Hrithik Roshan Upcoming Movies 2015 – 2016

Apart from the three Khans of Bollywood, if there is one actor who can be called a true superstar then that man is Hrithik Roshan. The actor, who has delivered two back to back mega grossers in 2013 and 2014 in the form of Krrish 3 and Bang Bang, follows the Aamir Khan formula of working on just one film at a time. In fact, the pace of Hrithik’s films is also quite similar to Aamir.

As the actor celebrates his 41st birthday today, we take a look at his upcoming film in 2016. Unfortunately, Hrithik has no movie release in 2015.

Mohenjo Daro (2016) (Hrithik Roshan’s Next Film)

  • Director: Ashutosh Gowariker (Lagaan, Swades, Jodha Akbar)
  • Producer: Ashutosh Gowariker Films and Disney India
  • Star Cast: Hrithik Roshan, Kabir Bedi, Pooja Hegde
  • Release Date: 12 August 2016 (Independence Day weekend)

Mohenjo Daro is Ashutosh Gowariker’s most ambitious film to date. The magnum opus will be an epic adventure love story that will also star Pooja Hegde and Kabir Bedi. Previously, the actor-director of Hrithik-Ashutosh have worked together in the highly acclaimed Jodha Akbar for which Hrithik had received the Filmfare Award for Best Actor. The music of the film will be composed by Oscar winning composer A R Rahman, who is known to give his best whenever he works with Ashutosh.

Rumour: Industry insiders say Hrithik has agreed to do a action film for Yash Raj Films, which could be similar to the Dhoom series. The superstar might start shooting for the film later this year. This page will be updated as soon as an official announcement is made.

Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan



  • @hritik my hero hahaha we have seen what was the result of srk films like dil se,swades,mnik,asoka,paheli in India. Paani nahi manga filmo ne.
    Aamir wasn’t been going through best phase of his career still trust the film and rest is history.Do you know lagaan was known and loved by many.Talking about jodha Akbar I haven’t watch that movie totally yet.It wasn’t more appealing as compare to kagaan and swades.Yes hrithik aish performed brilliantly but we are not fools like you to degrade better work of others.
    We have seen the bang bang and what hr capable to do.180cr collection my foot.a movie which even not liked by my single hr fan from group, not on anywhere and collectcr while trade saying even k3 not crossed 200cr and a rejected film collected 180 cr and its better to not talked about gujarish,its verdict and movie itself.
    Yes d3 was illogical but its looking a white lie when some one saying dhoom 2 was logical.ROFL.

  • @have you checked history of Aamir.
    Indra Kumar- Debut film – Dil,highest grosser in 90s.
    Worked next with him in Ishq hit at box office.
    Then came Mann was a superb film but a failure.
    Dharmesh Darshan – Raja Hindustani ATBB (his first movie was flop)
    Next – Mela epic failure.
    Raam Gopal Verma- his first big success come with Aamir with Rangeela.
    Mahesh Bhatt- classics like Dil h ki manta nahi and Hum h rahi pyar k.
    John Mathew Mathan – Sarfarosh
    Ashutosh – lagaan
    Farhan Akhtar- Dil Chahta H.
    Rajesh Omprakash Mehra- Rdb after flop Aks starring big b,Manoj vajpayee.
    Aamir Himself- Taare Zameen Par
    Talaash – Reema Kagti after moderate success honeymoon.

    These are the list of director which Aamir worked,except Mahesh Bhatt not a single director was established but after Aamir all got great track.Whether their film was a big hit or moderate success but that made them to think big in Bollywood.
    Remember Vikram Bhatt- First film of him was Ghulam after that he given Raaz.

  • Hrithik is very very weak in comedy.He is good looking,he is a good dancer but his acting is just average.

  • @Jaadoo Boy My Hero, LOL. Hrithik without his papa dhoom 2????? isn’t dhoom 2 considered as one of the so called Brand or franchise movie when we talk about dhoom 3??????

  • Oh.. it’s not fair Hrithik!! will vanish for one year!! he must make a small budget film to be released this year.. we love to see him on the screen. It’s not necessary to be always (big) budget films.. no.. a good actor could do even small films and his audience will go and watch them for sure.

  • Those saying Dhoom 3 better than Dhoom 2 need to rot! D3 without a tinge of doubt, Aaamir’s worst film in last 10 years. As Samar, he was really bad, though as Sahir he was good. But the movie in all was total bad. Both D2 and D3 were highly illogical but D2 was far far entertaining than crap D3 . Remember, Aamir just signed the film coz of its box office prospects, otherwise I dont see a point for an Actor like Aamir to sign such a pathetic script (he says he was blown away. LOL)

  • @sky Even his cousin Mansoor with whom he gave Jo Jeeta after his debut. I really like JO Jeeta. It was a complete out of box film and thoroughly entertaining!

  • @Hritik my hero.

    What a foolish and dumb comment! Abhishek Bachchan did a movie called ‘Khele hum jee jaan se’ which was a complete washout. Many critics in their reviews actually questioned the movie saying, “Is this the same guy who directed Lagaan?” There were people who even went ahead and said that this movie had the potential but it didnt have a strong actor like Aamir Khan in central role

    And mind you, the script of Lagaan made many many rounds. Aamir, Abhishek, Srk, and it came back to Aamir. Nobody had the guts to act in such an out of box film. Aamir had the courage to produce it! No doubt Srk and Hr were terrific in their parts but they worked with Ashutosh only after he became a successful director.

