Kahani Hamare Mahabharat Ki Review

Kahani Hamaray Mahabharat

This is not a movie review but the review of a television serial on the epic Mahabharat by Ekta Kapoor.

I was eagerly looking foward to Ekta Kapoor’s version of Mahabharath titled Kahani Hamare Mahabharat Ki, so much so that I even paid for an add-on package from Tata Sky just to catch Mahabharat every night from Monday to Thursday. Was expecting something not just bigger than the previous Mahabharat by B.R. Chopra, but a better product overall. Very high expectations, i know!

I became a fan of Mahabharat mainly due to the spectacular and historic Mahabharat of those good old days directed by B.R. Chopra and Ravi Chopra. The epic was aired every sunday morning, for 2 years between 1988 – 1990. The great thing about it was every character seemed to be born to play their role. Mukesh Khanna was brilliant as Bheeshma, when you think of Lord Krishna the picture of Nitish Bhardwaj in those costumes still comes to mind. Every other character right from Duryodhan (Puneet Issar), Arjun (Arjun), Shakuni (Gufi Paintal), Bhim (Praveen Kumar), Dhritrashtra (Girja Shankar), Draupadi (Rupa Ganguly), Karna (Pankaj Dheer), Yudhistir, Nakul, Sahadev and even Drona were just perfect for their roles. Its like you cant imagine anyone else in those legendary roles.

So it was an uphill task for Ekta Kapoor right from the day she decided to remake the epic. After the first episode that was telecasted last night on 9X at 9 PM, i was sorely disappointed.

It looked like a normal Ekta Kapoor’s Saas Bahu serial! To start off it wasnt realistic, atleast Ekta Kapoor should have had a look at Jodhaa Akbar, a costume drama which was presented in a very realistic way by Ashutosh Gowariker.

The camera was rolling all over the faces from every angle possible, a lot of thundering, lightening and noise. The characters from whatever little we got to see of them, just didnt look the character, they looked like models with a perfectly toned body in a costume drama for a historical. Maybe its too early to judge them, time will tell. The costumes except for Duryodhan’s was pretty good.

Coming to the performances, Anita Hansandani as draupadi, one of the most important characters in Mahabharat, was horrible. Dialogue delivery was the biggest flaw. She shrieked at the top of her voice, cried like she does in all those saas bahu series and in comparison to Rupa Ganguly, failed miserably. The intensity in her performance was just lacking. She made the strong character of Draupadi look weak! Shakuni is bald, he was pretty good although his laughter was sometimes annoying. Dushassan looked evil, performed well. Duryodhan looked like a evil superman in those costumes. Dont want to comment on Aryan Vaid’s performance just yet, more on him in the coming days!

Overall, after one episode it has been a major disappointment. Hopefully Ekta Kapoor can make it more realistic and Anita can improve her performance! Will keep updating this post, who knows the characters might grow on me and my opinion might change.

Ekta Kapoor’s Kahani Hamaray Mahabharat Ki is aired every Monday to Thursday from 9 to 9:30 PM Indian Standard Time on 9X.

Do drop in your comments and views on Kahani Hamaray Mahabharat Ki!


Episode 2 (8th July 2008) – Ved Vyas starts narrating the epic tale of Mahabharat to Lord Ganesh. Shantanu is smitten by Ganga’s beauty, accepts all her conditions and marries her. Ganga kills his sons one after another, till their 8th son, Bheeshma is born. The pace is fantastic, doesnt drag like most historicals. Performances were top notch today. Saakshi Tanwar, Parvathi of Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki, looks ethereal as Ganga. Kiran Karmarkar, Om of Kahani, is perfect for the role of Shantanu. The locales of Ladakh are breath taking. I still hate the excessive background music, thundering and camera zooming in on the faces of actors. How i wish, Ekta makes it slightly more realistic and different from her daily soaps. More tomorrow.. Today’s episode rating – 8 / 10.

Episode 3 (9th July 2008) – Shantanu breaks his promise, questions Ganga. Ganga reveals her identity and goes into detail about the curse that they got from Brahma, also the curse of the 7 kids that she eventually killed by drowning them into the pure water of River Ganga. She takes Devavrat (Bheeshma) their 8th son with her, promising Shantanu that she would return him back to the place he belongs to, when the king of Hastinapur needs him. Devavrat is trained and educated by Parashuram. Devavrat, now 16, returns to Hastinapur and blocks the waterflow of Ganga with his arrows… That ends the 3rd episode of the epic Mahabharat.

The 3rd episode was much slower in pace compared to the 2nd, filled with excessive dialogues and unnecessary special effects. Performances were once again good. The actor portraying the role of young Devavrat, suits the character. 3rd episode rating – 5 / 10

Episode 4 (10th July 2008) – Devavrat and his father battle, Ganga intervenes and reveals their identity to each other. Devavrat is now committed to his father and Hastinapur. 16 more years pass by and Devavrat has now matured..

The 4th episode was like Kanav said in the comments below, a complete disaster. The background music is deafening, trademark Ekta Kapoor slo-mo effects and camera work continue to irritate. A realistic feel, so very important for a historical is completely missing. 4th episode rating – 3 / 10



  • eeshan my m8 if evrytng in mahabarat was real den how cum we neva c ne half man half monkey dis days n how com there hasnt bin ne vishnu avtars in da last decade or so?its prob a true story but all the gods in mahabarat cant be real. If krishna was a real god why would he come to this earth and have an affair with his own auntie?

