Initial MNIK Reviews

The initial reviews of My Name Is Khan from those who managed to watch it, is out. The film has been loved by folks from the industry, most critics weren’t invited to the premiere.

Here are some of the initial reactions†

Farhan Akhtar (director): MNIK is an amazing film. Full power to Karan, Shahrukh, Kajol, Ravi K Chandran (DOP), Deepa Bhatia (editor) and the rest! Outstanding! – Shahrukh’s best performance till date. Karan’s best film. What else can you ask for? – †Kajol is very good as always, reached in and plucked my heart out in some moments…. but SRK blows you away. MUST WATCH!

Preity Zinta : Jut saw My Name Is Khan and it is MINDBLOWING ! Everyone who has a heart should watch it .. Again and Again and Again ! Am so proud of SRK ! – Karan Johar has shown his superiority as a director ! I am so proud of him ! My name is Zinta and I have loved the film – Kajol is also amazing in the film ! Its SRK’s role that is really tough though and he deserves a standing ovation :-)

Sonam Kapoor : Saw mnik, loved the purity of khan and the intentions of the film. its a tear jerker with a message of love and hope. Power to kjo!

Arjun Rampal : A brave and powerful film. Proud of them (Karan, SRK and MNIK team).


Any negatives reviews, you may ask. Yes, there is one from Sagarika Ghose- a popular CNN IBN journalist and wife of one of India’s most respected journalist Rajdeep Sardesai. Here is what she had to say about the film on twitter.

  • Just came back from special screening of MINK–after all the hype, sorry the movie just didn’t work for me.
  • Love shahrukh, total solidarity on ss, but his performance in MINK fell badly short, made autism look comical, as if he was sending it up.
  • Why could the same film not have been set in India: muslim-as-terrorist dilemma equally potent here..MINK totally american film
  • MNIK too contrived, not real, tackily made ..Three Idiots far far better
  • On Kajol : she bounced around perkily and wept well, but not a big deal. am afraid..
  • I love shahrukh, think he has great energy and is very good looking, but his acting in MNIK is most disappointing..
  • In my view a movie entitled MNIK should be raw, gut wrenching, in your face–this was neither here nor there..


  • My Name Is Khan – Movie Review by Mid-day
    By: Sarita Tanwar Date: 2010-02-10 Place: Mumbai

    My Name Is Khan
    Dir: Karan Johar
    Cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol, Jimmy Shergill, Soniya Jehan and Zarina Wahab
    Rating: ****¬Ĺ

    WHAT IT’S ABOUT: When the maestro of romance teams up with celluloid’s most adored pair, you know there’s magic waiting to happen. Get set for the year’s best offering so far. My Name Is Khan has all the gloss you expect from a KJo film — only this time, it comes along with a new sensibility and a bolder theme. The film is about Rizwan Khan (Shah Rukh Khan) who suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome, a birth disorder. Rizwan has problems in his social interactions. After his mother’s (Zarina Wahab) death, his US-based younger brother (Jimmy Shergill) takes him to San Francisco where Rizwan starts working as a salesman. On one of his calls, he encounters Mandira (Kajol) and his life changes. Mandira is a single mother, falls in love with Rizwan in an improbable yet utterly romantic manner. They get married and, life seems till (9/11) changes it all. Rizwan and Mandira are torn apart after they face a monumental tragedy as victims of racism. To win Mandira back, Rizwan is faced with the most daunting task of all. And thus begins his journey — across states, cultures, people, racial profiling and hatred. In his quest to rediscover his lost love, how Rizwan emerges as the most unlikely hero forms the crux of the film.