    So stop passing pathetic comments. Go and watch the making of Lagaan. You’ll know how hard it was to make that movie. Making foolish comments is easy, making Lagaan is not!!

  • I’m nt mkng nonsense comments…lagaan is d masterpiece and will remain..kudos 2 aamir n ashutosh!

    I like watching aamir’s muv bt saying D3 ws bttr is sincerely illogical..

    And yes D3 ws high on idiotic stuff! Period.

    @sky jst few ppl told u they didn’t like the it’s gt rejected.???.listen buddy go out at masses…see the response their dumb !

    And wot if i told u non of my friends lik HNY & bth were big grossers..does it mk any sense..? Be updated on box office collections

    Even i didn’t like HR did his job
    & it mde sure to let d muv earn 180cr…and abt d trade sites…they hv a history with Hrithik’s muvs..bttr go in deep..befr cmng up with baseless report..

    Bollywood Hungama,Indicine,TOI,Aaj Tak,Danik Jagran,Hindustan Times,Abp News All said K3 and BB did 240cr+ & 181cr respectively!

    A shit like D3 can earn 280cr bt Bang Bang can’t earn 181cr? Wot’s d logic…

    And buddy u don’t hv d ”LEVEL” to judge Guzaarish’s collection and verdict…u deserve films they rls on eid & diwali !

  • @suchit dhoom ws jst a hit..Dhoom2 mde d dhoom brand even bigger..i agree it ws a part of franchise…bt mking it such a big success ws all Hrithik..d film ran 6 mnths in near by theatres in my city…did d3 hd that kind of run ??

    And saying Hrithik papa boy can be like saying aamir as Hirani’s cub ! How’s that ?

  • @Jadoo Boy My Hero, dude, first get some life. dhoom 2 didn’t have that long run. dhoom despite having flop starcast was superhit. check the facts first. and dhoom 3’s verdict is ATBB while dhoom 2’s verdict is just blockbuster. dhoom 2 might have run in some small towns doesn’t mean that it was longest running film. even dhoom 3 was still there in my friend’s town for 7 months. so tell me now which one is bigger??? and if hrithik really made dhoom such a big brand then why his similar Bang Bang’s lifetime record was less than dhoom 3’s first week record??? don’t tell me that it had bad release date. in fact it had more advantage as it released on 5 long holidays period. so it should have crossed 200 crores easily. but it didn’t even come close. so that’s the end of the discussion right there. and you are saying aamir is in hirani’s club then what about QSQT, Dil, Raja Hindustani, Ishq, Ghulam, sarfarosh, lagan, dil chahta hai, rang de basanti, fanaa, tare zameen par, ghajini and last but not the least dhoom 3???? were they all directed by raju hirani???? seriously??????

  • @suchit.. Dhoom 2 mst hv gt ATBB verdict as it broke Gadar’s 75cr record…and made 80cr !! Again, Dhoom ws a hit !! And it really ran 6mnths, and my city is a capital city of a state FYI.

    Bang Bang suffered due to bad screenplay & poor direction..hw cud a star cud manage to pull off a weak film afr 3 days…still BB did v gd biz considering pre-diwali period,clash with haider,bad reviews(every1 mocked BB),lower screen counts & less hike in ticket price.

    5 days holidays r beneficial if d muvs trends really well gven that audience accept it..if things go wrong it can go horribly wrong..even indicine once said that…as in case of BB it ws avg affair over d extended holiday wrt pre-rls hype it ws carrying.

    And yes, aamir is nt hirani’s lad, i jst said as a counterpart.

  • And Hrithik gt FILMFARE best actor and debut Fr KNPH ! He acted wonderfully in Krrish 3 as Rohit/Krishna & Krrish..

    Fr me aamir ws epic failure as samar..he ws gd as sahir is ur choice. End of story!

    Even in D3 chicago police hires 2 dumbass frm india jst becoz aamir’s char write his msgs in hindi..wot’s d logic in that ? Hw can samar travel thrugh d whole city 2 fair every sunday and still nt spotted by chicago police apart frm abhishek’s char ? D crazy bike transformations ? There is enugh 2 point out frm bth d muvs..

    D base of d story of D3 ws nt justified..hw can i believe it nt u D3 is gd and fr D2 is bttr !

    I hope we mde peace.

  • @Jadoo Boy My hero, maybe the bullets were fake but what about him falling down the cliff and still surviving alive???? even if it’s movie, stuppidity still has a limit. I am not fool or blind enough to not accept the illogical scenes in dhoom 3, and i openly accept that many scenes were illogical there too, but dhoom 2 was equally or even more illogical than dhoom 3. that’s a fact. so u better go to nursery. I am already done with my MBA.

  • I am Great fan of Hrithik Roshan , mainly because the roles he play have a similarity with my personal character. I only started watching his movies recently. I found them very touching. So I am eagerly waiting to see his next movie. I also like his genuine smile.

  • I want to see hrithik in romantic movie with deepika padukone directed by karan Johor or adyita chopra as soon as possible

  • being a die hard fan..i’ve alwayz waited for his movies.. the release dates are too far.. bt its gettin me more eager.. :D m very very excited.. love u HR..

  • Hrithik is my favourite actor of all time…I am waiting for his next movie mohenjodaro..Plz hr should work on 2 movie one year..

  • Hrithik is my favourite hero in film industry because he take a seen is very good like a hollywood his new film is coming mohan dojaro i am very excited to see them

  • Hrithik roshan is better than any other actor so, I am waiting for mohenjodaro movie, I hope this movie’s story will be very good.

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