    Please explain—-

  • hmmmm intrstng ques….welll i will surely tell u…but a min i first say sorry to all my frnds if i say somethng wrng….coz may be it may hurt them….afzal only in our mythology theres given that to respct each and every living being…..tulsi…as tulsi maiya……neem as doctor….and etc etc….same way elephnt as ganesha…..snake for shiva….and monkey species….for hanuman…..thers the main concep behind this that..before beating that animal we must thnk of the related god..so that we dn beat thm..bt we love them…thats the concept behind this…today also in many temples……like in one there are many mouses..they dn harm anyone…..people thnk thm as the god vehicle..if mistaknly …ham uspar aa jate hai..and they r killd..thn we have to give silver mouse to them ……we giv milk to snake as we thnk its nagraj dev shiva…u cant deny someone feelings…..same happn in ur religion too…..like dargah pir baba masjid and all….they r like relics…or somethng….and theres a feeling atchd to it that it has somethng power in that…we even feel refreshing there too…i went in dargahs too…
    like whn we thnk of a mango….its picture come in our mind…..and taste too..same way whn we thnk of garbage..we relate it to dirtness..etc etc…..
    now come to ur qstn…if u notice its just a head of monkey and a tail..thats it….same way in ganesha too…..we dn go in that….well..people like valmiki ji.if u know his name…writer of ramayana…did ths thng…hanuman ji whch all we people thnk like monkey …its not that corrct…..there r species there…whch are like monkeys…but not proper monkeys…like u can say….if u notice kadar khan face..somwhere it look like monkey…his lips and jaw….same way..there were people there..who resemble like monkey…bt they wre not monkey…u can say they r mutants..who have some extra grwth…..i say ths coz of tail……if u know about appendix….and tail bone….so they r extra developed….thats it……this all happend ..because…in ancient times….there were not many religions..only one or two…..oldst wre hinduism…whch u may not agree…?bt its a fact…..frnds…if m wrng..tell me….well people were bored of this monotnoues..histry of their god godess and all…our pandits hindu historians…thght to make up somethng different…so that for newer generations they find somethng new and intrsting……like in our childhood….we thnk of hanuman ji as monkey…whch make us happy….coz its a intrstnig character coz of his appearance……..this is all about appearance…now come to powers…so may be u know…there were powers too…..in ur religin…there are many muslim tantriks who do these practices…and do damge to others….one more thng…if u ask thm..thn u will come to know…that most of them..practce pray….even to hanuman ji too…..u will not agree to that.but sersly..im 22 yrs old and into this field for last 14 years……even thre are some powers by whch one can go to other place wdot moving…….for those who don belive..thn why dn u ask christains…abt lord jesus..how he cure others by putting hands….later on it called as REIKI…..i know this therapy very well…by grace of god..by grace of ur allah………..may be u gt it now…that for some chnge…our ancestors did this..i guve u simple exmple….just notice few persons..all have diffrnt face structures..if u notice well.spclly from side view..u can relate their face to animals…..

    now come to other thng vishnu avtars….well is it necessary to come again on this earth…is it necessry to tell and prove u people their existnce….i dn thnk so….they r happy with those who believe thm…and we belve thm…..bt if u ask i tell u …look if u belve in sai baba…he ws only few decades ago…..u cant deny his presnce….same we cant deny prpht presnce…coz he is too recnt as compre to our godess….look to whom u call avatars…..in our hindu mythology its given that there will be avatar on this earth in kalyug..name kalki….they live like simple human beings…but hav gr8 powers…not supr heroes..but they hav somthng….to face the world..from last few decades…we dn find any coz..there s no need of that….coz somewhere they r happy that people belive in them…get motivation from them..there teachings……..
    wat in ur sense..u call avatars…i thnk that im avatar on this earth….god has chosen me for this thng..to spread message…..i know it wil make u laugh…but why dn i belive me as a avatar…….why me….u frnds r also avatars in someway..inside…..it just that theres the need of push theres must be the light to awake people…..coz why do avatars come…..only because…to show others that…he is not dead..he is stillll alive..its his world..and if u do watver u like unneessarily…..with lot of distruction…..hurt people….thn he will come and tell u the right way……wake u up….i know may be this thng go above ur head..coz may be u dn belve..bt its the fct frnd……….and one more thng..if u still ask for avatar…thn wait for sometime…coz each and every thng come in proper suitable time…thers nothng come befre time or after time….all thng hav times…like baby comes out of womb….in 9 mnth…….in summers sun rises arnd 5….monsoon wll come on its given time by nature….so each and every thng has time..and whn this time clock gt distrb…it distrbs everyone here….i thnk u got answer …..
    and who told u that everyone in mahabharata were gods..who told u this….there was only one i e….krishna…no one else….only thy have powers…..mantra powers…….like today with ocult practces..one can hav powers…so ths powers are same s of that time too….if u ask abt bow and arrows..so its just the thinking…like u shoot someone…with some instnct.with some intntn to kill him…or to destry him…..those intntns are the powers…..theres ndng much there..if u ask abt it..i wil tell u thn..coz in todays world…..people dn belive in gods..thats the shameful thng….not our gods..even ur gods..or any other religion god….but high class people..belive in thm…salman khan belve thm….welll its not our topic….so..may people dn belive in gods..but they belive in good and negative energies…thght powers…intntns..meditation….so its just the same thng for them…..

    now come to ur last and nonsense qstn…i will first say plz know how to use language……..how to frame qstn….not complaining…coz u asking…..so its my duty…that watsoever i know..i tell u…..first i will say accrdng to me….he was not a real god…he was a vishnu avatar….jinme itna sab kuch tha..ki we belve him as god….sorry frnds….i belve in him a lot……..ya afzal..if u go to mathura…thn u may notice…they dn feel that krishna is a god..few belve him as their son…brother…father….son in law..or anythng…its on the persn ….wat he belive…i take him as my big brother…it look funny for u..bt we belive in this way only….coz he cme onto this earth at that time…whn kalyug was about to begin….and he created that impct on all of us mind that..we started thnk that god is in us only….he is everywhere….he is with us always…….wat to say abt him he is just……no words…..ask this qstn in mathura..thn u will surely get the proper answer……
    and like u said…why would he come to this earth if he is a real god..why?/??? dn they have the rght to come to this earth…….tell me dn landlords hav the right to come to thier own house..where tenants r living……wat the qstn is this yar…….and if u still thnk so…thn i tell u …he s a avatar thats why come to this earth….he ws like a messenger….between..god and our innerself….he was the represntatve of god on this earth….like i said…im a avatar…same way u all the avatar…only we must hav that capabilities..to face the world to stop the wrng doings…..crime..corruption..murders….coz today its all just messed up…that..now its the need of krshna again………like u askd afzal…….
    nw to this that why wuld he have an affiar with his own auntie……tell me why wuld u people marry to ur own sisters….i know many people who r married in thier realtions only…..dn say that they r not muslims…..they r…but im asking u………
    this is the miscncpt that people thnk about all krishna doings with ladies as affiar with her…..in simple way if i tell u..dn u do affiar with anyone……..and ya it was not a afiar……he just come on earth…with one few motve only….lived like a human being…and thn retrn back to god lke a human being only….he was killed by an arrow..whn one tribal i thnk killed him with arrow..on his foot……
    he did everythng..like a humn being only…..well tum kaunsi auntie ke bare me baat kar rahe ho plz mention it properly…..
    with radha….he had a platonic and pure relationship…….abt whom u talking abt….

    i thnk u got anwer a bit….
    sorry frnds if i sid somethng wrng…..and sorry god…

    hare kirshna…..