    WHAT’S HOT: There’s no one quite like Karan Johar when it comes to love stories and MNIK simply reinforces that. This is a difficult subject to handle — it’s multi-layered unlike his previous attempts. There’s a hero with a handicap; the leading lady who is the mother of a school kid; there’s a clash of cultures inspired by true events and there’s some hard-hitting drama. It’s commendable the way Karan interweaves all of this in his narrative, in a film which at the core is a love story with epical proportions. Even though MNIK is the director’s shortest film in terms of length, it’s the most comprehensive story he’s ever told. The quintessential dazzle of a KJo film is all there — from the zigzag streets of Frisco to the stark beauty of Arizona. The director scores full marks in the poignant portrayal of each of the relationships. The Rizwan-Mandira romance is captured beautifully. Rizwan’s moments with her son are brilliant and the child’s acceptance of the new man in his mother’s life is subtle yet so effective. The second half of the film is the crowning glory — the lead pair’s parting forms the base leading to Rizwan’s spectacular ride through the country and his ability to strike a chord with everyone he encounters. MNIK works because it’s an uplifting tale of an underdog told in an entertaining manner. There’s also that element of freshness in the film also his choice of actors — Zarina Wahab, Jimmy Shergill, Soniya Jehan (simply superb) and Arif Zakaria. It’s a delight to see Kajol back in action — she brings Mandira alive first with her characteristic candour and then with her heartrending complexity of emotions. The distressing scene with her son is proof of why she’s simply the best. But MNIK is, after all, the story of Rizwan and it is to Shah Rukh Khan’s credit that Rizwan grows on you with every scene. What seems awkward initially eventually culminates into a character you warm upto want to take home — you want to laugh at his innocent antics and cry when he’s in pain. The SRK magic is at play in almost all the crucial moments — when Mandira proposes to him; his touching camaraderie with the African-American family; the sequence in the Church where he speaks about his son; the one where he stands up to a fanatic; the scene — MNIK is Shah Rukh

    WHAT’S NOT: In a near-perfect film, the only over-the-top part is Rizwan’s return to a flood-hit small town to save the African-American family. It’s stands out because everything else is so understated. And then the part about the media brigade landing there followed by Rizwan’s supporters is a bit unconvincing. Also, one of the highlights of all Karan Johar films has been the musical score. In MNIK, nothing impresses us much except for the Noor-E-Khuda track, which is haunting.

    WHAT’S THAT: Rizwan never shakes hands with anyone — he has a problem with that. Yet, when he meets the American President, he shakes hands not once but twice. Special treatment for special people?

    WHAT TO DO: Brave the protests and head for the nearest cinema hall. MNIK is a must-watch. The Karan-Shah Rukh-Kajol combo strikes once more.

  • Mumbai theatres attacked; warned not to screen MNIK
    However, the party workers yesterday attacked three theatres in Mumbai (Shreyas Theatre-Ghatkopar, Mehul Talkies-Mulund, and Metro Big Cinemas-Dhobi Talao), that will be screening the Karan Johar directed MNIK.

    Bollywood Hungama has also got the oven-fresh news that Cinemax Cinemas have stopped advance bookings for the film, directed by Karan Johar which releases on Friday.

    Leaves of all Mumbai policemen have been cancelled in order to ensure the smooth proceedings of the shows. The security cover at the single screen theatres as well as the multiplexes have been more than doubled, while MNIKís lead star Shah Rukh Khanís security has been increased.

    Even though there was stone pelting at the said theatres, the situation in Metro Big Cinemas was reported to be the worst as party workers went onto vandalize and tear one of the screens. An official with Metro Cinema, requesting anonymity, told Bollywood Hungama, ďThe Ďmodus operandií adopted by the party workers was really something. They entered the theatre on the pretext of watching a film. Within a few minutes, there was some stone-throwing outside the theatre. When we went to control that, the workers in the theatre started their act of tearing the screen apart. The damages are too huge to be even spoken about.Ē

  • Shiv Sena goons on rampage in Mumbai, film theatres close booking of SRK movie

    Mumbai, February 10: Movie theaters in Mumbai have closed down advance bookings for Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khanís upcoming flick ĎMy Name is Khaní, fearing attacks by Shiv Sena activists before and during the screening of the movie, which releases on Friday (February 12).

    Shiv Sena activists had on Tuesday attacked several cinema halls that were supposed to screen Shahrukh Khanís flick.

    Over 350 Shiv Sena activists have been arrested for demonstrating and damaging cinema screens.

    Sena workers managed to enter the halls and damage screens of the Metro theater in south Mumbai and the Huma Cinema at Kanjurmarg using sharp instruments.

    Activists pelted stones and broke the glasses of Mehul cinema in suburban Mulund. They also tore down posters of the movie outside Fame cinema in Pantnagar and R-City Mall at Ghatkopar.

