Hrithik Roshan vs Ajay Devgan

Hrithik Roshan’s Agneepath was initially confirmed for release on January 13th 2012, but with Aamir Khan’s Dhuan now postponed, Karan Johar has latched on to the opportunity to release his film during the extended Republic day weekend.

Karan Johar confirmed the same on Twitter “AGNEEPATH is now releasing on the 26th of January 2012”

The only problem though, is the release of Ajay Devgan’s Tezz, which is struggling against time to meet the deadline. The shoot of the film is yet to be complete, but producer Ratan Jain is confident “We were the first to announce the release date. We were ready to face Aamir Khan, we are ready to face competition from Hrithik Roshan too.”

If Tezz directed by Priyadarshan is completed on time, it’ll be a mega clash early next year – Hrithik Roshan vs Ajay Devgan. And what’s more, both are action films! Who do you think will emerge the winner?



  • abey ullu rishi….flops har ek ke actor ke lyf me hotey hai…jaake salman aur akshay ke flop films dekh,pura din lagjaayega,nt nli dem frm amitabh 2 srk,aamir sab flops diye…d nli thng here iz u don lyk hrithik 4 no reason…u praise ajay dnt talk senseless abt hrithik which doesnt exist…film indstry kya paagal hai usko filmfare award dene n duniya paagal hai jo hr ke piche bhaagne ke liye???aur starplus waale chutiye hai jo hr ko episode 2.5 cr offer karne ke liye…lagta hai abhi thdi der pehle paida hua hai…dnt crap abt hrithik nw..i srslly hate ppl who hate hrihik..coz nt nli 4 his films in real he izz a superhuman n d mst dedictd n hardworkin actor…i js cnt stop laufiin wen u said dt sanjay has fan follwing lolzzz unblvble u r..

  • hr ws namd superstar aftr v first film …who d hell r u 2 dcide abt him ,u first knw abt films, records n bollywood n den cum n talk 2 me…

  • @ afraz: dude u started d topic of chatur singh n rascals being flop n nt doin buisnes, so i just made u familiar wid those flop films of hr nthng else…. better knw d meaning first den get excited :) n after d first film of HR wat happnd with his following 4 films dat also guide us as u knw more na :D

  • @Rishi: Listen no matter how much you put your effort on your opinion, it won’t work. If you don’t like Hrithik, that’s ok but don’t make some foolish comments by saying Mission Kashmir was hit for Sanjay. The whole story was revolving around Altaf (Hrithik Roshan), the movie is all about the life of Altaf and the Kashmir issue. His revenge, his story was the main issue in the movie. A movie aways works because of a leading actor. Let me give you example. We all that the way, SRK’ movies do business in USA is like a dream come true for other actors if their films aslo work in USA in that level. If SRK in his previous movies were not present, will those movies could do such massive business in USA?? why? because it’s the lead actor whose contribution to the film can make the movie or break the movie. Mission Kashmir may not be so big hit but such movie had been a crown puller only because of Hrithik since his demand in 2000 was all time high. I am also aware that you want to raise question here by giving example of Fiza, which was flop in the same year. First of all, Fiza was a experimental film and indeed of a great piece of work but due to be involved with religions issue, the film didn’t work. However, there is no actor in Bollywood who don’t have a large number of flop movies. Like Afraz said, you need a calculator to keep on counting all of your favorite actor’s flop movies. So the same happened with Hrihthik too. ZNMD, by contrast, has been a crowd puller only because of hrithik, and you would get the answer of it in next filmfare award too. No matter what Farhan or Abahy do, they are no able to bring more than 40 crore at the Box office while ZNMD earned 92 crore only from India. And together with abroad collection, it’s 155 crore which is by far the biggest grosser of Hrithik’s film ever. This much business is only possible for Hrithik or other top actors. Farhan and Abahay are no way capable yet to accumulate such enormous amount of money at Box Office. Though, their contribution in the movie was equal to Hrithik. But it’s the fans of hrithik who could not stop enjoying the movie. Moreover, we know that ZNMD did almost similar business of My Name is Khan in USA which is what is enough to conclude that it has been possible because Hrithik was present in the movie. As simple as that. SRK who is most successful in Bollywood has also 7 flops in the last decade only. SO will you also question his capability as an actor?? Get a life man.

