Kahani Hamare Mahabharat Ki Review

Kahani Hamaray Mahabharat

This is not a movie review but the review of a television serial on the epic Mahabharat by Ekta Kapoor.

I was eagerly looking foward to Ekta Kapoor’s version of Mahabharath titled Kahani Hamare Mahabharat Ki, so much so that I even paid for an add-on package from Tata Sky just to catch Mahabharat every night from Monday to Thursday. Was expecting something not just bigger than the previous Mahabharat by B.R. Chopra, but a better product overall. Very high expectations, i know!

I became a fan of Mahabharat mainly due to the spectacular and historic Mahabharat of those good old days directed by B.R. Chopra and Ravi Chopra. The epic was aired every sunday morning, for 2 years between 1988 – 1990. The great thing about it was every character seemed to be born to play their role. Mukesh Khanna was brilliant as Bheeshma, when you think of Lord Krishna the picture of Nitish Bhardwaj in those costumes still comes to mind. Every other character right from Duryodhan (Puneet Issar), Arjun (Arjun), Shakuni (Gufi Paintal), Bhim (Praveen Kumar), Dhritrashtra (Girja Shankar), Draupadi (Rupa Ganguly), Karna (Pankaj Dheer), Yudhistir, Nakul, Sahadev and even Drona were just perfect for their roles. Its like you cant imagine anyone else in those legendary roles.

So it was an uphill task for Ekta Kapoor right from the day she decided to remake the epic. After the first episode that was telecasted last night on 9X at 9 PM, i was sorely disappointed.

It looked like a normal Ekta Kapoor’s Saas Bahu serial! To start off it wasnt realistic, atleast Ekta Kapoor should have had a look at Jodhaa Akbar, a costume drama which was presented in a very realistic way by Ashutosh Gowariker.

The camera was rolling all over the faces from every angle possible, a lot of thundering, lightening and noise. The characters from whatever little we got to see of them, just didnt look the character, they looked like models with a perfectly toned body in a costume drama for a historical. Maybe its too early to judge them, time will tell. The costumes except for Duryodhan’s was pretty good.

Coming to the performances, Anita Hansandani as draupadi, one of the most important characters in Mahabharat, was horrible. Dialogue delivery was the biggest flaw. She shrieked at the top of her voice, cried like she does in all those saas bahu series and in comparison to Rupa Ganguly, failed miserably. The intensity in her performance was just lacking. She made the strong character of Draupadi look weak! Shakuni is bald, he was pretty good although his laughter was sometimes annoying. Dushassan looked evil, performed well. Duryodhan looked like a evil superman in those costumes. Dont want to comment on Aryan Vaid’s performance just yet, more on him in the coming days!

Overall, after one episode it has been a major disappointment. Hopefully Ekta Kapoor can make it more realistic and Anita can improve her performance! Will keep updating this post, who knows the characters might grow on me and my opinion might change.

Ekta Kapoor’s Kahani Hamaray Mahabharat Ki is aired every Monday to Thursday from 9 to 9:30 PM Indian Standard Time on 9X.

Do drop in your comments and views on Kahani Hamaray Mahabharat Ki!


Episode 2 (8th July 2008) – Ved Vyas starts narrating the epic tale of Mahabharat to Lord Ganesh. Shantanu is smitten by Ganga’s beauty, accepts all her conditions and marries her. Ganga kills his sons one after another, till their 8th son, Bheeshma is born. The pace is fantastic, doesnt drag like most historicals. Performances were top notch today. Saakshi Tanwar, Parvathi of Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki, looks ethereal as Ganga. Kiran Karmarkar, Om of Kahani, is perfect for the role of Shantanu. The locales of Ladakh are breath taking. I still hate the excessive background music, thundering and camera zooming in on the faces of actors. How i wish, Ekta makes it slightly more realistic and different from her daily soaps. More tomorrow.. Today’s episode rating – 8 / 10.

Episode 3 (9th July 2008) – Shantanu breaks his promise, questions Ganga. Ganga reveals her identity and goes into detail about the curse that they got from Brahma, also the curse of the 7 kids that she eventually killed by drowning them into the pure water of River Ganga. She takes Devavrat (Bheeshma) their 8th son with her, promising Shantanu that she would return him back to the place he belongs to, when the king of Hastinapur needs him. Devavrat is trained and educated by Parashuram. Devavrat, now 16, returns to Hastinapur and blocks the waterflow of Ganga with his arrows… That ends the 3rd episode of the epic Mahabharat.

The 3rd episode was much slower in pace compared to the 2nd, filled with excessive dialogues and unnecessary special effects. Performances were once again good. The actor portraying the role of young Devavrat, suits the character. 3rd episode rating – 5 / 10

Episode 4 (10th July 2008) – Devavrat and his father battle, Ganga intervenes and reveals their identity to each other. Devavrat is now committed to his father and Hastinapur. 16 more years pass by and Devavrat has now matured..

The 4th episode was like Kanav said in the comments below, a complete disaster. The background music is deafening, trademark Ekta Kapoor slo-mo effects and camera work continue to irritate. A realistic feel, so very important for a historical is completely missing. 4th episode rating – 3 / 10



  • I don’t fully agree!
    Critical analysis of anything can be bad! When u look at a TV soap, u should enjoy it!
    Commenting on costumes and dialogue delivery is more like lokking at it as a critic than an audience!
    And critics can bring any great work down to trash!
    It is not that there are no faults, and also not that a better Mahabharata cannot be made but to say that the serial is not good even in comparison to B.R.Chopra’s Mahabharata is ridiculous!

