Hrithik Roshan vs Ajay Devgan

Hrithik Roshan’s Agneepath was initially confirmed for release on January 13th 2012, but with Aamir Khan’s Dhuan now postponed, Karan Johar has latched on to the opportunity to release his film during the extended Republic day weekend.

Karan Johar confirmed the same on Twitter “AGNEEPATH is now releasing on the 26th of January 2012”

The only problem though, is the release of Ajay Devgan’s Tezz, which is struggling against time to meet the deadline. The shoot of the film is yet to be complete, but producer Ratan Jain is confident “We were the first to announce the release date. We were ready to face Aamir Khan, we are ready to face competition from Hrithik Roshan too.”

If Tezz directed by Priyadarshan is completed on time, it’ll be a mega clash early next year – Hrithik Roshan vs Ajay Devgan. And what’s more, both are action films! Who do you think will emerge the winner?



  • Working wt a couple of low budget comedy-producers priyadarshan, rohit shetty, david dhawan, etc dy said ajay is in hot demand. I bet after rascals, david dhawan wont want to work wt him in near future ha..ha..ha.. When ajay devgan starts working wt high budget producers like kjo, yash chopra, sanjay leela bhansali, sajid nadiawala, dn u can say he has arrived. A bankable actor is one dt can give b/o success wt high budjet films like znmd n bodyguard.

  • I plead wt yash/aditya chopra to pls reconsider ajay devgan in place of amir khan for dhoom3. Imagine ajay doing hrithik’s stunts, fights, boardskating in desert or under dt moving vehicle n all d facial expressions n body movts. Ha…ha..ha.. Even if ajay in dhoom series ws directed by james cameron himself, it wll be a flop. I rest my case.

  • @Fuad: you couldn’t prove that Hrithik is better than king SRK, SRK has won the double of what Hrithik won in his entire career, SRK started acting in 1992 and won 4 awards in only 7 years!
    Also SRK fans are not stupid like hrithik fans we don’t care too much about awards or whatever, we know he is the best ever unlike you losers who can’t prove his superiority by anything apart from usueless awards.
    I know SRK didn’t deserve some awards and I admit it, so what?But still SRK has given some memorable performances that didn’t win him awards like Darr, Baadshah, Yess Boss etc..
    The problem with Hrihtik fans is that they are very arrogant and pompous they can’t see a life beyond him

  • @Saboor Khan: Beta tumahara pitaji SRK ka Ra.One hit to honge, lekin Rajnikatnth k waje se. Hum sab jante he ke, agar Rajnikanth koi film me mutne ke liye bhe gaye, to woh film bohot badi hit ho jata hai, or tumhara SRK bapne to Rajnikanthko Mutaibhi or hagaibhi to ye film Hithogo nato keya hogi, ab dekho tumhara ye bap Hrithik ko Don 2 mai use kiye woh islie ke Hrithik k fans jake Don 2 dekhe or Hit ho jaye, are beta SRK to bothot he bada gandu hai. Kabhi khudke hasiyat se to film hit karao!! tumhara ye bapto Om Shanti Om or Rab na Pakadee Jodi ke andarbhi bohot sare actors or actress k le akar box office me push karwayi!! hehee!! rahe bat award ki, woh to tum jeyada support nahi karoge keu k, last 10 years me jo SRK HR se kam award jiti. Tum mujhe yeh batao. Hrithik jab 2000 me Bolywood me aye, uske bat tumhara konsa baap Hrithik se assa successful raha!! batao jara!!:D Ab yeh hrithik Award jiti sabse pichle 10 sal me or sabse jayada blockbusters or critics award bhi jiti hai!! iske bat bhi tum mera point nahi samjho ge to tumharae jaisa gadha sirf is blog par bhi mil sagta hai :D hope u understood now!!

  • @saboor khan:hello ji..hrithik srk ki tarah darpok nhi hai jo dusre actor ko guest role karwaaye aur muvi hit karey n dt guy alwayz depends on d comedy…even as a don he does comedy in ra1 also he wl do comedy..coz he iz scrd of muvi gettin flop witout comedy..evn in om shanti om he brings all d srk iz d king i agree coz his star power iz amazing bt ,he cant surpass hr in actin skillss..aur u srk fans r jealous of hr coz he dominatd srk frm his 1st muvi…kch bhi bolo hr iz a versatile actor ,he does nt depend on his strengths ,he further tries new roles,he does care abt box office,if he cntinously act in muviz lyk dhoom2 he ll certainly b no1 as salman iz doin rite nw bt he doesn care abt commercial cinema mch,1 nce in a while h does dt..

  • arey yaar ,hav 2 kick dt indicine team dt cmprd hr wid ajay,he iz nt evn fit for cmparision..hrithik kahan aur ajay kahan..

  • for all who considers hritik to be dull actors den u ll r totally wrong ajay s more senior with more movies in his belt and with only some f dem proved hritik is still with nly 17 movies which is not half of him so wait for d series to be equal den will see and as far as acting is considered hritik got international award nly bcoz f acting so no one can claim f his acting talent

  • Ajay is a well known actor in the world. He is a versatile actor and no comparison with baby Hritik. Don’t compare the filmfare it is paid one and even we can win same award for Mujshe dosti karoge if we pay filmfare. Ajay has won 2 national awards and even srk, salu, and amir does not win it. Ajay sabka baap hai to hritik or uska baap mein yetna dum nahi hoga ki ajy ke sat panga karne ka.