    Agneepath was hyped only because of Hrithik which is no way deniable too. People will go and support Vijay Dinanath Chauhan at the thteater, not to see Kancha. It’s not a films like Don or Dhoom/ Dhoom2 where the villain gets the most priority. Here Kancha is a typical villain with most scary look ever. That’s it. But people will only see the magic of Vijay Dinannath Chauhan because the whole movie is surrounded by Vijay. And the movie has also been written specially for Hrithik keeping in mind. Your shouting won’t work man. So get a life and don’t argue like a fool or no one has to come over and over again to point out at your opinion.

  • Pls whats ds Rishi’s age? U sound so immature. If it wz sorely cos of srk n big b in kkkg, why wz best actor not given to srk 4 kkkg, bearing in mind dt even hrithik was nominatd 4 best supportn actor 4 kkkg. Also if it wz all abt sanjay dutt in mission kashmir, why didnt he get even a nomination 4 best supportn actor wc hrithik got 4 same film. If znmd bo collection was all abt farhan aktar, lets see what award nominations n wins farrhan gets 4rm znmd 2012. Agneepth 1990 wz all abt big b n ds remake is definitely abt hrithik. If sanjay dutt is so outstandn, what happened to his kidnap movie n a lot of flops dt followd him in his lead roles. Rishi, if u think krrish wz a childish movie, dn i need 2 know d name of any other better superhero made by bollywood n why it is #2 best bollywb movie n a blockbuster. Even srk’ ra one we await. Even ur ajay devgan did a superhero film wt kajol n sm kids, what wz d bo outcome? Rishi pls grow up. Dy r only 5 superstars in bollywood. Srk, salman, hrithik, amir,and akshay. Amitabh sir is a megastar n legend. Others r stars n d next best things..

  • @ Faud: r u comparing peoples of USA n of India!!!! there is a massive difference….. KANK was also a super hit there bt wat happnd here!!!!!!! so plz keep ths shit comparision to urself as people der r dumbo fans of SRK due to his continuous publicity n promotios der compared to others!!!!! For agneepath, who told u that the hype is due to HR…. for ur info the 1st look which was released was of Sanjay dutt n i think Kjohar is much more intelligent to do such kinda thng n i hope u got the main reason for the hype :D dnt compare older agneepath to new 1 as director himself has told both r totally diffrnt….. Dnt gve such a reason that FIza didnt worked due to religious issues, coz the fimls with lower cast n much more clarity worked very well :) accept that fiza was a bullshit by HR….. again m tellng that m nt comparing the fan follown of HR with other members of ZNMD bt dumbo the movies was good to watch just coz of farhan or else there was nthng in it….

  • @ farnesol: dude i knw there r many kiddish type of guyz present who liked krish or else it was nthng compared to movies includng super heroes had in hollywood….. other actors have sense nt to get involvd in such thngs :) its just to have more fan follwng in kids as cant get in elders :D m nt comparng sanjay with HR as sanjay’s time is gone nw, bt still in agneepath, just wait n watch the appreciation wat HR gets n wat SANJU BABA gets :) one more thng u kiddo, we’ll see who gets an award for ZNMD—- Farhan o HR….. except HR’s dad dont buy this award too :) u talk bout fan follwng, in big stars comparision, HR got the least TRP with small screens also compred to Akshay, Salman, Big B n SRK :)) i hope u got ur Answer

  • @Rishi: Only ignorant and illiterate person can speak beyond logic and abuse others to establish his own opinion. Surely, an educated and matured person would never come to argue with you because of your having a poor level of understanding and acceptance. Your poor ajhay devgan who doesn’t have class in looks and his acting won’t be on top no matter how many times you cry and shout. Keep shouting, kid. It’s better to argue with my servant than with you!!

