Kahani Hamare Mahabharat Ki Review

Kahani Hamaray Mahabharat

This is not a movie review but the review of a television serial on the epic Mahabharat by Ekta Kapoor.

I was eagerly looking foward to Ekta Kapoor’s version of Mahabharath titled Kahani Hamare Mahabharat Ki, so much so that I even paid for an add-on package from Tata Sky just to catch Mahabharat every night from Monday to Thursday. Was expecting something not just bigger than the previous Mahabharat by B.R. Chopra, but a better product overall. Very high expectations, i know!

I became a fan of Mahabharat mainly due to the spectacular and historic Mahabharat of those good old days directed by B.R. Chopra and Ravi Chopra. The epic was aired every sunday morning, for 2 years between 1988 – 1990. The great thing about it was every character seemed to be born to play their role. Mukesh Khanna was brilliant as Bheeshma, when you think of Lord Krishna the picture of Nitish Bhardwaj in those costumes still comes to mind. Every other character right from Duryodhan (Puneet Issar), Arjun (Arjun), Shakuni (Gufi Paintal), Bhim (Praveen Kumar), Dhritrashtra (Girja Shankar), Draupadi (Rupa Ganguly), Karna (Pankaj Dheer), Yudhistir, Nakul, Sahadev and even Drona were just perfect for their roles. Its like you cant imagine anyone else in those legendary roles.

So it was an uphill task for Ekta Kapoor right from the day she decided to remake the epic. After the first episode that was telecasted last night on 9X at 9 PM, i was sorely disappointed.

It looked like a normal Ekta Kapoor’s Saas Bahu serial! To start off it wasnt realistic, atleast Ekta Kapoor should have had a look at Jodhaa Akbar, a costume drama which was presented in a very realistic way by Ashutosh Gowariker.

The camera was rolling all over the faces from every angle possible, a lot of thundering, lightening and noise. The characters from whatever little we got to see of them, just didnt look the character, they looked like models with a perfectly toned body in a costume drama for a historical. Maybe its too early to judge them, time will tell. The costumes except for Duryodhan’s was pretty good.

Coming to the performances, Anita Hansandani as draupadi, one of the most important characters in Mahabharat, was horrible. Dialogue delivery was the biggest flaw. She shrieked at the top of her voice, cried like she does in all those saas bahu series and in comparison to Rupa Ganguly, failed miserably. The intensity in her performance was just lacking. She made the strong character of Draupadi look weak! Shakuni is bald, he was pretty good although his laughter was sometimes annoying. Dushassan looked evil, performed well. Duryodhan looked like a evil superman in those costumes. Dont want to comment on Aryan Vaid’s performance just yet, more on him in the coming days!

Overall, after one episode it has been a major disappointment. Hopefully Ekta Kapoor can make it more realistic and Anita can improve her performance! Will keep updating this post, who knows the characters might grow on me and my opinion might change.

Ekta Kapoor’s Kahani Hamaray Mahabharat Ki is aired every Monday to Thursday from 9 to 9:30 PM Indian Standard Time on 9X.

Do drop in your comments and views on Kahani Hamaray Mahabharat Ki!


Episode 2 (8th July 2008) – Ved Vyas starts narrating the epic tale of Mahabharat to Lord Ganesh. Shantanu is smitten by Ganga’s beauty, accepts all her conditions and marries her. Ganga kills his sons one after another, till their 8th son, Bheeshma is born. The pace is fantastic, doesnt drag like most historicals. Performances were top notch today. Saakshi Tanwar, Parvathi of Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki, looks ethereal as Ganga. Kiran Karmarkar, Om of Kahani, is perfect for the role of Shantanu. The locales of Ladakh are breath taking. I still hate the excessive background music, thundering and camera zooming in on the faces of actors. How i wish, Ekta makes it slightly more realistic and different from her daily soaps. More tomorrow.. Today’s episode rating – 8 / 10.

Episode 3 (9th July 2008) – Shantanu breaks his promise, questions Ganga. Ganga reveals her identity and goes into detail about the curse that they got from Brahma, also the curse of the 7 kids that she eventually killed by drowning them into the pure water of River Ganga. She takes Devavrat (Bheeshma) their 8th son with her, promising Shantanu that she would return him back to the place he belongs to, when the king of Hastinapur needs him. Devavrat is trained and educated by Parashuram. Devavrat, now 16, returns to Hastinapur and blocks the waterflow of Ganga with his arrows… That ends the 3rd episode of the epic Mahabharat.

The 3rd episode was much slower in pace compared to the 2nd, filled with excessive dialogues and unnecessary special effects. Performances were once again good. The actor portraying the role of young Devavrat, suits the character. 3rd episode rating – 5 / 10

Episode 4 (10th July 2008) – Devavrat and his father battle, Ganga intervenes and reveals their identity to each other. Devavrat is now committed to his father and Hastinapur. 16 more years pass by and Devavrat has now matured..