  • is this a joke?? of course agneepath will be the more successful film. its the most anticipated film of first half of 2012!!!

  • @prajwol. To say ajay devgan is a well known actor in d world is an insult to international bollywood fans like me. No one can withstand his ugly face n panned acting for 3hrs. He has been better of as side hero roles in movies like raajneeti or a village champion in legend of bharat singh. Even rascals seen by hls usual stupid mass audience was a box office disaster. So fans of old ugly uncle say what? Hrithik rocks.

  • @vaibhav n alok. Salman khan is having his year in 2011 just like every superstar does. He has undoubtebly improved at ds recent times n his luck is shinning i must confess. But in terms of acting skills, he is not better dn HR. I repeat, ajay devgan n salman khan can never be better actors dn hrithik roshan.

  • @saboor khan. This column is not for srk n hr comparisons. If u dont value ds awards, then tell srk dt he shld stop attendn d award functns n whenever it gets to him, he shld pls refuse. If d awards r bought, then ajay n sallu shld pls go n buy atleast 1 filmfare best actor award for themselves. Ha ha..ha.. Losers.

  • Aamir Khan and Hithik Roshan are the best actors as of now. Period.
    NO sallu, no SRK, no Akshay.
    DCH, RDB, Lagaan, 3 Idiots, TZP
    KMG, KNPH, Krrish, Jodhaa Akbar, ZNMD
    Plz guys stop comparing Aamir n Hrithik, they are the best, even they respect each other in real life. Both are the best in their own ways.

  • With a career of 20yrs, a.devgan is being compared wt my superhandsome, starstuded, mega-talented hrithik of only 11yrs n everythn achievable attachd to his resume. What role has hrithik not essayed in blockbuster/hit fashion. Just because kajol recently dusted off her beau n refashioned him in couple of lead roles like golmaal series, singham, n zoombies r shouting dt devgan is a brand name. Am sure dt he is a ghost along mumbai streets not to talk internationally. Hrithik has bn mobbed severally in d/f countries n even abhay deol confirmd dt only hr ws recognizd in spain while shooting 4 znmd. Even Mr.devgan knows dt he is rly way below roshan. Ha ha ha

  • Mr.devgan acted a superhero movie wt kajol, what ws d outcome? Zero. Srk is now battling wt his ra one, what did d critics say abt his acting? Expressionless n panned. Amir khan is yet to experiment wt dhoom3. Ds hrithik has done already in blockbuster n highly critically acclaimed styles- dhoom2 n krrish wt best actor awards to dm. He is yet to do more. Haters gv ds lad 9 more yrs n see what he becomes- a bollywood legend. Ha ha ha…ha. Hrithik rules.

  • @Farnesol: that was old news and we Hrithik’s fans are eagerly waiting for the stupid clash. No doubt that the Tezz is going to be bombered by Agneepath!!. To Ajay’s fans! I guess you guys have got the clue from Ra.One that how much bigger release the Agneepath is going to be since the satellite right of Agneepath has surpassed big time than Ra.One.

  • fuad beta,aap bachon ki tarah baat mat karo…tezz bomards agneepath…hw senseless u r..thewhole of india iz waitin 4 agneepath n mny doesnt even heard abt tezz muvi…let me tell u…agneepath wl gt 115 cr min n tezz wlget 5 cr if it releases longside agneepath ,dis izz ma bet…arey dese ajay kind of star depends up on directors…dese stars doesnt hav even star power…ex iz rascals muvi ,collections wer lower than guzaarish…being a comedy muvi n d funniest thng iz it had a dushera holiday 2 help bt garnd so less…dts a shame…dese dayz cmedy muvies wrk nt guzaarish kinda muviz…

  • hrithik if he follows d same formula lyk salman khan ,doin d same stuf lyk dhoom 2 n krish n all he ll b no 1 star,bt he challenges himself 2 improve mre n more n achevies,temme 1 film wer hrithik din get critics applause…he iz nt scrd of flops n boxoffice ,he follows his instincts dts y he iz a superstar nt nly hr fan coz of his stardom n actin,bt also cnsidering his gentleman’ism n true spirit 2 wards cinema n mst dedictd actor he iz…u follow him 4 jus 1 week u ll knw hw bigger heart n how mch gud human being he iz..

  • @prajwol:ajay well knwn actor ..haha..roflmao…mny ppl in south doesnt knww his name also…sum of my frn here in andhra ask his name n asks hw he bcame hero in bllywood wid ugly face…south ppl jus luv hrithik roshan his muvi plays 4 50 days in small urban centres in andhra…dhoom 2 n krrish made several records in andhra…agar world wide famous hai toh singham 5 cr se zyada collection kyun nhi kari in overseas…jus did 15% business of znmd…he has no market in overseas…yahan ke mass log nli lyk i agree he iz versatile actor…bt srsly cnt b cmpared 2 hr’s class n charisma..

  • @ afraz n fuad. Yes my pals, give it to dm. Ajay’s fans r dummies. Dy know d truth but refuse to accept it. Ajay can never step up to hrithik in comparison.

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