  • arey o idiot rishi,jus luk @ d collections of rascals…dt iz ur ajaydevgans n sanjay dutts power @ boxoffice…der film gt success bcoz of der genres nt bcoz of dem…dey have no followin n star power…rascals had a gr88 chance of bcmin 1 of d biggst grossers @ least in top 15 with national holidays n extended d cmplete scenario iz changd…plzz man u grow up first..u knw sum thng n den comment..u jus dnt lyk hr 4 no valid reason…he iz d future of bollywood nt a copycat lyk other heroes who apply d same formulas n folw d sam genres of films …n 1 mre thng hrihtik films always hav chances of gettin flop bcoz of his xperimentation n livin up 2 d still he works hard n lives up 2 d expectations….der iz no film wer hr has nt been applauded 4 his performance..he iz d best nw u plzz take a break n thnk…

  • @rishi:farhan ko nominate honey de pehle tu…tu tera dimaag sadh gaya rey…cmplelty..haha…rakesh buys awards lol…salman khan has lot of mney den y don he buy awards…srk iz d richest den y don he go n buy awards..n y cant bigb go n buy awards 4 his son…awards ko tuney choclate samajh rakha hai kya???tu srsly bachcha hai …cnfrm hogaya aaj…

  • @rishi:u idiot hr’s shw garned highest trp…n his show won award n hr won best judge…kaun se duniye me hai tu..phir se play class padhle ek baar…

  • Guys, pls let d dumb rishi be. Illiteracy is a dx. Maybe ajay devgan is his cousin or sanjay dutt his uncle. Ds is a fact, ds 2 can never b better dn hrithik roshan. Get dt into ur thick skull rishi boy.

  • Aamir khan is a great actor, any movie related to him will be a BB for sure, he is the only star who is successful in all departments , a successful actor, producer and director. Someone with great movies like Lagaan, dch, RDB, TZP and 3 Idiots doesn’t need a curtificate from any fan of any other actor regarding movies or acting because he is a marketing genius and no one can come close to his script sense he is called the man with the midas touch for a reaon not just like that coz everything he touches turns into gold. If people feel Ghajini and 3 Idiots are just hits then they are wrong, because those were ATBB no actor sicne 3 deacdes has had 2 back to back ATBB not just that, they had the biggest first day, first weekend, first week and final gross and they were the first movies to gross 100 and 200 crores consecutivly. Let others deliver such record along with great films like Lagaan, DCH etc all this in one decade and then we’ll have a talk.
    AAMIr: bring on dhuan, we’re awaiting this more than ever :)

  • @Afraz and Farnesol: I completely agree with you. Rishi is so pathetic in his comments. I guess Salman is richer than HR in terms of bank balance but I wonder why he could not buy a single award in his 20 years of career!! :p LOL

  • @ All dumbs: U bimbos salman n SRK r at the level wer they dnt have to buy awards y dnt u get this simple thng in ur dumb mind!!!! :D people buy awards to make sum profit thru it which these biggies dnt want at these levels hehehehe……. HR wanted to be famous amongst all so his daddy helpd his kiddo :) and see it worked, fools like u praise him beyond AJAY DEVGAN :P :D and bdw FAUD, u r d biggest stupo :P i never said that ajay is better than HR in look wise, bt dumb u were shouting bout the silly award list, ajay has recieved 2 national awards for ACTING unlike being ugly :D whereas HR has not yet recieved and will never recieve in his lifetime for sure :) there is no rule that u have to be good looking to be a good actor u dumbo…. and results r all over the world :) so better dont say anythng about acting, u all r still lil kids who gets happy by seing HR jumping in the movie like a monkey n dancing :D so better be happy in ur own house….. people will laugh at u if u say ajay is nt good in actng compared to that lil kid :)