    I think it is done well!
    I don’t think ANITA is not good as Draupadi!
    She looks beautiful and royal!
    As far as her dialogue delivery and screaming is concerned,
    and RUPA GANGULY’s strong character show is concerned,
    I think she was perfect!
    When she screams, she actually sounds like a woman in pain,
    being humiliated, disgraced, shouting for help!
    Not like the earlier Rupa Ganguly version of B.R.Chopra,
    where she appears fully confident and almost no fear while Dushasan unrobes her.
    Come on!
    When a woman is being humiliated she cannot be cool and giving good dialogue delivery!
    Shouting is more natural and when one shouts and cries his dialogues must not be clear,
    that is more near to reality!
    I thought acting and direction were about make-feel-reality.
    But here everybody seems to be in the B.R.Chopra hangover!
    And Bheeshma, this time he looks Bheeshma, acts Bheeshma,
    Mukesh Khanna was more like an overactor and less like the character!
    Someone even commented they look like models.
    Is that bad?
    Why do u like a fat Krishna like Nitish Bharadwaj?
    What was appealing about Mukesh Khanna as Bheeshma?
    Bheeshma- the greatest warrior, I don’t think Mukesh Khanna looked like that!
    I think the cast is great!
    Women look like beautiful royal women with substance!
    And men actually look like warriors in Ekta’s Mahabharata!
    And this Arjun is a lot better than that Arjuna!
    This Arjuna looks fierce! A real warrior! A prince with masculinity!
    B.R.Chopra’s Arjuna looked like a middle aged man far from looking like Arjuna,
    no youth, no glamour, no health, just Krishna’s disciple always asking Krishna for everything!
    But this time in Ekta’s Mahabharata Arjuna really looks Arjuna!
    A man of his own! Egoistic! Masculine! Warrior! Deadly!
    I don’t think a better version cannot be made,
    but this version is largely better than the Chopra version!

    The only think I do not like enough is the fight sequences!
    They can be better!

  • Mr. Udayan Mukherjee!
    What is the problem with six-pack-abs?
    Why should six-pack-abs be American?
    Anybody who does workout enough in Indian or foreign style will develop that.
    Do you know anything about sports?
    Even if you run a lot, or walk a lot u can develop six-pack-abs, it has nothing to do with American body building equipment and westernisation.
    And as far as the clothes are concerned, these are the real clothes people wore at that time,
    the whole body was never covered in Ancient Indian Era.
    A Dhoti on the lower body and a covering cloth on the upper, that was it!
    Not like Mukesh Khanna clad in white cloth!
    In fact, Ekta’s people are able to wear the right clothes because they have great bodies!
    And I don’t think the actual Bheeshma or Arjuna would have had anything about their bodies to hide about!
    You are one of the promoters of the Ghungat culture!
    But let me tell u Ghunghat arrived in India only after the Mughals came in!
    It is not original Indian wear!

    And why do you people always keep on talking about punishments and court cases and disgracing of religion?
    Learn to appreciate creative work!
    Ekta Kapoor is herself a Hindu and she said this was her “dream project”
    She does not intend to disgrace Hindu religion!
    So stop throwing shit at creativity!

  • Dear Monojit, Have you seen The characters of Mahabharat wearing this type of dress? Don’t support anyone blindly. Ekta had to respect the impression which is lying in the mind of the people years after years. The looks way of stading way of talking of the actors are like modern film. It is a crime.

  • It is really good to know that some people like this version of Mahabharat.If all think alike then there would hardly be any discussion and growth.I agree with Ankit that we are discussing more Ekta , probably I am one of those,but the fact is every production house has some taste ,and if directors are not given much liberty , then this taste is carried forward in every serial.Balaji Telefilms is such production house , every serial has the same taste ,even if you remove the name of the serial , logo of the channel ,people can easily make out which the production house is.Like if you see baa bahu and baby and jasu ben you can make out the production house is the samer.

    All those people who are talking abt creativity should know that creativity should bring out some thing innovatie in the serial, and people should praise the versatility of the production house like hats off product house has jasuben and baa bahu similar but sarabhai vs sarabhai was all the way very different.The stamp of Ekta is visible in her every serial , be it epic or saas bahu saga.

    I just read HT , the correspondent covering Beijing Olympics asked chinese about India, they said “we have seen India in bollywood films and we believe Indian girls are very beautiful , they have big eyes, Indian men are smart and they dance every day in the street”.Thus in global world responsibility of producers have grown , if one see this serial what would one make out that Indians are so fond of black colour , they wear black in their marriages ,Kings like Shakuni who is the strong villian was more like a fool and his wife did not have common sense at all, and the worst part of the serial that one would say yaar it is like Roman civilization.The unique identity of Indian civilization is not here.

    India has been invaded a number of times and the best thing abt Indian civilization is it did not leave it roots ,it took many things from many dynasties , but maintained its origin.Well this has been said by some ace leader ,I think Jawahar Lal Nehru. The attire of men with more clothes at back then at front is totally like Roman civilization.

    Please do not call it creativity as creativity is sth original.Copying dress like 300.It is just imitation.Did people say sth when ChandraPrakash Diwedi made Mritunjay , there also outfits were not so flashy and opulent.

    One who said Ekta is hindu and she would not make anything degrading Hindus does not hold true.
    I belong to Rajasthan , where we had lady speaker(Sumitra Singh) , lady CM(Vasundhara Raje) and lady Governor(Pratibha Patil , now President of India) , people expected now woman would be more secure and etc etc , but a politician remains always a politician , rape rate was as bad as was in men CM so were eve teasing and dowry deaths.Ekta Kapoor’s motive has always been to make moolah and nothing else.
    Had she ever thought of this , she would have made sth progressive , what the hell difference does it make when you are having 20 hit serials and one not so hit but a good serial.More importantly she never tried this.

    Do we make fun of Muslims , we do not and can’t because we hardly know their religion.All the nasty sms which comes for our gods are made by Hindus only.Few years back when a gang was busted for making some lewd and vulgar cds on Ram and Mahabharat(It was covered in detail by India today), the gang had all Hindus and not a single non Hindu person.Even actors were all Hindus.

    I agree when someone tries to derobe you , you shriek , but should those screams and shrieks be expressionless?I dont blame Anita , because as I already said the entire episode was shot in 2 days just 2 days before when the episode was aired in my city Jaipur, the outcome has to be preposterous.

    Rupa as Draupadi was mind blowing , she does not come willingly , she even falls on floor and this the way Dushasana brings her.Anita was enjoying .When Dushasan starts derobing her , you can see tiny droplets all over Rupa’s face , how true when you feel humiliated and feel embarassed at the same time.

    Come on Manjot yaar you cant put BR was wrong at cheer Haran.It is BR forte .BR banner was once slammed for making Insaaf Ka Tarazu , some critics even called it semi-porn.Prior to this rape scenes used to symbolic.It is said women started screaming while watching the film, special shows were called for women,even expressionless queen Zeenat Aman was applauded for her performance ,though Padmini kolahpure bagged the best supporting actress award , and she said in an interview , her family had got very disturbed then , due to critics comments , though Padmini was unanimously applauded.

