Hrithik Roshan vs Ajay Devgan

Hrithik Roshan’s Agneepath was initially confirmed for release on January 13th 2012, but with Aamir Khan’s Dhuan now postponed, Karan Johar has latched on to the opportunity to release his film during the extended Republic day weekend.

Karan Johar confirmed the same on Twitter “AGNEEPATH is now releasing on the 26th of January 2012”

The only problem though, is the release of Ajay Devgan’s Tezz, which is struggling against time to meet the deadline. The shoot of the film is yet to be complete, but producer Ratan Jain is confident “We were the first to announce the release date. We were ready to face Aamir Khan, we are ready to face competition from Hrithik Roshan too.”

If Tezz directed by Priyadarshan is completed on time, it’ll be a mega clash early next year – Hrithik Roshan vs Ajay Devgan. And what’s more, both are action films! Who do you think will emerge the winner?



  • Faud tu yahee rahna ..26 jan ko tujhe batata hu,Aur Singham ke rights 20cr main bike thhe ,it was huge at that time,bol bachchan,son of a sardar ke rights Agneepath se jyada main bikenge.And u r saying what about National awards u knew nothing.just shut ur ugaly mouth.National awards is a dream of any actor and u r barking bla bla..Tezz ka trailer aane de tereko aksl aa jayegi…aur K.j ko bhi,Aamir samajhdar hai tabhi nikal liya patli gali pakad ke…Agneepath tab bhi flop thhi aur ab bhi flop hai…aur Hrithik ko kaun puch raha hai Agneepath ke trailer main its Sanju who is making buzz for the film..

  • @manish. Pls tell kjo dt next time he wants to make a movie like agneepath he shld consider ajay devgan for the lead role. Ha ha ha ha…… …… In his dreams, if karan johar wants to taste disaster at d box office.

  • Its still oct.21 so i’ll advice all ajay’s fans to pls start saving up cinema ticket fares 4 dmselves, siblings, wives, kids, entire extended families n friends wt no omissions. Ds is to make sure dt post tezz release, i wont hv to return 2 ds column wt tezz- superflop.

  • I await ra one n don 2 to see if srk wll live up to his superhero act. I wll also like to compare ra one wt krrish upon release. Don 2 am sure wll be a hit. This is d way its done. Superstars vs superstars. Not superstar(hrithik roshan) vs star(ajay devgan).

  • If national award never gave any best actor award to kajol, srk n madhuri dixit, then smthing is surely wrong wt dt award body. If ajay devgan has won 2 national awards n srk none, does dt mean dt ajay is a better actor dn srk? If piggy chopps (though my most favourite actress), saif ali khan hv won national awards each n kajol, kareena, madhuri, hrithik hv not, does dt make d earlier better actors dn d latter. In my opinion, filmfare is more deserving dn national awards although an actor is better of wt ds awards dn wt none. Whoever wants to see what hrithik has achieved in 10yrs shld checkout rani’s list on page 1 of this column. Ajay may never achieve ds best actor awards in his entire acting life.

  • mere bebakuf doston kaun kitne pani me hai ye jan26.2012 me pata chaljaega.wait nd watch who is child and who is guru.?

  • Who has proven to bollywood over n over again dt u dont need to be a producer/director’son to be a superstar?

  • Who has done it all wt dr deliveries in hit movies: villian(dhoom2), epic-politics(jodha akbar), superhero-(krrish), mentally retarded-comedy(kmg), terrorist(mission kashmir,fiza), melodrama(kkkg), romance-action(knph), friendship(znmd), physically deformed(guzaarish), dance(krazy 4) and gangster-action(agneepath) in 11yrs? Even some superstars r still trying dr lucks in superhero flicks(ra one) and supervillian(dhoom3).

  • Thanks to farnesol and fuad !!! One more things that when krrish3 will release then mouth of all fans of ajay devgan will permanently close forever because of krrish3 would break all records even(three idiot,bodyguard,dabangg and may be ra-one) ,ajay ki to aukat hi kya hai hritik ke samne!!!!!

  • Farnesol, If we talk about agneepath, everyone knows (even include ajay fans) that agneepath would be blockbuster at the box office !!!

  • And If we talk about Tezz i dont so think that it would be release on 26th january !!!! And Whenever it will release then its result would be disaster or flop!! No one can change it !!!!

  • Hritik is inspiration for his friends and colleagues !! Hritik have done 72 hours continuously workout recently !! Can ajay do never(even in his dream) !!!!!

  • At the present time there are only four superstar in bolywood 1.shahrukh khan 2.amir khan 3.salman khan and 4.hritik roshan !!!!!7!!!!!!and amitabh bachhan is a megastar and legend ,no one can compare with him !!!!!

  • @sandeep.Bhai giri acting jo kiya wahi actor warna non actor. Guzzaris ka role Ajey karne payega? Never Ajey play that role. Acter wo jo sare chrcter kare Ek nahi. Ok

  • Right farnesol , shahrukh superhero raone will release on 26th oct and amir dhoom3 in 2013 !! These type of movie hritik have already done(krish and dhoom2)!!!!ajay worked in toonpur ka superhero everyone knows this film was super duper flop!!!ajay can never do this type of movies(dhoom2 and krrish 2) in his entirely life !!!!!

  • Fuad, i agree with you,it may be that at the the time of dhoom3 releasing that yeh saare ke saare record tod de at the box office!!!! But dont forget dhoom ko brand kisne banaya,hritik roshan ne everyone knows!!!!!!! Hritik roshan all the best !!!

  • Dinesh thanks for those beautiful lines. Tezz movie producers r so scared of agneepath dt dy keep giving d excuse of ”tezz still in production, we r hurrying to make it to d release date”. Ha ha…ha ha…. Dy already know dy r not releasing tezz on jan 26th. Well, whenever it is, i wish dm luck. But dy shldnt ever compare superstar hrithik wt local star ajay devgan again.

  • For a movie dt kjo has dreamt of re-making for 20years AGNEEPATH, a very difficult one to remake. He thought of no other superstar perfect for dt role of vijay chauhan played by d legendary amitabh.B dn hrithik roshan himself. Kjo definitely isnt blind or stupid, he knows the young lass suits dt role perfectly n wll deliver as expected. Kudos to hrithik roshan, priyanka n sanjay dutt. God will bless ur hardworks wt success. Agneepath wll be blockbuster.

  • Hrithik didnt do dhoom2 n krrish in common ways. He did both in blockbuster styles, same yr for sm1 bollywood said is inexperienced. Ha ha..ha..ha…. We await ra one n dhoom3.

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