Hrithik Roshan vs Ajay Devgan

Hrithik Roshan’s Agneepath was initially confirmed for release on January 13th 2012, but with Aamir Khan’s Dhuan now postponed, Karan Johar has latched on to the opportunity to release his film during the extended Republic day weekend.

Karan Johar confirmed the same on Twitter “AGNEEPATH is now releasing on the 26th of January 2012”

The only problem though, is the release of Ajay Devgan’s Tezz, which is struggling against time to meet the deadline. The shoot of the film is yet to be complete, but producer Ratan Jain is confident “We were the first to announce the release date. We were ready to face Aamir Khan, we are ready to face competition from Hrithik Roshan too.”

If Tezz directed by Priyadarshan is completed on time, it’ll be a mega clash early next year – Hrithik Roshan vs Ajay Devgan. And what’s more, both are action films! Who do you think will emerge the winner?



  • @Aditya: Modesty is the word that doesn’t suit to your tongue anymore who can cross every limits just to prove he is right.

    Lets come to the point. The link you gave above is not an official website of Bollywood. It shows Gaddar is the biggest blockbuster while we all know or even you can check in other websites that 3 idiots is the biggest blockbuster of all time, followed by Bodyguard and Dabbang. Check Wikipedia also.

    The overall collection of Jodha Akber is not actually 110 cr. it’s 120 crore. See this.

    You are talking as if you have seen the script of Dhoom3. Only in ignorant can imagine like that. FYI, hrithik’s character in Dhoom 2 was also about a thief who was mastermind, most clever, and smartest of all, and he challenged the world to establish his sign “A” to all over the world. So put your crap assumption like mastermind thing and all. To be a villain in Dhoom series, you have to have all inside you as an actor and that is where I said that Amir will hide his lacking with lots of special effects and CGI technology which is why the budget of the film has been 100 cr. which is twice as much as Dhoom2. He will hide his lacking with all these money. John and Hrithik, both were mastermind and smart thief so there is no point to be excessrated about Amir to make him so called mastermind or whatever you ego calls it. Don’t say that it won’t be suitable to Amir to ride on skateboard and run it a through out the desert. Just say that it’s not possible for him to ride on a skateboard and doing the kind of stunts Hrithik did. Remember this point very carefully.

    When you said that Amir is the 1st actor who’s movie crossed 100 for the 1st time in India, then there are lots of 1st time experiences of India relating to the short career of Hrithik. Hrithik is the only one whose success from his 1st film is so high that your Amir or anybody else can not even imagine it in present days too. For instance, KNPH won 102 awards, making it a highest award winner film ever made in Bollywood. Moreover, he introduced the 1st ever science fiction film even in India by KMG. Also he introduced the 1st super hero film in India with Krrsih. The class in acting lies in the fact that Hrithik is best actor by Award while I can’t remember any other film other than Lagaan that won him a best actor award ever. An award is given to an actor who knows what acting is and has enlightened it through his performance in a fillm. I should have left talking to you just when I read you rejecting Fim Fare Award. A frustrated fan like you can talk like this who claims himself and his favorite actor superior over FFA award. You brought examples of those craps by Amir, he won the best actor award only from Lagan from above those. When people have speculated about ZNMD to be a inspired by DCH before it releases, the same people including critics rejected the remorse when they saw the film and claimed it even far better friendship movie than DCH. The critics review and BO collection are 10 tomes better than DCH, so it’s better for a frustrated people like you not to compare DCH with ZNMD. Whatever you said about Guzaarish is also a result of your frustration because Amir did not get such a role of Hrithik ever in his life. How Guzaarish has been accepted by critics can be found from this link, Check it out

    Finally and idiot and ignorant person can abuse like you to establish his own view point!! What else someone like you could do other than abusing people. Listen, Mr. insecured creature, when you refer someone or something to be best, go and do some research. Nobody is here to listen to your personal opinion based on your shit. I gave you all example of awards, this and that but you are such an ignorant jerk that you have come here to portray your own imagination thinking people would accept it. This kind of people are called loser. Nothing else.

    I won’t comment on any upcoming movies like you since I have not seen any of them. That shit can only be delivered by people like you who didn’t watch a film but start claiming this and that about the film that is yet to be released. Get a life kid!!

