Kahani Hamare Mahabharat Ki Review

Kahani Hamaray Mahabharat

This is not a movie review but the review of a television serial on the epic Mahabharat by Ekta Kapoor.

I was eagerly looking foward to Ekta Kapoor’s version of Mahabharath titled Kahani Hamare Mahabharat Ki, so much so that I even paid for an add-on package from Tata Sky just to catch Mahabharat every night from Monday to Thursday. Was expecting something not just bigger than the previous Mahabharat by B.R. Chopra, but a better product overall. Very high expectations, i know!

I became a fan of Mahabharat mainly due to the spectacular and historic Mahabharat of those good old days directed by B.R. Chopra and Ravi Chopra. The epic was aired every sunday morning, for 2 years between 1988 – 1990. The great thing about it was every character seemed to be born to play their role. Mukesh Khanna was brilliant as Bheeshma, when you think of Lord Krishna the picture of Nitish Bhardwaj in those costumes still comes to mind. Every other character right from Duryodhan (Puneet Issar), Arjun (Arjun), Shakuni (Gufi Paintal), Bhim (Praveen Kumar), Dhritrashtra (Girja Shankar), Draupadi (Rupa Ganguly), Karna (Pankaj Dheer), Yudhistir, Nakul, Sahadev and even Drona were just perfect for their roles. Its like you cant imagine anyone else in those legendary roles.

So it was an uphill task for Ekta Kapoor right from the day she decided to remake the epic. After the first episode that was telecasted last night on 9X at 9 PM, i was sorely disappointed.

It looked like a normal Ekta Kapoor’s Saas Bahu serial! To start off it wasnt realistic, atleast Ekta Kapoor should have had a look at Jodhaa Akbar, a costume drama which was presented in a very realistic way by Ashutosh Gowariker.

The camera was rolling all over the faces from every angle possible, a lot of thundering, lightening and noise. The characters from whatever little we got to see of them, just didnt look the character, they looked like models with a perfectly toned body in a costume drama for a historical. Maybe its too early to judge them, time will tell. The costumes except for Duryodhan’s was pretty good.

Coming to the performances, Anita Hansandani as draupadi, one of the most important characters in Mahabharat, was horrible. Dialogue delivery was the biggest flaw. She shrieked at the top of her voice, cried like she does in all those saas bahu series and in comparison to Rupa Ganguly, failed miserably. The intensity in her performance was just lacking. She made the strong character of Draupadi look weak! Shakuni is bald, he was pretty good although his laughter was sometimes annoying. Dushassan looked evil, performed well. Duryodhan looked like a evil superman in those costumes. Dont want to comment on Aryan Vaid’s performance just yet, more on him in the coming days!

Overall, after one episode it has been a major disappointment. Hopefully Ekta Kapoor can make it more realistic and Anita can improve her performance! Will keep updating this post, who knows the characters might grow on me and my opinion might change.

Ekta Kapoor’s Kahani Hamaray Mahabharat Ki is aired every Monday to Thursday from 9 to 9:30 PM Indian Standard Time on 9X.

Do drop in your comments and views on Kahani Hamaray Mahabharat Ki!


Episode 2 (8th July 2008) – Ved Vyas starts narrating the epic tale of Mahabharat to Lord Ganesh. Shantanu is smitten by Ganga’s beauty, accepts all her conditions and marries her. Ganga kills his sons one after another, till their 8th son, Bheeshma is born. The pace is fantastic, doesnt drag like most historicals. Performances were top notch today. Saakshi Tanwar, Parvathi of Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki, looks ethereal as Ganga. Kiran Karmarkar, Om of Kahani, is perfect for the role of Shantanu. The locales of Ladakh are breath taking. I still hate the excessive background music, thundering and camera zooming in on the faces of actors. How i wish, Ekta makes it slightly more realistic and different from her daily soaps. More tomorrow.. Today’s episode rating – 8 / 10.

Episode 3 (9th July 2008) – Shantanu breaks his promise, questions Ganga. Ganga reveals her identity and goes into detail about the curse that they got from Brahma, also the curse of the 7 kids that she eventually killed by drowning them into the pure water of River Ganga. She takes Devavrat (Bheeshma) their 8th son with her, promising Shantanu that she would return him back to the place he belongs to, when the king of Hastinapur needs him. Devavrat is trained and educated by Parashuram. Devavrat, now 16, returns to Hastinapur and blocks the waterflow of Ganga with his arrows… That ends the 3rd episode of the epic Mahabharat.