  • After having read your entire arguments afzal all I can say that you hold a point.
    First things first
    you think Ramayan and Mahabharat are imaginary stories for bed time for children , then please note there are plenty of incidents in both , which are inappropraite for young minds, especially in Mahabharath , like Draupadi’s cheer haran ,Kunti niyog ,kans was a result of rape etc, the same with Ramayan.Do you think one will tell all these things to young people out of one’s imagination.It’s a true story and believe reality is much more dramatic and harsh than imagination.I can bet there would have been no thundering and lightening when Draupadi was being derobed .No one can imagine such things for bed time story.Read Panchtantra and jatak kathayein , there you can say such are results of pure imagination and no one say those are true.Both Panchtantra and hitopdesha has a lesson with every story.

    Secondaly as I have always said ,there is a difference between an author and a scientist.Author will not include any scientific details about the event because he does not understand those.

    Thirdly there are allegoric description and personification of many characters . Many a time like it is said when kalyug starts , naradji sees a woman is crying , as two of her children are dead , that woman is shraddha( I suppose) and two sons are bhakti and some other attribute.You can see here that it is a way of telling bahkti is declining in Kalyug , there will be no such woman, it is symbolic and personified.Islam I think would have never said about killing innocent people , but delhi blasts in month of ramzan says altogether a different story.Interpretation is what is important , jehad is always interpreted as killing of innocent people by militants.

    Fourthly all serials take the literal translation of what is written, Hanuman belongs to vanar jati , that does not mean he was a monkey ,may be that jati dresses like monkey or looks similar to monkey or worships monkey, or as eeshan say was a mutant specie.Regardless of anything it is very funny to see that men are like monkey but women in vanar jati are good looking normal women.This is just an interpretation. Tejaji a god in Rajasthan belongs to nagavanshi Chauhan , that does not make him a snake , what we worship(nag here) is what we are called. Earlier Britishers used to make fun of such stories like pushpak viman and which is very obvious.You believe what you have seen , you can believe Pushpak Viman , as you have seen aeroplanes , otherwise you would have disagreed on this also.

    I dont know your background but if you have been a science student , then you must have come across Hund’s multiplicity rule with orbitals remember 1s ,2s 2p and sth ( sorry I have forgotten all that). I read an aticle in which this rule is expressed in one Hindu scripture , I think vedas , but they have described atom or electron as brahma ki beti and the whole process is described , brahma ke beti aise chakkar katati hai , phir aise , and if you draw that on paper , it gives exact Hund’s multiplicity rule.

    In old era we did not have books , all what was written was in hands of Brahmans , and it is believed that Brahmans introduced many things in their favour , like they introduced many rituals and daans for themselves ,glorified themselves and worsen the things for shudras, as a result new religions evolved like Jainism and Buddhism .There is nothing new in this , all religions after a point do it , in dark ages in europe christianity did this, Buddhism which took birth in India , hardly has any remains in India. The holy Gita too is said to be have many things added later.One has calculated that there are so many shlokas and if Sri krishna has used n lines per minute and if Arjuna had asked m questions per minute , that would have taken nearly 1.5 hr ,and armies at both sides would have waited for that long is out of question.

    As far as Radha is concerned ,due to Islamic invasion , jaidev wanted Hinduism to revive , he wrote Geet govind which made Krishna immensely popular among masses. please search Geet Govind in wikipedia.Radha was introduced then only.
    Radha literally means Saundarya , and yes Krishna was Saundarya premi , radha too is personified.

  • thnx sidd…i wan to add somethng……and ask afzal too…..whats ur defination of affair…..is it physical thng..or somethng like that only…….its the pure relationship…..between two hearts……..i dunno wat auntie u talking abt….bt accrdng to ur qstn wats the harm in this …..affair….u can say affection to someone……in todays time we take affiar with someother way…..its just a platonic relation…….if someone ask why did he always hav a peacock feather on his head.i mean more pankh…..its because of its purity…peacock mate thrgh wth his tears……..spcll at rain time…..that time peacock cries…or tear come from his eyes..and that time of mating…..female hav that tear in her…in her mouth…..and thn egg created…….
    now to u sidd….yaar dn u accpt this thng….u r going about the time 1.5 hours….i still sometime confuse ki whn he was telling geeta to arjuna..and arjuna askin qstn ..do others hav that time to wait for the mahayudha…whn duryodhan type of impatientp ersn was there…..bt on other hand if u notice…..watever all say….but they were the man of principles…there s the rule to start yudha at suryodya and end at suryast…same way many rules were there….and at that time….whn kirshna told him geeta..to unke pas ye to hoga ki he had stopped at that time…and ya one more thng..who told that geeta ka path yudh bhumi me bechobech me ja kar mila tha arjuna ko…….arjuna and krishna were together 24X7…so may be he told him shlokas on way..or anythng..many possiibilities are there…..we dn go into that deep…….let it remain untouch….welll yaar kya ham khmk ko bhul gaye hai kya….hey where r u other frnds……pehle to yaar ek din me kitne commnts aa jate the…now wat happn…..only 1-2…
    hare krishna…

  • dnt get me wrng frnds im nt tryin 2 affend u or ne religions? im very facinated by all religions mythologys i watch all hindu religous programmes n serials but i cant seem 2 understand wy so many gods n godesses it gets my head in a twist? wat i beleive is dat ders only 1 god hu created the universe n all things in it every1 calls him by diffrnt names? sum call him god,allah,brahma, o bhudha? isnt it in your vedas n puranas dat brahma is 1 n ders no other worthy of worship n dat brahma has no face o forms n da people hu put a face 2 brahma will defintly b in da wrong? like sai baba used 2 say” saab ka malik ek hai” eeshan my m8 please do xplin”””? p.s plz in a smaller sentence. tanx.

  • Hey Afzal…

    GOD… well defined as the one who plays most important roles of Generator, Organiser and Destroyer; according to Hindu mythology are Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.
    Brahma is the Generator- the one who creates everything, Vishnu is the one who organises every creation (therefore, whenever adharm rises, He arrives in some avtaar- known as Shri Ram, Shri Krishna, etc) and finally Mahesh or Shiv Shankar who manages everything after destruction (therefore known as the ruler of the demons).

