Jab Harry Met Sejal Day 1 Box Office Collection Report

There are two ways to look at the box office opening response to Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’. One, after weeks of empty theatres and news of shows getting cancelled on Friday morning, the audience has finally come out to watch the ‘first day first show’. So amidst the gloom, there is some hope that a film might put up good numbers on Day 1 and over the weekend.

However, the opening is nowhere close to the kind of initials that we have come to expect from a Shah Rukh Khan starrer. It’s lower than FAN (partial holiday), Raees (clash) and almost all other SRK films in the last several years.

Multiplexes in major cities have opened well, some recording 40% opening in the morning and growing to 50% in the noon. But as we get to smaller centres – even the next 10 odd cities after the major metros – the occupancy level drops drastically.

The problem seems to be the treatment and choice of film itself, as we have a major superstar in a urban film. It’s a film that would’ve released on 2000-2200 screens with someone like a Ranbir Kapoor (Tamasha, for example), but gets 3000 plus screen release due to SRK’s presence. A film that would otherwise be a complete washout at smaller centres, has opened to around 20% occupancy. Exhibitors in the interiors and heartland of the country are certainly disappointed, but it’s the choice of film that is to be blamed and not the star’s box office pull.

The level of opening on Friday morning suggests a 15-16 crore start. The film needs to grow from here, the trend has to be upward through the weekend and then on the Monday-holiday. Because given the costs and the level of opening, ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ has now become a word-of-mouth film.

It needs a 60 crore plus 3-day weekend, a strong Monday and then the crucial first weekday test on Tuesday. If it slips anywhere in these first 5 days, the writing will be on the wall – more so with ‘Toilet Ek Prem Katha’ releasing next Friday.



  • Srk fans who will defend him – can they tell us when was the last time he crossed 150 crores ? forget 200 – We are asking 150…How many years back will you go ? This year with Golmaal 3 even Ajay will outgross Srk…Really bad days and hence he should not be compared to Salman and Aamir

    At best he is in league of Akshay Hrithik and Ajay now…Also that spot will be difficult for him to maintain as though collections are less Akshay knows his limits and does not go overboard with budget unlike Srk who thinks he is 200+ guy but always fails

  • There are no ifs, buts or two or multiple ways to look into it. You cant blame content every time, WTH is Gloabl power ? Salman failed with Tubelight, as a fan of Salman I accepted the failure and looking forward to TZH. It is high time @Indicine and SRK fans stop living in illusion and accept the reality, SRK has lost the charm and pull towards audience, the things will get only worse for him. How long you will cry or hide his failures with excuses ??

  • I am not against SRK and his fans except few dhakkans i.e. Javed, NEW ERA SRK and more 3-4…

    Now the time begins to answer your all those bad mouthings you made in last 2 months about Akki without any reason…

    I was waiting for the right time in a single roll and now the time finally comes… Be prepared and make it a habit for next 4-5 days…!!!

  • And d flop story continues …i dnt think it wl cross 100cr or just abt crawl …but hey dnt question his stardom. But by all means question Salman’s after just one tubelight which powered thru 20 cr opening …and also pounce on Aamir if somehow his next dsnt live upto enormous expectations but not srk …hilarious

  • Srk fans now forget 2018 Solo Christmas Release….Soon we will hear a news that someone is clashing with Srk Dwarf movie on Christmas 2018……HaHaHa

    But even after the failure of Tubelight no one will dare to clash with Megastar Salman Khan…..That’s the Power of True Megastar……

  • @Prashant abhishek;
    What you said bro toh Salman ne kya ukhad liya with 21cr opening;

    Bro he give 21cr opening with an off Beat movie, No Actress, No Action, No Supporting Cast, Not Salman’s comfort zone, No Item song (like Raees), No Chartbuster or massy songs (just 1 or 2 good slow songs), In Ramadan period, with negative reviews (remember JHMS did not release a day before like Tubelight)……..Bhai if Srk give 21cr with all these drawbacks then you people will start calling him GOD of Bollywood…..But we Salman fans still not saying that 21cr is good numbers for Salman starrer, but it is much much better then any other star collection specially better then Srk…..

  • Post bahubali era… Mujhe lag raha hai ki ager movie big screen experience hogi to hi log dekhne jayenge its true fact now accept bollywood this is no longer a star driven industry now am i correct indicine

  • Lost my 240 bucks
    However only relief was then that I realized that loss could have been 1000 if I have exposed my family to this crap movie
    SRK grow up

  • Star without a class.. One who disguises as a transgender in a pathetic way in award show for the sake of money.. We can’t expect him to choose more conventional, universal appeal script.. Afterall SRK has a quench for dosh and Any one can make him dance on their fingers if one is ready to throw few crores.. he can even jump around as a bunny or a clown in birthday parties.. Have some self respect, u’ve earned enough now it’s time to act smart like Aamir..U may b wealthiest star but nowhere a respectable 1.. Fortunately ur DDLG charm might carry u for few more years.. Byt if u don’t change the trend, ur downfall is certain .. I wish u wisdom

  • @ Salman fan, Listen main advantage is Tubelight was universal appealing film.Screen count was 4400.whereas JHMS is urban rom com.appeal is limited to big cities only.but still it is going to collect 17 crore only because of SRK’s stardom.and what is the excuse of actress.Salman is a megastar.is he not able to bring the audience in theaters ? And what you told ,hrithik would have given 20 crore opening of Raees .Same hrithik in clash gave 8 crore opening to Kaabil.

  • The writing is on the wall. There were ominous signs from the very time this movie was announced. Imtiaz ali is a flop director. When the tentative title was “The Ring”, you could start feeling negative vibes. Then suddenly there was a news that title is changed to Rehnuma – sigh of relief…pleasant title, maybe the movie would also be pleasant…simple earthy love story between a tour guide n a tourist. Then the first look arrived- O O…foreign locales , urban look , alien treatment…YASRC ( yet another shitty rom com) shot abroad feel…then finally the official title announced- Jab Harry met Sejal….phussssssss….what ? When Harry met Sally? Jab we met? Haven’t the audience heard similar titles before…was Rehnuma not 10 times better than this? From there on, things started going only downwards…the mini trails, the sex n intercourse dialogues…some not so gud songs…some more songs…too many songs…one more song just the day before release..which was the crappiest of the lot…then the city tours, banarasi paan, all the frills….by now it was clear to all n sundry that this is just YASRC. Come Friday morning and the pre-release experience of the audience clearly reflects in the theatres…they are empty !! Sorry, all those frills are not enough to sell this YASRC to smartened audience. The writing is on the wall.

  • #karma for clashing with a good and beautifull movie like kaabil, he is 100% over now, he should retire ASAP

  • This movie is nonsense. Very pathetic acting on SRK. He looks like a 100 yr old man. Very dissapointing film.

  • All though I am not a salman fan and never like his acting but I still appreciate him for being himself and doing different movies and not sticking to the same including tubelight. But srk is still not learning anything and doing same bullshit romantic movies.

  • Folks,
    I watched this evening despite average to bad reviews.
    Weak story, weak climax. What happened to SRK?. This one tanked…next???

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