The 3rd episode was much slower in pace compared to the 2nd, filled with excessive dialogues and unnecessary special effects. Performances were once again good. The actor portraying the role of young Devavrat, suits the character. 3rd episode rating – 5 / 10

Episode 4 (10th July 2008) – Devavrat and his father battle, Ganga intervenes and reveals their identity to each other. Devavrat is now committed to his father and Hastinapur. 16 more years pass by and Devavrat has now matured..

The 4th episode was like Kanav said in the comments below, a complete disaster. The background music is deafening, trademark Ekta Kapoor slo-mo effects and camera work continue to irritate. A realistic feel, so very important for a historical is completely missing. 4th episode rating – 3 / 10



  • Either Ekta has some problem or she must be thinking that audience are fools. That ‘s the reason she has not replaced Mrunal Jain but then why did she replace others. Highly nonsense attitude of Ekta towards her profession. She must be a pervert or sadist. B.R.Chopra’s Mahabharata was and is the best.

  • Ranbir, Pl note It is not Ekta’s drama.It is one of our great epic. Ekta can’t do anything as per her wishes. She puposefully brought westernised pattern in mythology which is a social crime. panch pandava is looking like modern college boy. The most funny thing is the figure of duryodhan is much better than bheem in ekta’s mahabharat.It is a C-grade serial.Pl see B.R Chopra’s serial.It is retecasting in the TV.

  • Hello All…

    Hope you are having a nice diwali!

    wish all of you and your families a very happy, prosperous and safe diwali!!!

  • Roopa and Artik not only Lord Krishna Ekta should replace all the actors.Have you seen Panch Pandava.They are looking like modern college boy.Their attitudes,way of talking all are like a modern boy.The most horrible is bheem.The physic of duryodhan and Arjun are better than bheem in Ekta’s serial.Can you imagine.This serial should be stopped. Ekta is doing nuisense by bringing modern image, westernise pattern in our mythology.

  • I live in the USA, I have just started watching this series from the begining since last week, and I agree I’m very disapointed with Ekta Kapoor. After watching the first 10 episodes, she is running through the Mahabharata like a race to the finish, when in order to make the Mahabharata special, she needs to slow it down. Especially with overplaying the music, and camera angles, I feel like I’m watching a soap opera. And what also pisses me off is the cleavage in the costumes, I mean seriously? Does it matter if the guys are going to have 6 pack? Girls are going to have a nice bodies? Show some respect atleast.
    Now that we I’m on episode 10, they have already about to show the birth of Pandu and Dhrithrashtra, I remember in the old Mahabharata those two weren’t even born until mid 20s or 30s in the episode wise. She’s going to fast, she needs to show details of all the circumstances that caused these events.
    And I also agree with the author about characters in B.R. Chopra’s Mahabharata how they were pretty much born to play those roles, compare to these, but I do think Ronit Roy is doing a decent job as playing Bhishm, but still Mukesh Khana will always be remembered for playing Bhishm.

  • Hi Sumir,

    I may not praise KHMK much but the fact is i like watching it! And many times I do not get to see it! Can you please tell me from where are you seeing these episodes? I mean… if you have some internet link that has the stores of the episodes of KHMK?

  • hey frnds…..bad news…prdcr drctr of old mahabharata br chopra ab nahi rahe….god bless his soul…..
    hare krshna frnds….and all take care..



  • Well, this serial is a contradiction on many levels.

    While, I commend her for her effort of trying to match up to the legacy left by the peerless chopra saab, she has also added her own bloated ego into the question. While, I admit that modernizing the cast, and the theme in which the soap is very much needed, she has just done what she wants without considering the ramifications.

    If she thinks by making the female actors wear some skimpy attire, (although it is not overboard, thank god) and the male actors flaunt their physiques while adding unnecessary special effects, she can reap TRPS and viewers, she is sorely mistaken.

    And in her massive ego, she has made many changes to the original script of the epic itself, which is unacceptable. All these cosmetic changes I can accept, but changing of the story of the epic itself to make it fit her needs is just one step short of blasphemy!!

