Is MNIK worth the media coverage its getting?

Nothing against Shahrukh Khan or Karan Johar here. But watching every news channel and newspaper give My Name Is Khan national importance, is hard to digest. Even now with the film having released across all multiplexes in India, the topic of discussion and debate continues to be the film.

Surely there are bigger problems in the country, that deserve more coverage and importance, don’t you think?

Also would other actors get the same backing from the media, the government and not to mention the industry, as MNIK has?

1) When Aamir Khan’s Fanna was banned in Gujarat, not many stood up for the actor, least the media. The producers (Yashraj) lost a lot of money.

2) Hrithik Roshan’s last film Jodha Akbar too was banned in Rajasthan, later in Madhya Pradesh and eventually in UP. Where was the government, the media? Why wasn’t the same security and assurance provided to the film and its makers? The film lost 6 – 8 crores, no less.

All we are trying to say here is, irrespective of how big / small the film is, irrespective of who the lead star is, every film that is passed by the censor board should witness a smooth release all over.



  • I think the people of our nation have been fooled :D :D

    Its srks proximity with the Gandhis that has done the trick. We all know the movie was low on hype and srk being a master at churning out controversies and marketing the film has done it again.

    Those who were not even interested in watching this movie are now curious to check it out……. :D

  • Forgot to mention… good to the point article. Its good to see the way you didnt cross limits and never got too political.

  • Nothing new. Media Always licks SRK’s a** .

    Even when RNBDJ released, Star News started RNBDJ’s coverage right from 9am in the morning.

    They have turned MNIK into a National Issue. Balls to Media People.

    SRK said “Jab main Khan ko promote karunga duniya dekhegi”

    Now, the same is happening. SRK succeded in his Marketing Antics.

    This is a shame !!!

    My hatred for SRK even increased more after this incident. Though, the movie was good one. No doubts on that.

    MNIK needed such coverage to save its fate, which looked going down after its boaring promos
    and not so good music.

    SUCKS !!!

  • it seems the media is overdoing it now, & cause of that MNIK has got a unexpected free publicity, which is bringing in people to watch the movie from unexpected zones also.
    well, Fanaah & both Jodaa Akbar was deprived from blockbuster status bcause they were banned in certain places & neither the government or media did anything about it.Such hypocrites.

  • Dear Indicine team,

    Please don’t do this, i am not expecting from your side to put conspiracies in that issue. for all the other films which are banned in other states was wrong but the star of these films them selves not work hard for the smooth release of their films. Here issue is different SRK is not only the lead actor but also the producer of the film and if you say why media is supporting SRK to much because there is a reason which is SRK always has a very good relations with media which he develop over the last 20 years. don’t blame him for the media hype.
    He is a true Gentleman and fantastic actor. that’s why he’s loved by the whole world. he is a true global star. on par with Tom Cruise and Jhonny Depp.

  • @ Vicky

    MNIK is a good movie, but initially there was less buzz for this movie than a typical flick. so this whole bawal has helped MNIK immensly. I live in Kolkata & the only news in the front page of our newspaper was MNIK. Though this shows srk’s popularity but the same justice was not done with JA or Fanaah.

  • if u think the same thing in a positive way ..

    then its actually good ..

    that Government is now realizing its responsibilities ..

    stay positive ..

    be happy ..

  • Halakoo, doesn’t really matter who the producer is. And we are not targeting SRK here. Its the media and the government that is to be blamed. Politicians going out to watch the film, giving interviews and urging people to go out and support it, for political mileage just isn’t right.

    Agreed that SRK shares a great relationship with the media, but is that reason enough to over publicize the whole thing and give it national importance? Don’t think so, atleast not when things have calmed down and the film has released everywhere.

  • @ Vicky

    don’t blame srk !!! blame indian media , they are biggest hypocrites in the world.

    @ aakash

    mind ur language dude, indicine has said nothing against srk . your words show how selfish person u are.

  • Nicely done Indicine

    I like how you stop short of becoming too political or biased, this is why i love this site.

    I agree with, it is unnessacary publicity and wether Srk/Shiv sena likes it or not, i think we can all agree that both SRK and Shiv Sena are taking away major positives from it. But given the likes of Fanaa, Jodha Akbar and Veer, which hardly got any coverage because of controversy, it is baffling. Here in the UK, the controversy has been mnetioned in papers as big as the the daily mail etc.

    However i think that most of the media is congree controlled and the congress is using any means to discredit the shiv sena, so perhaps that maybe why, but still.