    Creativity is one thing which is inborn and cannot be created, and no daily soap operas could be creative unless designed months ago, Daily soaps have rigid deadlines, you read every other day someone collapsed on the sets .Since before programmer, I had been a content writer and have written for newspapers and websited, I can say you can write 10000 lines of code in a day , but you cannot write a single line of story ,poem or article if you are not in a mood . If you are made to write then you would repeat yourself and turn mechanical then your work will be affected .Remember covering news is different from this.

    It is equally possible that you may write 4 good articles on a day ,but the next day you are not able to write 4 lines.If you have rigid deadlines you cannot be creative at all. All people in creative field like designers,artists , will agree with me, you need breaks from time to time for your mind to produce sth innovative.Ekta does not have such genes.

    For example how would you show an actress , all directors end up with same sort of things like men looking at her beauty, or actress singing song and bathing.But recall hum dil de chuke sanam , the entry song of Aishwarya is altogether creative , people take her kandeel , she runs , play sitoliya like sth , she ultimately wins and her final clinch says she is stubborn , she would not give up easily.All her attributes are shown in just one song , her beauty is dealt in the lyrics , ( tu khoom khoom ,dharti ko choom machi dhoom ,tera ithlana tera balkhana and sth like that).Her not ‘giving- up’ attribute prevails everywhen in the film.In the same film when ajay devgan asks for photograph in the last song she gives a pose with smile on her face and pain in her eyes.

    This is called creativity sublime , not imitating 300.One thing hats off to the one who made promos of KHMK , swinging pallu ,rotating fish,shankh ,shower of arrows, sharshayya this was creativity , shower of arrows like 300 but not copied , but beautifully implemented.This is either made by non Ekta banner or much time devoted for the promos .We wanted sublime sth like its promos not the saas bahu cum roman
    Mahabharat.Take your time,research and make out beautiful sth like its promos.

  • Oh My God !Siddharth how do you see movies ,the way you expressed entry song of hddcsanam is praiseworthy, earlier you cited Bandini I suppose.I can imagine why have you stopped watching KHMK ,I think you read a lot , that’s why you know history of Insaaf ka tarazu .Well what I have noticed that you and Aditya are the only two who are more flexible in their thinking,pointing towards both right and wrong in khmk ,all others to an extent are obstinate , one group who likes and not ready to take any criticism and other group who criticises and does not approve anything.Both Aditya and you crticize and praise at the same time , one is towards group A and other towards group B and both appreciates each other as well.Good going.I also liked the way you said Roopa’s face was with sweat all over.To me KHMK is neither good nor bad.It does not matter to me but I like visiting this blog and enjoy the arguments from both sides.One advice to Ekta take Siddharth in your camp.

  • Thank u siddharth tht atleast u agreed upon my verdict nd i must praise the way u watch movies……………even i m nt saying that everything is perfect…but still atleast we cn see wat is she trying to show……….frankly speaking i dont knw nething about creativity ….thwe thing which soothes my heart i do it …………….nd so i m watching kahani humare mahabharat ki………
    guys i want to share one scene with u all from the episode

    when SUYODHAN takes the food for bheem nd feed him with his own hands …..even he wipes his face with his hand and after that the way all the brother come nd feed bhima …it ws an awesome scene ……..it made me emotional ….i dont abt u guys bt it ws a good feeling to see this…

    but i dont why u all are looking at dark side of it ………why cnt six pack abs been shown.they are great warriors ….they should look like…………………………………..

    i am nt comapring ne mahabharat ………old one was good but the mahabharat in shree krishna which is nw being shown on NDTV imagine .is nt so well………….nd one thing i agree that MUKESH KHANNA do lot of overacting even in his new serial WAQT

  • The only good part of Ekta’s Mahabharat is child srikrishna’s part.But the young Sri Krishna is just like a Modern College boy.He can’t act properly. Did Ekta watch Nitish Bharadwaj in Chopra’s Mahabharat? He is unparallel. Abhi Bhatacharya also was not bad in feature film Mahabharat released in 1965. Friends(Who are supporting blindly Ekta’s Mahabharat) did you watch the two Mahabharat mentioned above? Please tell me. If you did not then please watch. Please also watch the Mahabharat now showing in NDTV imagine, and then you will understand the differences. Please note—

    Character Ekta’s Mahabharat Chopra’s serial Feature film

    Bhim Horrible figure Acted by Prvin Dara Singh
    And face.Rediculous. kumar.Good figre .Ideal
    figure for
    acting. Bhim.The
    Arjun Who is he?What Very good figre Acted by
    A hair style.
    Like Himesh Face &Moustache Pradip Kumar
    Reshmiya are ideal. Good.

    Krishna Like English
    Medium College Nitish. The best Abhi Bhatta.good

    Draupai Like English * Rupa ganguly Padmini.Good
    concio concious

    About figure. Ready
    To go fashion show.

    • Actually the face of a young woman in Indian mythology should be heart shape(Padmini in Mahabharat, Rupa Ganguly in chopra’s serial, Dipika Chilkia as Sita in Ramayan serial, Anita Guha as Sita in Sampurna Ramayan). This is the general impression of public regarding Mythological characters. Not like the face of English type(for example Bipasha Basu, Susmita Sen, or the woman acting as Draupadi in Ekta’s Mahabharat.
    • Six abs can’t be accepted.The figure of Bheem and other strong man of a mythology should be like a PAHELWAN with full of muscles (Like Dara Singh, Pravin Kumar, Saudagar singh) I mean Like Indian wrestler not like Arnold Schwarzenegger,Salman Khan etc who has made their body by going to Modern JIM. The above is not my impression. The experienced film director like BR chopra, Babubhai MIstry also selected this type of figure in their film.

  • I think I had read somewhere, someone had been complaining against Nand in KHMK looking too young and energetic in the episodes when Shri Krishna was born. I think they had done this to show his ageing. In these days if you see him, he has beard and moustaches; moreover he is fully covered these days. So may be they did it to show his ageing.

    Also, I think the team have improved. They replaced black accessories with gold jewelleries. The ladies who initially wore knee length sarees are now wearing full length sarees. Remember Satyawati before she married Shantanu? So they have incorporated some changes!
    However, some changes are yet to be implemented. In Hastinapur everyone is still wearing black, but if you see Gokul hardly someone can see people wearing black over there.
    So it means that they are incorporating the changes according to the criticism reported. But there are few changes that are quite difficult to be incorporated.