  • ppl should not go to watch MNIK in multiplex bcoz of vandalizm from party of shiva sena
    its better to watch in home (family pack with coke and pizza

  • Its impossible to earn 75 Crore nett in India to get hit status .

    Honestly in overseas mnik will be get hit status .

    Best of luck for mnik .

  • This is my prediction dont mind guys

    In India MNIK will be flop because of its high price tag .

    Overseas MNIK will be super hit .

  • Maharashtra mein agar film release nahi hoti hai toh it will declared as a flop in first week . Because (25% Ė 30%) share coming from maharashtra . Multiplex mein film dekhne ke liye audience kyon risk lega .

  • oops… Sami i thgouht it was your personal review :)

    just saw the name of the reviewer :)

    anyways…thanks for sharing and i’m sure that your own review will also be nothing less.

    Sorry for the misunderstanding.

  • i advise everyone to not criticize mnik unless they have seen it. please watch the film first and then give your verdict.

    i have watched it and i found it to be a likable film. and as most of you know my standards are quite high. whenever i say a film is good it turns out that everyone else likes it and vice versa.

    but as i said before, it will not cater to everyones taste as it is a sort of docu drama. so we shall wait and see what happens at the box office. no doubt it should become a superhit at least. overseas it could break the record of three idiots.

    i agree with GARIMA. srk is the king of media manipulation. and from the looks of it he has done a good job of it so far. especially overseas, by appearing on high profile chat shows for the first time and the security incident at the airport etc. everyone overseas now knows about the film mnik, even the people who are very conservative when it comes to bollywood. no doubt even these people will go out to see it just to check what the hoo ha is all about. shah rukh has also done a good job of it in india, what with the whole country now knows about mnik, even the village grandad !

    so no doubt he has increased his prospective audience by leaps and bounds. but i doubt this will be enough to beat three idiots record in india. overseas it may do.

    yes, you can call srk the intelligent publicity seaker, and the undisputed king of media manipulation.

  • @Akhlaq Bahe ..Sami has taken this review 4m Mid Day :) Its mentioned on the top of the review.Can I ask what do u make of such a story-line? I feel its a simple story which will only be compensated by great performances n direction n which MNIK will certainly have hopefully.

  • (Stardust Review, NOT my review, my review will inshallah be tomorrow)

    Shah Rukh Khan MY NAME IS KHAN is riveting, magical: Movie Review [10 Feb 2010] STARRING

    Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol, Jimmy Shergill, Zarina Wahab, Parveen Dabbas, Arif Zakaria, Navneet Nishan, Sheetal Menon, Tanay Cheda, Arjun Mathur, Sonya Jehan and others.


    Karan Johar


    The plot of the flick revolves around the character of Rizvan Khan (played by Shah Rukh Khan), who suffers from Aspergers disease. He is innocent and believes in the teaching of his mother (Zarina Wahab) who says that there are good or bad men in the world and good always win over the bad. Rizvan believed that he was a good person.

    Rizvan Khan leaves India to live with his brother (Jimmy Shergill) in San Francisco. Rizvan, who is a simple and pure person at heart, falls in love with Mandira(Kajol). Now, Rizvan wants to marry her but his family, including brother, is against the union due to various extraneous factors other than love.

    Rizvan does not like all these things and marries Mandira against the will of his family members. Soon Mandira and Rizvan move out of his brotherís shadow and start their own small business. They are enjoying the marital bliss but fate had other things in store for them.

    On eleventh September a bomb blast takes place in New York and everything changes for the innocent man and his wife. Being a Muslim, Rizvan faces innumerable difficulties due to changed attitude in the US after suspected Islamic terrorists bombed the New York.

    A tragedy happens in Mandiraís life and she decides to walk away from Rizvan Khanís life for ever. Rizvan is devastated at the happening and tries to reunite with his better half through every conceivable means.

    The gutsy Rizvan even undertakes a journey to meet the US President in his effort to win back the love of his life. What happens after that and if he succeeds in his endeavors forms the rest of the flick.


    Shah Rukh Khan, who plays the character of Rizvan Khan in the flick, is brilliant to say the least. King Khan has not only managed to showcase the nuances of Aspergerís disease but also come out with flying colors in portraying the pain and tribulation of a Muslim when confronted with the tag of a terrorist only because of his religion.

