Kaabil Box Office Collections + Our take on alleged inflation

Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil has done well in its first extended weekend at the box office, collecting Rs 67.46 crore in the first 5 days of its release. The big days came on Tuesday (holiday for Republic Day) and Saturday.

The film opened very well on Sunday too and business was excellent through the day before the T20 cricket match affected the business of both Kaabil and Raees, 7PM onwards.

Monday will decide where Kaabil goes. Good holds during the weekdays will ensure that Kaabil will retain most of its shows and also get the bigger capacity screens. The audience who watched Raees (which was clearly the first choice in the first weekend) could opt to watch Kaabil in theatres this coming weekend.

If the trend doesn’t fall in favour of the film, the Roshans have only themselves to blame for going ahead with clash and ruining a potential big grosser for Hrithik Roshan. Even a top superstar like Shah Rukh Khan decided to avert the clash with Sultan, quickly realising that noone can challenge the might of Salman Khan during the Eid weekend – even though he had a film that was tailor-made for the Eid period. Raees will lose money too because of the clash, but SRK has clearly won the perception game here which should help him keep the Christmas 2018 weekend all for himself.

Side note: There has been a lot of debate over the ‘inflated’ box office collections of Kaabil and we’ve been talking to a people in the trade about all the figures that have been doing the rounds. We’ve also been gathering collections from various circuits as well as multiplex chains. The actuals or the ‘truth’ lies somewhere in between. The collections are nowhere as low as what’s being quoted as the ‘trade number’, nor is it as high as what the producers have been quoting.

It’s high time for the industry to get an independent credible source, which works with producers, distributors and exhibitors – verifies and reverifies the figures with multiple sources – before putting out the final numbers. Even though it’s impossible to release accurate figures on a daily basis, numbers could be put out after the weekend or at the end of the first week.

In a clash like this where ego, perception and reputation built over entire careers are at stake, absolutely anything is possible. There is no source that’s ‘holier-than-thou’ here. Smart manipulation of figures can happen at every level, even at the exhibitor (theatre) level and those who are willing to shell out money, can get anything done. The smallest of margins can make the good to look excellent and the average to look poor. The game is in the smallest of margins.

More on this soon in a more detailed article.



  • Brilliant film kaabil is. Much better than raees. But unfortunate it’s not getting enough screens and shows else would have beaten raees.

  • Collections are becoming closer and closer to that of Raees. My final prediction is as follows: Raees 145cr and Kaabil: 125 cr. With this, Raees becomes flop and Kaabil, a superhit.

    Remind me of this comment at the end

  • How much more they will infalte what special calculator is used by Roshans each and every website is quoting altogether different figures.

    Shame on them the way they cried,inflated figures,gave childish excuses,complained if it is like that they should hav moved or fighted like a man and not like a crying baby.

    Indicine your take on this?? Plz answer

  • We all know that Kabil collection r highly inflated …why always hritik films face this problem… There is something fishy man

  • Yup I also think the collection is not that high which are showing by produce nor that low which are showing by trade.. Don’t know actual collection but producer should give real collection.. All filmkraft movies have same problem.. But after trolling of hny red chillies start giving reall collection.. In case of hny as well first day wasn’t that high nor 36cr it was near to 40 cr..

  • kaabil will be the biggest flop raees has aldready defeated it my prediction in weekday kaabil will collect only 15 crore and raees will collect 60 crore and will cross 150 crore and kaabil will be at 75 crore disaster only raees bhai rules thats stardom of srk soo think twice before clashing with megastar srk

  • /*
    The collections are nowhere as low as what’s being quoted as the ‘trade number’, nor is it as high as what the producers have been quoting.

    Going by above statement , it seems there is a pinch of manipulation associated with Kaabil.
    I didn’t have any problem till Saturday but Sunday collections of kaabil certainly hit the bulls eye.

    1. Screens are being shared with a ratio of 60:40 between Raees and Kaabil (as confirmed by indcine itself).

    2. Raees is leading at SS by a fair margin. At plexes, it is either running neck to neck or lagging behind with a narrow margin if we compare it’s occupancy with Kaabil.

    But Sunday collections of both the movies tell a different story altogether.
    There is a difference of only 2 crore between the collections of both the movies.

    How is that possible?

    It is possible only in two ways – either producers of Raees are under-reporting the collections or producers of Kaabil are over-reporting.

