Krrish 3 beats Chennai Express, sets single day record

Krrish 3With Krrish 3, the odds were stacked heavily against the Roshans. The music was the biggest disaster in recent times for any big-budget film, the song promos weren’t really impressive and the release date wasn’t ideal either. The inevitable and unfair comparisons with Hollywood superhero films meant that Krrish 3, made on a humongous budget, was one of the riskiest films ever produced.

But like with their earlier films like Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai, Koi Mil Gaya and Krrish.. the Roshans have reigned  supreme at the box office yet again!

Krrish 3 has destroyed the opening day business of Shahrukh Khan’s Chennai Express, thereby setting a new single day record. The film has collected Rs 35.91 crore on Monday, surpassing the previous record of Rs 33.12 crore set by Chennai Express on 9th August 2013.

In just 4 days, the Hrithik Roshan starrer has also joined the 100 crore club, the second fastest for any film. This is a massive achievement, considering the fact that Krrish 3 released during the pre-Diwali period. The record for the highest single day collections was set on the 4th day of release, when lakhs of people had already watched the film in theatre!

  • Friday – 25.2 crore
  • Saturday – 23.2 crore
  • Sunday – 24.3 crore
  • Monday – 35.91 crore (holiday)
  • Weekend Total – 108.61 crore (including Tamil and Telugu versions)


  • ?@indicine via twitter.

    #Krrish3 destroys the single day record of Chennai Express by more than 10%. Crosses 100 crore. Roshans reign supreme at the BO yet again!

  • Yipeeee… Great news… Movie will cross 200 crs easly..

    bt If we r to remove tamil and telgu wt is the collection? cz I remember @ the time RA one release this was not taken into consideration…has this movie crossed 100 crores den?

  • congo HRITHIK…happy for u…congo from all SRKIANS

  • It’s official krrish is the real superhero of India!

    N yes I have all those marked words from Srk fans where they predicted doom for the movie

    Wht to do with those guys…..thro them in dustbin or decorate as a symbol of stupidity…

  • no one believes it .. fake figures !
    sources say that the producers have manipulated the figures & warned sites from trying to post their figures against the official figures.
    the difference between official figures & BOI figures says it all. its more than 20 crores, never before has any big movie witnessed such huge differences in box office figures.
    Theatre Officials & Distributors are also not revealing their figures.
    The Roshans are only barking with their Fake-Manipulated figures.

  • Life time will be sure 250 cr ++
    It’s a majic of Hrithik !!!
    Let’s c how Dhoom-3 gonna perform as it’s also releasing on normal day !!!
    Tough job Aamir so be prepared well in advance !!!

  • where are haters hiding there faces now…??krrissh 3 has finaly come to its own by breaking all records on monday…and reports suggests that tuesday has also started on a historic note….now i am sure that nothing can stop this movie from emerging a huge winner at box office not even the negativity spread by pathetic users specialy mentaly sick @romance_dick_old_year

  • congrats hrithik n whole team of krrish will collect 250cr,hope so.some srk fans on twitter saying dont watch krrish 3 otherwise it will break ce insecure n pathetic they are but burai mei kitni bhi takat ho uska antim sanskar achchai hi karti hai.

  • Congrats hr fans… @Indicine 35.91 crs includes all language.. So how much it did for hindi language only on monday?

  • ?@indicine via twitter

    #Krrish3 has started very well on Tuesday too. Rock-solid at the box office. With 10 open days before Ram Leela, all set for a long run!

  • ans is simple BOI n wiki r nt covering 4100 scrrens bt ppl don’t want to understand simple fact krrish3 rocks n Tuesday also started on good note

  • great news….now next milestones will be fastest to reach 150 and 200 crores and then lifetime of ce…roshans rocking all the way..

  • Few Months Back We Hrithikians Trended #Krrish3BoxOfficeTsunami ..n Indeed Tsunami Has Come at the Box Office Whooping 36 Crs..To all the Haters and Khan Followers Fuck Offf!!!! n yes Brace Yourselves Coz There is More To Come..Haters are in a State of Shock!!!!!

  • The gamble of releasing it during pre-Diwali period has now finally paid off. Tuesday trending is also looking good. Indeed it was one of the riskiest films ever, odds were against them, but this father-son jodi has prevailed again, and their 100% success ratio together is still intact.
    Beating opening day and highest single day record isn’t very tough for any superstar today, given an ideal release date, but the fact it did on it’s 4th day of the release is quite impressive.
    Waiting for the next biggies now!

  • So as expected “CE” record did not last for even 3 months.Where r the people who was saying that “Krrish 3” can’t break any record of “CE”.I think they disappeared as

  • This is just the beginning. Wait n see, many more records to be shattered in the next couple of days. Thanks @indicine for the BO figures. Nothing can stop Krrish3 strom. Next target 200cr

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