Is My Name Is Khan a FLOP?

We have received several mails in the last few days, asking if Shahrukh Khan’s My Name Is Khan is a FLOP in India. The mere fact that, even with a 45- 48 crore opening in India, the film is being called a “flop” by a few, shows the high-expectations that people have from a SRK release.

Back to the question, the answer is NO. Here is why

  • The opening of the film is better than all films ever released, except Ghajini and 3 Idiots. If MNIK had released a couple of years ago, the opening would be considered great, if not record-breaking. But the bar has been set so high by a certain Aamir Khan that, even a 45 crore nett week pales in comparison to the unbelievably high figures of Aamir’s last two releases.
  • Since Fox Studios has acquired the worldwide rights of the film, an India-only verdict by the distributors is unlikely. And as we all know by now, overseas the film has smashed all records.
  • Even with a huge crash in week 2, MNIK is expected to finish with around 65 crores. While this  could be termed ‘very disappointing’ – as the film was expected to easily beat Om Shanti Om and Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi – it certainly cannot be written off as a Flop.

So as things stand at the moment, worst case scenario would be ‘Above Average’ in India. Add overseas to it and the film is easily a HIT – Superhit.



  • MNIK

    @NAUMAN this is for you

    1st week 41 Crores

    2nd week 15 Crores

    3rd week 5 Crores

    4th week 2 Crores

    Total 63 Crores

    Verdict – FLOP . Because of high price tag with FOX 100 Crores


  • @ Suniel

    It’s not a hit, it’s on its way to Blocbuster. Who knows it may even surpass 3 Idiots collections. hahahaha

  • New Delhi: Despite less than average theatre occupancy in the weekdays and its share of controversy with Shiv Sena before the release, the Shah Rukh Khan-starrer and Karan Johar-directed Bollywood film My Name Is Khan (MNIK) has managed to rake in Rs 150 crore from its first week of release in India and abroad, say film trade analysts.

    This has happened despite the fact that MNIK saw the average theatre occupancy slip to below 40% during the weekdays, especially in single-screen theatres. Initially released with over 1,300 prints, MNIK grossed Rs 90 crore in the first weekend, riding on the controversy surrounding the protest by Shiv Sena over remarks made by Shah Rukh Khan supporting the inclusion of cricketers from Pakistan in IPL-3.

    However, the recently released Aamir Khan-starrer 3 Idiots, which is still doing well at the box office, had managed to rake in over Rs 240 crore within 10 days of its release.

    According to film trade analyst Taran Adarsh, MNIK is a blockbuster movie that has managed to generate 60% of its revenue from within the country while the overseas markets have contributed 40%. “MNIK has exceeded trade expectations and is doing a brisk business worldwide,” says Adarsh. The film’s distributor, Foxstar studio, has managed to generate Rs 35 crore so far in distribution rights.

    Riding on MNIK’s success, film distributors are looking to release it in international centres, including in Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait and Egypt among several other countries across Europe, Middle East and Africa by April.

    According to trade pundits, MNIK grossed around Rs 8 crore in the opening weekend in the UK (less than 3 Idiots that had raked in close to Rs 13 crore), and Rs 11 crore in the US. In India, MNIK had grossed Rs 40-42 crore during the first three days of its release

  • Tarans numbers are always fake. Its always review dependent.

    This is another article which has a misleading title “MNIK is dominant overseas”

    My Name Is Khan, which set many records last week including the biggest opening for its stars Shah Rukh Khan [ Images ] and Kajol [ Images ] and director Karan Johar [ Images ], shattered yet another record: it plunged about 69 percent in its second weekend in North America, becoming the first Shah Rukh Khan film to suffer such a loss.

    The second weekend also saw a worldwide plunge of about 55 percent. It yielded about $6.3 million, according to Fox International Productions, the newly-formed Fox local filmmaking venture.