  • @Rishi u r the dumbest person i have ever seen becz hrithik’s dad made him ,u r wrong becz harman baweja,farden khan, zayed khan ,isha deol , abhishek bachanetc flop actors would have got success. but teir father did not help him bcz they don’t know acting and audience know hrithik is agreate actor that’s why he gave 90 percent hit movies.every body know in bollywood that only your acting can help yo servive to stay in bollywood

  • arey u idiot rishi ur ajay cnt do all such stunts wt he did in krissh…he wud b nower near hrithik mind u…no other star can match his persona..tu ek kaam kar stay in tuch till jan 26,u ll gt ur ansr also…

  • @Rishi: abusing around people won’t help you anymore. If Hrithik could buy awards, then your Salman and Ajay are also euqually affordable to buy awards for them. If award is a business to you, then I must say that the seller of the awards are so fad up with Ajay and Salman’s creepy acting that they don’t even see them to be eligible to buy an awards. That is where your ajay and salman’s being dumb lies LOL. Hrithik’s father is nothing if Hrithik has no talent into himself. His bigger achievements came from Dhoom2, Jodha Akbar and ZNMD. which are not the films of his father. Now if you think that your father has helped Hrithik to get such achievement from those movies , thennnn…….:p no comments. Besides, like Bapu said, that if you think someone’s father is responsible in Bollywood for the success of their sons and daughter, then Abhisekh, Fardeen, and of course the sucked up Harman Baweza could be on top list but you know very well where they belong to. Listen, it’s a mere stupidity if you compare Ajay with Hrithik. I think you can compare Ajay with Imran Hashmi, he is a very big competitors of Ajay Devgan.

    Remember also that, Agneepath and Tezz are going to release in the same date, so right from now, find a tiny place to hide your face when Agneepath will blow out Tezz from the box office. You yourself know very much how Agneepath is hyped, where we are still unknow about Tezz. Even if Agneepath is not able to meet the expectation of Business, we all know the the weekend collection and the 1st week collection will surely be record breaking thus making your Ajay Devgan being sucked up at BO. LOL!!

  • all hrithik’s fans i want u all promote agneepath among your friends and family .i think agneepath is gonna be huge hit. now a greate news hrirhik is starting krrish 3 i am looking forward to it

  • Hrithik Roshan kiddo sucks, poor can’t surive without his father he is horrible at acting as well as an egoitic person, he won awards when great SRK deserved them, like in 2000 for mohabbatein, in 2003 for KHNH, in 2006 for Don and in 2008 for RNBDJ. SRK is miles ahead of him, Hrithik fans are insucre so they want Hrithik to reach the great the king SRK.
    and @fuad dumb: chalo prove fucking Hrithik calling karthik better than SRK.
    If we go by awarsd then SRK has won 8 awards, if we go by hits then SRK delivered 5 BB and 2 ATBB as well as a lot of Superhits which Hrithik can’t ream of without his father papa roshan.
    SRK achieved all that without any help or godfather this is a real Supertsar. Hrithik fans you are all losers, SRK is much better than your kid Hrithik.

  • Fuad@
    Dont cross your limite, ok,

    I am not a Ajay Devgn fans ok,

    Hey FUAD you know?
    What is acting?
    Dont compare Hrithik with Ajay,
    Both actor was Great,
    Ajay and Hritik both super star and both was master for acting,
    So dont compare,
    Hiritik is best and biggest and ajay is great and greatest,
    Ajay vs Emran hashmi?
    You mad? Fuad?
    Ajay Devgn ek great actor hai usko apman mat karo ok,
    Ajay Devgn is a Great actor and Hiritik is a Great star,

    So dont cross your limite fuad@
    Every director dream,
    Working with Srk,akki,sallu,ajay,hiritik ok.