  • Thanks rani 4 dt beauti4l Hrithik’s award list. Ajay is a side hero of rajneeti, singham-action replay of dabangg. Hrithik has 6 blockbusters n 3 superhits in lead roles only 11yr acting span. Ajay has only 3 blockbusters, 2 superhits, 1 hit, all in supportn roles aside singham in 15yr actn span. Who dare compare cool, humble, handsome, mega-talented, fashionable, multi-award winning, internationally appealling actor n d best dancer bollywood has ever produced to the drooling, swaggerless, amateur ajay devgan (local champion dt hs not even won filmfare best debut award). Even Srk’s friend kjo chose hrithik 4 agneepath instead of srk or ajay. Haters pls grow up, ur ajay will never b a match 4 hrithik.

  • I’m absolutely not a HR hater, not even close to it IMO.
    He is a superstar no two ways about it, but I think his fans overrate him a lot, by putting him ahead of everyone and judging his acting performances by the number of awards, Awards can never be the medium to judge acting! For me Amitabh Bachchan is the greatest actor star in BW, he deserved certainly more awards than SRK, he won just 5 awards and was nominated 29 times!, can you believe he didn’t win for Deewar!!!! This is plain ridiculous, does that mean he was bad? Of course not! I don’t think any human in his true sense of mind can put SRK ahead of Amitabh Bachchan correct if i’m wrong plz.
    Anyways, I like Hrithik for taking risks for his super success in last decade, I like his personnality and all but he still has a long way to go…let him somplete 20 years like Aamir, SRK and Salman and then we’ll judge, yeah I agree he had a better first decade than 3 of them but there’s one decade left! Aamir ahd a super 2nd decade wich made him a much bigger star than he ever was, the contrary to Salman who had a worse than pathethic 2nd decade till Dabangg happened.
    But I hope Hrithik makes more movies, atleast 2 a year to be in the race.
    I don’t usually write against Hrithik, but some of his stupid fans force me to do so, they don’t even wish success to others, they think he’s the best thing that happened to BW ever! That he’s GOD! This is ridiculous!

  • @Aditya: First of all, Amitab Bachchan won 5 filmfare awards which still worth mentioning achievement. Amitab is considered to be better than SRK because of various reasons- one, there is a tradition of Indians to respect elder too much more than expected, elders are assumed to be better no matter how low achievements they have had. In addition, he is a great actor with couple of filmfare awards and a long lines of blockbusters which helped Bollywood grow to stand new levels every time. SRK, Amitab, Amir, are always overrated actors by media. And as far as Hrithik being overrated is concerned, how come he is an overrated when his 1st decade has been more successful everyway than others but still he is put by some media and you into the question of his superiority?? here what I can see is that he is mostly underrated by media which is purchased and dominated by all khans. Each and every second it talks about Khans. Moreover, for every Hit/blockbuster has been given by Hrithik, his success has been attempted by media to be attributed to others. For example, KNPH, KMG. Krrish which made Hrithik Roshan what he is, are all attributed to his father and forcefully they try to establish his success being reasoned by his father when his bigger and far superior success came from other banners. Even there are hundreds of actors including Harman Baweza who have not been able to even stand on bollywood with the best effort from their father or mothers. Hrithik’s latest success ZNMD is also being attempted to be attributed by media to Abahay and Farhan akter’s participation when the budget of their past films are not even equal to the signing amount of Hrithik Roshan!!!! The latest attribution by people like you and some portion of media is that Agneepath is hyped because of Sanjay Dutt who is not even a leading character of that movie. This sort of behavior is the reason for not being able to accept what is truth.

    Anyway, Amitab’s Dewaar may not bring him award but it doesn’t mean it was unfair, of course his competitors must have come up with far better than Dewaar for which he could not win any award from that film. When he could win 5 awards from Filmfare, it clearly indicates that FFA has not been unfair with Amitab, otherwise, he would never win even one award in his entire life. When Amir Khan won FFA in 2002 for Lagaan, it definitely means FFA is not unfair to Amir also. But it’s the problem of the people like you and some portion of media when they don’t see their favorite actor win a award from FF. An award is a symbol of an actor’s superiority across a year. Not only you but also the fan of Amir and Salman complain FFA is unfair since they have achieved almost ZERO award in their career. Best actor award is given to only one actor a year. If your favorite actor could not win one, doesn’t mean that it’s unfair. Hrithik also did not achieve award each year because of some flops and other reasons. So why not comparing Hrithik with Amir, and Ajay who have not won more awards than hrithik, even in 20 years when Hrhtik’s age in Bollywood is not more than 11 years. So try accepting truth only. Put away your emotion while judging something or someone. That’s way you can be a better judge. Don’t link your emotion to a neutral judgement.

