Kaabil Box Office Collections + Our take on alleged inflation

Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil has done well in its first extended weekend at the box office, collecting Rs 67.46 crore in the first 5 days of its release. The big days came on Tuesday (holiday for Republic Day) and Saturday.

The film opened very well on Sunday too and business was excellent through the day before the T20 cricket match affected the business of both Kaabil and Raees, 7PM onwards.

Monday will decide where Kaabil goes. Good holds during the weekdays will ensure that Kaabil will retain most of its shows and also get the bigger capacity screens. The audience who watched Raees (which was clearly the first choice in the first weekend) could opt to watch Kaabil in theatres this coming weekend.

If the trend doesn’t fall in favour of the film, the Roshans have only themselves to blame for going ahead with clash and ruining a potential big grosser for Hrithik Roshan. Even a top superstar like Shah Rukh Khan decided to avert the clash with Sultan, quickly realising that noone can challenge the might of Salman Khan during the Eid weekend – even though he had a film that was tailor-made for the Eid period. Raees will lose money too because of the clash, but SRK has clearly won the perception game here which should help him keep the Christmas 2018 weekend all for himself.

Side note: There has been a lot of debate over the ‘inflated’ box office collections of Kaabil and we’ve been talking to a people in the trade about all the figures that have been doing the rounds. We’ve also been gathering collections from various circuits as well as multiplex chains. The actuals or the ‘truth’ lies somewhere in between. The collections are nowhere as low as what’s being quoted as the ‘trade number’, nor is it as high as what the producers have been quoting.

It’s high time for the industry to get an independent credible source, which works with producers, distributors and exhibitors – verifies and reverifies the figures with multiple sources – before putting out the final numbers. Even though it’s impossible to release accurate figures on a daily basis, numbers could be put out after the weekend or at the end of the first week.

In a clash like this where ego, perception and reputation built over entire careers are at stake, absolutely anything is possible. There is no source that’s ‘holier-than-thou’ here. Smart manipulation of figures can happen at every level, even at the exhibitor (theatre) level and those who are willing to shell out money, can get anything done. The smallest of margins can make the good to look excellent and the average to look poor. The game is in the smallest of margins.

More on this soon in a more detailed article.



  • Producers inflating collections is nothing new, but BOI are deliberately underreporting Kaabil, which seriously raises the question regarding its authenticity for collections of previous Hrithik films like Krrish 3, Kaabil & Bang Bang (which was produced by Fox). I hope Roshans take legal notice against them. It’s also showing Kaabil’s budget is 89Cr, which is laughable.

    By the way, you wrote something like every Tom, Dick & Harry trying to be trade analysts these days the other day.

    Tom – Rohit Jaiswal
    Dick – Sumit Kadel
    Harry – Who’s he?

  • Thank you Indicine for blocking my comment.

    By the way as far as I know I’ve never trolled you – what I did was to take a dig at Rakesh ji…What’s your problem in this…?

    Oh wait, I got it ha ha ha …!

    PS Hope you post this comment at least.

  • @Indicine

    “Even though it’s impossible to release accurate figures on a daily basis”

    Why not….Hollywood which is a much much bigger industry and 10 times the screen count of Bollywood are doing it with Rentrak….why can’t we have Rentrak here for the same purpose? I know the paper ticket screens are not easy like the e-ticketing bu still isn’t it worth a shot?

  • Agree,
    BOI is a fraud Site
    They have no credibility.
    No Source of Footfalls,Avg Ticket Prices but
    Alll These annoying shits were created by BOI to get Views & Hits.
    They also changed the verdict of Ghajini from ATBB to BB
    FANAA from BB to Superhit
    Mangal Pandey from Semi Hit to Flop.
    They Changed the Verdict of DABANGG, JODHA AKBAR,
    Dil Chahta hai etc.

  • Comeon every one knows rakesh roshan is inflating just too much !! How can a movie running on 25% occupancy in 2000+ screens collect 10.43 on day 1 its just too much to be believed !! Similarly on sunday Raeea was everywhere ahead of kaabil !! In SS raees was way ahead and in Multiplex it was ahead by some margin but collection diff is only 2 crore ?? How the hell is it possible !! I think rajesh roshan ye baat accept nhi kar paa rahe hai ki Raees ne kaabil ki g**d me aag laga di hai !!

  • @indicine dont play in the hands of most pathetic fans who even doesnt know that banag was nt rakesh roshan movie and claiming that he did manipulation in bang bang for god sake only boi is against hrithik and why dont you talk about other movies why so biased ? talk about channei express boi is showing 207 not 226 as you show yes you are big fan of salman but talk about kick boi showing 221 cr not 233 why all against hrithik ? this was just a conspiracy of fans and you become biased very disappointed with you as i check your web site as daily routine and dont know how many times i check your pages in one day

  • Haahaa

    None can challenge the might of SALMAN KHAN

    well said @indicine

    SALMAN is the MEGASTAR of superstars he’s the SUPREME BOLLYWOOD STAR

  • @indicine this is something that always bothered me, when inflating collections, the producers pay some hush money to different people..then since the collections is higher, they pay more money in form of entertainment tax thus loosing even more money than they should have..So isn’t the difference in what they originally got and what they are left with at the end significant enough..??

  • Dont understand why would BOI give less collections for Kaabil. For all the films released in last 1 yr BOI nos and producer nos have matched 95%. Such a huge difference clearly shows the manipulation is done by KAABIL team.

  • bollywood is nothing without 5 actors
    1 Aamir khan
    2 hrithik roshan
    3 salman khan
    4 ajay devgan
    5 akshay kumar

    future of bollywood…
    1 ranbir kapoor
    2 sushant s r
    3 sidhart malhotra
    4 ranvir singh

  • Figures of HNY, CE were also manipulated. People didn’t have a problem then, people shouldn’t have a problem now.

