Kites vs 3 Idiots, this december

In the biggest battle of the year, the two ‘perfectionists’ of Bollywood could clash in December! Its Hrithik Roshan vs Aamir Khan, Kites vs 3 Idiots.

Rakesh Roshan, the producer of Kites, has just confirmed the release date of the Hrithik – Barbara Mori – Kangana Ranaut starrer to December 18th 2009. Aamir Khan’s much awaited 3 Idiots releases just a week later on 25th December 2009.

We think Hrithik’s Kites could end up loosing the battle and here are some reasons why.

1) The budget of Kites is well over 50 crores and Reliance has purchased the movie for a whopping 100 crores. Now while the opening week could be anywhere in the range of 45 – 50 crores, the second week is bound to be affected big time due to the release of 3 Idiots.

2) Big releases a week apart is probably more dangerous than a same day release. The first release, in this case Kites, will no longer be the first choice for a viewer. This could mean a drop of 50% or more in Week 2, a blow the film may never recover from.

3) The number of prints in circulation for Kites will decrease drastically, further affecting collections.

So overall, we think its better for Kites to release a week before or clash with 3 Idiots during the Christmas weekend.

P.S – There are rumours that 3 Idiots could be postponed to early January 2010!

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3 Idiots vs Kites

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  • kites is always my first preference, i dont think these small things will effect its collection.It is already creating huge hype though the trailer officially in india is yet to be released.As per rumours Hrithik has shown his dancing & acting skills to its best.Hrithik rocks !

  • Guys…
    Remember YEAR2000,
    When “Kaho Na Pyar Hain” hits the Theater all other realises “Mela” and “Phir Bhi Dil Hain Hindustani” were failed at box office.

    I think same going to repeat this year also. Let’s see…

    I always prefer KITES Because of dance and action thrills…

  • i love amir but i love hrithik more. so watch out amir. i will enjoy both of the movies. good luck to both of you!

  • Too early to comment, as mass wud prefer 3 Idiots whras may be Kites will hav a edge over Gentry class..numberwise its the 2&3 week which will decide which movie will fare well…
    i thnk Kites will take a better response as multiplexes audience will prefer Kites…
    Also depends upon the content as 3 idiots seems to b a comic fare whras Kites seems to a usual serious affair for Hrithik…

  • Only Hrithik Rocks,I am 101% sure.
    Amir will fail,201% sure.

    Kites will b d one of the greatest hitz

  • Kites will always be the first choice becz of its youth appeal with loads of steamy scenes for masses i guess and plus Kites will definitely have an intense heart-soul stirring Love Story for Classes.ONLY NEEDED IS OUT OF THE WORLD PROMOTION, PUBLICITY.

  • i like amir but i LOVE hrithik. i will enjoy both of the movies.
    I always prefer KITES Because of acting, dancing and action thrills…
    Go Hrithik, U are the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yaar mein bade bol nahin bolunga
    par kites to faad degi………… collections mein….bhai ye movie all time biggest earner hogi

    yaar 3 idiots bhi sahi hogi……….but
    Kites Rock
    & im not gonna miss the 2 most awaited films of 09

  • Kites – A film starring Hrithik Roshan who has just arrived bollywood and 3 Idiots -Starring Amir Khan One of the perfectionist of Bollywood. All u guys might have remembered last years race between SRK’s RNBJ and Amir Khan’s Ghajini. RNBJ was totally outbursted by the box office collection of Ghajini. So if whom we called Badshah of Bollywood – SRK can’t do anything then what this Hrithik will be able to do. U can always expect a big surprise from Amir Khan and can’t underestimate it at all!!!!

  • hrithik is the best i would luvv to watch his movie kites and i luv hrithik too i watched all his movies and to me they were all blockbusters i luv hrithik hes the best actor eva

    i hope i can meet him one day or if i cant or wont i no i will cuzz id always have my dreams with me and make them come true my dream is to havee a movie with hrithik

    but hrithik is the best and hes movie i no it will be a hit or more i cant wait 4 kites!!!

    if i can get hes e-mail id luvv it!!!