  • Hritik has blockbuster movies like 1.kaho na pyaar hai 2.koi mil gaya 3.krrish 4.dhoom2 5.kabhi khushi kabhi gam and superhit movie like 1.jodha akbar 2.mission kashmir 3.znmd now if we talk about ajay devgan he has no blockbuster movie !!!!so hritik is far better than ajay devgan!!7!

  • fuad remember 3 years ago u would not like ajay devgn becz he was no one’s fav actor.with rohit shety he gave hit. but hrithik gave 80 percent hits and ajay gives 80 percent flops. so hrithik is best if u want to more argue then u r a asshole

  • “So why not comparing Hrithik with Amir, and Ajay who have not won more awards than hrithik, even in 20 years when Hrhtik’s age in Bollywood is not more than 11 years.”


  • @bapu: Bloody motherfucker, was I supporting Ajay?? open your fucking eyes and see what I wrote you son of a bitch!!

  • @Aditya: FYI, SRK crossed Amitab long ago and it’s time for Hrithik to follow the same foot step. Whatever you see is just a respect to seniors, that’s it. Amitab is not considered better than SRK anymore. Both are great but SRK is greater and Hrithik is greater than SRK since the last decade has been better for him than anybody else. And it’s also likely to be better in the next decade too. Bro, try to see that Hrithik has proved himself in every way an actor is supposed to be proved. He has more awards, more blockbusters and and more super hits. I don’t understand what do you want to prove now. Why don’t you accept a simple fact??

    Will you compare and say that the 2000 release “Meela of Amir Khan was a better movie with greated performance than KNPH with Hrithik?? So whoever has been better than each other has proved themselves at BO and Award ceremony. An actor to be called a great one has to be gone under the terms and condition. If you delete 3 idiots and Gajini, Amir khan is nothing but an average actor like Imran Hasmi. Except these two, all the record of his hits or blockbuster has been broken by Hrithik and many. On the basis of what you would say that Amir is greater than Hrithik?? You like Amir and he is your favorite but it doesn’t mean you would try to override a fact with your emotion. Even Imran Hasmi, Arjun Rampal have their fans but it’s not necessarily mean they have to claim ther favorite over Hrithik, AMir or SRK. Be practical man!!

  • Fuad: you’re on drugs dude, good luck this is my last comment no need to waste time with illeterates like you. And plz no more long nonsense comments from your side. And yes Emraan Hashmi is better than Aamir happy? And Hrithik Roshan is the greatest ever in Bollywood he is the god of Bollywood.

  • @Aditya: Listen, abusing people won’t help your favorite actor to be on the top. Try accepting facts in the right light or get away with your nonsense attitude!

  • @ DInesh: u Dumbo…. kabhi khushi kabhi gum was a super hit due to SRK n Amitabh, not coz of HR u coward….. and who d hell told u mission kashmir was a super hit!!!!!!!!!! watever the appreciation it got was coz of Sanjay dutt…. and this will get repeated in agneepath that people will like sanjay dutt more compared to HR. ZNMD was a super hit due to only Farhan Akhtar nothing else…. HR was useless in it u kid grow up…..

  • @Rishi: Hahaha! if you read my previous posts, I said somewhere that people who are insecured about Hrithik, attribute his success to someone or something that is ridiculously illogical. Mission Kashmir as definitely a hit and Hrithik was the leading actor in the movie. Sanjay played just a father who adopted hrithik in the movie. So your shouting won’t help to against Hrithik. In Agneepath, Hrithik is again a leading actor where Sanjay Dutt is a villain. Agneepath is not about the life of Kancha, it’s all about the life and revenge of Vijay Dinanath Chauhan. Remember this point. And you say ZNMD was hit for Farhan and Abhay?? well, these two actors don’t have a considerable number of fans to bring 92 crore at Indian Box Office. The magic of Hrithik went well for ZNMD at BO, despite all there had the same contribution to the movie but it’s Hrithik whose fans made the crowed at BO. If you add the number of all the fans of Katrina, Abhay and Farhan, it would still be smaller than the number of fans Hrithik alone possess. So put your ego away while arguing. Be realistic and accept the fact.