    Yet, the film is a formidable player, grossing in the second weekend more than the earnings of expensive Bollywood films like Veer. It is likely to play in a significant number of theatres for at least two more weeks. Currently, it is showing in some 1,570 theatres worldwide.

    MNIK, which unfolds against the backdrop of 9/11 and details a man — afflicted with Asperger syndrome — and his fight to win back his wife’s love, has grossed $25 million worldwide, as per its distributor Fox. It could end its run with $30 million.

    In North American, it grossed an impressive $700,000, taking the total to $3.28 million, making it the highest grossing Karan Johar movie. His previous film Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna [ Images ] grossed $3.27 million in North America three years ago. While this is a formidable achievement compared especially to Shah Rukh Khan’s earlier hit Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi ($2 million in North America), it falls short of business for the all-time Indian box office champ in America, 3 Idiots. That film starring Aamir Khan [ Images ] grossed $6.6 million.

    Meanwhile, Avatar dominated the world market grossing an awesome $67 million for the tenth consecutive week. Sliding by 22 percent, it took its total to $2.47 billion. According to The Hollywood Reporter, in addition to its worldwide record in current dollars, Avatar has now beaten 1997’s Titanic’s [ Images ] global $1.8 billion box office milestone on an inflation-adjusted basis as well.

    In North America, the thriller Shutter Island, based on a Dennis Lehane bestseller about the mysterious happenings in an asylum for the criminally insane, scored an impressive box office record for actor Leonardo DiCaprio [ Images ] and director Martin Scorsese [ Images ]. It grossed an estimated $40 million. Even if it were to take a steep plunge in its second week, it could end up with a decent $100 million in North America alone.

    ‘In Shutter Island, Scorsese has created a divinely dark and devious brain tease of a movie in the best noir tradition,’ wrote Betsy Sharkey in Los Angeles Times, ‘with its smarter than you’d think cops, their tougher than you’d imagine cases to crack and enough nods to the classic genre for an all-night parlor game.’

    DiCaprio plays Teddy, a US marshal trying to make sense of the strange happenings in a prison on Shutter Island. Ben Kingsley plays Cawley, the prison’s medical director.

    Among the anti-Shutter Island critics, A O Scott was most belittling. Calling the film an overblown effort, Scott slammed it in The New York Times. ‘Mr Scorsese’s camera sense effectively fills every scene with creepiness, but sustained, gripping suspense seems beyond his grasp,’ he wrote. ‘Mr Scorsese in effect forces you to study the threads on the rug he is preparing, with lugubrious deliberateness, to pull out from under you. As the final revelations approach, the stakes diminish precipitously, and the sense that the whole movie has been a strained and pointless contrivance starts to take hold.’

    Among the strong defenders of Scorsese was Roger Ebert. Giving the film three and half stars out of four, Ebert declared in Chicago Sun-Times, the movie had ‘flawless directorial command… Scorsese has fear to evoke, and he does it with many notes.’

    As for those complaining that the movie’s ending ‘blindsides you,’ he wrote that he did not have a problem. ‘This movie is all of a piece, even the parts that don’t appear to fit,’ he mused. ‘There is a human tendency to note carefully what goes before, and draw logical conclusions. But — what if you can’t nail down exactly what went before? What if there were things about Cawley and his peculiar staff that were hidden? What if the movie lacks a reliable narrator? What if its point of view isn’t omniscient but fragmented? Where can it all lead? What does it mean? We ask, and Teddy asks, too.’

    Audiences apparently were undeterred by the negative comments.

  • Salman with Katrina in comedy !!!!!!

    If things work out as planned then we will soon see this hot couple of B-town on screens, churning out some comedy… According to our birdies, director Anil Sharma, the man behind Veer, will next give out a comedy film, featuring Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif.

    It is heard that before staring on mega-budget period film, the director had plans to give a hilarious project. However, after Salman pressed on with ‘Veer’, Anil left behind his plans.

    Now that everything is well settled, the director is gearing to bring up the romantic-comedy film. And he seems to be confident that this project will be his one of the best.

