Jab Harry Met Sejal Day 1 Box Office Collection Report

There are two ways to look at the box office opening response to Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’. One, after weeks of empty theatres and news of shows getting cancelled on Friday morning, the audience has finally come out to watch the ‘first day first show’. So amidst the gloom, there is some hope that a film might put up good numbers on Day 1 and over the weekend.

However, the opening is nowhere close to the kind of initials that we have come to expect from a Shah Rukh Khan starrer. It’s lower than FAN (partial holiday), Raees (clash) and almost all other SRK films in the last several years.

Multiplexes in major cities have opened well, some recording 40% opening in the morning and growing to 50% in the noon. But as we get to smaller centres – even the next 10 odd cities after the major metros – the occupancy level drops drastically.

The problem seems to be the treatment and choice of film itself, as we have a major superstar in a urban film. It’s a film that would’ve released on 2000-2200 screens with someone like a Ranbir Kapoor (Tamasha, for example), but gets 3000 plus screen release due to SRK’s presence. A film that would otherwise be a complete washout at smaller centres, has opened to around 20% occupancy. Exhibitors in the interiors and heartland of the country are certainly disappointed, but it’s the choice of film that is to be blamed and not the star’s box office pull.

The level of opening on Friday morning suggests a 15-16 crore start. The film needs to grow from here, the trend has to be upward through the weekend and then on the Monday-holiday. Because given the costs and the level of opening, ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ has now become a word-of-mouth film.

It needs a 60 crore plus 3-day weekend, a strong Monday and then the crucial first weekday test on Tuesday. If it slips anywhere in these first 5 days, the writing will be on the wall – more so with ‘Toilet Ek Prem Katha’ releasing next Friday.



  • ???????? ?? ????? ??? ?????? ???? ????? ??? ?? ???? ??? ??? ???? ?? ???????? F L O P #JHMS Hakla Finish

    Indicine pls better be impartial and dont overhype SRK…he is not doing anything great by these stupid rom coms…public has advanced but SRK is still living in past..

    One more disaster on the way….if this was HR indcine wud have said that his script sense is bad blah blah….but now why indicine is not criticizing SRK…isn’t it a nepotism on your part Indince?

  • There are two ways to look at the box office opening response to Shah Rukh Khanís ĎJab Harry Met Sejal’ – the opening statement says it all…when there are 2 ways to look at something, it only means that something has gone wrong !!

  • My prediction is coming true
    This year only Golmaal4 Tepk and Tzh will work

    I was sure about Jhms and Tubelight failure

  • his movie choice is gettting wrost day by day . and incicine you just pormote canadian waiter movies on good note that’s it

  • Everybody know its going to flop. Reviews and public reaction is also negative. Whole nation waiting for TEPK.

  • Overseas Blockbuster
    Just watched in Auckland. Beautiful film.
    Message to youth generation.
    Finally love wins over lust.

    • I have seen it in dubai. Every body is looking into mobile phones and yawning due to this crap fest

  • No matter who u are …WOM is the ultimate superstar. …except Rajnikant. ..he is the only superstar who has the most loyal and mad fan base. .others need good promos. ..chartbuster music. ..big heroine. etc…we have seen this is recent time …firstly with tubelight and now with jhms….

  • WOW Indicine for Srk “itís the choice of film that is to be blamed and not the starís box office pull”…….But for Salman its star pull, WHY????…..Does Tubelight was not an off beat movies? Does it not the experimental movie for Salman Khan? Does it belong to that kind of role which is Salman’s strong zone?……Why media support Srk so much???

    According to few sites 40% Opening with 3400 screen is Good, but 35% opening with 4300 screen is Average that too in Ramadan period……..Why media and stupid critics support Srk all the time????

  • Rofl.. Atleast Tubelight was totally unconventional for Salman and dint had a popular heroine or even mass-class friendly trailer and stuff negating the eid factor.. still did open well..
    but here even in his own genre this is the condition.. SALMAN will bounce back like a MEGSTAR with TZH but no hopes for srk now..

  • Now even 17-18cr is looking tough……Lag gayi Srk ki…….And his fans are talking about 25-30cr opening……Shrif Sapne hi dekhte rehte hai….

  • Just out of theatre..first day first show…this movie is awesome..make you fall in love with charismatic SRK …twist in the end and emotional angle is lovely too.

    Watch it….don’t miss it

  • Indicine may try hard to defend the undefendable but the writing is on the wall-this idiotic Jab harry meet sejal is going to be disaster in the line of Rangoon and Raabta.

  • In todays time SRK films are collecting 14 to 17 cr …with Good music,romance, hahaha
    What a stardom man.
    But best of luck for hit

  • Jab Harry Met Sejal Hit or Flop
    Jab Harry Met Sejal Needs to cross 100 Crores to be called a hit

    Theatrical Rights for Jab Harry Met Sejal has been sold at 80 Crores , Satellite , Music Rights and Digital rights have given an additional 70 Crores.

    The Pre release profits for Producers is close to 70 Crores.

    Shahrukh Khan has a digital rights deal with Netflix for 3 years

  • Srk fans bark all the time that Raees collects 19cr with clash, but duffers don’t know that it was a Masala Movie with lots of Action, Romance, Dialogue-bazi, Big Supporting star cast and Item Song of Sunny Leone…..Even if you take Hrithik in this movie it will collect same numbers that too with clash…..Toh Srk ne kya Ukhad liya 19cr de ke……..LOL

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