Kaabil Box Office Collections + Our take on alleged inflation

Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil has done well in its first extended weekend at the box office, collecting Rs 67.46 crore in the first 5 days of its release. The big days came on Tuesday (holiday for Republic Day) and Saturday.

The film opened very well on Sunday too and business was excellent through the day before the T20 cricket match affected the business of both Kaabil and Raees, 7PM onwards.

Monday will decide where Kaabil goes. Good holds during the weekdays will ensure that Kaabil will retain most of its shows and also get the bigger capacity screens. The audience who watched Raees (which was clearly the first choice in the first weekend) could opt to watch Kaabil in theatres this coming weekend.

If the trend doesn’t fall in favour of the film, the Roshans have only themselves to blame for going ahead with clash and ruining a potential big grosser for Hrithik Roshan. Even a top superstar like Shah Rukh Khan decided to avert the clash with Sultan, quickly realising that noone can challenge the might of Salman Khan during the Eid weekend – even though he had a film that was tailor-made for the Eid period. Raees will lose money too because of the clash, but SRK has clearly won the perception game here which should help him keep the Christmas 2018 weekend all for himself.

Side note: There has been a lot of debate over the ‘inflated’ box office collections of Kaabil and we’ve been talking to a people in the trade about all the figures that have been doing the rounds. We’ve also been gathering collections from various circuits as well as multiplex chains. The actuals or the ‘truth’ lies somewhere in between. The collections are nowhere as low as what’s being quoted as the ‘trade number’, nor is it as high as what the producers have been quoting.

It’s high time for the industry to get an independent credible source, which works with producers, distributors and exhibitors – verifies and reverifies the figures with multiple sources – before putting out the final numbers. Even though it’s impossible to release accurate figures on a daily basis, numbers could be put out after the weekend or at the end of the first week.

In a clash like this where ego, perception and reputation built over entire careers are at stake, absolutely anything is possible. There is no source that’s ‘holier-than-thou’ here. Smart manipulation of figures can happen at every level, even at the exhibitor (theatre) level and those who are willing to shell out money, can get anything done. The smallest of margins can make the good to look excellent and the average to look poor. The game is in the smallest of margins.

More on this soon in a more detailed article.



  • Raees single screes more than kaabil but waha pe kyu nhi ho raha hai manipulation i respect winhle screens tough but kaabil has not more single screens and in single screen it is not doing well

  • Some interesting facts on manuplation

    First when hny realised on opening day some article from BOI
    Hny taking homogeneous opening all over the country start on a brilliant note than

    To show the occupancy of hny it could be poosible that it will be the first movie to cross 40cr mark on day and set a benchmark.

    In mid night they gives early estimate of 41.50cr hindi only then

    In morning dramatically whole scenario became changen whan they came with 38.50cr and write that hny marginally missed 40cr mark than after some day 38.50cr became 36cr ??? What the hell it was

    Conclusion: i am not totally supported producers may be they can also inflated collection but not that much which is shown because even every trade site sure that hny going toh collect huge even BOI but what is the reason of sudden change? ?? That time other fan base fully support BOI
    IT’S not only first time prdp, ce, kick, and lots of more had also faced this types of controversies but in recent time approx all movies producers collection became same as trade collection like every aamir movies fan, dilwale, bb, dear zindagi, sultan dangal etc but

    So called ethical man rakesh roshan once again playing dirty game by inflated the collection unlike hny this time even not a single trade site claim that kaabil can earn that much which was shown by producers including boi bcoz when at opening day every single trade site claimed that occupancy of kaabil is below avg and horrible at some places clash against a big movie how can mange to collect above mohanjordaro ?? So it’s clear after ajay ethical man rakesh ji also try to proove himself superior against opponent

  • Why are you so biased against any actor that’s not a Khan. Your comments influences and is slowly killing the industry.