    Now if the team decides to eliminate six pack abs… they will have to change either the entire male cast or the dresses for all the men. And they are using these dresses for showing the ageing (as in case of Nand in Gokul) along with graying of hair. Because only graying of hair doesnt help. Look at Ambika and Ambalika – they don’t look their age though their hair are grayed; may be because the widow sarees they wore when they were young are the ones they still wear.

    But one entity I desperately wish the team of KHMK to improve is the special effects and the animation. The Kaliya Mardan episode was so disastrous! I thought I was seeing Shri Krishna on Cartoon Network! Though the timings of Shri Krishna and Kaliya Naag were well co-ordinated; it was so irritating to see a cartoon kind of Kaliya Naag in this era of special effects where we have the habit of seeing heros jumping from sky scrapers and interacting with aliens, robots, etc.
    Previously when they had shown Vishnu Bhagwaan descending to Devki’s womb, they showed a peacock feather travelling from heaven to earth which also looked like a cartoon film.

    And I dont think it would be correct to compare KHMK so much with B.R.Chopra’s Mahabharat. KHMK is not the remake of BR’s Mahabharat. It is a way in which the epic Mahabharat is shown. They have just made the look and feel of Mahabharat different from other mythological shows. But the story remains the same. Bheeshma never married, Amba never came back after death, Ambika and Ambalika never remarried, Dhritarashtra is always blind, Kunti and Gandhari didnt play any kitchen politics,… so they havent changed the main story of Mahabharat which is most important!

  • The opening sequence was that of Maharushi Vyasa playing back the scene from the dice game in his mind. All the main characters were there and the game was being played in the courtyard of a Muslim Mahal of some sort. I can’t be 100% sure but it definately looked like one of the monuments from Delhi.
    A Muslim monument around 5000BC? Wow!! As for the special effects – my neighbours 12 year old kid can do better stuff on his computer.

  • Valmiki , you are wrong , first scene was shot in Amer in jaipur , built by Hindu Rajas , but you are right it has got many things peculiar to Mughal Architecture .

    ADITYA Yaar, you are now becoming very analytical ,good growth indeed . Udayan yu need not worry ,though this serial depicts wrong image of Mahabharatha, its reach is very less ,INX is not a very popular channel and secondaly TRPS are just 30% of saas bahu saga , even the serial had been hit, no body would remember it for long.Do we cite refereces to Chandrakanta , the serial was hit , but again forgettable due to its screenplay, only good work is remembered like Discovery Of India , BR Mahahbharat, Hum Log ,Lifeline etc.

    I came to know KHMK showing strong bond between Bheem and Duryodhan , then I continue to disagree.This

    is just Ekta’s poor twist, does she know anything about child psychology , I have seen many families

    where elder sibling does not like the youunger one because younger takes up the parents’ attention,

    especially in the working parent families where younger is brought up by nanis and dadis. And When

    power too sums up with the attention , the hatred is inevitable .
    Duryodhan once tries to kill Bheem in childhood , which reflects how much poison he must be having for

    Bheem.As in her other soaps , good character suddenly turns evil , she is trying to show this.It would

    have been better if she had showed how rival turns into hatred and hatred turns into animosity.The

    over ambitious Duryodhan ,with poisoning Shakuni and ambitious parents , he did not want to share his

    power with someone.
    Duyodhan was saved by Krishna ,and Duryodhan was kidnapped , We are hearing for the first time, Ekta

    introduces some childish twists which are intolerable.Duryodhan too was brave and elder to Krishna , he

    could have saved himself.Nevertheless Krishan is looking like a man , while he should be around 13 or

    14 at the most. Ekta can go to any extent for TRPS , in her reality show Bollywood ka ticket , she is giving scripted feuds between the contestants, one can accept brawls in one or two episodes , but in every episode , ekta make her writers work here , rather than researching the subjects.

    Mukesh Khanna overacts in waqt ,must be he overacted in Shaktiman also but he was too good in Mahabharat.It s all upto director , all time overacting Kareen kapoor did not overact at all,just got into the character in Jab we met , when the character was so loud ,and acting with slight mistake could turned into over acting. Ronit Roy too is a good actor , but the plus point with all cast of BR Mahabharat was all were new , they did not have any images , while the same is not for Ronit.

    Six pack abs looks good , but so far I know it is not healthy , the role of diet is much more important in this than workout and it is said if you continue to practise it you may get malnourished.srk did not eat anything but juice prior to shooting in oso.His hollow cheeks in that song too say so.I dont think our warriors would be having six pack abs.

    One bad news for Ekta lovers ,Bidai has replaced kyunki saas from number one spot, though Bidai too is of the same genere , and due to some comments by Bidai sisters, Ekta has sent legal notices to the girls.If rumours are too be believed ekta is very worried as all her serials are sinking , which is bound to happen , mass production of the serials has made her serials like run of the mill.