    But why Raees producers will underreport their movie when it is the collections which make or break the people perception in a clash…!!!

  • trade estimate( including indicine) for both films are out in the nigth in first 3 days.
    kabil comes 3 crrs more on every day?????and u need a detailed article???

  • Good job Indicine . I really don’t understand the so called love for BOI . People switch between Official and trade collections depending upon the situation . People believe BOI website as trade which is difficult to digest . We need a single source for Box office collections . I have always sticked with the figures given by Indicine and Koimoi and I always stand by it . This whole thing of manipulation during the release of K3 in 2013 brought huge amount of limelight to BOI . I have seen people abusing Indicine, Bollyarena, Taran Adarsh, Komal Nahta and Joginder Tuteja but nobody says questions BOI ? Yes collections can be manipulated but if producers manipulate collections then they will have to pay more entertainment tax which is not a smart idea in my opinion to show your false prestige . It is better to stick with one source rather than fluctuating as per the situation . I think no website can provide actual collections on their own without the help of producers . Since only producers come to know about the final collections at the end of the day .

  • one more questions why always roshans collections are different then others . why just answer that every ones movies are there none of others are not different and half cr is ok but every single day more than 2 cr if they are really man then why should they do that .

  • The fact of the matter is,due to petty fanwars you people are questioning the integrity of a man who has got shot for this industry,that too on the word of a website,who have zero transparent data the owners of which hide behind a veils.

  • Acc 2 Box office India budget of Kaabil is 89 cr. lol
    From start they were planning to bring Kaabil down

  • If BoxofficeIndia Can give Exact figures of Raaes which had way more screens.. How can they be wrong In Kaabil Collection which released in lesser collection Compare To Raaes

  • The sun collection are more doubtfull .. If we consider the occupancy and screen count of both movies.. And if above line are true dn it is clear rakesh roshan is trying to hard to save kabil.

  • If these rumors are true, it doesn’t suit a veteran like Rakesh Roshan to get himself indulged into such unethical practices.
    When two movies lock the horns at B.O., one of them is bound to lose, but that doesn’t mean the Team trailing behind should resort to such con methodologies to make them look victorious.

  • @xzone, Kaabil has higher occupancy than Raees on Sunday. Tickets in single screen theatres are much cheaper than multiplexes, where Kaabil is trending better. The only reason Raees managed to collect 2 crores more than Kaabil on Sunday is it’s screen count. Considering everything, 2 crores difference makes sense. Don’t be surprised if it reduces even further today.

  • 67 cr in five days ?????? hahaha
    I say again kaabil has collected 53 cr within 5 days it’s not 67 cr ….
    Gap between Raees and kaabil is 43 crores.
    Raees lifetime : 130+ cr
    Kaabil lifetime : 90+ cr
    In overseas Raees will collect at least 16+ millions.

  • I know every one is against SRK don’t know why he have such a good movie in industry since 1991 and rule over the 2 decade salman and Amir is a head now but he is the one who clash with 10 time including Raees but he just lost one with bajirao other than that he has beaten every one in the industry . moreover Salman being superstar because of EID and Amir being Christmass . but SRK made himself when he came one EID and broke all records and he came with now with clash and will brake all record of January . I must say bad luck if raees comes on EID without clash then 300 cr is for sure . I am a fan of no body expact truth and real but to be honest Roshans are really trash and manipulated every single movies which is really bad . I also liked Hrithik movie but his father is totally fake and shameless .

  • @saksham.. Entertainment tax never depend on collection it directly goes to govt accounts when you purchased ticket.. Yup income tax can have issue but what inside happend we all don’t know ..

  • Is Due to Inflation figures posted by Rakesh roshan Need to be more income tax pay to Government ?
    is it need to pay government extra tax on those inflation collection might we take 15cr total of kaabil then 2cr tax they need to pay .So is a loss for FilmKraft then why they are doing such thing .

    @indicine if they are posting all figure of tax reduction then profits of Kaabil they are getting are taxable or Not so they are adding more ammount and that will be taxable and they are in loss by such thing plz explain me sir

  • I am sure Kaabil team will make 10 cr for today and they will make more than 130 cr for lifetime collection . like they made on KRISH 3 and bang bang . it cleary shows that no KHANS no Bollywood .

  • It’s a forgone conclusion that Raees has won this clash by a very big margin despite the fact that Raees carried average WOM and kaabil carried excellent WOM .

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