Is My Name Is Khan a FLOP?

We have received several mails in the last few days, asking if Shahrukh Khan’s My Name Is Khan is a FLOP in India. The mere fact that, even with a 45- 48 crore opening in India, the film is being called a “flop” by a few, shows the high-expectations that people have from a SRK release.

Back to the question, the answer is NO. Here is why

  • The opening of the film is better than all films ever released, except Ghajini and 3 Idiots. If MNIK had released a couple of years ago, the opening would be considered great, if not record-breaking. But the bar has been set so high by a certain Aamir Khan that, even a 45 crore nett week pales in comparison to the unbelievably high figures of Aamir’s last two releases.
  • Since Fox Studios has acquired the worldwide rights of the film, an India-only verdict by the distributors is unlikely. And as we all know by now, overseas the film has smashed all records.
  • Even with a huge crash in week 2, MNIK is expected to finish with around 65 crores. While this could be termed ‘very disappointing’ – as the film was expected to easily beat Om Shanti Om and Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi – it certainly cannot be written off as a Flop.

So as things stand at the moment, worst case scenario would be ‘Above Average’ in India. Add overseas to it and the film is easily a HIT – Superhit.



  • all are mentally abnormal…..who r talking tht my name is khan is a flop….its a great movie n it has a moral in its story.i ll ask everybuddy wht are the moral points tht the people can learn in 3-ididots/gajhni????suicide/revenge????so 3-idots/gajhni is nt comparable to a graet movie as my name is khan…..these two films are really unnatural..n my name is khan is flop?????simply waqwwas….noway..srk is great.

  • @ swapnajit we can learn from 3i, how to set the goal of our life, what is the aim of our study, friendship, how to manage stress of study etc & most of all how to be a good man,. & if u want to learn more things then watch TZP, RDB, Laggan. If u ask about Ghajini then i should ask u what we learn from OM Shanti OM? How to reborn?

    MNIK is flop……& there is no sence in the movie. How a mentaly disable person do Journy through whole USA? Karan Johar & SRK Should try to remake K3g, KANK, KKHH etc, beside doing this kind of nonsence film in the name of seriousness.

  • if such films are going to b hits then we all need to search our souls!!!!
    bad guy stabs good guy in the end ..from the same community,,and the message of hatred is deliverd…is that the moral of the film??

  • couple of weeks ago whole media held india hostage when the were deliverin news after news related to how good box office collections were for MNIK. After weekend when the dust of hype settled down and the film was own its own collections fell drastically. the only top markets are MIDDLE EAST and UK..hmm UK where majority is Pakis infact they are outnumbering british in some suburbs. In India weekend 3 collections were almost dismissal north america has come down crumblin as well, movie was down frm number 17 to 26..

    first question: if movie was all that, as made out by media, why it couldnt sustain at the box office for 4 weeks, y is it already seein the exist doors within 4 weeks.

    second question: why all of the sudden media support for this movie has evaporated. where are those MNIK frenzy reporters and news??? it goes to show that media just participated in creating hype.

    as always, they blindly supported SRK. I think the message “my name is khan and im not a terrorist ” is shallow. not all the muslims have their last name as KHAN..hahah.

    second, not every KHAN is terrorist but every terrorist is KHAN or you know what i mean.

    not offending any one but thats the reality. I dont believe in religion, all the ppl are same. every community has good and bad ppl, even a 8th grade student would know that. but the main focus of the movie should have been, ppl who are terrorist and who are not terrorist in the same community rather than focusing on NAME and generalizing that all the ppl in THAT community are innocent. thats pretty lame and far from reality, if you look around.

    considering the hype and the backup that this movie got frm media, it should have been the biggest hit every inside and outside INDIA but it is not even top 5. overseas it did extremely well, no doubt and that is because of its theme. its the same story like Singh is Kinng which took earth shattering opening backed by SIKH community all over the world. if SIKHS population all over the world was same as muslims Singh is kinng might have been 6 times bigger HIT than MNIK. although both the movies are horrible and torturous to watch.

    one thing is sure from now on, SRK will never be able to give biggest hit of all time. thrz no formula for success. how funny is that, that MNIK is just barely able to cross OSO’s collections when it is release 3 years after OSO and with wayyyyy more prints. lol. to give a big hit, SRK will have to top up all the controversies and will have to come up with something that can get him backup of majority.

    SRK-KJO and in particular should thanks FOX for distributing and promoting movie so aggressively all across the world otherwise it would have been DOA.

    FOOL ME ONCE SHAME ON YOU, FOOL ME TWICE SHAME ON ME.. SRK try to fool us again and see what happens.

  • The weekly nett figures of MY NAME IS KHAN in India till week 5 are as follows:-

    Week 1 Rs. 48.45 crores
    Week 2 Rs. 17.06 crores
    Week 3 Rs. 5.92 crores
    Week 4 Rs. 1.65 crores
    Week 5 Rs. 42 lakhs [only weekend figures]
    Total nett Rs. 73.50 crores

    The gross international figures are US$ 16.33 million, which, according to Fox, makes MY NAME IS KHAN the highest grossing Bollywood film in the overseas markets. Some of the key territories contributing are:-

    * North America US$ 3.92 million

    * UK GBP 2.55 million highest-ever for Bollywood film

    * Middle East US$ 3.7 million highest-ever for Bollywood film

    * Australia and New Zealand US$ 1.07 million

    * Also, Pakistan, Indonesia and Singapore have cumulatively given approx. US$ 1.7 million. The break-up is as follows:- Pakistan US$ 550k, Indonesia US$ 750k, Singapore US$ 404k [highest-ever for Bollywood film].

  • My name is khan is a biggest hit and no1 films in bollywood . how told My name is khan is flop he is fully mad

  • How is MY NAME IS KHAN FLOP you imbeciles

    India gross 97 crores
    Overseas gross 94

    total = 191 worlwide gross which is more than Ghajini and you call this a flop, it may not be great in india but its a universal hit an offbeat movie which was critically and commerically successful

  • y don u guys keep ur bludy comments wit urself!!! if srk wud hav mad a romantic film or films showin hot galz or wud be in films lyk LSD den dat film wud hav been blokbuster bt d prob is dat hes not so cheap he jus makes scienc fiction film he doesn makes useles filmz!!!! even thou u guyz don lyk raone or MNIK bt hez name was included in history or discovery chanel 4 making indias 1st scienc fiction films not bludy romantic films wit alll dose shadis n al!!!!!!! so keep keep ur pathetic indian thnkinz wit urself!!!!!!
    n if ur nt his fan or don lyk lyk his filmz den y hell do u comment!!!! i think u guyz shud betr try bein succesfull lyk him n den say sumthn abt hm!!!!!! f***

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