    We really hope these rumours materialize… After all who wouldn’t want to see this real-life couple on screen…

  • ‘My Name is Khan’ not running houseful anymore
    Updated on Monday, February 22, 2010, 21:05 IST

    Mumbai: After the initial hysteria, the rubble seems to be settling down and the verdict reads loud and clear – MNIK, is not worth a dekko, or so it seems.
    However, as far as raking in the moolah is concerned, the movie booked profits prior to its release, courtesy international market. But on the domestic front, the statistics show a dismal figure and it is but evident that MNIK is not running full house in most of the theaters in India.

    This is the story in the second week and Subhash, manager of a theatre in Mumbai says, “Our theatre did not screen My Name is Khan because we had a contract to screen Marathi films. As far as MNIK is concerned, the controversy did generate a lot of curiosity and many people wanted to watch the film. I was told by my friends who work in other theatres that the first week was house full but the second week was average. In fact, many of my friends who went to watch the film came out disappointed saying that there is nothing special about story.”

    Though Karan Johar and Shah Rukh Khan are leaving no stones unturned promoting the film all over, it certainly has failed to impress the audiences at large.

  • i think mnik is worst movie of srk till date.
    it deserves to be a flop.
    if the same movie had sallu in it,it would have been thrashed by critics.

  • @ SUNIL my dear ,

    BOI is fake like paid TARAN ADARSH .

    Tum log jitn bhi kaushish karlo lekin iss film ko flop hone se koi nahi bacha sakta .


  • Bollybusiness : Bollywood boxoffice

    Bheja Fry – How MNIK can be termed as HIT?

    Q: Despite the fact that MNIK will not be able to recover cost or reach at just breakeven, How MNIK can be termed as HIT?

    A: MNIK costs for FOX 100+ Crore including print and publicity. This cost includes only theatrical and music rights, excludes satellite and video rights. Deducting revenue of 5 Crore for music revenues, MNIK need to fetch 95 Crore for FOX just recovery. Recovery is not possible at the moment. Total remuneration worldwide would be around 120-130 Crore which will give DS of around 65-75 Crore. This will yield to Loss of 20-25 Crore. Despite of decent numbers from domestic market and very good numbers from overseas, Price tag will fail for MNIK. Losing proposition can never be termed as HIT.

  • SALAAM2all

    some news for mr amir khan fans

    Poland Buys Aamir Khan´s Peepli Live

    Polish distribution company Vivarto SP ZOO has bagged the theatrical rights of Aamir Khan’s ‘Peepli Live’.
    The film directed by Anusha Rizvi, co-produced by UTV Motion Pictures and Aamir Khan Productions, is a satirical take on farmers suicide.

    Theatrical release for Peepli Live in Poland is planned for close to 10 prints. Vivarto has also acquired the Home Video and Television for the territory. This closely follows the sale of German rights which were acquired earlier this week, UTV said in a statement.

    “Peepli Live is a truly emotional film and it starts our trip with Indian movies that will open new horizons and develop our company to proceed with many more,” said Justyna Troszczynska from Vivarto.

    Amrita Pandey, VP, International Distribution and Syndication, UTV Motion Pictures, said, “We are thrilled to announce the sale of Polish rights to Vivarto.

  • 1000000% floppppp
    n mark ma words
    these ppl will blame it all on shivsena for holdin up the public on first day ,first show…

    seriousllli yoooo thizz movie suckzzz bigggiieee tymeee….
    i wld saii kurbaan n new york were betta than mnik

    they carried the same theme with some suspense n entertainment…..u knoe wahz gonna happen next happen buhh u styll wanna c itt….