    Shah Rukh Khanís facial expression during his imprisonment and security check up at the airport goes straight to audienceís heart and they feel the pain themselves. In fact, Shah Rukh Khan makes the audience completely involved with his character and that is the biggest success of his performance.

    Shah Rukh Khan shows his towering histrionic ability when he faces Kajol after that tragic event that becomes the starting point for their separation. Though, his romantic flings with Kajol is underplayed (quite unlike ĎDilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayengeí) this time, perhaps due to mature love story angle, but he excels in even that and becomes darling of audiences.

    Kajol, the gorgeous beauty of bollywood who plays the character of Mandira in ĎMy Name Is Khaní and mother of SRKís children, comes out with a winning performance. Kajol has given a life time performance; she completely matches the histrionics ability of King Khan.

    In fact, Kajol surpasses even Shah Rukh Khan in some sequences. One of those scenes relate to Kajolís outburst when she had been devastated by the accident and SRK came face to face for the first time. The pinch is severely felt by the audiences at that time.

    Zarina Wahab, who plays the character of Shah Rukh Khanís mother in the flick, gives a memorable performance. Soneya Jehan, the Pakistani actress playing SRKís sister, too, has come out with a heart wrenching performance in the flick.

    Jimmy Shergill, who plays Shah Rukh Khanís elder brother living in the San Francisco, gives a good account of himself. Similarly, Parveen Dabbas, Arif Zakaria, Navneet Nishan and Vinay Pathak lend able support to the main cast of the flick.

    Tanay Chheda, the child actor who played Shah Rukh Khan and Yuvaan Makar(who played the part of young Sameer), have given good performances.

    The direction of Karan Johar is brilliant in this nearer to reality flick. Now, no one can say that Karan Johar brand of cinema is limited to mushy romances for the NRI audiences. Karan has shown great courage in choosing a topic which was not his forte but he has come out with a winning product, no two opinions about that.

    Shankar Ehsaan-Loyís music has already become popular with the audiences and should prove one of the highlights of the flick. The cinematography by Ravi Chandran is top notch and leaves nothing to be desired. Screenplay and dialogues by Shibani Bathija keep the audiences hooked.


    Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol are at their best in this nearer- to- reality flick from Karan Joharís Dharma Productions. The movie is likely to be lapped up by the multiplex going audiences more than single screen theatre goers. In any case, due to Shiv Senaís opposition to Shah Rukh Khan and ĎMy Name Is Khaní, a shattering opening weekend is guaranteed to the flick worldwide. A brilliant flick from K JO.

    Star Rating: * * * 1/2


    ‘ mnik bookings in mumbai have been stopped !!’

    ‘over 1023 shiv sena activists have been arrested, and tickets bookings for the film in mumbai have been stopped. the cinemas in mumbai have turned into fortresses with heavey deployment of police’.

    ‘plain clothes police will be patroling each cinema while the movie is being screened and each and every member of the audience will be checked thoroughly before being allowed into the theatres, although they are not required to show any formal personal ID’.


  • @spiderman seems shiv sena goin crazy as d movie nearing to release…I think they will hv a huge impact on the collection of mumbai.. Heard they had a secret meeting yesterday about fixing strategy hw to create more disruption dont knw is it true or nt… i guess the hype mnik already created will b able to collect extra collection from other areas of india and of course from abroad.

  • FROM imdb

    I just returned home after the screening of MNIK and i had a blast! I just thought i should share my experience with all of you so here it goes…

    First things first it ain’t a typical bollywood masala flick! It has India’s most famous on-screen couple SRK-Kajol but it is not KKHH or DDLJ…. Directed by the supremely talented Karan Johar this movie is an absolute stunner!! In fact everybody(mostly were British) fell in love with SRK’s character Rizwan Khan in the movie! Kajol has given a wonderful performance in the movie! I wont be surprised if this movie is nominated for Oscars!

