Jab Harry Met Sejal Day 1 Box Office Collection Report

There are two ways to look at the box office opening response to Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’. One, after weeks of empty theatres and news of shows getting cancelled on Friday morning, the audience has finally come out to watch the ‘first day first show’. So amidst the gloom, there is some hope that a film might put up good numbers on Day 1 and over the weekend.

However, the opening is nowhere close to the kind of initials that we have come to expect from a Shah Rukh Khan starrer. It’s lower than FAN (partial holiday), Raees (clash) and almost all other SRK films in the last several years.

Multiplexes in major cities have opened well, some recording 40% opening in the morning and growing to 50% in the noon. But as we get to smaller centres – even the next 10 odd cities after the major metros – the occupancy level drops drastically.

The problem seems to be the treatment and choice of film itself, as we have a major superstar in a urban film. It’s a film that would’ve released on 2000-2200 screens with someone like a Ranbir Kapoor (Tamasha, for example), but gets 3000 plus screen release due to SRK’s presence. A film that would otherwise be a complete washout at smaller centres, has opened to around 20% occupancy. Exhibitors in the interiors and heartland of the country are certainly disappointed, but it’s the choice of film that is to be blamed and not the star’s box office pull.

The level of opening on Friday morning suggests a 15-16 crore start. The film needs to grow from here, the trend has to be upward through the weekend and then on the Monday-holiday. Because given the costs and the level of opening, ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ has now become a word-of-mouth film.

It needs a 60 crore plus 3-day weekend, a strong Monday and then the crucial first weekday test on Tuesday. If it slips anywhere in these first 5 days, the writing will be on the wall – more so with ‘Toilet Ek Prem Katha’ releasing next Friday.



  • Huge Imtiaz Ali’s movie fan so i decided to watch it in FDFS but dissatisfied.. I cant deny d fact dat Jab Harry Met Sejal is worst product of his.. Dont know why he tried to make dis fussy movie after delivered classic Rockstar and Tamasha.. SRK should choose better script else his career in danger mode.. At dis age he couldnt do Romantic type movie better to stick Dilwale n HNY type universal movie..

  • 2.5/5
    Well below expectations . First half is good . Second is a big crap . SRK is history now . Can’t blame any one else other then himself . Poor selection of movies . I am not a fan of Amir khan but he has adapted to his age . A 51 year old running after a girl just does not click any more

  • I thk Friday it will collect – 14.5 crores
    Saturday – 16 crores
    Sunday – 19.5 crores
    Weekend – 50 crores

  • SRK is done n finish this is really a biggest down in his career he should retire from Bollywood wit immediate effect

  • Hahaha. SRKIANS were trolling bhai, now see, even in his comfort zone SRK wanna flop, bhai out of his comfort zone flopped with 100 crore which is a dream number to most stars, I just pray even if this is gonna flop let it flop with a face saving number. I repeat no one should be happy with anyones failure. I request to bhai fans let’s be the bigger the people with bigger hearts, pls don’t troll SRK. I pray SRK gets out of this phase of his career.

  • Now everything is clear that why Srk preponed his movie 1 week, but sites like Indicine and others were saying that they shift which means they are confident on their movie……LOL……They are not confident but they are actually afraid, because if they release with TEPK then it won’t even collect 50cr in its lifetime….

    Srk run away from Sultan and TEPK because he was afraid and he knows very well that if he clash, he will lose badly……

    Acha hua Srk postponed Raees otherwise it will also become FLOP just like FAN and JHMS……

  • I am a Srk fan.
    Knowing various factors against the film,
    Still I think opening is a disappointment.
    It is up to the star to chose a film, it is up to the star to market his film… It was quite a failure from srk ‘s side.

    That doesn’t mean film is bad , that we will know how it is received later.
    But box office is also a reality. Srk has never failed to open good.. this is the reason of my disappointment.
    And sadly I can predict( hope I am wrong) this movie will also get mixed response. Srk has a fine script sense but I think the directors have failed him to give a 2 hour full entertaining movie.
    Raees was OK , fan was good( no one else liked it though) , dilwale was OK

    • Toh JHMS konsa clash mein release howi hai ? Dont you know the release date of TEPK ? Bawla hogaya ki @Prashant ?? Lol

  • Srk fans now forget Solo Christmas Release too….Soon we here a news that someone is clashing with Srk Dwarf movie on Christmas 2018……HaHaHa

    But even after the failure of Tubelight no one will dare to clash with Megastar Salman Khan…..That’s the Power of True Megastar……

  • @AYUSH On point..double standards are in their blood!

    i meant Open below 20CR*** (last cmnt) mistyped

  • @IMTIAZ ALI is Choo director..i always say this and he proved me ri8. He is european movies copy master director!