  • i dont understand why the public has started taking so much interest in box office figures you enjoyed the movie that should be sufficient knowing how much the film is making is not anyones concern other than the people who put money to make the film, if profit they wont share with us nor will they ask to make up for loss if any so as public lets just enjoy and leave the worries to them

  • Boi is paid site…all other sites including indicine is given same figures except this bullshit boi…..
    And this hakla fans first see what hny collection given by boi…179???..lol…

  • I watched Kaabil on Friday, what an awesome movie! Great performance by Hrithik Roshan.

    Then i watched Raees on Saturday, fell asleep before interval! Dilwale was far more entertaining!!

    It’s sad when audiences spend their hard earned money on Star Power rather than Quality cinema!!!

    I hope Kaabil becomes a HIT atleast.

  • Even though i do not believe that the roshans have manipulated the figures, assuming they have, what would the trade get by regularily under reporting hrithiks films? Is it a plot which is repeatedly used to keep on undermining him? If what you say is true then the only people who gain from underreporting of kaabil are makers of raess. And i hope we all r able to realise who is playing a dirty game in an otherwise respectful clash.

  • Indicine one solid point is that we saw earlier when even every stars except aamir movies collection vary with trade collection but in very little margin and that is disestable even ce, kick….. etc but from one or two odd years almost every movie means 99% movies producers collection matching same as trade collection even it was fan, dangal, sultan… or even new realise raees but rakesh roshan and hrithik some movie like krish3, bang bang and now kaabil continously playing dirty game by inflated collection and one thing is notciable in recent only two movie giving inflated collection and both came with clash one is shivaay and now kaabil ????

    So it’s clear for proving themselves superior ajay and rakesh means so called ethical man playing dirty game

  • @Saksham, u have to trust on BOI. Bcoz u don’t have any other option. Even may be @Indicine also check BOI before publishing Collection’s related post of Big films.

  • From mj first n kaabil now one question which arises is does hrithik lost his stardom as far as opening is concerned.whenever he had released his movies on non holiday it had opened much below par.in that case after khans its akki who had given atleast decent openings of 13 to 15 CR’s even on non holiday inspite of releasing 4 movies in a year.

  • @xzone

    Well, fully agree with the points you have made. But, can I ask you a simple question….. Where was this wonderful sense during HNY time? We were involved in hundreds of debate over HNY opening day collections. All the time I had given similar logical points like screen count, ticket price, occupancy etc. But you always denied those facts and blindly defended official figures.

  • @Saksham i dont think they have to pay more entertainment tax…to whom they will b accountable for their taxes..?..government..right.??
    Will the gov. Expose reality for public???…No.
    Moreover entertainment tax is already levied on tickets…so they can track as well if the producer is lying or under/over reporting

  • No indicine why only hrtik movies has manipulated collection and specially when rakesh roshan is a producer.boi is trusted because they provide near abt same collection at late night and see they have been giving raees collection perfectly which proves they are authentic.hr shud stop manipulating and accept the fact

  • i still remember you posted krrish 3 figures of monday day 4 way before producer at night around 12 to 1 am where did you got that report as producers announce next day i still remember indicine you guy were updating all day that krrish 3 is rocking will be the highest day collection of all time and it happened way before producers figure then why blame rakesh roshan i am your one of the oldest viewer please write the article about all movies not only when it comes to hrithik roshan all websites except few update the same figure of day collection way before rakesh roshan and next day the same figure comes from him as well than why giving so much importance to unsecure fans ?

  • @Saksham

    Bro, not defending BOI here but I suggest you to not follow producers blindly. Look at an example……..HNY collected 45cr nett on opening day 2.5 years ago with 15% lower ticket price & 25% lesser screens compared to Raees + Kaabil. Both Raees & Kaabil get houseful shows in most of the cinemas on Thursday as per every trade people’s tweets & indicine/koimoi articles (surely on par with HNY opening day response if not better). Therefore, Raees+Kaabil must have collected over 60cr nett on Thursday (Republic day). Isn’t it??? But the reality is Raees+Kaabil collected only 45cr on that day. Therefore HNY opening day collections automatically turned out to be 35cr-36cr. Hope, you’ve got the point clearly.

  • /*
    The collections are nowhere as low as what’s being quoted as the ‘trade number’, nor is it as high as what the producers have been quoting.

    Going by above statement , it seems there is a pinch of manipulation associated with Kaabil.
    I didn’t have any problem till Saturday but Sunday collections of kaabil certainly hit the bulls eye.

    1. Screens are being shared with a ratio of 60:40 between Raees and Kaabil (as confirmed by indcine itself).

    2. Raees is leading at SS by a fair margin. At plexes, it is either running neck to neck or lagging behind with a narrow margin if we compare it’s occupancy with Kaabil.

    But Sunday collections of both the movies tell a different story altogether.
    There is a difference of only 2 crore between the collections of both the movies.

    How is that possible?

    It is possible only in two ways – either producers of Raees are under-reporting the collections or producers of Kaabil are over-reporting.

    But why Raees producers will underreport their movie when it is the collections which make or break the people perception in a clash…!!!

  • kaabil is just an average movie and it clashed with a movie that’s getting appriciation. Obviously the collections are inflated. The roshans should let go of their ego and report the actual collection and learn a lesson from it and the whole industry should come together and avoid clashes in the future.
    There are only 6-7 big stars in the industry and 52 weeks, there is really no need for a clash. The industry depends these big star’s movie to earn big in order to survive.
    Clashing 2 big stars movie is the dumbest thing you can do cause nobody wins.

    These producers/studios should really let go of their ego and always avoid a clash of a movie featuring 2 big stars

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