  • wel well well…hi sidd im here how r u bro…….wel wel..mene suna ki someone said ki we all are here in br chopras hangover……..same as when farhan akhtar made DON..that time few people were in I thnk ramesh sippy made that movie..so in his hangover…….and look like models…thn commented on fat nitish bhardwaj…ohh ya our dear friend monojit…..well critisizing this ekta kapur mharabharata is not our issue……we are just discussing about the her epic…..oopss sorry friends i must say a daily soap……jisko lagta hai hamare frnd monojit daily subha uthkar is soap ka use karte hai apne upar…..well monojit dn mind….ab jab hamare discussion me mostly iske soap me sab baate hi galat hai to hamara discussion …disussion na ho kar critisizing blog ho kar reh gaya hai…….i m a actor too …theatre actor…when someone give us one topic we do homework on that..we just need to be in character….whether our role is of elder old age man too…..but in this….excpt bheeshma….no one is looking like that…………mata satya wati………ambika..ambalika…..gandhari….kunti……these are not the actors thats why still they are struggling in small screen only..not in any movie coz they avoid of being looking old..anil kapoour for one movie gained 15 kgs thats the acting…abhishek bachchan did the same…but here these people..excpt make up they dn do anythng……technicallly speaking….our industry has developed a lot….same in here……im in animation and after afects too frnds……..learning that…..well in our field…..if its animation flick then ye sab chalta hai…but in real movies….or soap ………affects sabko ache lagte hai……..sidd may be u knw wat m saying about………but so much of affcts……ek good presntaton ko bigad dete hai…..here the same thng going on…….well ya on acting point of view…..u siad nitish bhardwaj………well monojit my frnd……kya tumne news padi thi ki ekta kapur ne krishna ko kaise choose kara……only by seeing his hands..coz she liked his hands…….kisi ke hands make up se bhi sahi ho sakte hai..but kisi ki acting koi makeup se sahi nahi hoti……..make up se kapde nahi pehnaye jate mere dost……agar tum nitsh bhrdwaj ki baat karte ho……unhone to krishna ke role ko properliy nibhaya hai yaar….jiya hai us role ko unhone…im 21 yrs old dunno much….abt that time…but jab ye serial aaya tha…..tab logo ne ishi ko apna krishna maan liya tha……that tone …that posture..that attitude..that naughtness……wo kisi make up ya kisi after affcts se nahi laya ja sakta……ya i suggest to ekta kapoor…agar usko krishna koi chahye….so she can chnge..coz uske liye plastic surgery karwa kar kisi ko hatana assan kaam hai uske liye….if u frnds saw a pic new sarkar raj….usme ek shomnath tha……….may be name is corrct…….jiske sath abhishk bachchan ki deal honi thi….marathi jo hai usme..jiske liye people said ki his role like raj thackeay…….that person look good in krishna.coz in star plus theres serial aired……saarthi..usme wo krishna tha………dear monojit…..models ramp par hi ache lagte hai…….ya koi kapdo me hi acha lagta hai na ki nange ho kar…..my few frnds i know……they r fashn desgners…and gays….so they said ki wow wat a six pack abs…….and alll…..i wan to say..ki koi ye gay parade koi grasim mr india show nahi ho raha jo sab six pack abs me aa rahe hai..with so much of oil on body……and no hairs….frnds..if u go by histry..us time par veet anne french to hoti nahi hogi………all were man not gays…..jaise ekta kapur portray kar rahi hai………hairs signifies a manlihood. on man….not like this……u said about arjuna……dear isme bhi they cant beat that arjuna………ya i can see bheema i thnk that role is of chetan hansraj…….he is good……name of duryodhan is syodhan….thats good……
    the main thing is that jab tak ye soap air ho raha hai kuch bhi ho sab dekhenge hi….aur apni nayi generation ko pata lagega ki mahabharata me sab ke sab cartoons the…….sab ke six pack abs the…to generration wohi karegi..jisse health prblms hogi……jo ki ab bhi ho raha hai….sab gays the………

    frnds im not saying ki this epic..oops…..it wuld be inslt if i say epic..its a soap….its not bad..but ya its not that good too…….karan bhi i thnk upen patel ban kar aa raha hai…….jisko hindi bolni nahi aati……..matlab ki …khichdi banadi hai ekta ne isme….uska dream project tha ye…to lagta hai ye dream prjct….coz ye sab to dream me hi dekha jata hai…wo bhi ek gal ke point of view se…coz these days..gals like se pack fully shaved men….like ekta kapoor does…tabhi to sab ke sab aise hai…….draupadi…i will say the same thng…..she did a welldone job……ya frnds if u noticed….the persn atlst who are by born blind…his pupils always look upwards…..but isme to sochna padta hai ki ye dhitrashtra blind hai ya natak kar raha hai………in br chopra …girija shankar…looks like a proper…blind man……
    now its on to u sidd……..hare krishna…

  • Hi

    I am a fan of mythology and use to analyse myself about the realiity of the story, but unable to reach anywhere, it seems the author had hyped and bosting unnecessarily. Everything seems a lie.

  • As pointed out correctly by someone, Bhim fighting with the guards for eating banana was done in a low taste and was meant to degrade the character of Bhim. Also lot of other characters are similarly degraded and humiliated, the fact observed and written by many in their comments.

    But I am surprised none of them noticed the character assassination of the strongest character of Mahabharat , Bheeshma Pitaamaha (second only in prominence after Krishna). Rather most of them only mention about how ronit roy is better in portraying Bheeshma while all other actors are overacting.

    In one episode Bheeshma Pitaamaha is shown killing a guard by shooting an arrow at his back. Peeche se waar. A backstabber.
    Bheeshma Pitaamaha is known for his principles and high values and truth and honesty. Bheeshma Pitaamaha would never shoot from behind (Siddharth your may confirm this please). Infact Bheeshma Pitaamaha is well known for fair-play and justice, the fact which is proven when Bheeshma Pitaamaha is killed in the battlefield only because of this attribute of fair play and moral conduct, otherwise it would have been impossible to defeat him, not even the Great warrior Arjun was any match to this ultimate supreme Commander of the Kauravas.

    In another episode Bheeshma Pitaamaha is shown threatening everyone in Hastinapur that he will leave the city and the palace and would go away forever.
    Bheeshma Pitaamaha is well known for his thunderous and mighty oath, in which he promises to remain a Brahmachaari all his life so that his father can then marry his lover who had put forth just one condition for the marriage and that was her child should become the Yuvraaj of Hastinapur. In that oath Bheeshma Pitaamaha agrees not to become the Yuvraaj for his fathers sake, he also swears that he will always protect his father’s future sons, that he would always protect the kingdom as long as he is alive.
    This oath is the major event in Mahabharat which gives the epic certain direction. All further events are influenced by this mighty oath.
    Now why would Ekta Kapoor show Bheeshma Pitaamaha in such a manner? If he is threatening to leave Hastinapur that means he no longer wants to protect the kingdom and the kings of Hastinapur which was what according to his mighty oath he was supposed to do. In one simple act Ekta Kapoor belittles the value of that mighty oath which changed the future events of Mahabharat. Also it is humiliating for Bheeshma Pitaamaha as he is then reduced to a person who is not serious about his promise and commitments and is willing to break them. There is also a subtle implication that Bheeshma Pitaamaha no longer loves and is no longer dedicated towards his motherland.

    Also I recall that in some episodes Drapaudi calls Bheeshma Pitaamaha by his name that is Devavrata. A youngster like Draupadi directly calling the name of a very prominent and powerful royal of Hastinapur like Bheeshma Pitaamaha who is several generations elder and who is respected by one and all is weird by any stretch of imagination.

    The way in which Ekta Kapoor has degraded, belittled, and humiliated the strongest character of Mahabharat deserves to be condemned.