  • I admire with both of them..I love amir..but i love hrithk more

    so I vote for hrithik…go for kites…hoe it will be succes ^^

  • I loved comments from Divya,Shivalaya,UIA and all others infavour of Kites and i echo their sentiments.
    So Monik in 2000 Kaho naa…Smashed Mela,Phir Bhi Dil….& in 2003 kal ho na ho in 2006 it again heavyly smashed the so
    Called Two Big Khans
    To be ctd

  • In 2006 DHOOM:2 alone broke fanaa and Rang de records so when Hrithik is on every one has to surrender so Kites will Rock and hopefully smash Ghajinis record.
    I Wish and Pray to God.
    IndiCine team pls reply whats ur opinion on my thoughts

  • Yes Sharan, 2006 was a year when most big stars had 2 or more releases.. From all those, Hrithik movies made the most money and were by far the biggest blockbusters of the year.. He also swept every award.. Most for Krrish, one for Dhoom 2

  • obviously AAMIR will win..

    HRITHIK cant match AAMIR in qulity and mass appeal
    no 1 can match

    look at srk
    AAMIR destroyed him last year
    HRITHIK no doubt is 1000 times better than srk but he cant compete great AAMIR

  • yup..just looking forward to it

    my and my friend in Indonesia, ASIA TENGGARA currently watching kites

    fighting duggu!!

    for 3 idiots..I will watching too coz I just admire 2 actor in India because their true talented

    and they are amir and hritik roshan…btw If i choose..

    of course duggu..fighting kites!!

    coz hrithik makes me falling in love to watching bollywood at the first sight ..^^

  • hi miss duggu i know you….of course KITES…hrithik rocks…i cant wait for year kites n hrithik will win at filmfare award,iffa award,stardust award,zeecine award n bla bla bla…..Kites will be the greatest hitz…

  • I have been Aamir Khan FAN for so many years now and he has niever let me down. His picture will be another super duber hit like GHAJINI, Rang de Basanti….We are eagerly waiting for Aamir Khans 3 Idiots
    …Sorry Hirthik….but you have to pay the price for this

  • halo semua fans HRITHIK.Gue dari indonesia.Gue vote KITES dong.KITES akan jd film besar tahun ini

    I love Hrithik

    I love Hrithik

  • what surprises me is these filmmakers and producer’s decisions..about the release date of their movies?! Dont they know this fact which u mentioned indicine team or it’s just a competition.. everyone wants to chalenge and prove that he’s more popular and much more stronger so they don’t bother about the profits or loss?!

  • hi u raj but dhoom2 n krrish super duper hit than rang de basanti….dhoom2 n krrish r blockbuster…
    n than joodha akbar best foreign film in rusia..n hrithik best actor in rusia..awesome..

  • hi u raj but dhoom2 n krrish super duper hit than rang de basanti..n jodhaa akbar win best foreign film in rusia n hrithik win best actor in rusia…awesome..

    year 2000..kahona pyar hai super duper hit than mela,phir bhi dil hai hindustani,mohabbatein n hrithik be best actor in filmfare award 2000
    year 2003..koi mil gaya super dupir hit than kal ho naa ho n hrithik be best actor in iffa award,film fare award,zee cine award,giffa awards,stardust awards,etc
    year 2006..krrish n dhoom 2 super duper hit than rang de basanti,don n hrithik be best actor in iffa award,filmfare award,zee cine award,giffa award,etc
    year 2009..joodha akbar n hrithik be best actor in star screen award,filmfare award,iffa awrd,axn award,etc

    n now KITES……i think this year to repeat….kites will be greatest hit……let’s see guys..

    go hrithik go !!!!!

    hi miss duggu..r u mz_hyunki…right??

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