Agneepath Look – Hrithik Priyanka Sanjay Dutt

We have just received some news pictures from Karan Johar’s much-awaited remake of Agneepath. The movie directed by Karan Malhotra stars Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra, Sanjay Dutt and Rishi Kapoor.

Its one of the most awaited releases of 2012 and with the film now set for release during the Republic day weekend, its clash with Ajay Devgan’s Tezz looks inevitable. Our money is on Agneepath to take a much bigger opening, as the initial curiosity and interest generated by the trailer was phenomenol.

Here are some new pictures from Agneepath. Who looks the best? Comments below

Hrithik Roshan Agneepath Look

Ra One Pictures

Priyanka Chopra Agneepath Look

Ra One Pictures

Sanjay Dutt Agneepath Look

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Rishi Kapoor Agneepath Look

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  • wow!! Hrithik looks so handsome in this picuture.. I think he shd do a hollywood historical film, and dress up like romans, seiser or play roles similar to Mel Gibson’s role in Brave Heart or Conan of the barbarian.. he fits in such roles.. it’s not possible to be some bollywood films but hollywood.. Hrithik is so good looking with a great body and also he fits to play a role as a Jesus.. I wish if he get any similar roles in future.

  • Sanjo baba is my beast acter .i wish your movie is very big busniess .i wish to all the beast .i am fane nomber 1 of sanjo baba . i like it

  • wow wow hrithik is dazzling beauty with talent.i’ll watch this movie in 1st day 1st show.i can’t take off my eyes from him.

  • sanjay dutt and hrithik roshan look are atrective and cool but ithink real hero of sanjay dutt in agnipath.

  • hey every people looket d line okey

    sunju baba is great n oanest in here life n he great actor every film in roll

    sunjubaba is bigdaddy in every actor in bollywood

    so pleas not alon sanjubaba…..

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