Initial MNIK Reviews

The initial reviews of My Name Is Khan from those who managed to watch it, is out. The film has been loved by folks from the industry, most critics weren’t invited to the premiere.

Here are some of the initial reactions 

Farhan Akhtar (director): MNIK is an amazing film. Full power to Karan, Shahrukh, Kajol, Ravi K Chandran (DOP), Deepa Bhatia (editor) and the rest! Outstanding! – Shahrukh’s best performance till date. Karan’s best film. What else can you ask for? –  Kajol is very good as always, reached in and plucked my heart out in some moments…. but SRK blows you away. MUST WATCH!

Preity Zinta : Jut saw My Name Is Khan and it is MINDBLOWING ! Everyone who has a heart should watch it .. Again and Again and Again ! Am so proud of SRK ! – Karan Johar has shown his superiority as a director ! I am so proud of him ! My name is Zinta and I have loved the film – Kajol is also amazing in the film ! Its SRK’s role that is really tough though and he deserves a standing ovation :-)

Sonam Kapoor : Saw mnik, loved the purity of khan and the intentions of the film. its a tear jerker with a message of love and hope. Power to kjo!

Arjun Rampal : A brave and powerful film. Proud of them (Karan, SRK and MNIK team).


Any negatives reviews, you may ask. Yes, there is one from Sagarika Ghose- a popular CNN IBN journalist and wife of one of India’s most respected journalist Rajdeep Sardesai. Here is what she had to say about the film on twitter.

  • Just came back from special screening of MINK–after all the hype, sorry the movie just didn’t work for me.
  • Love shahrukh, total solidarity on ss, but his performance in MINK fell badly short, made autism look comical, as if he was sending it up.
  • Why could the same film not have been set in India: muslim-as-terrorist dilemma equally potent here..MINK totally american film
  • MNIK too contrived, not real, tackily made ..Three Idiots far far better
  • On Kajol : she bounced around perkily and wept well, but not a big deal. am afraid..
  • I love shahrukh, think he has great energy and is very good looking, but his acting in MNIK is most disappointing..
  • In my view a movie entitled MNIK should be raw, gut wrenching, in your face–this was neither here nor there..


  • @hina….sohag is doing in very good way what the irritating rajib halder did during veer…nothing was then…u r a salman fan so try to make a big heart like salman…

  • SALAAM 2 all

    srk deserve this words

    “” my name is publicity kaa baadshaah ” and “‘ i am not the bollywood kaa baadhshaah”

  • sorry guys for goin a off topic….

    Its from salman khan blog…nice one

    I signed out last week from Veer but somehow it didn’t sound right that I interacted with all you fantastic people for a film over so many weeks and then it was time to say bye till the next film. Also, saw a lot of your feed back after my last blog on Veer and felt I should keep this alive and remain in touch.
    Would like to take this blog beyond Veer…time to focus on the real world…Been thinking about all that’s happening around lately around IPL, the Pakistani players etc and it has been disturbing. I want to know what you all think about this…is this right? Should there be any Indo-Pak differences when it comes to love for movies or cricket? I’d love to know what’s your take on this, what the youth thinks about this…Do you think its cool, not so cool? … See More

    Would like to raise these questions to you all and learn what do audiences really think about such issues?

    Keep sending in your thoughts on the same…



  • @ Hina

    not anyone can make people cry, is really a hard job, but here I am not supporting Shahrukh, since I don’t like him either….I am an 200% Akshay Kumar’s fan.

    But I was kinda upset when you were all blaming the media and everything for Veer, when we all knew Veer wasn’t that well made movie.

    I’ve watched it twice in theater to see why the Hell people saying the movie was too good, and by thinking I probably missed something…..but both time I was disappointed, hope MNIK do well and can,t wait for HOUSEFULL :)

  • @ Sohag, most people loved Veer. Indeed today BOI published the Q&A session where they state that Veer is among top 10 movies that

    I dont know whether MNIK is good or bad. I personally won’t watch a New York and Kurbaan repeat but it might be the best movie ever made for all I know. What I do know is when a critic gets a special screening for a movie to give his reviews 5 days before the movie releases, you just can’t trust him. What was the reason for showing the movie to Taran and not Rajeev Masand, Komal Nahata or anyone else?

    Taran’s reviews are the worst anyway .. he just gives good rating to movies he thinks will do well (based on hype, star, etc) but I don;t think he has any idea at all about what makes a good or bad movie .. otherwise why would he give such good ratings to Blue, Karzzz, Kurbaan, etc.

  • the movie will rock for decades……
    it will break all the records of history………….
    SRK rocks…..He is the KING

  • i have seen the film.

    all i have to say is the film is: DIFFERENT.

    thank goodness shah rukh has got rid of his ”raj” persona and for the better of him. i think this film marks a new era for shah rukh. from now on he will be known as ”rizwan” instead of ”raj”. and i believe this is one of shah rukhs finest work. he needs to do more cinema like this to solidify or reclaim (from aamir khan) his position as the badshah of bollywood.

    now, about the film. not your typical shah rukh entertainer. but rather a hollywood style docu drama. having said that no way is it boring. in fact it is very captivating and a delight to watch. it may not go down too well with the masala loving audience but the film is definately worth a watch by all. very strong messages conveyed in the film and karan johar has told them well.