  • Did anyone watch yesterday’s episode? Hmmm.. Let me explain the scene

    Shakuni has a mayavi pakshi (Magic Bird) which he has got from Gandhar (his hometown). He just needs to speel out the name of the person to be killed and the bird would kill him. Shakuni says Suyodhan!

    On the other hand, Suyodhan is with Arjun teaching him how to save his life with a sword. When suddenly the bird appears. Suyodhan shouts at Arjun to throw the sword to him so that he can kill the bird. But Arjun doesnt. Why? Because Shakuni has become invisible and he is holding Arjun tight. Now Shakuni is visible again and he kills the bird and saves Suyodhan. How pathetic was that scene.

    Why cant Arjun speak out? Was Ekta’s background music too loud? I havent heard of something like this. can Siddarth confirm please? Did it actually happen?

  • It is a disgusting and harmfull(Because a wrong impression is creating in the mind of young generation)serial. Modernised mythology should not be accepted.

  • Well this post of mine isnt related to KHMK but just one point that I would like to mention…

    Initially I used my first name + last name while posting my comments but since there was no other Adi, i used only my first name in the later comments! But I guess now there is one more Aditya who has posted his comment on September 3rd, 2008 at 10:29 am.

    Therefore I am again using the same combination “Aditya Danait” and the other Aditya… please use your first name only so that other viewers arent confused between both of us!!!

  • I never read any such incidents , you guys are talking about.It is poor imagination of Ekta .Becoming invisible is not tht easy , it is a siddhi which could be done by yogis only .Like hanumanji could increase his size which even Ram cannot.Mahabharat is one story which we can relate to , it has fewer episodes which we cannot relate to , otherwise all are very real like diyadrishti , which would be something like TV plus it could be made to see the part where sanjay wishes like towards Arjun or towards Bheem.Stem cell reproduction like of Duryodhan and etc.But invisibility like sth and that too with Shakuni is sth lack of sensibility.

    It is really sad that all things which are allegoric are literally taken.There is always a difference between scientist and poet.Poet will not write facts but give another dimension to facts, like I author is to write about Mahatma gandhi then he would write him as a brave man who fought with enemies for continuos 20-30 years and defeated them without using any weapon, but we know this is not a fact but a way of writing which is true but eludes many details.

    All incarnations never surpass human limitations , but authors present them in a way with chamatkars and all .Had it been Ram himself could go to lanka , why would he need vanar sena , why did Krishna kills(through Bheem) his enemy Jarasandh so late. One thing which might surprise you that Radha is an imaginary character brought as late as around 11th century, Harivansh and Mahabharat which are the oldest creations never mention Radha. AT 10 or 14 how could one indulge in love when there were no TV and anything sensous.Geet Govind written By jaidev very late brought Radha and presented Krishna as a lover boy and to an extent spoiled the image of Krishna . If you want to read all what could have happened in a rational way , read Krishnavtar by KM Munshi and read preface as well.It gives many chamatkar in a rational way.

    Draupadi became sarcastic towards all after her Cheer Haran , but she would insult anyone or call someone by his name is sth intolerable.When Bheeshm tells about Dharam when he was on sharshayya , she laughs and when Bheeshm asks why she laughed , she says where all this Dharam was gone , when she was being brought in sabha with hair .

    here is the link what Roopa Ganguly says about new Draupadi and as I have always said earlier ,she too says serial is overdramatic and character of Draupadi requires much homework.

  • It is said that a river generally has its source at the mountain and its mouth at the sea. This is referred to as Dhara… written in Devnagari font as “Dha-Ra”… but the one who doesnt follow this flow and opposes this belief is said to be Radha… written in Devnagari font as “Ra-Dha” the opposite of “Dha-Ra”!

    I do not know what had Radha opposed… since I am not much into reading or into researching about mythology! I had heard Avadhoot Gupte (Judge of Idea Sa-Re-Ga-Ma-Pa Li’l Champs on Zee Marathi) saying this comment about Radha!

    Now, KHMK is depicting Radha to be the avtaar of Devi Lakshmi… I am confused as to whom shall I believe!

    Although everything is well put in Gokul the show looks more Krishna oriented… too much footage is given to the story of Shri Krishna than Kauravas-Pandavas and other Hastinapurites put together! Though they arent showing all incidents about Shri Krishna… dedicating about more than two episodes for Kalia Mardan… more than half of every episode for Shri Krishna doesnt suit the show Mahabharat!

  • I am saying about Radha what I have read in Krishnavtar by K.M.Munshi .He was a freedom fighter and eminent author of Gujarati.He was also the main driving force behind the renovation of the historically important Somnath Temple by the Government of India just after independence.Shri Munshi founded the Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan whose branches run all over India .Though he tells the controversial Radha in preface , but says now Radha has been inseparable from Krishna regardless of its authenticity and therefore he too had Radha in his magnum opus Krishnavtar.Aditya you believe it or not its up to you , there is nothing bad if we believe that Radha existed , though I personally do not believe in her existence. Forget past , the imminent is Kalki Avatar , let’s enjoy sth real

  • If Mahabharat had to be a hit it would have , but it is not gaining TRP’s at all.Shiva you seem to be a Ekta’s person . This forum is very interesting ,one liners are not appreciated here , there has to be good reasons behind it. Adi’s confusion abt Radha and sid’s revealtion abt Radha are engrossing. A new thing we got to know abt Radha , discussions are more interesting than KHMK

  • totally agree wth u sam……sidd yaar…..gr8 knwledge……..it feels so nice that even today there r someone who cares for religion……hmmmm sam..hope u wont mind wth this liner…..hehe……hare kirshna…

  • hey frnds…sidd… koi kya mujhe ye bata sakta hai ki dhitrashtra blind tha ya nahi……hehehehe…..coz mere ko confusion ho jati hai……matlab ki colors par ndtv imagine par…kai channls par same type programe aa rahe hai….ek me krishna aa raha hai usme dhitrashtra ka part tha…..jisme mahabharata me jo pandu bana hai usne act kara hai..even that guy looking like he is blind..but yaha par to blind hi nahi hai……….
    hey….frnds one more thng…congrats……dn get shck…its because….yaar ekta kapur ne atlst ek song to apna khud ki prodctn ka banaya…..i tel u ..today i saw..suyodhan’s sister ki marge wala part……usme backgrnd me ek song chal raha tha….to wo song orignal tha….atlast…warna to hamesha apne soaps me kisi movie ka hi song hota hai…..
    but plz tell me dhitrashta blind tha ya nahi….coz isne confusion create kar di hai….hehehe..hare krishna

  • Well… last week the immortal love story of Radhe-Krishna in Indian mythology began! Though Radha is supposed to be an imaginary character, its ok that they are showing her existence since the impression on all of us is that Radha and Krishna were deeply in love; and thankfully KHMK didnt change it! And these days Shri Krishna is trying to impress Radha! All in all good work is done in Gokul!