The 4th episode was like Kanav said in the comments below, a complete disaster. The background music is deafening, trademark Ekta Kapoor slo-mo effects and camera work continue to irritate. A realistic feel, so very important for a historical is completely missing. 4th episode rating – 3 / 10



  • the 1 thing i hate about this drama is that after that producer and worker strike thing that happened it always starts again from the 1st episodes after krishna gets married,

  • EKta + Mahabharat = Disaster.

    Amir Khan + Mahabharat = Epic (Oscar)

    Mahabharat is one of the source from where Hinduism drives its energy till date. Amir Khan in one of his interview said: ”Right now I don’t have the GUTS to make Mahabharat, I will soon start working on it”.

    What Ekta is doing is just an insult of Hinduism and Indian culture. Mahabharat is the discussion of human goals (dharma or duty, artha or purpose, kama, pleasure or desire and moksha or liberation. If you fail to deliver anyone of these goals in your story telling- you must stop making it at any cost.

    Im not comparing Ekta’s Mahabharat with B.R.Chopra’s Mahabharat, it wont be fair for Ekta. But I have a complete right to compare THE ORIGINAL MAHABHARAT TEXT with what Ekta is making. The meaning is lost, characters are lost, divinity is lost, understanding is lost.

    Is this what she wants to tell future generation????

    **chuckles in disgust**

    All those who are saying ”this is made for the present generation, the way they will understand it” are all fools and ignorat people. If present generation can understand Lord Of the Rings and all those classic Hollywood movies, they can also understand THE CLASSIC WAY OF HINDUISM HISTORY.

    If this is what modernization means— I cant wait to see Ekta showing ROCKET LAUNCHER instead of Bow & Arrow, Ak-47 etc. in the War of Kurukshetra :P


    Ekta ji… Height of Stupidity mam… stop destroying our culture..

  • Ekta Kapoor is horrible. She is a good marketing person of all saas bahu serials. And she should remain Queen of all unrealistic saas-bahu sagas.
    There are real problems of saas-bahu genres in real life what we see around. where saas makes her bahu abort three times.

    Or Bahu throws her linlaws out of their home. Where inlaws are really dependent. But media and Ekta doesn’t want to focus on real issues and try finding solution. Instead she over glamourises saas and bahu and all with pathetic stories.

    Many ladies (in deep in their heart) want to portray themselve as victims and how people are just taking advtange of them and they are very noble. This iccha of becoming a victim is being used by Ekta in all her serials. Not to forget all those brands of expensive sarees and horrible jewellery, favorite topics of some ladies.

    Anyway coming back to point Mahabharat looks like gathering of Greek characters . Nowhere was Indian culture and Indian Values seen. Bheeshma Pitamah and Kunti Mata were speaking to each other as if they were long-lost college-friends of todays’ generation. Nowhere was respect and care seen on faces.

    Ekta, the same formula of glamourising saas bahu serials won’t work here. Everyone knows about the great epic and are well aware of the characters, their strengths and weaknesses. Their language and the very cause of their existence.

    Draupadi was a very strong lady unlike your serial bahus who keep crying and gidgidaying… There is a difference between aakrosh and gidgidana. Anyway,please don’t try amking serial any other epic. Because real Indian Culture is not what you show in your serials. Thats just what masses want to see…

  • hey frnds..firstly happy new year to everyone…may god bless u all..may he gv u healthy wealthy years ahead…well…how are u all after long time,,was busy in writing plays ,and college work etc….gave auditions got selected well come to topic….well where is ekta kapoor…is she hidden somewhere…and is mahabharata still on air..i thght its now a big past na..????..deepti i liked ur way of kunti and bheeshma….hahaha….u ryt ….well for everyone knowldge…its a news only rumour u can say got news that.mahabharata is coming back..in new way..RETuRn of Mahabharaata sometng lyk that…
    haha let c…wats new in that…may be some story inspire from mahabharata or watever dunno…

  • god awful i saw the 1st episode i couldn’t tell what in tartarus was going on………..it looked like the indian version of ‘meet the spartans’ that’ all i can say GODAWFUL. speechless to say how awful it was, old mahabharat, i mean Mahabharat (this isn’t mahabharat it’s indian version of meet the spartans) SAVE MEEEEEEE SHRI KRISHNA SAVE MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pura episode kyu nahi banaya yar.
    Paisa kam gaya kya .hahhaaa
    Mujhe bahut bura laga ki aaplog ese the End nahi kiya…

  • kahani hamare mahabharat ki was the most disastrous show ever showed in the history of Indian Television Industry.Thank Heavens that It was aired off.

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