    The way Eeshan has said… in Hindu mythology everything is treated as God! Not only creatures… every entity in the entire galaxy is treated as God! The planets, satellites, stars, etc have some or the other story in Hindu mythology! The planet Saturn(Shani) – is the most famous one! Even the pole star (known as Dhruva-tara) has a story behind it! The Sun and Moon are Suryadev and Chandradev respectively.

    The Cow is Go-mata, Ox is Nandi, Eagle is Garudraj, Snake is Sarpraj, and so on! Fire is Agni-Dev, Water is Varun-Dev, Wind is Pavan-Dev and so on!

    God is one but he has various roles… you may take it as various departments of our life handled by God!
    Ganeshji and Maa Saraswati are supposed to be the Vidya-daata (givers of education), Maa Lakshmi is the giver of money and prosperity, Natraj is the idol for Nritya(dance)! In a similar way, every other entity is related to some or other roop of God! Its just that He is one but plays various roles!

    Again, as Eeshan says, God is situated in everyone- peep into your inner soul- He resides in you as well!

    Now… coming back to KHMK… bad…poor…irritating and disastrous when it comes to animation! When Duryodhan threw an unconcious Bheema in the river, the scene when he was drowning and snakes were coming out… the 9X channel on my television set turned out to be Cartoon Network!
    I am glad that KHMK showed Suyodhan to be close to Pandavas, they had so much to show his dissappointment when Shakuni spat venom in his minds against Pandavas! They showed the rock they had burried, the sashak gifted to him by Bheema, etc! Though I am not sure if all these really happened, I would say this was good work indeed! Also, I think few actors are doing really good acting… Jaya Bhattacharya as Kunti is doing a great job! Shakuni (set aside his looks) is also doing a good job now! Thankfully he is no more a cartoon character like Mohini of KSBKBT! As usual… sometimes good, sometimes bad! And disastrous when it comes to underwater animation!

  • hehe…ryto adi….ya thnx too……..spclly for those names….garudraja..nagraja..and all…i knew thm..but i frgt..confuse…..well hehe..wat to say yaar sersly a cartoon netwrk……ya jaya as kunti doing a wonderful job….thn shakuni……ya sometimes he is good..but at same time whn he was good thn somethng around him is bad…so his scene goes down …..actually like u said abt jaya….shes a good actress yaar….whn actor is exprcned and good..thn dirctr and cameraman work come down to 50 percnt…….thats why…..the emotions she carry…but i thnk yaar…the voice is of someone else…..many times..whn i relate her voice..thn its difrnt yaar…its voice of someoene else…..but watever the thng is ..acting is good…..ya one thng i notice too that is..the set..actlly i was seeng that episode.whn bheshma stnding infrnt of that pole…and all vere presnt there and suyodhan order dushasan for apology to bheshma…..and all brother hug each other….that scene was ok ok…but the thng attrctd me was the set…whn the camera foucsed from the top….one can see the full set……i thnk ekta is regularly reading this blog and improving..hehe…..aneways take care hare kirshna…..

  • afzal
    hmmm are dn mind yaar..it was not at u afzal yaar ..im sorry agar tumko meri baato me kuch bura laga ho to….yaar its not the matter that u follor many thngs….respct other religion..god godess…..i mean to say its very good…but dn show ths…coz its only u understnd ur feeling wat u thnk of other religions…gods…not us..if u follow thn its really good….everyone shld do the same…
    now come to ur qstn….yaar jaisa tumne qstn pucha hai…..that the main princple behind brahma kumaris…may be u listnd abt thm..they belive only in brahma.only one god……well they r correct in thier way…..i tell u in other way……im in a reiki field for many years…accrdng to my reaserh…..stdy…and i gt from my teachers….actlly..u can say ..its like a sun……mmmm keh sakte ho.ki sabka malik ek hai..jaise sai baba ne kaha tha…..unke ek saral matlab tha un logo ke liye jo apne profit ke liye like some politicians…discrmnaton kar dete hai….usme ek basic concpt tha…..tell wat is god.?wat u feel whn u thnk abt god?whn u pray and ask for help from him?why do people go to haji for haj..(sorry i dunno the name may be)why few go to kailash mansrover…or temple…?the answer comes is..unko yaad karne se ek enegry aati hai….ek takat aati hai..vishvas jagta hai kuch karne ka…lagta hai ki koi hai……….hamari help karne ke liye……wat all this…its just a positive intution of ur innerself….jisko ham sabne ek god ke form me banaya hua hai…..jiski kafi images hai….allah brahma shiva….etc etc….but energy to ek hi point se aati hai na………..
    hamare galaxy me sab planets ke pas jitni roshni jati hai….spclly wo jati to ek hi source se hai na….i e sun…same way theres one enerysource whch helps everyone…which cares for everyone……and sai baba ne unko ek god ka naam diya……coz energy koi bhi ho kabhi khatam nahi hoti………kam ho ya jada its presnt there….hope u got the answer….ya like in our religion so many god and godess r there…..i tell u in this way in form of energy…..there r few steps in that…..1.sabse niche hote hai rocks jisme ek raw form of energy hoti hai..if u cant belve take exmple of crystals….unme khud hi formation hoti rehti hai……time to time..
    2.usse upar hai plants coz they can prepare their own food…..unme energy refine milti hai…
    3.thn animals and human beings…ham sab se aur refine energy hoti ha…diffrnce is that we can express our feelings bt they cant.
    4.thn comes souls….our souls if u belive in that..more refine energy….diffrnce is that…we cant see thm..coz they dn hav two essential elements in thm..ie…earth and water….
    5.more refine energy..i ie sai baba….these type of people….
    6.thn avatars and all……more refine energy…….
    7.thn brhma vishnu mahesh…..the purest form of energy…..
    8..the source of energy……….
    now may be u got the answer…actlly…wat is that one can pray to only one god no issues in it…he can also do the same thng in diffrnt way help us…like if we pray for hanuman ji inpite of going to shiva ji for marriage…..he will also help us..but some duties..some thng r there wth whch they r denoted…….hai to sab ek hi…but faces are diffrnt……..
    like all eneryies r not same….kuch kisi kaam me aati hai kuch kisi me…same way….theres one enrgy whch creates..i e brahma…thn one for vishnu thn one for shiva……
    ….i thnk now tumko kuch idea lag gaya hoga……..
    chalo yaar its late for me time to go sleep…..good nyt guys…tc…
    hare krishna……bye..

