one of the riskiest films ever produced.

But like with their earlier films like Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai, Koi Mil Gaya and Krrish.. the Roshans have reigned  supreme at the box office yet again!

Krrish 3 has destroyed the opening day business of Shahrukh Khan’s Chennai Express, thereby setting a new single day record. The film has collected Rs 35.91 crore on Monday, surpassing the previous record of Rs 33.12 crore set by Chennai Express on 9th August 2013.

In just 4 days, the Hrithik Roshan starrer has also joined the 100 crore club, the second fastest for any film. This is a massive achievement, considering the fact that Krrish 3 released during the pre-Diwali period. The record for the highest single day collections was set on the 4th day of release, when lakhs of people had already watched the film in theatre!

  • Friday – 25.2 crore
  • Saturday – 23.2 crore
  • Sunday – 24.3 crore
  • Monday – 35.91 crore (holiday)
  • Weekend Total – 108.61 crore (including Tamil and Telugu versions)


  • whyyyyyy DO u say that music is verry poor i personnaly every day i listen raghupati raghav i like the music hrithik roshan dance very well i hope that krrish 3 CROOS the 200 CR Congratulation forrrrrrrrr all team of krrish 3

  • @ indicine according to you in your article k3 revised collection you mention 72.7 all ver and from them 7.7 r tamil/telugu and now from 35.9 itz only 1.2 for high single day…your forum is trusted not like kaalia s addtoday…don’t confuse cinelovers…and plz mention hindi collection

  • @salman.. well said..k3 has a great story line than all hollywood superhero movies.. i am also fan of micheal fassbender and I dont think that vivek acted better than mf in xman first class..

  • Krrish 3 Day Four: All India NBOC
    by Box Office India (November 5, 2013)
    Krrish 3* Day Four: All India NBOC
    Circuit Collections
    Mumbai 10,82,00,000
    Delhi UP 6,80,00,000
    East Punjab 3,06,00,000
    CP 1,62,00,000
    CI 1,48,00,000
    Rajasthan 2,20,00,000
    Nizam 1,77,00,000
    Mysore 1,36,00,000
    West Bengal 1,57,00,000
    Bihar-Jharkhand 1,00,00,000
    Assam 43,00,000
    Orissa 47,00,000
    TNK 90,00,000
    Total 33,48,00,000

    *Collections Only include Hindi Language

  • Yes That is what I wished. To see krish 3 making every1 happy as CE did and 4 who are thinking that SRK fans dont want krish3 to break CE Records I want to tell them dont be naive becuz those who are spreading bad news and reviwes are not SRK fans but [salu, aamir, ajay, akki] fans who dont want to see hrithk and SRK fans together. they want to make problems between them so some day the pretend to be srk fans and say bad things about HRO or HRO fans and say bad things about SRK and his fans.

    but the truth is
    We SRK fans love HRO becuz he is like SRK’s young brother. and we want krish to put him in the place that he deserve becuz he is a wonderful human being just like his big brother.

    and we all know how much he love and look up to shah.
    And we all saw how shah suports him and says that krish and hrithik are india super heros.

    so stop being blinds and dont believe every thing idiots say.
    Be like ur idiols, love and respect each others and ignor those idiots.

  • Krrish3 monday business is 31.50 Crores in hindi lang…. which says it hasnt broken chennaiexpress record….ce earned earned33.51 Crores wid only hindi lang….if it too realeased in telugu and tamil den the single day collectoins would have been 38crores….. anyways congrats to krrish3… its great to hear dat it earned a whopping 31.50 Crores on its 4th day….superb..

  • before release Hrithik haters predicted doom for K3 but Hrithik fans also exagerated a bit talking about 35cr first day .. 40cr+ Monday and 300cr total .. forget 500cr total .. none of them was right .. now the film’s performance looks more appropriate to me!
    Krrish3’s monday performance and ETT; CE holiday performances gives a clear sign any big and hyped film can do 30cr+ easily but i doubt we can see a film doing 40cr+ in a single day in the near future! the next contender is without doubt Dhoom3!

  • It doesn’t makes sense in saying how much earning only Hindi version made, when a movie is rocking its rocking all the way, as the trend says by this Sunday movie will touch 220 crores easily, hrithik matches standards of Hollywood superhero and really graphics of movie is unprecedented in indian movie, hrithik will set new standards which dhoom 3 can cross as aamir is genius when he selects his role. Let’s see what happens in future but krrish 3 really smashed everyone with single day highest on 4th day !!!!!

  • The fact is up-till now including Thursday it has earned only 180 crore according to only authorized source BOI.. It will not beat even 3 Idiots records of 202 crore forget about Chennai Express 208 crore. Generally this is common to have a difference in producers figure and BOI like for CE difference is 15 crore for ETT its 13 crore but in case of Krrish3 it’s almost 50 crore.

    Also in the previous cases of other films No records breaks like in the case of YJHD, ETT, Dabang. For the long time 3 idiots was at the top. When Chennai Express break its record it was as per the BOI as well which is 208 crore. But here the situation would be different because as per Producer they will be highest domestic grosser but not as per BOI. Big Trade pandit like Taran Adarsh uses Producers figure and all other channels do the copy paste. They don’t have any real source to give the exact figure. BOI is the only reliable source but according to them no records break apart from biggest single day collection. Also Wikipedia follows BOI.
    As per BOI

    Krrish 3 has grossed 42.50 crore nett in six days of its second week. The grand total for thirteen days is 164.50 crore nett. The collection of its Telugu and Tamil version will be around 10 crore nett in two weeks. The daily business of Krrish 3 in week two is as follows.

    Friday – 7.50 crore
    Saturday – 10.50 crore
    Sunday – 13 crore
    Monday – 4.25 crore
    Tuesday – 3.75 crore
    Wednesday – 3.50 crore

    TOTAL – 42.50 crore

    So total including all version (Tamil & Telgu also) is 174.50 till wednesday…

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