    SRK plays Rizwan Khan who suffers from autism or commonly known as asperger’s syndrome who is married to a single mother Kajol.. The movie deals with effects of 9/11 which shook the world! One man sets out to see the president of USA and shows wonderfully how the people should be strong to chuck away their fears.. The main highlights of the movie are SRK and the climax! Oh what a climax the movie has! You cant control but smile with lots of tears in eyes seeing the climax!! Once again SRK shows that he is not only here for comments and bad films(as people say)

    No movie in recent times has given so much of emotional attachment with the characters of the film!! The movie will become a cult classic for SRK fans and even those who hate SRK.. I wont spoil anything about the movie but i would say one thing: Wait for 12th Feb and book the tickets for the movie as soon as you can! And believe me it will change your life completely(and don’t forget to thank me later! :)! The movie will break all records and set new trends in film making) For the people in India i feel lucky to have seen the movie before you but don’t be disappointed! Better late then never!! I repeat whenever you will watch it your life will change completely!!

    This movie deserves a full 10!!

  • hi there…just back from watching MNIK at Christchurch….and the movie was FABULOUS…the first half is a little bit slow but somehow it provide the base for what happens in the second half…you have to be patient while watching my name is khan….the 2nd half is reallllly good, i won’t reveal much but it really touches your heart…i am a muslim and i can say that shibani and karan had done a very good research on this topic (about islam). Unlike Kurbaan, the image of islam in this film is reallly nice. for the performance, SRK has proved it once again that he is still among the best actor that bollywood had! i noticed that several people here doesn’t like SRK that much…but watch MNIK, and you will find different avatar of mr khan. as for kajol, she is excellent as always. i don’t think kareena can play this character as brilliantly as kajol. and for those of u who think that this is movie is about terrorist, you better change your perception….the 9/11 case is only shown for like 3 minutes. there is nothing like kurbaan or new york in MNIK. in fact MNIK is better than those 2 (if u still want to compare). karan has prooved that he can come out from his comfort zone once in a while. audience might find that some scenes are a little bit ‘filmy’, but considering that this is bollywood movie, it shall be forgiven..overall i give 4 stars over 5. i don’t want to write long, analysis review. u should judge it by yourselves

    *i’m not the kind of person who wrote review b4 watching this film, so please do not accuse me for writing this 2 support SRK

  • BAJRANG DALA (similar to Shiv sena) threatened to disrupt the screening of My Name Is Khan in Orissa

    Shahrukh Khanís film My Name is Khan is akin to controversy. First, it was the Shiv Sena, who threatened to ban the film, then joined the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and now Orissa unit of the Bajrang Dal.

    Orissa unit of the Bajrang Dal has threatened to disrupt the screening of My Name is Khan in the state if Shahrukh fails to offer apology for supporting the inclusion of the Pakistani cricketers in the IPL.

    Subash Chouhan, national co-convenor of the Bajrang Dal, said that they would not allow the screening of My Name is Khan in the state unless Shahrukh apologise for his comments. He added that the actor acted like an agent to Pakistan by raising his voice for the cause of its cricketers.

  • Typical emotional drama expected from karan with strong grip on script which wrote specifically nature of indian audience and emotional people.A Muslim guy (Rizwan khan ) suffers from Aspersion syndrome ,kajol hindu woman(Mandira) which has son,Involve (typical drama 1st half) some comedy (like this portion 1st half) then marry Kajol , son suffer alot in school after 9/11 from his class mates (other school guys coz of Muslim father) so kajol’s son kill by school mates.

    Ridiculously Mantira put all responsibility to Rizwan khan for murder of her son and leave her and restrict rizwan dont try to meet me until u dont clear your self that you are not rizwan now try to meet president of usa for this do lot of struggle to clear his name.

    Really extremly boring movie hard to spend time in cinema if you are not emotional guy 0.3/5
    If emotional then you will like movie but not extremely 2.5/5