  • Hmm… its strange that this blog which was filled almost daily by so mny people has stayed inactive for almost 5 to 6 days!

    Well… in last week Duryodhan (the gray side revisited of Suyodhan) attempted the murder of Bheema by poisoning his food and throwing him in the river… but his Nanashree saved him! Then Bheema got to know that it was Suyodhan (now Duryodhan) who attempted his murder! So now, at Hastinapur after the very much expected thundering and lightening… the battle of Kauravas and Pandavas has begun!

    At Gokul, Radha is falling in love with Shri Krishna and her daai-ma… Apara Mehta has noticed this! There was this episode wherein an ajgar had swallowed Shri Krishna and his friends…. as usual and very much as expected… the team was poor at animation! Instead of some graphical tool, it seems that KHMK involves the use of Flash5 or some team from Cartoon Network to attract young generation!

    As usual… like I say… the team is sometimes good sometimes bad… but this week I could notice anything bad except animation! May be becoz i was shuffling my channels between Sony and 9X as I was watching the very interesting Concert of Sonu Niggam![:)]

  • Its “THE MOST” Disgusting interpretation of the greatest EPIC running on the prime time(Jo Channel aur Ekta ko le Dubegaaa).
    It Depicts the Insane Brain of Ekta and her Slaves(Actors who knows what the MESS they are doing and still cant speak up a word).
    Ekta Shud be featured as one of the Most “Bewakooofh” Character India has produced.Nevermind not her fault.. Pehle to AAdhi Pagal Thiii Ab PURI PAGAL Ho Gayi Hai..Ye Cartoon Mahabharat Bana Ke.Ha Ha Ha Ha..ITS Seems She has Made Mr.BEAN (K MahaBharat) to come in the Primetime for the Purpose of WWF.She is trying to show Mr. Bean Vs.Undertaker (RAmayan NDTV)…Ab Aaage Kya Hogaaa Sabko Pata HAI..
    BULL SHIT SPECIAL EFFECTS AND SIX PACKS MYTHOLOGICAL CHARACTERS…HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA ..iN Short K Mbharat is a COMIC Serial..PLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS introduce SIDHU Ji in any of the characters…”An Intelligent suggestion”.

  • im wth adi….ya its been 5-6 days yaar….hehe…..well said adi…..m waiting for mahayudha yaar….its a last hope…cz i thnk usme to ekta na kuch sahi kaam kara hoga…like troy gladiator and all isme kuch alag hoga…matte paintings hogi isme sari…….after efects and all….on other side….yaar krishna part….that character sucks yaar…..sersly…..theres somethng missing in him..that charm…..i had tried many timess to forget everythng and seee that character but it dsnt attrctd me at all..yaar go to colors krishna…..thats good yaar……actlly isme kisi ki galti nahi hai..ekta ko dreams hi aise aate hai bina kapdo ke ladke and all….but i must say jitne effects isne abih tak use kare hai..to im sure ki in maha yudha there somethng surprese for us in good sense…….plz ekta ths s expct from u….do somethng gr8 in yudha…..welllved vyass zeee….sorry to say ..but yaar can u chge this name…….all is ok……waise u ryto bro.cartton netwrk …hahaha….bt dekho war hone wali hai vanvas ke baad..lets c kya hota hai…hope for best…..tc guys hare kirshna….

  • hii,
    i liked this epic of b. r. chopra.
    but this is also good
    i watch it daily and never missed an episode of this.
    only 1 thing to tell ekta kapoor if she reads this that think abt the costumes which are not upto the mark.
    rest all is nice.

  • i think mahabharat was wicked ekta really out did it she did a really good job it was awsome i thought that the old mahabharat was boring it was hard to watch the new one is awsome its also gd cause the kids can watch it as well its also easy to watch cause the actors are well known so its good
    i love the new mahabharat
    i think ekta has done an awsome job
    luvin it

  • well… i didnt get to watch much of KHMK in the last week… but there is only one scene that i saw… Shri Krishna lifting up the Govardhan Parvat to help Gokulvasis! And the team of KHMK was better than expected this time! The animation was far better than the cartoons they did during Kalia mardan and Bheema underwater! However, when they focussed on Shri Krishna’s finger, it was visible that there was a little gap between the finger and the parvat! So.. better than usual at animation but not too good!

  • hmmmm wat to say……agar kisi ka opinion yehi hai to i appreciate that….and ya i acpt this coz ab ja kar thoda ekta apne rang me aayi hai..coz ab to main politics shuru hui hai jisme hamari pyai ekta mashoor hai coz of daily soaps…..bt stil i wuld say now its getting its track somewhere there r its loosing its track too bt chalta hai new comers like ekta ke liye…..bt i will objct to this ki old mahabharata was boring…….and in new khmk all actors are well known…coz if someone actor is well knwn thn we relate compre them to thier priviious acting etc etc…but like in old mahabharata..all were new comers…and they did such a wonderful job we still now relate them ki bheem ne acha kaam kara ..ya duryodhan ne acha kaam kara ye nahi ki puneet issar ne acha kaam kara…ya one more thng i want to ask in new khmk there are new comers too…but they r not doing that kind of acting like it shld be….thats why ekta ne mature pandavas and kaurvo ke liye exprnced actors liye na ki br chopra ki tareh new comers….coz ekta ka dirction wo kamal nahi dikha sakta jo br chopra ne dikhaya..wo bhi wdout animation techniqs…..ya ekta has new animation techniqs so im waiting for fighting seqns…in the end ham yehi kahenge ki ronit roy bada acha laga hai ye nahi kahenge ki bheeshma acha laga hai……jaise old mahabharata me hota tha ki arjuna ne acha kaam kara hai ya bheem ne acha kaam kara hai na ki ye ki unke real name ke sath keh kar koi kahega….kisi ka opinion yehi hai to ok fine…ya she done a awesome job ki usne apne cartoons dream ko real me kar ke dikha diya…..aur waise bhi kids ko cartoons hi pasnd aati hai coz wo unka jaldi samjh aa jata hai..same way unko new mahabharata pasnd aa rahi hai kyunki ek cartoon mahabharata dekhne me ya real mahabharata dekhne me koi diffrnce nahi hai….
    rest i will say dheere dheere this serial apne track par aa raha hai….god bless her…..
    hare krishna…tc all

  • Hey ppl,i agree to the point that ekta kapoors mahabharat is not lyk our old one,but dat doesnt mean dat its sumthing very awefull to pass comments lyk dat.REGARDING THE SIX PACK ABBS OF THE MALE ACTORS dat sum of u r commenting abt,i dnt think dat deres somthing wrong in dat,y cant we have such men,its vry obvious dat these men were wariors nd they can hav such physic.but in spite of dis i agree to the fact dat the hastinapur part is quite boring.
    But the shri krishna part is really very wel potrayted,the actor whoes chosn as krishna completely suits lord krishnas personality……….grt job done by ekta….

