Is My Name Is Khan a FLOP?

We have received several mails in the last few days, asking if Shahrukh Khan’s My Name Is Khan is a FLOP in India. The mere fact that, even with a 45- 48 crore opening in India, the film is being called a “flop” by a few, shows the high-expectations that people have from a SRK release.

Back to the question, the answer is NO. Here is why

  • The opening of the film is better than all films ever released, except Ghajini and 3 Idiots. If MNIK had released a couple of years ago, the opening would be considered great, if not record-breaking. But the bar has been set so high by a certain Aamir Khan that, even a 45 crore nett week pales in comparison to the unbelievably high figures of Aamir’s last two releases.
  • Since Fox Studios has acquired the worldwide rights of the film, an India-only verdict by the distributors is unlikely. And as we all know by now, overseas the film has smashed all records.
  • Even with a huge crash in week 2, MNIK is expected to finish with around 65 crores. While this could be termed ‘very disappointing’ – as the film was expected to easily beat Om Shanti Om and Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi – it certainly cannot be written off as a Flop.

So as things stand at the moment, worst case scenario would be ‘Above Average’ in India. Add overseas to it and the film is easily a HIT – Superhit.



  • what do u mean by saying that Hrithik and SRK are league apart. sometimes u say that AKKI has great pull amongst the superstars because he can pull great crowds to even dumbest movies sometimes u say that SRK and Hrithik are league apart and FOR salman and AKKI even a 50 crore movie is hit in that case KI has to be hit has it earned somewhere around 55 crores. or is it that thses comments are from different ppl wprking in Indicine ?????

  • indicine team is it possible to change my nick name this is because i think theres another naveed also registered on this site too

  • Manish, don’t think we ever said Akshay lacks box office pull.. The point was, we (including those in the trade) expect a SRK – Hrithik film to make a lot more money.

    Like it or not, the fact is, the first week of My Name Is Khan in India is more than the entire lifetime nett of Veer and more than any Akshay film that released last year. Yet many are writing it off as a movie that fell below expectations at the Indian BO..

    You tell me, what do you think is the reason? Lets keep the costs out of this, as we do not really know how much Fox paid for the Indian rights.

  • Naveed, enjoyed reading your comment. :) Salman and especially Akshay, need to work on the quality of their films. Hrithik and SRK, need to experiment a bit more. Aamir – No complaints, each film of his is different.!

    Sahil, yes, there is no-way MNIK will be considered less successful. If it folds up under 70 crores, then maybe many would call it “a disappointment” in India, as if not the record of Ghajini, it was atleast expected to beat OSO – RNBDJ lifetime nett.

  • @ Naveeduk – sorry buddy that you have to add something to your name, because we both share the same name.

    @ Indicine – I feel honoured that you liked my comment. I always want to write a film review, but when it comes down to it I decide not to. Nauman, Akhlaq, Hina and others espcially yourselves do a fabulous job anyway, so it’s all good.

    I agree that MNIK one week business is better than VEER lifetime nett. No dispute in that. However, me being a 19 year old and all the years i’ve been following Bollywood ‘closely’ since PKTDK. I have never come across a ‘big’ film like VEER get crucuified by the press. On the other hand MNIK was given glorious reviews by the majority. The media was contributing to the hype in a massive way. Over here in England, MNIK was shown on 22:00 ITV news, Jonathon Ross show. This was massive and I am happy that through MNIK Bollywood was recieving major exposure.

    My point being that I want the same rules applied to one and all. In my humble opinion VEER deserved 3 stars. MNIK 3.5 stars. VEER was not Salman’s fault, he delivered a good performance. I was left wondering after the film that the makers could have made the film so much better. MNIK was also a good film. People should lay off SRK, he gave a good performance, one of his best. Its just that now 10 days on as am writing this comment I ask myself that all the film showed was how one man wants to meet the president and say ‘MY NAME IS KHAN AND AM NOT A TERRORIST’ (it did show Muslims in a good way for once).

    This is where 3 IDIOTS was different and a ‘masterpiece’ in my opinion. The film had almost everything for me and for a long time to come people will talk about the film and Amir, deservedly so.

    Indicine I have a question for you. I follow Salman as much as I can. Whenever he has a event whether that is in India or overseas, there are thousands and thousands of fans. In Madamme Taussads he is the most pouplar figure amongst the Bollywood lot. Only second to Justin Timberlake (can’t remember the article). This is what I mean, he is a icon just like the other ‘top 4’ but even his own fans don’t watch his films. What could be a real reason for this? I remember in the late 90’s, all people talked about was the 3 KHANS, especially Salman. Its incredible to now think that some people don’t regard him worthy of being in the elite ‘top 5’.

    Laslty, I remeber you and Nauman saying that VEER, MNIK, KITES and HOUSEFULL will all be required to match the collections of 3 IDIOTS. Its ironic that VEER (45-50 crores), MNIK (65-70?), KITES (?) and HOUSEFULL (?) might all be needed to comfortably surpass the lifetime collections of 3 IDIOTS. This concludes that only Amir fans have the right to say that Amir is no. 1 and that probably Amir is the only one that can break his own records. INCREDIBLE!

  • Also I would like to add that one major reason I went to watch this film was due to all the hype. I just wanted to check it out for my self and form my own oipinion. I know many of my friends were deeply disappointed and will think twice before they belive KJO and co.