  • @Aamir khan- Dilwale reached 27 milion overseas because it earned more that 4 million in Malaysia where it was a huge hit and highest grossing Hindi movie of All time there. Hindi movie does’t have a good market there but Tamil movies work very well in Malayasia. No other Hindi movie has even crossed 1 million there.

  • @Aamir khan- Buddy please do some research before posting.
    Bang Bang was released in a much better lucrative period. I would even say better than Diwali and Eid.
    It was released on 2nd October 2014 (National Holdiay) that too on Thursday. Also Holiday for Dussehra on Monday (6th October). This whole release period was during Navratra where we have Pan India Holiday in many states. On top of that sreeen ratio between Bang Bang to Haider was 70:30 ratio. Haider was more non commercial, darker for niche audience. So you can not compare Haider with Kaabil. Kaabil had Hrithik Roshan and is a revenge, romantic, drama thriller.
    This is the reason Bang Bang collections were not good. Also that movie also like Krissh 3 far exceeded the trade estimations for each day. Please do some analysis before posting.

  • There is already one credible source ie BOI and tbh hny first day and krrissh 3 lifetime collection or highly inflated.
    The actually collection were 38cr for hny.
    And 176cr for krissh3, there is no 244cr or 44cr all of those were producer fakes figure.

  • My extended weekend target for Kaabil has been met, it has crossed Mohenjodaro lifetime collections.

    First week target for Kaabil is to cross Fan’s lifetime collections, should be a cakewalk.

  • ‘Kaabil’ being the underdog in the clash, might work in Hrithik’s favour because the expectations of a very big total aren’t there. ‘Kaabil’ would recover when it get into the 80 crore range and a 90-100 crore total would mean the film is a clean box office hit.

  • Kabil made with a low budget and less screen but still in book my show.com you can see kabil has better occupancy..it is one of the best movie of 2017

  • Both films are a success and can we not all act mature and stop this bickering!!! both films in total have made nearly 200 crores isn’t this a great news for the industry and has got the industry moving into the right direction!!