  • Ninita, Pl note that Six pack Abs can’t be accepted in mythological character because this type of body generally can be built by going modern equipped GYM which was not possible for mythological character.The body of Bheem, or Duryodhan and other Muscular man of mythology should be like PAHELWAN type (Wrestler like DARA SINGH, PRAVIN KUMAR etc not like SALMAN KHAN AND HRIYTIK ROSHAN OR SHAHRUKH KHAN) Understand?

  • ninita….six pack abs are accepted.but tell me ..the time whn those person exists whn mahabharata wrte…it was arnd 3000-5000 yrs ago..and that time u can say whole world cme to kurukshetra for fight….well not our topic….so at that time there was no tradition of ur six pack abs…like u said..even later civilizations like in greeks…..we can see six pack abs.coz they were with new technnlgy….and ya we all find abt that by sculptures and scriptures etc….i wuld like to add that..from past time….its a tradition of soundarya ..to make things butiful…attractive..coz those greeks were not have proper six packs…that time there was passion of buty they used to wear only a drape of cloth…..and tie thats it and a head band coz they loved to show hairs..to show thier wealth and health..whch u can see in new mahabharata…..not in old one..coz at that time whn that mahabharata shooted out…before that time no such type of script has been used like this on big project…all the respoisblty was on the br chopra and crew members to portray all the tihngs properly so that we can relate that time with their work..for that they choosen new faces not the famous one like raveena said…coz if they chsn some knwn faces…like bheeshma for bachchan bheema for sunny deol hanuman for dharmendra etc..then no one rembmer that particular character…all wuld hav said..wah amitabh bheeshma me kitna acha laga hai kya acting kari hai and all that stuff…jaisa ki ham ab karte hai for ronit roy…..ki ronit roy kitna acha role paly kar raha hai….not that bheeshma acha lag raha hai…..coz jab in 80s jab mahabharata aayi thi tab log yehi kaha karte the……we are not saying ki new khmk is bad….but its not good too….coz usne like my frnds said…she took inspired by all the greeks movies like troy,300 ,ten commandments…..as wdout showing crwn..only wearing headbands…which was not in mahabharata time coz that time culture was different..head shuld be covered….kavach shuld be wear not like in new one all wdout clothes on top…ye sab to yaar agar cartoons me hota to im sure we all wuld hav appreciated this work…coz ye sab to cartoons me hi acha lagta hai….aur agar ekta ne aisa kara bhi hai to its good coz it was her dream project jo usne kar diya…aur dream projct se hamko pata lag gaya ki usko bhi six pack abs walo ke hi dream aate hai tabhi usne kisi ko kapde nahi pehenaye….usko NAYANSUKH jo chahye tha……
    in br chopra one all this were done properly as much they can do wdout hi tech technology….like i tell u one thng//if u read the earlier comments u wil come to know…….there was a scene whn dwarpal cme to draupadi room and said gandhari wants to meet her..thn draupadi said ki wo rajaswala me hai ritusnan ke baad aaegi…means ki she s in periods come later on….actually this scene was not needed but ya if one notice then one can thnk…ki us time par in sab baato ka dhyan kara jata tha ki in periods kisi bade ko aise nahi milna chahye…..ya kuch bhi appropriate reason ho…im telling ki this dialouge was not needed bt was necessary to show the image of hat culture ki us time kitna dhyan rakha jata tha….and many other thngs happened later on…..so fact is fact br chopra has created a milestone wdout hi tech thngs…..but here with animation effects too she s far behind from this milestone….but ya she done a good job coz ham sab yaha par hai…..
    chahe jo bhi ho chahe ham new khmk ke liye commnets kar rahe hai ya nahi…hamko pasnd aa rahi hai ya nahi..but ham is blog par baaat to usi ki kar rahe hai…aur is reason ki wajeh se ham usko dekh bhi rahe hai…..so ekta ka motive to complte hua na…kahi na kahi publicty to mil hi rahi hai…
    waise dekho wat next….krishna part like u said is good…?mmm ya u can say…i dn wann commnt on that coz that time i swtch on to other channel whn that part comes coz accoriding to me krishna ke role me nitish bhardwaj ne ek milestne kara tha…….thn agar phir acha laga to star plus par ek serial aata tha saarthi usme ek krishna bana tha….wo…thn ab ek hai jai shri krishna usme pyara sa nonu sa bacha wo…….coz jab khmk me wo part aata hai to….i ignore that part..i will see whn he will come and show his virat roop to all in hastina pur…
    hare krishna frnds…take care

  • Hi guys..

    Can anyone tell me when Suyodhan became Duryodhan? I missed the episode..

    Everyone is now calling Suyodhan, Duryodhan now.. And also when will the new mature looking actors come? Who is the next Krishna?

  • Well Ashok, first things first!

    Suyodhan’s original name was Suyodhan… but because of his bad karma he was later named as Duryodhan!

    Now i shall tell you how they showed this transition in KHMK… Initially they showed that Suyodhan was very close to Pandavas and all the six (five Pandavas and Suyodhan) were always together and cared a lot for each other! This didnt go well with Shakuni!

    So to spit venom, he played wicked tricks!

    He had a Mayaveer Pakshi that would kill anybody whose name Shakuni would say in his ears! The twist was that Shakuni asked the Pakshi to kill Suyodhan! Now, when the Pakshi came to kill Suyodhan, Suyodhan and Arjun were discussing the arts of swordfight and Arjun held the sword! When the Pakshi came to kill Suyodhan, he scremed for help; but Shakuni became invisible and held Arjun from his backside! Arjun couldnt realize why he was unable to throw the sword at the bird! Suddenly Shakuni became visible and threw a weapon at the bird and shot it dead! So now, Suyodhan had the impression that Arjun purposely wasnt helping him!