  • @piya. Hv u lost it? Ajay devgan a superstar?, in ur dreams. Dt chimp in his 20yrs of bollywood in non-existence until 2yrs ago when kajol fixed him wt new haircut, dark shades, sleek pants n sneaker shoes n he became watchable on screens. Even kiddo ranbir kapoor is a better actor dn d devgan. Only fools wt squashed brains like rishi dares compare hrithik wt ajay. If filmfare best actor awards are sold, bigB, rishi kapoor, jeetendra, dhamendra, harry baweja, salman khan n even ajay devgan wld hv bought 4 themselves n dr kids. For a first timer to win a best actor award in KNPH is no child’s play. Watch BOBBY n see how outstandn rishi kapoor ws in his debut to know he rly deservd dt b/a award n filmfare is no joke. Even hrithik got nominatns 4 mission kashmir n fiza 4 same debut yr. Sm ppl dnt just like others for no reason. Comparing srk n hrithik is never of ds column. Srk hs 20yrs n hrithik 11yrs in bollywood. Godfather or not, wt or wtout fans, hrithik has proven himself endlessly despite his age n in every role. Every blockbuster performance done by hrithik has bn emulated by others: kmg,lakshya- mnik,paa, krish- ra one, dhoom2- don,don2. Even jodha akbhar ws a superhit, asoka ws average. Note dt all performances gv him b/a awards. Even kites dt ws declared a flop cos of high bugdet still did good business,

  • @sabor khan. No one is comparing srk n hrithik here. Even hrithik’s statute at madam tassauds came after salman’s n srk’s. But dont 4gt their individual active yrs in bollywood. Also note dt not every movie u see srk in makes it a better movie dn hrithik’s. Filmfare has gvn srk 8 b/awards. Dy r not stupid 2 gv ds awards to others dt deserve. Srk ws not better dn hrithik in mohabbatein, khnh don n kank, against knph, kmg, dhoom2 n krrish. Yet it doesnt make srk a less actor. Hrithik is outstandn in everythn he does. Check out his just concluded reality dance show dt rendered everyone speechless. For every beautiful performance hrithik gives in a hit film, haters attribute it to side heroes, when his movies flop, dy say hrithik is bullshit. Now what do dy say abt sanjay dutt n ajay devgan’s RASCALS b/o disaster. Guys pls grow up n stop hating on hr. Just make sure u guys watch agneepath n see why kjo chose only hrithik 4 dt action packed blockbuster remake. I’ll only wait 4 TEZZ come jan 26th at box office figures. Hrithik rocks. Till then

  • Hrithik you are a good actor and dancer,but
    Sultan Mirza nal panga put tu galat le lya.
    Ajay tera baap hai salle tempu kade’once upon a time in mumbai’dekhi hai.tere baap ne bhi kabhi acting ki hai aisi.

  • @ Laddi ,pehle to tere je sa naam to kabhi suna nahi,hrithik is big actor than ajay he gave movies like jodha akbar, dhoom2, krissh , koi mil gaya, guzarrish so ajay only can do comedy and don’t know anything about different gener acting hrithik is best

  • Its 104 dys to go. Cant wait 2 enter d cinema watchn my favourite superstars at dr best. Am confident dt Hrithik n piggy chopps wll do me proud. Luv d future blockbuster agneepath.

  • Hritik ne aajtak apne baap ki chodkar konsi film hit di hai..or jo hit hui wo bacho ki filme thi koi mil gaya or krish…hritik is like pogo channel hero.

    Jaya bachchn ne bhi kaha tha k amitabh k baad agar bollywood me koi unki jagah le sakta he to wo ajay devgn hai…

    awards ki baat kare to wo yato kharide jate hai ya stage pe nachgana karnese milte hai…or sher nachte nahi nachate hai.

    Jab aamir ne apni film postpone kar di Ajay ki TEZZ ki wajahase to hritik to abhi bacha hai..

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