    Like one person said;

    ‘ you can fool a person once but certainly not twice’

  • @indicine
    it seems that criteria of hit changes with every movie it was declare that mnik needs 44cr ds and approx 80cr for hit movie due to it’s high budget 2 thing is that due to such a hype with media full support of media paid reviews from critics this movie is not upto the expectation and now about kambakth ishq this movie also got the coll of around 40 cr in first week and fell in second exactly like mnik but mnik will be above avg wow what is that media keep on supporting the movie but inspite of that the movie has fell if this kind of support would have been given to veer and KI they would have done it even better the fig are also shown hyped fron last mondat the movie is fallen from 70-75% but they are not showing that even the second week there was no improvement so that’s the reason this movie is flop

  • the movie like veer which recovered it investment and also given the profit to distributer that movie is below avg but the mnik had not recovered it’s investment nor given the ds profot will be above avg ware tarefdare

  • Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network
    Q. Will My Name Is Khan recover its 95-100 crore price tag for Fox?
    A. The 100 crore price includes music rights which have been taken by Sony. The Fox investment is around 90-95 crore which will be recovered as theatres worldwide will give around 70 crore and the balance should be earned from other revenue sources.
    Kailash Gupta

  • My Name Is Khan has scored in its first week, even circuits which dropped heavily over weekdays have managed to put up good first week totals. The early estimates for week one are around 45 crore nett. The film will emerge a Hit at worst unless the second week has a huge crash in collections.
    this is what the BOI Says about mnik is khan the movie with such a high budget is been ready to declared hit no profit from direct theatres if you go through the music right satellite and declaring this movie hit then even radio was a hit right this is what i say the media is partial for srk movies

  • @ Arshan

    This is exactly what I mean. The media laways support SRK. The same treatment should also be given to other stars, especially Salman and Akshay.

  • MNIK adds another 11 Crore over second weekend, taking its total to 52 Crore in 10 days. Today it again faces a massive drop. From next week onwards there are multiple releases every week and screen space of MNIK will be drastically reduced. This is remain to be seen if movie can contribute anything significant from here on. Two week total is heading for 55 Crore.


  • My Name Is Khan Grosses 11 Crore Over Second Weekend

    Monday 22nd February 2010 14.30 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    My Name Is Khan has dropped over its second weekend with business of around 11 crore nett. This takes the film’s ten day business to 57 crore nett.

    The multiplexes in metroes are faring well as well as multiplexes in Muslim centres. Despite the drop over the second weekend the film has emerge a solid hit and will have a distributor share of over 35 crore. The lifetime nett business is likely to finish in the 70-75 crore range.

    The film has an outside chance of becoming a Super Hit if it can get close to 40 crore distributor share mark and as there is no competition in the few weeks it is has chances though they are slim.

  • Look how BOI is desperate to give hit tag to mnik the truth is that drop for mnik is 85% and then also dey r saying that it wil collect 75 cr and for that dey r playing with d fig paise lie hai to kaam karna padenga

  • Blue has fallen heavily in week two with around 8 crore nett collections. The two week nett collections are 38.50 crore and the film is likely to finish at around 42 crore nett and a share of 23 crore. AVERAGE
    this shows that BOI is biased and they are playing with the figure

  • Veer is looking at lifetime business of around 42 crore nett and a distributor share of 25-26 crore THIS WHAT BOI SAID FOR VEER again compare VEER got the share of 25 from 42 bcoz this movie was a run away hit in single screen and 75-80% of coll was from single screen so share is high according to that from 15 cr mnik got 10 cr note that mnik is mainly running in multiplx so is that possible in what percent they are giving the share

  • tell me one thing Indicine . if SRK does less movies in an year that takes him to another league . Be frank and honest . as per the quality of movies OSO and RNBDJ were not great movies, they worked purely because SRK do just 1 movie in an year other wise the fate of these 2 would have been similar to The movies done last year bY AKKI.
    Hrithik falls in category of AAMIR KHan . they just do 1-2 movie an year and the movies are totally different . as far as AKKI,SRK and Sallu are concerned they fall in same category who are liked in commercial entertainers and carry great entertainment value.

    so still i dont agree with ur comments that SRK falls in another league.

    anyways what is the nett business that MNIK require to become a hit in India ????????

  • MNIK films 10 days nett collections are 52 crores in India BOLLYBUSINESS:BOLLYWOOD BOXOFFICE SAYS . BOI says 56 crores he..he..he. ..BOI , TARAN ADARSH ke chote bhai lagte hai kya joh itna bakwas abhi bhi kar raha hai . Ek flop film ko hit karne ki ji jaan se kaushish kar rahe hai TARAN ADARSH or BOI he..he..he..he..

    BOI kitne paise liye SRK or KJO se he..he..he..he

    TARAN ADARSH most biased person in the world .

  • @ sudeep

    Bro ur vr rite if MNIK wud have been an Akshay flick Indicine wud have been came again n agaion n said wot a Bakwas Movie akshay must do better Cinema with 1.5 star reviews…and so does all the critics wud have been busy trashing Akshay n salmaan…

    I think MNIK was the worst movie of my life even if it earns 500 Crore il say it wud be a 1 star movie with zero entertainment…..

    i donno how critics like taran rated that one more than 3i od DDD?….
    I have heard that SRK-Karan paid 10 crores to Times of India to get 5 star rating?….is that true…

    and guys sudeep & Nauman…
    Housefull is coming

    It wud be an awesome entertainer but il here on tell how many stars it will get in future mark it

    times of India—->2.5

    iorresspective of Movie like all of em thrashed Veer even wen Veer was a gud one….and My second fav sallu suffered…..

    MNIK Yuckkkkkkkkkkkk

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