Initial MNIK Reviews

The initial reviews of My Name Is Khan from those who managed to watch it, is out. The film has been loved by folks from the industry, most critics weren’t invited to the premiere.

Here are some of the initial reactions 

Farhan Akhtar (director): MNIK is an amazing film. Full power to Karan, Shahrukh, Kajol, Ravi K Chandran (DOP), Deepa Bhatia (editor) and the rest! Outstanding! – Shahrukh’s best performance till date. Karan’s best film. What else can you ask for? –  Kajol is very good as always, reached in and plucked my heart out in some moments…. but SRK blows you away. MUST WATCH!

Preity Zinta : Jut saw My Name Is Khan and it is MINDBLOWING ! Everyone who has a heart should watch it .. Again and Again and Again ! Am so proud of SRK ! – Karan Johar has shown his superiority as a director ! I am so proud of him ! My name is Zinta and I have loved the film – Kajol is also amazing in the film ! Its SRK’s role that is really tough though and he deserves a standing ovation :-)

Sonam Kapoor : Saw mnik, loved the purity of khan and the intentions of the film. its a tear jerker with a message of love and hope. Power to kjo!

Arjun Rampal : A brave and powerful film. Proud of them (Karan, SRK and MNIK team).


Any negatives reviews, you may ask. Yes, there is one from Sagarika Ghose- a popular CNN IBN journalist and wife of one of India’s most respected journalist Rajdeep Sardesai. Here is what she had to say about the film on twitter.

  • Just came back from special screening of MINK–after all the hype, sorry the movie just didn’t work for me.
  • Love shahrukh, total solidarity on ss, but his performance in MINK fell badly short, made autism look comical, as if he was sending it up.
  • Why could the same film not have been set in India: muslim-as-terrorist dilemma equally potent here..MINK totally american film
  • MNIK too contrived, not real, tackily made ..Three Idiots far far better
  • On Kajol : she bounced around perkily and wept well, but not a big deal. am afraid..
  • I love shahrukh, think he has great energy and is very good looking, but his acting in MNIK is most disappointing..
  • In my view a movie entitled MNIK should be raw, gut wrenching, in your face–this was neither here nor there..


  • I am not a die hard fan of any artist. And specially SRK. Before DDLJG, his acting used to annoy me to the limits. But post DDLJG, he has grown his star power and thats for sure.

    It was only his star power that made a crap movie like RNBDJ hit on the box office.

    One thing is for sure…The movie will deffinitely take a good start. Anything above SEMI-HIT will depend on the content. If the movie is not good than i really hope that it doesn’t become a BB. But on the other hand, if the end-product is decent enough, then why not. Every positive effort deserves to get rewards, irrespective of who has made the effort.

    And yeah…since long, I’ve stopped taking Taran’s reviews seriously.

    Few days left…I hope the long awaited film doesn’t disappoint.

    Lets hope for and cheer for quality cinema :)

    Aall izzz well

  • Hina u r rite
    history is witness that when ever Taran gives his reviews before Friday he always give minimum 4 stars
    A Wednesday
    it shows that he watched those movies with Director and Producers in speciall screening.
    and when some one will invite him and gives him an honor then how can he put negative review.
    hopefully MNIK will be good movie but he gave 4 stars to Kurbaan aswell which wasn’t deserve.

  • @MNIK extremely disappointed to watch this movie same Muslim terrorist again nd again making such movies.I think it cant work on box office if audience have brain

  • When Taran Gave 1.5 / 5 to Veer then every Sallu fan hated him
    now MNIK is 4.5 /5 so every srk fan loves him
    nice na ???

  • suspense of the movie mnik-

    kajol is terrirost and he is using srk for 9\11 attack in america, his orignal lover is jimmy shergil……

  • @Hina

    Im not an SRK fan, read my comments clearly,i believe in giving films a chance, unlike others on this forum.

  • best of luck to a good movie.but shame on the cheapest person in d world who needs a controversy to publicize a film,who needs to pay money to the critics to get early good reviews and get a good opening,who isnt confident abt his film n his star power and has to depend on paid reviews to get an face saving opening…wat a shame!!!!!!!

  • 1 weekend-fr-15 crores,sat-12,sun 15=42.
    weekdays 35 crores total 77 crores.
    2 weekend 30 cr.
    weekdays 20 crores total 50=77+50=137
    total life time domestic 250-280.
    overseas=200-225 cr.

  • @ Adii: You say “thts why i love taran adrsh , he always give the review according to audience point of view.”

    How does your beloved Taran know audience point of view 5 days before film releasing???

  • so Taran has given 4.5 thank god not given 5.5 hehehe
    anyone can give 4.5 agter having a great dinner with wine from karan or srk

    Mano: taran is astrologer he can see future so his rating was high y cant u understand
    remember big bottle of wine/whiskey chicken/ mutton etc etc,,

  • Hehe Yess Mn, i’ve understood now :P Adii said he is god of critics, and may be to give a answer to my question, Adii will say he is God & he knows public point of view 5 days before releasing ;) You never know

  • paisa boltha hai yaar , paisa boltha hai
    One line for taran !!!
    kyu paisa paisa kartha hai thu, kyu paise pe thu martha hai !!!!
    Ek baath bathade thu mujko us rab se kyun nahi dartha hai !!!!!

  • Taran Gave Karzzzz 4/5

    Need I say more? When d reviews starts coming on Monday itself, it speaks itself about the authenticity of the review.

    If he gave the Review on Wednesday, then it would have been 4/5… lolzzz

  • Sharukh is a marketing machine, no wonder he is almost following the strategies of Amitabh to make movies successful.. but the fact remains that how the masses are accepting this movie..

    As this is another NRI story from Karan/sharukh camp, the most targeted audience is the overseas market.

    nevertheless, it would be interesting to see how the local people view this NRI story and able to relate it to themselves..

    and, I dont care about critics, whether the give 4.5 or a 5 out of 5.. its the domestic masses (not multiplex audience) who decide the movies fate..

  • People will get their mouth shut when the movie will release, I don’t like Shahrukh Khan either, but I can guarantee this movie will touch everyone’s heart, and Salman Khan’s fans will cry out loud hahahahahahaha, specially at indicine

    and i’ll laugh out loud at them khikhikhikhikhi

  • i second Mohini’s Thought that the Controversy involvinG SRK and Shiv Sena was a Pr strategy to give more mileage to MNIK . this guy can do anything for publicity . if he would have been a biz man he wd have been one of the best marketer worldwide for sure

  • I don’t belive in reviews or star power….i do belive in good,touchy films….i usually get it 4m amir,srk,naseruddin shah….waiting for mnik….and please be sure what srk doing is not the same disease which darshil or hrittek had….show some respect to a man who earns what he have…..nauman bollyplus is good…

  • @Sohag ..Even as Salman fan I know MNIK will open really well n wid positive reviews it will create magic.Why to cry for the things u already know?Better u focus on SRK here Salman has nothing to do wid MNIK.

  • Recently in an the funny,silly yet most popular(talked-what you do here) said , mnik will be released in two phase…next one in june 2010….indicine please describe…..

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