    Then in the same days, Shakuni had sent a letter to some tribal king (who was Kunti’s relative)… He wrote in the letter that Dhritarashtra was planning to announce Suyodhan as the next emperor and was doing injustice to Pandavas! What was more wicked was he wrote this letter with Kunti’s name and enclosed it with Kunti’s jewellery for authentication purposes! Therefore, the tribal king was angry and attacked Hastinapur!

    Then in the same days, Shakuni asked Kunti to request Vidur to announce her eldest son as the next emperor- he reasoned that someone is trying to kill Suyodhan; and he is worried that him being the eldest son of the Emperor can be a probable reason! So now, when Kunti went to Vidur to ask him to announce her son as the next emperor, Shakuni made Dhritrashtra to eavesdrop their discussion!

    Then after Sushala’s wedding all these matters were discussed in the rajmahal and Kunti was insulted by claiming her to be selfish for her deeds! Suyodhan heard all this and got the impression that Pandavas and Kunti were trying to grab his rights and privileges! He heard this and left the room! However, later, Kunti was then proved to be not the culprit and was allowed to stay in Hastinapur!

    But all these deeds of Shakuni were enough to produce a heartbroken Suyodhan! Suyodhan thereafter decided that he wont be good anymore with the Pandavas, and he said that it was the death of Su-yodhan; thereafter, it was the birth of Dur-yodhan! And that episode ended there! And from the next episode onwards, everyone calls him Duryodhan!

  • And for those who say that BRC’s Mahabharat was boring, let me tell you that when it was telecasted on the television on sunday mornings, the roads used to be deserted as people used to watch Mahabharat and Ramayan with their cup of tea on Sunday mornings! Agreed that the competition between television shows wasnt much during late 1980s but definitely BRC’s Mahabharat wasnt boring; it was very interesting! I was hardly of two-three years during that time but then too even today I can say with pride that I am privileged that I could see shows like Mahabharat and Ramayan on National Network of Doordarshan! It was so good that it was dubbed in regional languages as well to telecast in the regions where people do not understand Hindi and it was equally famous there too!

    I request everyone not to under-estimate the legendary works done! Though Ekta has shown the courage of not following the conventional way of showing the mythological shows and is doing a good presentation; we cannot say that BRC’s Mahabharat was boring! Both Mahabharat as well as KHMK are interesting!!!!

  • hey friends..kya hua…….itna intresting blog aaj ek dam shant kyu pada hua hai…all fine na…hey aditya ,sidd,ashok,udayan and all….sab kaha ho bhai…

  • Hi Eeshan

    How are you? It was really great to read your comments.. You have a great knowledge. One request Eeshan.. Could you type clearly without too many ‘……’ and giving proper spaces between words? It will be easier to read. One more thing could you break long paragraphs into smaller ones? Like one Paragraph of 4 or 5 lines, like Aditya Danait has done. It will be very easy to read for me and other also. :) and keep posting. I love reading you comments.

    Thanks Aditya for replying to my question with so much detail. I had missed all those episodes. Coming to Duryodhan and Shakuni, is it true that both Shakuni wanted to destroy Duryodhan and the whole Kaurav clan? I read it somewhere that Duryodhan’s the Kauravas biggest enemy was Shakuni himself. If am wrong, then what is the reason behind Shakuni’s enemity towards Pandavas? What would he have lost if Yudhistir was the King? Or gained if Duryodhan was the king?

    Speaking about BR Chopra Mahabharat, I really really loved it. I have the DVD’s all original but as they have some problems, I downloaded the whole DVDrip from the internet. Its about 18 gb and i watch it from time to time. Love watching it. But i dont think they have gone into detail about Suyodhan. One more thing what i dont understand is. In BRC’s Mahabharath, Krishna and the pandavas were kids when Arjun shot the bird and also when Krishna killed the river snake. Here they are shown as teenagers. Whats wrong there? BRC showed 4 different Krishna.. Baby, Kid, Teenaged and then finally grown up. But Ekta has combined Kid and Teenage characters.. Wonder why.

    But I must say Ekta’s Mahabharath has grown on me, I am enjoying it now. Am hoping Indicine Team updates their review.

  • Well I have been busy in making an absolutely free matrimonial site , to help people.Since I also work in a company , I dont have much time to see anything except Balika vadhu which coincides my dinner time.None of KHMK episodes , I ever saw right from beginning to end , I always saw it while changing channels. Even when I catch a glimpse , I dont have courage to see ugly characters in black dress.Krishna is a man and does not look like a teenager.
    I always read the blog.About 6 pack abs people dont mind if they have been presented well, but all producers stress out more on looks than content, Ekta too tries to show pandavs as super sexy rather than researching the subject.Remember Guide which was released in 1965 at live in relationship between waheeda rahman and dev anand .The plot is still bold for Indian society , but there emphasis was more between the relationship between dev and waheeda rather than showing intimate and bold scenes.The film was a huge success and is considered a classic , similar is meena kumari of Sahib biwi aur ghulam where she was shown drining heavily. This too is considered a classic.
    Since my father had psychology in his graduation , he used to say child psychology is very interesting.Children do not want to share attention from parents or guardians with others.They even sometimes do ridiculous acts to gain attention.A few people liked the affection between kauravs and pandavas ,but I did not like it at all , the tree of hatred between them should be grown from sapling to plant to tree.
    Nevertheless there WAS a strong rumour of KHMK going off air when it had trp of 0.95 and now when it has 0.5 it is out of top 100 serials .With some promos it may shoot up to .95 again but it will go to 0.5 again .INX being new channel could not afford such loss. Therefore Ekta lovers enjoy it as much as you can , this serial may go off air in 2 mths.

    and eeshan negative or positive publicity is a publicity , TRP’s dropped to 0.5 when no one was posting any comments here , it was much igher when we used to discuss it a lot, so stop writing negative or positive about it , it will go off air.anyways I will post the link of free matrimony site soon so that people could draw benefits from it, it is just 60% complete.Here are the trps

    1. Sapna Babul Ka ..Bidaai (Star Plus) 4.46 TRP

    2. BALIKA VADHU (Colors) : 4.29 TRP
    3. JAI SHRI KRISHNA (Colors) : 3.04 TRP
    4. INDIAN IDOL 4 (Sony) : 3.00 TRP
    5. Saath Phere (Zee TV) : 2.80 TRP
    6. KASAMH SE (ZEE TV) : 2.74 TRP
    8. Kis Desh Mein hai meraa dil (Star Plus) : 2.65 TRP
    9. RAJA KI AAYEGI BAARAT (Star Plus): 2.62 TRP
    10. KAHAANI GHAR GHAR KI (Star Plus) : 2.49 TRP

    And other Top program’s TRP are like…


    Nach Baliye – Star One & Star Plus




    Sony Entertainment TV Programs: INDIAN IDOL 4 : 3.00 TRP, C.I.D – 2.11 TRP, 10 KA DUM – GRAND FINALE : 2.44 TRP, BOOGIE WOOGIE : 1.44 TRP, KAANTE KI TAKKAR COMEDY CIRCUS : 1.88 TRP. Indian Idol (Sony Entertainment Television)



    Star ONE: The Great Indian Laughter Challenge : 1.68 TRP, ZARA NACHKE DIKHA: 1.07 TRP, DILL MILL GAYYE: 0.91 TRP, SSSHHH PHIR KOI HAI: OUT FROM TOP 100 PRGRAMS.