    At Hastinapur, Shakuni sent a Mayaveer Pakshi to kill Suyodhan when Arjun and Suyodhan were discussing the arts of swordfight! Shakuni became invisible and held Arjun from his back so that he was incapable of helping Suyodhan! And then suddenly he became visible and threw a weapon at the Pakshi and shot it dead! This twist was a bit undigestable! How could Shakuni become invisible? And even if we agree that he could become invisible… how come no one noticed him becoming visible again and appearing from Arjun’s back? However, one good thing in this incident was the animation! As compared to the cartoon Kalia-mardan, this animation was far-far better!

    Then came Sushala’s wedding! It is difficult to accept that when Sushala was getting married, Suyodhan in his kakshya was sleeping! I do not know if it really happened in Mahabharat, but if this was an idea of KHMK, it was extremely unacceptable! When it is the wedding of a girl child in the family, there is so much that the bride’s brothers have to do! And that too the eldest brother- he is always under pressure! And in KHMK, Kunti was singing a lori for helping Suyodhan to sleep! Quite unacceptable!

    Then came a part with good work! Shakuni tried convincing Kunti that Yudishtir should become the yuvraaj and not Suyodhan! And then Kunti convinced Vidur when Shakuni made Dhritarashtra eavesdrop it! This was his trick to spit poison between Pandavas and Kauravas and send Pandavas back to the forest! The acting of all the actors playing Shakuni, Kunti, Dhritarashtra, Vidur,… was very good! And even the direction was good! Instead of revolving the camera around the actors like other television soaps do in such incedents, the cameras were kept at proper angles to cover the expressions of everyone!

    Then the king from the forests was brought to Hastinapur before the royal family and was asked the reason why he attacked Hastinapur! And then everyone knew that he did this because Kunti had written him a letter. (Actually this was morphed by Shakuni by writing to him using Kunti’s name and sending her jewellery with the letter for authentication.) This incident was shown in a very nice way by showing the events in separate episodes and keeping Sushala’s wedding away from this! But the real pain came in the last episode when Kunti was announced as culprit! The camera zoomed on the faces of each & every actor and each & every actor turned black and white one by one! Suyodhan turned black and white twice… once he was on the left of my TV screen and once on the right! It was a typical television soap effect to show people being surprised!

    Overall… sometimes good sometimes bad!

  • Hey Eeshan.. I respect your feelings and accept the fact that since you are an actor, you know much more about acting than all of us put together!

    But I just wanted to share one fact… it is not necessary that all blind people face skywards always! One of my chachis had zero visibility but she never faced skywards! She always looked in the straight direction like almost all normal people do! But ya… we have been seeing blind people on the television screen and movie halls always facing upwards… and that is more acceptable to look blind!

  • yes yaar i accpt that….not everyone look upwards….but think if we were born today and seeing this version of mahabharata….thn what wuld be the impact on us….we wuld only think on the first instance that dhitrashtra was not a blind person….media have the responsibility that if they r showing something then its their work that no one get wrong influence or wrong teachng from them….somewhere in our field too we have to show people with this thing only…coz like ur chachi ji…..if someone act like that thn at first time no one cme to know that he is blind……there are only two ways for us to show others we r blind i e black shades..or see upwards….coz production house must not think that we are educated or we have read mahabharata before….they shuld think us the layman..we dunno anythng abt mahabharata..then only they can work better by telling each and everythng properly watever they r showing…….sorry adi mind mat karna agar kuch galat keh diya ho to……..plzzz…actully yaar prblm wth me is that anyone insulting or making joke of our religion i dn acpt that easily…its ok with me..im a young genere only 22 yrs old accpt everythng..but i thnk if u cant make joke of prophet mohammad…cant make joke of guru nanak thn why u making joke of our religion..it dsnt matter if our religion people are in majority..if our religiion is in majority thn it shuld nt hav happnd….in pakistan islam is in majority hindusm too there bt they dn make fun of islam….coz somewhere they know if they do so everyone will make their life hell….there islamse people destroyed lord buddha’s statue….dn care abt our lord shivas temple….whos there to say no one……whn a reknwnd author salman rushdie wrote his book SATANIC VERSUS thn islamese made fatwa on him…that anytime anywhere they see him they will kill him or so………i m not violent…but im just saying why dn we have that devotion why dn we have that feeling…..i dn blame others..somewhere its my fault too….at some limit its ok..but after that..its unaccptble for me spcllly…with my few frnds..even i removed the tiles of our deities from the public loos walls….and water taps….its good we pray to them…but tell me if u put tiles over there…outside public loo..thn wat u thnk..will u feel more relax after coming out of loo…….sorry frnds….bt thats the thng in our country….in our country theres only one incdnt that was mindblowing…that was babri masjid case….at ram janam bhoomi….at kirshan janam bhoomi its the same thng..but now on one is there to do anythng….kitne afsos ki baat hai ki hamare god….unki janam bhoomi par jo hamari country hai waha ham kuch kar hi nahi sakte….i accpt that its a secular country..but why hinduism sacrificed in someway….others too sacrifice…but in this type of matters only our relgion suffer most…atlst i thnk like this only…..recntly a south indian minister said..i dn wanna say his name…he said theres no ram and theres no ram setu type of thng….its just a natural thng and theres no ram…why coz we dn find anythng related to him….this only becse..they exist thousands of year ago..but still why they said like this…if they want scientific proof….thn i wuld like to say….ask for scientific proof of mohammed existnce…im sure if any of these people or ministers ask for this…thn we will surely can see other hindu muslim riots…..today people easily say on ravanas news from aajtak..or ibn 7…..that its only a myth…..i ask thm why dn u call jesus christ a myth…is this only because he is recnt……..
    many thngs are there frnds…wat to say..i thnk we all are mature engh to get aware of all happenings…amarnath case……why all this going on…dn our govt hav power to stop those unwanted protests…and give the land to shrine board..why they are using this news for thier political career…votes and all……..and whn i see anythng agaisnt our religion…or our literature..like in ekta kapur mahabharata….that time i thnk the same….many places it is good..in technology effects…..bt still…

    well well…i wont say anythng more…….we are here to discussing about ekta kapur mahabharata……thnx frnds….and sorry if i said anythng wrong….it just my views….not saying im ryt..but ya m not wrng too…..
    hare krishna…cya