  • Rishi, znmd is superhit b/c of hritik roshan not for farhan akhtar or any other and in mission kashmir sanjay dutt did a father role nd laad role was played by hritik roshan and agneepath movie revolves around vijay deena nath chauhan character not around kancha cheena character and agneepath would be blockbuster b/c of hritik roshan (lead actor) not for sanjay dutt!!!!!!!!!rishi see the variety of hritik films automatically truth will come forward!!!!accept the real fact!!

  • Hritik films has lot of variety just look his upcoming venture 1. Agneepath a action film 2. Krrish2 a sci-fic film 3. The legend of rama a history film 4. Paani a social film with kristen stewart 5.kismat talkies a romantic film !!!!!it is no need to be proved that hritik is far far better than ajay!!!hritik roshan is the best actor !!!

  • @ faud: If being a leading actors becums the main stand to make a film hit then y do supporting actors n villians r needed!!!!! mission kashmir was ;lead by hritik bt thois doesnt prove that it was hit due to him bro, if u again watch it closely, the main acting n melodrama was much more towards Sanjay dut!!!! n for Agneepath whom so ever may be the lead, the crowd puller for it is only sanjay dutt!!! atleast accept the fact yaar….. if u still wanna knw then search the reason for agneapath’s hype…. its due to sanjay dutts makeup, the video is been viewd by puplic :) n for ZNMD, wat the hell u like in it if u remove farhan akhtar!!!!!!!!!!!!! for ur info i never mentioned abhay’s name in that ever…… N dude ZNMD got this much money coz the film got hit which was due to farhan’s acting n his role!!!!!

  • @ FAUD : one more thng dude…. thnk before u say such kiddish thngs, if u talk about fan following for ZNMD, i agree with u dat HR’s fan followng is much more compared to all others, but wat matters is the acting n dat too for the particular movie n role….. for ur kind info, have u watched brother ki dulhan!!!!! can u tell me who got the most appreciation in that???? i will tell u, it was ali zafar who collected the praises being an under dog…. for dat also, surely katrina n imran were the 2 stars having huge fan following compared to that lad still it didnt matter…. :) did u get sumthng in ur mind now!!!!!!!!!! so better dnt paste such kiddish comments for movie gettng financial success only due to fan followng :)

  • @ DINESH: o mere bhai…. even tushar kapoor and vivek oberoi have done such kind of versatile movies!!!!!!!!! so does it make them also a big star!!!!!!!!!!!!!! y u puke out lines which r just ridiculous….. about being versatile, go back n see wat ajay has done :) u will get ur answer…. n bdw i dnt inderstand wat the hell u like i Krish?????? r u a kinda kiddo/small guy to see n laugh at those scenes…. grow up if u wanna see sci fi movies, better watch english movies which have sense n see there the actors hw they carry it :)

  • luk @ d collections of rascals…7.2 cr..frst day n had a advntag of holiday too….dts wt u call poor star power…der iz no value 4 both ajay n sanjay…bt znmd despite releasin wid hp7 n had singham nxt week still it went on 2 bcom top 10 wrldwide grossers…dts wt u calld star power…u idiots..n few ppl say dt coz of sanjay agneepath wil b a hit..dts rubbish….sanjays film chattur singh relesd bt no 1 knw wen it releasd n ednded lol…n rascals iz d ansr 2 all uncle likers who doesn knw d value of star n his star power…

  • abey rishi terey jaisa sesneless insaan mai ne kabhi nhi dekha….saaley tu vivek aur tushar se cmpare kar raha???saala tera dimaag hi kharaab hai…wid dese 1 can tell u hw mch u knw abt films….u betta go 2 school n attnd math classes n learn sum calculations…saala tu toh mentally sick hogya…jaldi se theek hoja tu…

  • @ Afraz: dude i never supported chatur singh, nor rascals, n mark my words at present situation, agneepath is on top just due to sanjay dutt’s look u dumbo… nthng else…… n if u say so, hr also have many flops… Fiza, yaadien a huge flop, 2nd film with amisha, dat was again a huge flop, i dont remem its name also :P :D n many more nw wat u wanna say on dat

  • @ afraz: u r preetyy sick….. i never compared them with ne1 u dumbo…. its just was giving eg to dinesh that by doin different types of films doesnt make nebody a superstar, if u cant get the meaning of a simple sentence then u r useless fellow :) btter u attend classes

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