    Over all Top Channels and Programs: (TOP 100 programs of the week where which channels having how many shows in TOP 100)

    Star Plus: 18 % (Last week 18%)
    Zee TV: 17 % (Last week : 15%)
    Sun TV: 22% (Last week 25%)
    Sony: 6% (Last week 5%)
    Colors : 9 % (Last week 8%)
    NDTV Imagine: 3% (Last week 2%)
    Star one : 3% (Last week 2%)
    Gemini TV : 5% (Last week 9%)


  • pheewwwwww….yaar sidd….kya yaar hehe kitno ki trp dedi yaar full on information..i must say ki sidd commnts r full of knwldge and enjoybl to read.one dnt need to go to other sources whn sidd is here…thnx sidd.
    yaar ashok..im fine..yaar its my style of writing..but i will improve.thnx for telling me..aaj tak kisi ne aisa nahi kaha tha..i will try to do that….

  • I am amazed with Siddharth’s knowledge! Where did you get all these informations from Siddharth?

    In the last week, the very famous incident in Mahabharath, Arjun and bird’s eye was telecast! There was minimal animation and the scene was shown nicely! May be the team of KHMK realized that if they used too much animations, for sure they will invite disasters! :D

    Now Shri Krishna and Balram have left Gokul and arrived at Mathura! I wish there was someone else playing Kans than Akashdeep Sehgal! Agreed that he is a good actor but I don’t find any difference in his characters from Ansh Virani to Eklavya Virani to Kans except for the clothes! Evil king is what comes to mind when one thinks of Kans; but Akashdeep almost whispers his dialogues instead of being loud and clear!

    Rest… everything is just as usual in KHMK… now I am waiting for the Maha-Aagaman of young Pandavas which is going to be telecast today! I hope there are no more disasters and the team meets our expectations better in a better way!

  • Coming to Ashok’s question…

    According to KHMK, Shakuni was against the wedding of Gandhari with Dhritarashtra because Dhritarashtra was blind! So he had decided to cause trouble to Bheeshma who had kept the proposal of Gandhari’s wedding with Dhritarashtra!

    Then Kunti delivered kids before Gandhari did – and because Kunti’s son was elder than Gandhari’s, the chances of them being the Yuvraaj were high! But then, when Gandhari’s eldest son was born, he decided that he will spit venom between the Kauravas and Pandavas and will cause Kauravas ruin the Pandavas lives!

    I do not think he ever wanted to trouble any of the Kauravas! All this I commented is on the basis of KHMK…

  • ya adi…u r someway corrct..but yaar if we say about shakuni..as u said agaisnt marriage its correct thats why usne socha tha ki hastinapur ko wo destroy kar dega..dn forget ki shakuni was very clever and intlgnt person.he knw abt all pros and cons.but wo kya kehte hai ki lalach..irsha sabki buddhi bhrasht kar dete hai..to wohi iske sath hua.he was not agaisnt kauravas.but he cme to knw ki dhritrashtra’s putra moh.how much he love his chldren.so he used this love agaisnt his empire.he did al those thngs..and gve teachng to duryodhan so that dhritrashtra accpt those demnds etc..whch wil led to the rift between pandavas.kauravas ke khatam hone me kuch reasons the..
    dhritrashtra ka putra moh..he love his children so much that he didnt bother abt his empire..ths was the biggest reason.coz the supreme power ws wth him only.
    shakuni..he wanted to destry hastinapur.he cme to know abt dhrtrshta love for his chldrn….

    aur waise bhi kaha jata hai ki bache ka mind ek clay ki tareh hota hai jaise usko mould kara jaye waise ho jate hai.isliye shakuni ne duryodhan ko us hi tareh mould kara….ye baat khmk me nahi dikhayi gayi…

    other reasons for there defeat was …
    in pandavas they hve the allies wth other empires..whn they were on vanvas..to in logo ne like arjuna ne divyastra liye ..bheema met his brther hanuman and enhnced his powers..yudhistra gt knwledge frm many risihs.
    but on other hand…from kauravas..karna went on contry wide militry mission…jisme hastina pur jeet gaya tha…it was good but on other hand led to lot of loss in terms of money and creation of new enemies.jo end me revenge lene ke liye pandavas ke sath ho gaye the…
    pandavas knw the ground realities a lot coz from childhood till end they were on ground..chldhood in jungle thn vanvas..usse pehle lakshya greh ke time par bhi they went hide in jungle.so they knw abt the ground realtes..on other hand kauravas..only busy in making strategies how to defeat and kll pandavas..thats it.inspite of increassng their powers

    thn in pandavas all had one goal to achieve..that is to win..and wth this all the responsibilites were divided amng many warriors..like nakula will led few..other few etc etc..so they divided the responsibilities.on other hand…yudha se pehle hi karna ne apna kavach indra ko de diya…yudh se pehle hi bheeshma drona kirpacharya both were on pandavas side from thier heart..and thn at time of war..whn yudhishtra cme to take aashirwad from them..so they told him the secrets of winning..thn bheeshma told how to defeat him..same way drona did…that jab tak unke hath me bow and arrow hogi tab tak unko koi nahi hara sakta…and also the responsibltes cme on onl one persn..bheeshma thn drona thn karna..they hav the large army but only one man to handle….naaaahhhh..not fare…
    there are many more thngs behind this too..

    take care frnds..hare krishna..

  • Where is karna ? couldn’t see in Dropadi cheer haran, action seems to be nice , but they need lot of resaerch before shoot, good attemnp but sadly bad choices of actors, moving away from the point i think, could be better if they make with joint cololbration with Br chopra, could be good mix of old and new

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