  • What ahorrible looks and face of duryodhan and panch pandava. Are we watching mythological movie? or watching movie of modern age? the face, looks are all modern type and fully westernised.The way of acting , standing all are like modern movie.Ektaji, Why you are not watching the feature film Mahabharat ACTED BY pRDIPKUMAR, pADMINI, dARA sINGH? OR b>rcHOPRA’S mAHABHARAT? TRY TO TAKE LESSON FROM THEM AND TRY TO LEARN HOW TO MAKE A MYTHOLOGICAL MOVIE. YOU CAN ALSO WATCH THE MAHABHARAT NOW SHOWING AT NDTV IMAGINE.iT FAR BETTER THAN YOUR mAHABHARAT.DON’T CREAT WRONG IMPRESSION ON NEW GENERATION REGARDING THE CHARATERS OF MAHABHARAT.

  • hmmmm
    so dear afzal….if u think like this..so keep ur thinking with u only and go and take a sweet nap thats it….i dn wan to commnt on this thn….u say bedtime story….from ancinet times to till now…spclly grndparnts tell thier grnd children..innocnt mind abt the stories…and most of them r reality based..with thier experiences..and some plot from greatest epic..like mahabharata……so agar aap kehte hai ki mahabharata ek bedtime story thi…to kyu nahi..wo thi bedtime story…in future i will also tell my children..my grnd children..abt our gr8st religion and ya mahabharata too..whch is accrdng to u is a bedtime story..oops acrdng to ur thiking….m i ryt frnds..and u afsal m i ryt…?all thing happend in the mahabharata is obviously a man made…arjuna bhima were men only…..so its man made yaar..wat u thnk all r gods….if u thnk so..thn also….if u say abt vedas…so its also..there that..even for good karmas..god come on this earth in form of man…..so all is a manmade obviously.is it……?…thn i also must say…prophet mohammad was also fake…..isnt it….dear afzal….as u said its fake……thn go by hstrical reports too…..if u from delhi..and if u know..in delhi near qutub minar….theres a very big field…whch is under archlogical survey of india…..and they found a big wheel..whch by datng..fund out of same era whn mahabharata happnd..if u say that mahabharata fight takne place in kurukshetra.thn i wuld say u ryt..so at that time whn arjuna was chasing susharma….and abhimanyu was killed by kaurvas..thn in retrning..it took him so much time to reach to his camp…that it was night……and also..u can imagine how big was the area that time of fighting….that karan wheel was found here…and kurukshetra was there ..wat u wan…naza report or anyother forgner national come and reasearch here…….we dn find much abt those era coz it was very ancient…..before jesus christ…at that time these all were nomads..whn mahabharata happnd…acrdng to geoprcial view….from 1st day of earth to till now….all the land masses r going away very slowly slowly….in mhabharata…all the land masses i mean continents accrdng to now..were very much near….thats why msot of the empires..come to fight that time.. .u find existnce of propht mohmmd..coz its recnt……..mahabharata and rammayana……..yaar kuch padd kar aao….me kuch tumko bolna nahi chahta….jispar ye sab log uchalte ho qutub minar and all…sab ke sab to temples the..even qutub minar was shiva temple….befre conqring…….tum yaar rehne do……..if u think like this…thn think like this only…..mr no sense…….FRNDS THATS THE SHAMEFUL THING FOR US….THAT SOMEONE OTHER SAY ABOUT OUR EPICS..OUR FEELINGS..OUR RITUALS….WHEN THEY R THEMSELVES R VERY MUCH IN WATER……FROM TAJ MAHAL TO RED FORT…..HOW DARE THAT KARUNANIDHI SAID ABOUT THERES NO RAM SETU….WHN NASA SAID ITS A MAN MADE BRIDGE.THN EVERYONE ACCPTD THAT..AND WHN WE INDIAN SY THE SAME..THN NO ONE IS THERE TO ACCPT….VERY SHAMEFUL…….now i thnk someone hav to make somethng…spclly ekta..to make somethng on mohammd or abt any other religion……..why dn someone understnd ths…tthat we dn find much abt that period coz..it s before ancinet histry……..dwarika submergd in water….bt historians found it….so there shld be no issues abt mahabharata………jisko ye tak pata nahi ki tajmahal kya tha…wo hamare epic ke bare me kehta hai…….dn get me wrong afzal….but fact is fact….ya in our reliogn some commnty is also there..like sanatne dhrma..and all….whch belve not to worship dieties…..murti puja.and all….thats tottaly diffrnt..but in basic they r the same…….

    now if u say abt fantasy….of ekta kapur……thn i dn think any one here will objct on khmk….we hav nt say anythng..that khmk is bad……coz its ekta kapur fantasy..to see men naked from top….its her fantasy only…..so its goood til fantasy goes….coz till now we used to see these type of fantasies only in cartoons on the same subject….bt now its in real…and if u say its better thn br chopra ones…thn ya i accpt that ur ryt..coz br chopra hadnt fantasized abt it…he drmt abt it..and made..and relst is infrnt of us….NITSH bhardwaj…mukesh khanna..arjna…duryodhan…..as punnet issar…wat acting they did..i dn thnk these new comers can compete the previous ones……its that only these new comers hav hi tech technology…….

    over to u frnds….over to u sidd…..we need ur commnts too…….if u know as i thnk..as i did animation…so animate.giving effects to one thng is ok..but giving the effects on the same thng again and again…n only one frame..it dsnt look nice…….
    well afzal….thnx yaaar…….take care of urslf……
    hare krishna…….khuda hafzz….

  • and ya one more thng afzal bhaijaan……
    if u wan to commnt on anythng…thn frame it properly…i dn thnk i rejct any of ur commnts…..exct fake wala thng…..i only turned it upside down a little…..

    hare krishna……this blog has becme so much intrstng now…….

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