  • Man of Steel-A tribute
    I have been a movie buff from as early as i could recollect my memory. In 2000, Hrithik Roshan was my first favorite star. I have seen his success and failures from the start. I have had goosebumps after just having glimpses of his trailers, be it Fiza, Koi Mil Gaya, Lakshya or Krishh. I have had sleepless nights too just after reading critic reviews of his movies. But I have learnt to accept all kinds of criticisms and to understand all kind of biases too.
    He was rightly critiicised for his choice of movies-Aap mujhe acche lagne lage and acting-Mai prem ki diwaani hoon, Mujhse dosti karoge etc. He tried to repeat his KNPH success through his dance, acting, songs etc in his every movie. His last outing Mohenho Daro for being neither technically excellent nor having innovative story, execution.
    1.Fiza was criticised as it was not a masala movie and HR attempted something different.
    2. Yaadein was declared flop on very first day. No doubt it was not a great movie. But some chance should have been given.
    3. I still remember movie review of Lakshya by Aaj Tak, the leading news channel then, criticising movie left, right and centre.
    4. When Koi Mil Gaya came HR was appreciated less but it was criticised more to be copy of ET etc etc.
    5. Krishh was appreciated less for its adventurism and entertainment, but criticised more saying it may be a blockbuster but it is a pure masala movie.
    6. Kites was given a poor rating by Times of India by popular Nikhat Kazmi for not having enough twists and turns.
    7. Guzarish was criticised for being gloomy and depressing end by trade pundits and alike.
    8. ZMND was criticised for being solely a multiplex movie.
    9. Bang Bang for being a ‘Salman Khan’ type movie.
    10. Kaabil-as paid websites and media mean-its sole fault is that it should have not released with Raees.
    It is clear that his PR team is not good or he does not understands importance of it-see Sanjay Dutt, Salman Khan, SRK, Aamir Khan PR. SRK’s Devdas is appreciated despite being gloomy and costly. Salman Khan’s almost all movies are accepted with open arms. Aamir Khan’s limited sucesses are shown to be his biggest achievements-Lagaan, Dil Chahta Hai, RDB. When these star copy scripts or movies or trailers or teasers of hollywood/ South, they are shown to have great understanding of cinema. Its all PR.
    He has been written off many a times but to his critics’ displeasure he has made a stunning comeback-AGAIN. It may not be his best movie but it does have HR’s best performance. He has left behind so-called Khans or anybody for that matter, that too by a distance. There is no doubt about the fact that he is better than SRK. He is close to Aamir Khan in terms of his acting or conviction. SRK fans will not agree to it but its a fact. Compare Guzarish with My Name is Khan.
    Vs SRK:
    It all depends on type of movie. Kaabil was bound to depend on multiplex audience. Its not about star power, which some paid websites/ newpapers are repeating-SRK is a bigger star overseas no doubt, but in India he is ahead of HR only in Box Office India star rankings. He had made and broken quite a few records-Krissh made highest opening day record, Agnipath broke Bodyguard’s opening day record, Krissh 3 made highest single day record etc etc.If HR’s Dhoom 2 or Krissh had got released this January, King Khan would have disappeared. Remember HR’s KNPH destroyed SRK’s two movies-Phir bhi dil hai hindustani and Josh. Mission Kashmir’s initials were better than Mohabbatein. So whoever doubt HR’s star power is blissfully ignorant.
    Mostly its paid reviews and reports at many places. There might be truth in allegations on Rakesh Roshan’s attempt to manipulate but SRK is a bigger MANAGER. Further, very comfortably, entire media is portraying its win over Kaabil, and comfortably ignoring the fact that Sultan and Dangal have earned twice of Raees. By winning over HR, his defeat by SK,AK is being ignored.
    Box Office India:
    This clash will be remembered for many reasons-one of them being that BOI is exposed.
    1.BOI declared Agneepath a flop on its Friday when it fell 50%. But now when Raees follwed the same, it is qouting it to propagate that its normal.
    2.Someone has already cited its stand on Jodha Akbar and Devdas vis-a-vis costs and revenue.
    3.Krissh 3 was regularly cited as a wrong decision to release it on Dhan Teras and its success was not celebrated at all.
    4.In clash of Bang Bang and Haider, it throughout supported Haider, which was mainly a multiplex movie. It earned 50 crore on a cost of 40-45 crore, without Shahid’s fees, but was supported throughout. Now when Raees is in a similar position-cost of 120 core including SRK fees and expected revenue of 140 crore like Bang Bang-it is saying Raees has performed very well. Hieght of Hypocrisy.
    5. There were a series of article this January highlighting importance of masala movies (Raees) and futility of Dil Chahta Hai cinema (read Kaabil/Multiplex cinema).
    BOI stand exposed.
    Kaabil may have lost its considerable business due to clash but so has Raees. Whatever Kaabil is earning, atleast 75% would have gone to Raees in case of no clash. However, the biggest positive is that this movie has crystallised fan following of HR, which was fragmented otherwise. He is standing tall and unhurt with his towering performance in front of mediocre SRK. This will impact emmensely his next movie-Kabir Khan movie maybe.
    SRK needs to reinvent himself. He is like Amitabh of 90s, who luckily got Mohabbatein and KBC. SRK fans should pray that he learns some basics of life-humility. He has left Munnabhai series because of his ego-first Sanjay dutt, later AK grabbed Raju Hirani. He was ousted from Vankhede because of it only. Remember his Pepsi ad mocking HR. HR was graceful enough to not stoop down like SRK.
    This is the beginning of HR era-APNA TIME SHURU.

  • Saw it yesterday in cinema.. it’s really a good film but what am feeling sorry for is the released date with Raees which was totally wrong.. the film could’ve made double profits IF it was delayed or released earlier.

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