    in terms of the shah rukh- kajol magic, unfortunately the chemistry and magic they shared in thier earlier films is missing. but you need to understand they are both quite old now !! and a generation has passed. so they both appear outdated. nevertheless, acting wise they have both delivered thier finest work. and very good performances from the other cast. after the debacle of kabhie alvida na kehna, i think karan has rectified the mistakes he made and regained back his tarnished image as a director. the story is beautifully told – but not a typical entertainer mind you, and one of the better films to come out this year. karan has indeed jumped leaps with this film and has shown us he is indeed one of the finest storytellers in bollywood today. i believe this is one of karans finest works and is what cinema should be about. karan has pulled himself back into directing good cinema again and into the A list of directors. good for him. this is a film he will be remembered by, and shows that KANK was a mistake for him and he iindeed is a talented filmaker.

    for those who are expecting a KKHH, KKKG, or KHNH and the magic of kajol-shah rukh in a mind blowing entertainer – then forget it, this is not the film. you will be dissapointed. however, this is good cinema. a very meaningful film brilliantly told and very watchable. for masala lovers, it will be boring. for people with a brain and for people who love good cinema, this is a must watch.

    there is no doubt the film will be a hit. but how big a hit remains to be seen. i doubt it will be able to beat ghajinis record though, let alone the record of three idiots. but for a change shah rukh has made good cinema. people will now see him in a different light.

    although recently i saw shah rukh on the no.1 rated chat show in the u.k. called the ‘jonathan ross show’. his antics on the show were very gay and he did not present himself too well. he even resorted to kissing the gay man on the show !! he definately showed everyone that he has gay tendencies !! something the people of bollywood have suspected for a long time. so i think his personality is getting wierd by the day.

    my rating for film 8/10.

  • @ Spiderman
    Nice review
    Yeh i too agree that its different as i have seen the trailor. I think atleast it will break the record of Gajni but i think it will break all records. So keep ruling the world srk.

  • 7 days before of release taran adarsh ne MNIK ka review de diya PAISE lekar . What a shame for our critics industry .

  • @Sohag ..If u r akki fan y u r trying to bring Salman down on a MNIK page?

    @Kabir ..Absolutely agree wid u :)

    @amish ..Hahaha r u sure he is another Rajib???

  • all i have to say afta reading all the nonsense from haters is that for god sake stop chating shit about srk…he is famous and loved by many people for a reason. he is a brilliant actor and human being..bollywood is what it is mostly because of him and he deserves all the praise…people who say he is gay get a life…hw cn he be gay if he is married to a women and have two i mean it does not make sense, in that case he wouldve got married to a guy rather then a ppl jus hate the fact that he is sooo powerfull and famous, especially boys. dnt hate it preciate it…

  • TARAN ADARSH now days giving 99% impure reviews .

    Flop films like

    Blue – 4 stars

    Rann – 4 stars

    Karzz- 4 stars

  • SRK: wish u could act more naturally in movies. Far too mickey mouse acting, man, with the head titubation and quivering lips..
    Not impressed with what I saw in the trailer.
    I’ll nevertheless give u benefit of the doubt and post again after watching on wed.

  • @ Hina

    I am not bringing Salman down, I haven’t said anything bad about him, since I also like him and I was very disappointed at you Salman’s die hard fans….the way you guys were bad mouthing to all the critics, again now ur bad mouthing Taran Adarsh for the critics….and now when the final verdict came for Veer…you guys are not saying anything anymore.

    So Hina just a friendly advice…try to start respecting people and praise good movies, not because u dislike someone u have to trash his movies because u can’t just stop your jalousie………

  • @Sohag ..Very interesting indeed.I haven’t even once said anything bad about SRK or MNIK .Really open ur eyes.Your comments dun make sense to me.Looks like as if u wana induce a fight here without any reason.I know MNIK will do well OSO n RNBDJ are example of SRK’s Box-office power.For GOD sake stop being too smart.N read properly what others are pasting.N if u have so much in u come to Veer Page n paste there.Really m annoyed at ur immature behaviour.If majority has problem with Taran’s review then really he has a problem in his reviewing skills.Dun mind replying back brainlessly :)

  • i was there at the special screening. so i saw the film.

    hasib, i did not state srk is gay, what i said was he seems to have gay tendencies. watch on youtube ‘shah rukh khan kissing john barrowman on the jonathan ross show’. marriage to a woman is the right thing to do in india. but that does not mean married men cannot be gay. there are a lot of men who are gay but get married to a woman because it is the right thing to do. they are willing to sacrifice thier private lives for the good of thier family. it happens to many men in india. also some men can develop gay tendencies after marriage. but they pretend they are ok. so all of the above could be the case with shah rukh.

  • @ Spider-man

    one word: DIPLOMACY. Think about it and now try to explain SRKs actions with John Barrowman who is openly gay. (even better, a proverb: When in rome do what the Romans do). Its very simple.

  • It seems spiderman is gay. Maybe SRK and Hrithik rejected, insulted and bruised his stupid ego and so no wonder he is always talking rubbish about these fine artists…
    I am sorry to say but the public is not so stupid not to realise how bitter this so called spiderman is that he has to pen down every now and then mudslinging at these celebrities!!

  • like i said sum ppl r jealous and cant take sum1 being successful…sooo called spidermen i think u are talkin alot of rubbish…absolutely agree wid u abd..n sum ppl over the blogs always want attention and i think spiderman is doing the same thing by chatin lot of rubbish…

  • I must say I somewhat agree with Spiderman that Hritik and SRK can come across as being rather effeminate in some movies.

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