  • Another flop from Srk..wha the hell he is doing. He is making same rom com shits and he him self calling biggest movie.. so sad. When he will stop rom com movies..i’m also srk fan i dont watch his movies any more( until he stop doing rom com movies)

  • srkians made fun of S26,baby,gabbar,brothers ,SIB ,airllift ,rustom lifetime .
    karma hit back in form of dilwale ,fan ,raees,jhms.
    srkians made fun of akki opening
    after 2013 .(till 2012 akki movies used to take excellent to bumper opening)
    karma will again hit back wait for some more craps by srk .
    if srk will do as much movie as akki do per year ..
    srk will be out from this industry.

    global star my foot.
    Srk film opening depends on Hit song , top heroine ,good trailer,high ticket price ,corporate booking of 3-4 cr ,good promotion( 2-3 month promotion ) ,srk presence.

    akki film opens on akki presence , good trailer and 1 week promotion.
    still give 13 -14 cr average opening 3/4 times per year .

  • Now the time begins to give befitting replies to the jerks i.e. NEW SRK ERA, Javed, and those SRK fans who had been trolling Akki for last 02 months without any topic…
    I am not against to all SRK fans, but some idiots now really need to be shattered…!!! I was just waiting for the right time to reply and today onwards the time starts and to answer to all your bad mouthing in last 2 months…!!!

    Now get ready for next 5-6 days… Tum logo par reham karna kahi bhi zayaz nahi hai, Tum 4-5 zaahilo ki wajah se pura fan base badnaam hota hai…!!!

  • Only SRK can give good to excellent opening irrespective of genre and appeal.put gangu teli Salman in JHMS .opening day would be 10 crore and lifetime 50 crore.

  • Nice Excuses, LoL .
    Indicine you must accept that SRK is gone Now. His movies have stopped working. All his recent movies have underperformed whatever the genre be.

  • I have never seen any SRK movies getting so much negativity like JHMS. Even so called bad movies Ra.one was getting some appreciation. He disappointed his fan again & again. Is there anyone who can suggest him what kind of scripts is working these days?
    No surprise in his script sense, In #askSRK sessions, a guy asked him what he supposed to do while script reading or listening? SRK’s replied was ” I play with Abram while listening script”. How on earth can a person focus while his mind is fuck up with something?
    I will always be your srk fan but giving up to expect something extraordinary from his movie. very sad.

  • Don’t worry Srk fans Red Chilly Calculator is still working, they will make this Disaster movie Average or Semi Hit and as usual Media will support Srk manipulated figures……Just like he did with his previous movies…..

    So Srk fans zor se bolo “Red Chilly Calculator” Zindabad…….

  • SRK is 52yrs and still lives in the era of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai with a regression of 17yrs. He really needs to grow up mentally and start acting his age both in his real and reel lives. If he had a good mirror, he wouldn’t have signed this movie. His heroine’s age is not the problem, this film choice is. I can never relate with SRK and his role in JHMS, neither will the paying audience. I hope he learns to choose scripts wisely next time, and pass these kind of roles to his first son or the younger generational actors.

  • Where is your review..?? If u don’t review this movie because it is bad and u r trying to fake a good wom than this is the worst thing I have ever seen since this website started…please be unbiased and review this movie otherwise I will have to listen to the haters and not watch it

  • 1 day 17cr
    2 day 17.50cr
    3 day 20cr
    Weekend 54.50cr

    4 day 11cr
    5 day 6.5cr
    6 day 5cr
    7 day 4cr

    1 week 81cr
    Lifetime 100-110cr

  • Opening is lower than Raees and Raees did 125-130 crores according to different sources. Now that had a clash this is a solo release with still lower opening – don’t be surprised if this grosses less than 115 – another low for Srk

    Remind me last clean hit of Srk please

    Dilwale – Underperformer
    Fan – Underperformer/Flop
    Raess – Average grosser (Not exactly an underperformed but come one his peers like Aamir are doing 350+ and Srk is failing to cross 150)
    And now JHMS will join the club – might do 110-115 but if it closes below 110, than clearly Srk is not sustaining after weekends

    His last 200+ movie was 3 years back now when in fact his peers barring Salman Tubelight have been easily crossing 200

    I am really surprised with such underperformers from Srk – when your movie struggles to cross 150 everytime and you call yourself worlds biggest superstar, that is a sham

  • I hope Indicine will be honest. they declared Tubelight a flop and an underperformer repeatedly. When JHMS collects less than Tubelight, we have to call a spade a spade. Now, tube light was the lowest grossing film of Salman in recent years while for Srk not crossing 140 (forget 150) is a norm…

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