Rajnikanth in Ra One with SRK!

Shahrukh Khan has roped in superstar Rajnikanth to make a special appearance in the much-hyped superhero film Ra One. The south Indian superstar who is currently recuperating from his health condition, has agreed to play a cameo in the film.

At the music launch earlier this week, SRK talking about the inevitable comparisons between Robot and Ra One had said, he’s paying a tribute to Rajnikanth in the film and there is nothing common between the two films.

According to Mumbai Mirror, the scene will showcase the star power of Rajnikanth “It is learnt that the scene has been dedicated to him and doffs a hat to his stardom and stature as an actor. SRK who is seen fighting a gang of villains faces another threat from a gang armed with deadly weapons. At this critical point, Rajini makes an entry, ‘Rajni Style’ in a car. The super powered vehicle immediately sucks up all the weapons from the villains prompting SRK to ask Kareena, who that man in the car was. That’s when Rajnikanth steps out and delivers his superhit dialogue from Bhasha.”

It’s a smart move by SRK. Rajnikanth’s presence in Ra One, will not only double the collections of the film down south, but will also silence the Robot vs Ra One comparisons. Also, the film will be promoted as two of the biggest superstars of India sharing screen-space for the very first time.



  • srk is a coward but he is clever, he knows ra.one would flop so he wants to tap rajinikants fans to make ra.one above average

  • srk k pehle hi sb actors k fans se kafi zyada bot zyada fans hen…use rajni k fans ki ruddy k braber b zrurat nai…srk jst wants to say that he does not take robot as a competetor of mind blowing ra.one..wese b robot me tha kia jo use ra.one se compare kia ja rha he..haahhahhhahaaa

  • Considering that Aamir, Salman, Ajay have
    needed remakes South Indian super hit movies
    and borrowing of superstar persona from
    Southern superstars to establish their 100 cr
    hits… SRK now is directly going to Rajini himself…i love india

  • Oh it will be really interesting to see srk nd rajnikanth together. The two of the biggest stars of bollywood nd south together so it will be really special to see them together.

  • Its going to be Duplicate of Rajni and Srk will be making fun of him just like what he did in OSO making fun of Manoj Kumar. SRK should not get that cheap. I love SRK but he shouldn’t be doing this kind of stuff. He also called Slaman, Saif and Amir Choote Khans in the press conference.

  • modherchod ko kaise bhi apni film hit karani hai.
    isiliye wo rajani sir ko apni film me le raha hai.aur jhooth bolta hai ki unko tribute de raha hu…modherchod.
    ek no. ka matlabi,moukaparast,ghamandi aur ahankari aadmi hai ye suar randua khan.

  • oh shut up u bastered gopal.its not like that.he does not need any so callled rajini.infact he is doing a faver to rajini to give him one all time blockbuster to his carrer

  • yaar who is this fake aashkaran..I was down with fever and someone..is using my name..Bastard..who r u..

    well…very very smart move from SRK…would be interesting..

    and..Salman..Rajnikanth Banne ki koshish Krha tha…SRK ..ne dikhadiya Baap Baap hota hai..isliiye woh Orignal rajni ko hi leaaya….
    Yeh Hui Na Baat..

  • Wow Aashkaran you are back I was doubting too whats wrong with you, that shows how much impact does your comments on Mallu Sallu fans.

  • Haha ab to jal jal ke bole ge hi, cameo se film ka mazaa badh jata hai film to lead hero se hit hoti hai, aur hamare Shahrukh Khan mein itni power hai ke wo Rajni Kanth se cameo kra le Mallu Sallu ki tarah nahi ke Aditya pancholi ya Mahesh Manjrekar se cameo krae, aunche Star unchi pohhoch.

  • SRK is a funny bastard making an ass out of himself by directly copying many scenes from Rajinikantha’s Robot, Fantastic Four, Terminator. This is really shame. Here in London, people are laughing at seeing the promo of Ra One saying it’s seems to be a hybrid copy of hollywood movies. SRK is a cruel joke on indian cinema. I’m sure Amitabh Bachchan will cry and commit suicide after seeing SRK’s legendary copy cat skills. He needed Salman, Anbhishek, Akki in his films to save his ass. Now he is begging directly to Rajini himself. What a dumb ass loser SRK. Shameless filthy fucker.

  • most insecure person in bollywood, how many
    cameo he needs to make its home production ra.one hit? Om shanti om part 2

  • For the sake of humanity, i request all haters dont abuse SRK and ask them to to leave, instead of spreading hatred. Spread love, peace n harmony! The problem is that all the haters need to learn what love is, what respect is, what honour is, what language is and so on. Before judging and saying anything about others, learn to be good as a person as a human. And film making is progressing. Everyone one loves harry potter, batman, spiderman….what is the problem if bollywood is making theirs? My love to SRK, peace:)

  • Srk is very clever he convince rajni waise bhi itni badi film ki wajah? se rajni sir bhi na kar sake by the way who say amir is the best marketing brain!!!

    Amir is nothing in front of SRK in Marketing

    SRK=“People who hate you are just the confused admirers..They can’t figure out the reason why everyone loves you”


  • kindly stop bringing salman in srk’s topic . i think both sallu and srk have given there best cult work in past we don’t expect them to give something extraordinary. i watch the trailer of rockstar it’s the best trailer of the year, ranbir got his best movie of life. time to get out of sallu , srk euphoria and support the new guns.

  • waw…………………
    it’s too nice that srk decided to gie small roll to our rajani anna..
    i lik srk but now i lik him wit ery proude….

  • Hi friends , u know my very best friend chivu liks SRK very very very very very muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……………………..

  • tera maa kaa boor mein laura maro,madarchod shahrukh bhai ko gaali deta hai,te kahaa se paida hua tha ,aur nikla kahaa se tha gaar se yaa boor se,randddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, tera pura khandan ko chodenge ek hi land se,,, ainda se agar gaali diya to samajh lena us din tera maa kaa boor faar kar baazaar me taang denge, aur agar tera bahen hogi, to usko hm apna rakhel bana lenge aur sabse chodwayenge,aur waise bhi rajnikaanth srk kaa saamne jhaat h ,jhaat bole toh tera maa kaa boor kaa baal hai, samjha aur teko aakhir me randi kaa dalal bana denge…………AND THIS COMMENT IS DEDICATED TO THOSE WHO HAS GIVEN A WRONG COMMENTS ON SRK,,,,,,,,,,,,,SPECIALLY {GOPAL GUPTA},{SIVAJI THE BOSS},,,,,,,AND VERY SPECIALY TO THAT RANDI KA LADKA .GOPAL GUPTA……………………………………FUCK OFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

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