    this one yooo…i soo wanted to knoe why he wants to meet the president …n when they showed the resonnn..i wazzzz lykeee wtfishhhhhhhhhhh….r u kiddin me…..nnn then when he meets the presidenttt …they shld have made it like a big ocassion or sumthin buhhh it wazzz lyke soodulll….
    n therezz no sequence in the movieeee…even though akki movies got no story(like manny loosers say)…u atlest understand the floww…..unlike this movieee…riii after 9/11,,the president change.:S:S:S:S..i personllli wazz sooo losttttt ……
    amir movies r the most organized moviessss :)

    amir n akkkiii r the superstarzz of bollywoood bakki sabb r thale thale !!!! :)

    for indicine: if u luk ova all the reviews that got posted on this website: -u will find “AKKI” name in like almost every postt….
    u knoe whozzz the starrrrr ;)

  • Mnik is a flop it’s been totaly rejected by audience even 19th friday which was holiday could not help d movie and now everyone knows that @adiii my friend whr r u

  • congrats!guys.
    acc. to trade optimistic trade experts mnik will suffer a loss of at least 20 crores.
    (source:IBOS network)

  • Q: How much will My Name Is Khan lose?
    A: The optimistic losses for Fox will be in the range of 20 crores. But it could be more. The way its gone down in America, after opening at $2mil it may not even reach 4 there. That’s gross. Not the distributor’s take which will be only half. The total overseas return share for distributor Fox will just end up around 30-35 crores. And India share will also be around 30-35 crores as most of its revenues are from multiplexes and there the share % goes down to 42.5% of nett in week 2 and 37% in week 3 as per the multiplex strike settlement of 2009. So the total theatrical worldwide revenue for Fox will be Rs 60-70 crores against an investment cost of Rs 100 crores+. Do the math.

    New Delhi: Having earned around Rs.150 crore (Rs.1.5 billion/USD 35 million) worldwide in 10 days, distributors Fox STAR Studios say they are extremely happy with the “truly global” response to Shah Rukh Khan-starrer ‘My Name Is Khan’ (MNIK). They now plan to increase the Bollywood presence in the Middle East through the film and also release it in countries like Germany, Poland and Egypt.
    “We genuinely believe that `My Name Is Khan` is the first truly global Bollywood film. It has received an exhilarating response in India and the 40 countries that we released it on Feb 12 and we are expecting the same in other countries,” Vijay Singh, CEO, Fox STAR Studios, told reporters.
    My Name Is Khan dropped around 60-65% in week two and collected around 17 crore nett. The two week total is around 63 crore nett. The film is a Super Hit in West Bengal and Mysore, Hit in other circuits apart from Bihar and CP Berar where it is lower. Overall HIT

    so my name is khan is a true super hit

  • Bad news for all SRK fans

    Bollybusiness : Bollywood boxoffice


    MNIK 2 weeks collections are 58 Crores

    Meanwhile MNIK dropped heavily today and show occupancy as low as 5% . 15th Day of MNIK should end up making 30-35 Lakhs.

    Verdict – Flop or Below average

  • mnik flopping is good news for those people who appreciate good cinema and original cinema…!!! not for those who copy ideas from others karan johar did with rainman and forrest gump.. us dont like this ..and the way srk has acted is nothing great!!!! give me the costume and i also can mutter those dialogues presdent saab mera naam khan hai..aur main…ha ha ha ..its the most laffable quote of the year… this movie is the most despised after the fantastic opemning because it was slow poor acting poor songs and picturisation .. poor message ..poor climax.. i dare indicine to challenge me on any area of the movie and i will tell them each and every flaw of the film is really a thakeli film

  • Why do you want verdict? Verdict is already clear… its a all time blockbuster overseas and in india its a hit… together its superhit or blockbuster

  • @srk_fan
    i think u have got this verdict from taran adarsh or other paid critics.
    i want an honest verdict.

  • i can’t understand how critics can review a movie from audience point of view because they analyse a movie technically(so called).
    KURBAAN -4 STARS.but BO verdict-flop
    PAHELI-4STARS. BO verdict-disaster
    KANK-4.5STARS. BO verdict-average
    KAAL-4 STARS. BO verdict-disaster
    recent example-MNIK-4.5.BO verdict-struggling to get ‘average’ status.

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