    As for the cast, while Ronit Roy looks good (surprisingly) she has somewhat turned him into a superman. Aryan Vaid as Duryodhan looks more like a wrestler in the wwe than a actor, while some of the pandavas, I can’t even imagine those faces to match their characters. As for the story themes, Indian mythological characters do not dress like greeks!! This is India!! While a change in theme was needed, she has just ripped off the movie 300!!!

    Draupadi scene was horrible, and a terrible performance. It does not compare to the intense and aesthetic performance done by Rupa Ganguly in the original. If Ekta kapoor thinks just throwing in all her K serial actors and do the usual juggling of scripts, she can match B.R. Chopra, she is sorely mistaken.

    I admit, that trying to do this serial was a bold step, but unfortunately this has been a ill attempt until now, & I only hope she either realizes her mistakes and rectifies them. If not, it would be better to scrap this serial.

  • Mr Chatterjee I agree with your comments to some extent. Pl tell Has Ekta any right to modernise (Or you can say westernise) mythology. It should be made based on the basic immpression of public regarding the dress, character,figure etc of a mythological character and B.R chopra did in his serial. You have not seen Maa Durga.But there is a general basic immpression of Maaa durga’s,dress, looks, face etc in your mind.If I select Bipasa Basu, or Priyanka Chopra for Maa Durga, Do you think the selection will be right?I will say NO, because they are not suitable for Mythological movie, because the type of their face is western type..On the other hand Hema Malini,Padmini, Rupa Ganguly, Dipika Chilkia, Anita Guha are all suitable for mythological character. Just like that selection of Draupadi in Ekta ‘s serial is totally wrong. Westernise diet concious figure and face should not be selected.Ekta’s Mahabharat is D grade serial.It should be stopped.

  • Does someone know when will we get to see the fresh episodes of television shows?

    I am bored to see all the stale episodes![:(]

  • This is the worst serial I’d seen in last 20 years. In fact I am so fed up with Ekta’s cast and crew of this so called ‘kahani hamare (ekta ke) mahabharat ki’ that I’ve stopped watching this serial long ago….I don’t want to erase my good memory of great old mahabharta by this stupid nonsense act. It is outrageous and should be scrapped…anyway, sooner or later it will vanish due to zero TRP.

  • so after so many days I decided to write sth in this forum. First things first ,Udayan actually I agree with you on all points , but I dont think Bipasha is not suitable for Draupadi , I think she would make a perfect Draupadi , she has got all what is needed for Draupadi, elegance,grace ,fiery disposition , dark color and doe like expressive eyes.She acts well too, in Bachna ae hasino she was the best. Remember her Siyaram ad and believe I am not her fan. Ekta took Mahabharat for granted and even if she had taken fine and beautiful actresses like Madhuri ,Aishwarya or Madhubala result would have been the same. She does not know all historical and mythological serials require much research.

    I am reading Mahasamar written by Narendra Kohli ,and as all writers do like shivaji sawant for mritunjay , he has carried out much research on the subject and every character is so well portrayed that I read it regardless of how much tired I am. Ekta is episode dragger , and all such novels have enough material to have much episodes than original Mahabharatha , because they present characters with every character’s point of view. Anyone who is fond of reading try Krishnavtar or Mahasamar , these are so engrossing that you find ekta’s serial a crap and waste of time.Well after reading Mahasamar , I got back to the days when I wanted to be a writer , now I am trying to learn Sanskrit again . I have even downloaded 6th class sanskrit book . I have written in hindi and english but sanskrit is one which has fascinated me right from school days and brought me highest marks.

    Enough for now.

  • Siddharth, you are right, but I don’t think Bipasa is suitable for Draupadi . Although she got elegence, grace etc but pl try to understand her looks, shape of the face , way of talking are all western type which is not at all suitable.You pl try to visualise the the picture of ANITA GUHA AND DIPIKA acted as Sita on one hand and on the other hand PADMINI AND RUPA GNGULY AS DRAUPADI, HEMA MALINI AS MIRABAI.. then you will understand. Even Madhuri, Juhi chaola, sri devi are also suitable for mythological character, but not Catrina Kaif, Priyanka Chopra, Lara Dutta, Bipasa Basu.They are all Enghlish type.I think you understand what I am trying to say.