  • Waah!!! Indian ppl u have by far crossed all limits ! Iím not Indian and I watched Indian cinema and still watch it just because of SRK!!! He is the best representer of ur cinema for crying out loud!!! He is the best actor the best human he has by far passed Amitabís fame let alone Amirís or Salmanís !!!! You should be thankful for him and appreciate what he has and is doing for Bollywood ! So now u couldnít find anything to accuse him for or offend him by except for saying he is gay !!!!!!!! Omg omg omg i donít know whatís wrong with u ppl for the love of god !! As for MINK Iím having doubts about how well itíll do in the Indian box office and thatís not cuz I doubt that itís a good movie no I know itís a good movie cuz Karan and sharukh ve never done anything but good movies but because ur strange absurd odd unbelievably childish taste in movies u Indian ppl ! U and ur taste that prefers the cheesy action e.g Ghajini or Wanted or the animated so for children comedies e.g DDD or APKGK movies over the heart breaking e.g KHNH or the great messege delievering e.g Swades movies , itís u Indian ppl the reason y Bollywood is still underestimated by many ppl ,itís u the reason y Im still having difficulties convincing some ppl in my country to watch an Indian movie ! So thatís y Iím quite sure that MINK wonít do as good as 3 idiots cuz thereís nothing childish about it !! Wake up u ppl u ve the best actor alive u ve the very talented movie maker Karan so donít underestimate them and even if the movie didnít do that well in India Iím sure it will break records overseas .so suck it already !!!

  • Overseas advance booking is good but

    in India advance booking so poor that you can not imagine that like kurbaan . So sad for a big film & huge controversy not helping the film .

  • jainpotter

    mnik flop in India but hit in overseas .

    joh film desh mein accept na ho woh film kaun dekhega .

    firangi dekhega . dont mind

  • super flop movie no reaction..!
    only good couple..!
    nt interested..!

    biggest flop of SRK.

    Veer is Good..!

  • My name is khan is bassed on a different subject.The film is tremendous.This gives a lesson to American.SRK and KAJOL”S role is tremendous.Srk poved that he can do all types of film ..My rating to MNIK is 4 star out of 5 star.

  • Guys, I saw this movie friday night show.. the viewers attendence was about 40%

    now here is my review:

    The movie has many pitfalls, some are listed below:

    1) Sharukh is shown suffering from disease, but his austin like acts are looking poorly imitative.. interistingly he is shown participating in functions, gives speech, does the routine works,etc .. very unconvincing, hard to beleive.

    2) Their son getting killed – is the worst ever picturisations.. its very violent to see the kids killing another in a soccer (football) playground.. and for no significant or strong reason .. ( director tries to convince, its because he is muslim, but its very poorly themed and picturised .. very bad really)

    3) He gives statements in Hindi to Americans present in a social gathering and they were singing and dancing afterwords (as if they have understood the ‘Hndi’ very well) .. its very unconvincing..

    4) Kajol is shown with terrorist alignments… which is very bad, since childrens and woments are least involved in terrorist activities… it was really not required to be shown in movie.

    5) Lastly, the sentence “My name is Khan and I am not a terrorist ” is repeated too many times.. you would struck with feeling, if the muslims are eally terrorists … another directorial failure.. it seems like director is trying to defend and protect this Khan only (you will loose interest as the message is not conveyed properly for all muslims)..

    This is very unfortunate to say that this highly hyped movie fails to deliver at every aspect.. the story seems to be revolving around 9/11 only, acting wise the stars have nothing to do but to narrate the story..

    The emothional quotient is temporary as the story treatment is poor and leaves no impact due to hard to beleive sequences/picturizations.

    This movie might only be liked by sharukh fans only, and others should skip this flic or may see it in fast forward mode from local dvd shop ..

    rating: strictly 2.5 out of 5

  • karan movies r so borring…he tries toimitate yash chopra…so he will purposely add everything even if it is not needed….in one movie i he even added natinal anthem.. only he could do that..

    he knows if this will not work then atleast that will work attitude, he aputs masala of every kind…an intelligent thinker like me would run away from hsi movie,, i remember i was laughing to the glory when i watched the movie where he had hrithick kareen kajol amitabh…n slowly whole theater was laughing as even when things were not required were enforced on the people. so many jhappad ke bhai pappad just to make people emotional n i waslaughing n so were others……that was the best comedy movie….karan johar kurbaan is flop…he thinks he is the best director producer these days…….ew

  • sagarika sahi boli .. it is a bakwas film sorry couldnt post my views earlier as the site was giving me problems on opening the page etc ..and with new registration etc.. i think the site was greatly unstable ..even now some pages dont open… coming back t o the film ..there is nothing u want to remember after the film is over.. nothing hounds you..!!! trhe depiction of aspergers is very poor ..even i can do that bit of mimicry..negative impact film .. please dont comment on this film just because srk is in it ans do has to b good.. if we dont judge the film rightly people will be misled into believing that its a good film..

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