  • Media, critics and awards are paid for sure…..might be they got huge money from makers to cover news…Regarding movie..its not movie its well made Documentary about muslim cultute…….This is not going to work…It might take good opening becouse of big hype…but for sure will go down soon…
    Disgusting…shown negative on american people…which is not true….

  • Indicine team,
    Good to see that you guys have raised the topic.I also feel that media is giving too much importance to this issue.This has now become a national talking issue and though negatively,given some free publicity to the movie.

    But all said and done,you can’t be too critical of this issue because the movie is really good, with an exceptional performance from SRK,so this movie would be expected to work on its own merit and not negative publicity.

  • im srk fan.
    i think media is 50% correct and 50 % wrong for mnik issue.
    1-i think media dont like raj-bal thacreus marathi policy. there r 80% audience are speak or understand hindi.
    if media go against marathi policy of bal nad raj thacreys then there ratings and trp wi;; go down.
    2- srk is superstar of india. and there was some missunderstanding between srk and thacreys about pakistani playrs. media make a big issue or news for there trps and ratings.
    3- srk and thacreys both need some publicity at that time. and no one wanna loose the chance of this free publicity.
    4-media wahi dikhata hai jo hum dekhna chahte hai(rann).
    5-news banti nahi banai jati hai(rann).

    but overall movie is good . and media higligts the mnik by their news.

  • Aakash
    u r right but i think srk hv to do some mnik types more movies in future.
    mnik types dontmesn terrrorist base movise but emotional and performance wis movie.
    throught mnik he prove himself as the top ten good acting skill actors list.
    but he is not in no. 1 position. so he need more good and good performance for a top position.

  • MNIK needed publicity so that it can recover its huge cost.. FOX has invested in cost has to be recovered oderwise FOX will never invest in any hindi film in future… SEEDHII BAAT, NO BAKWAAS

  • undoubtedly king khan is the biggest star in india nd all over the world..thats the main reason..nd mnik roks…a must watch film… and mnik is by far the biggest film of 2010….and it simply superb

  • well , shiv sena made this issue to show they exist powerfully in maharashtra .

    Indicine whats the problem you are having if media is backing up shahrukh , shahrukh didn’t kill anyone like salman did few years ago neither his film spread hate and violence . he just stand for his right of being an indian . i know media isn’t doing his work as good or as clear it should be. Media makes a man criminal before court gives decision , but i feel you should not have this post , you are saying that if media or anyone didn’t came that time then they should also not this time.

    u r right.
    news channels ko pro ne bahut paisa diya hai
    for 24 hours ,regular publicity.
    ab ye news channels kam bt boxoffice fake collections,promote n dmote movie,jyada kar rahey hain.
    to humko agar news jaanna hai to hum,kuan sa channel dekhen.
    itni publicity agar akki ya sallu ko dete to 15 cr(holiday) first day hota.
    2day zoom channel told 65% average opening.
    boi said 8 cr on fri.
    bt starnews n liveindia news channel told in headline n news also
    tht 25 cr on friday.
    ye public ko fool bana rahey hain,hypnotise kar rahe hain.
    srk to berlin main enjoy kar raha hai.
    frm 2 days,24 hours,news chaneel told abt srk,gouri activities
    wt they r talking,wt they r not talking,wt they r twitting,etc,etc
    pak gaye yaar.

  • Respected indicine team , I will never dissapoint you . After your banned I was feel very alone in net .

    I dont descrive my happiness .

    Thousand salutes for you .

  • After seeing the 1st day boi collection of mnik,i can say it is overhyped by media.i can understand not beating 3i record for shiv sena but atleast it should break love aaj kal first day.

  • AMIT,
    wt rubbish things u r talking.
    1.he is not kill anyone ok.he didnt drive car,his driver was running car.
    unfortunately dis happened,not jaanbhujkar.thts y he free.
    2. in jodhpur he is not alone
    saif ali khan,neelam,tabbu,sonali bendre was also wid him.
    n dis crime done by his frnd bt he didnt told his name,bcoz he is his frnd.
    bt sallu ne uncountable good work kakey byhelpng poor,needed people,
    took responsbility of so many poor people treatment,their kid education till 12th or college.
    by giving them food of one year,gave money to needed people n villagers.
    his being human charity 4 helping poor,needed ,patient,people n childs,kids.
    unfortunatelu uspar jo ilzaam lagey,jo usney nahi kiye they.
    uskey bhi paap bahut pehley dhul gaye.
    ab to vo punya kamaa raha hai.

  • Respected indicine team ,

    mnik film collected 8 crores in 2500 prints & veer collected 7 crores in 1563 prints which is better.

    veer collected 7 crores without tv promototions & media attention like mnik .

    Whats your thought?

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