  • Dear Udayan, I still feel Bipasha as the good choice.The thing you are talking about is her image.Her sexy image which no doubt is a deterrent and yes only a good director can do miracle to make her fit for Draupadi.Remember Hrishikesh Mukherjee changed Lalita pawar in Anari as soft hearted Mrs Disa .Pran got white character in Upkar, Nadira in Julie .Amrish puri started off as villian and after time got perfect in good roles like in Virasat.Therefore only a good director can do this , which seems a bit herculean task.Rituparno Ghosh had chosen Bips when he was thinking of making Draupadi.Nevertheless this is KHMK blog and not Bipasha, viewers want sth meaningful and good regardless of who is playing Draupadi.

    Another news which could be a rumour that due to global recessioN Ekta has suffered huge losses , she has to pay 500 crore for a deal made in pre recession period. Her current company worth is 50 crore nly due to recession, so what she used to show in her serials , happened to herself.Lets see how Ekta cope up with this situation .We pray nothing bad happens to Ekta but atleast that much so she should making serials

  • hey i think u guys have all got it wrong….
    if u study the chronology of historic events…mahabharat if occurred, occurred after the establishment of te indus valley civilizatioa, somewhere during the time of the egyptian pharaohs….now compare the dresses of greece, rome and egypt and then say….do u think indian civilizations would have had a completely different dress code…obviously not it would be completely greek…..B.R. Chopra’s mahabharat was extremely wonderful and fantastic but the truth is that his costumes were influenced by bollywood of that time with exaggerated decorrations….
    use your head….nowhere in the history of india did any king wear the kinds of crowns as shown in yhe old mahabharata……and they did not wear so much jewellery…
    also gold was only an ornament worn by women then…men wore more crude metal…
    talking about bodies…..it is ahistoric fact…however weird it may sound…people of that era did not have a lot of hair on their bodies…so although the looks are quiet model looking they are not far from real…
    and if romans and greeks could have well chiselled bodies in those days then why couldbt the bharatvansh?????
    i agree the acting completely sucks and so does the cinematography but the costumes and sets are well suiting…
    u must realise and that B.R. Chopra’s mahabharat costumes were not suited to that time so if you keep comparing u must also see that if the older series seems better overall it may not in some minute details such as costumes….so do a history check yourself…
    the ultimate verdict is that although it is evident that ekta has not done integral research she has unknowingly got the time period feel right….

  • Dear Khwab nobody can say what type of costumes are suitable for Ramayana and Mahabharat. If you think in that way you can’t make picture.But you should mentain the convention and the general immpression of public (whether right or wrong) regarding the dressess and ornaments of a mythological character.No director can ignore it. You, me and other public have got a general idea about Maa durga’s face, costumes, ornaments etc and based on which images of Maa durga are made by the artists at the time of Puja. So you have to respect the general immpression of public.Ekta ignored it and purposefully brought the westernised pattern in the mythological character by imposing six pack ab , wrong selection of ornaments, tatoos in the body(Were they American Punk?).Ekta should be punished to spoil our mythology.Anyway she has got her return., as this serial is titally flop serial, nobody watch this serial.

  • guys, has anyone new updates ? can not find any new episodes in the net as of 5th of Nov’08.

    Any feedback on this is highly appreciated.


  • Dear Amit and allure,
    9X has suffered huge losses as none of its serials have good TRPS. It has ended most shows while some shows are put on hold.KHMK belongs to the latter category.9X needs funding which is difficult in recession.
    Post strike 9X has no fresh episodes. KHMK has been total loss for both Ekta Kapoor and 9x.
    Ekta is over so is KHMK , therefore don’t think KHMK will be proceed further.God has punished Ekta.
    ekta has done much damage to iNDIAN culture ,by showing multi marriages ,polygamy in the name of modernity.Some of its serials are telecast out of India also and what type of image they must be making of our women that they marry someone and bear children of someone else like Prerna and remember Prerna is a positive character and she never regrets for such . Modernity does not mean lack of sensitivity and sensibility. KHMK where she did not spare religion as well.Last straw to break camel’s neck.

  • Dear Siddharth,

    Many Thanks for your response.

    Agree with your points. However, I hope KHMK will continue as it is still representing a huge chapter of our religion.

    Best regards

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