Hrithik Roshan Upcoming Movies 2015 – 2016

Apart from the three Khans of Bollywood, if there is one actor who can be called a true superstar then that man is Hrithik Roshan. The actor, who has delivered two back to back mega grossers in 2013 and 2014 in the form of Krrish 3 and Bang Bang, follows the Aamir Khan formula of working on just one film at a time. In fact, the pace of Hrithik’s films is also quite similar to Aamir.

As the actor celebrates his 41st birthday today, we take a look at his upcoming film in 2016. Unfortunately, Hrithik has no movie release in 2015.

Mohenjo Daro (2016) (Hrithik Roshan’s Next Film)

  • Director: Ashutosh Gowariker (Lagaan, Swades, Jodha Akbar)
  • Producer: Ashutosh Gowariker Films and Disney India
  • Star Cast: Hrithik Roshan, Kabir Bedi, Pooja Hegde
  • Release Date: 12 August 2016 (Independence Day weekend)

Mohenjo Daro is Ashutosh Gowariker’s most ambitious film to date. The magnum opus will be an epic adventure love story that will also star Pooja Hegde and Kabir Bedi. Previously, the actor-director of Hrithik-Ashutosh have worked together in the highly acclaimed Jodha Akbar for which Hrithik had received the Filmfare Award for Best Actor. The music of the film will be composed by Oscar winning composer A R Rahman, who is known to give his best whenever he works with Ashutosh.

Rumour: Industry insiders say Hrithik has agreed to do a action film for Yash Raj Films, which could be similar to the Dhoom series. The superstar might start shooting for the film later this year. This page will be updated as soon as an official announcement is made.

Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan



  • The releasing date is not appropriate but I don’t think so they will release in jan22.let’s hope it will give help hr to prove that he can give hit with out his papa.

  • I’m waiting for Mohenjo-Daro and daam excited about it. How can I miss Ashutosh-Hrithik combo , despite of knowing that when they paired up last time then the product was Jodha-Akbar(One of my all Time favourite).
    I’m sure Mohenjo-Daro will be successful both critically as well as commercially.
    Nothing is confirmed about YRF-Hrithik’s next, so no comments on that.

  • Thank you Indicine, as it there was no better day than his birthday for this post.There are high hopes from mohenjodaro.Hrithik-Ashu will surely make a great film.Mohenjodaro will be among top 3 film of next year.
    I bet that year 2015 will be very dull for Bollywood when Superstar cum Actor like Aamir,hr and Ajay had no release this year.
    I had not much interest in 2015, as apart from prdp,fan only baby,brothers,badlapur is my awaited films.I hope this year youngistaan surprised us again like previous year.

  • A bit sad we have to wait an entire year but we all know it will be worth it. I hope HR signs many more good films

  • No hr film , not even ajay devgan-amir film. Hope movies like Baby,Gabbar,prdp,bajrangi bhai,fan,Mr.X,badlapur,brothers be big grossers.

  • 1 yr is long period… hope mohanjodaro will be epic…
    hr fans don’t worry enjoy sallu n akki movies this year….

  • It is very sad that he will not have a release this year.With Aamir & HR not having any release, this year looks so dull. But expectations of other khans movies will be very very huge…..hope the content of those movies are very strong….I also wish that MohenjoDaro does not gets delay further….

  • Mohenjodaro Should be a Masterpiece. Hope they get a better release date for it.
    @sss he has already proved it with K3g,JA,D2,AGNEEPATH,Bang Bang etc.

  • THE GREATEST EPIC OF THE WORLD “MOHENJODARO” is going to be HRITHIK’S greatest epic film.
    I think that YRFs next film is almost confirmed because of strong buzz.
    So I’m awaiting for both
    I think Rakesh’s next should come next year too.
    Happy birthday most perfect man of universes HRITHIK.
    Awaiting The Most Amazing trailer of “MOHENJODARO” in year 2015.

  • Very nicely said ‘True SuperStar’ !!

    MohenjoDaro will be epic with d Combination of Hrithik-Ashu-Rahman !! And Guess what Kabir Bedi hs also joined d force fr this epic journey. Do write an article Indicine.

    May He Rules & Inspires people over a long time.

  • @sss Without ‘Papa’ he hs hits like Mission Kashmir, Dhoom 2, Jodha Akbar, Agneepath, ZNMD & Bang Bang.

    Without ‘Papa’ he has 2 of the most incredible acts in History Of Indian Cinema in muvs Lakshya & Guzaarish.

    And With his ‘Papa’ he has 4 Mega Blockbusters which his Dad ws deprived of before Hrithik’s entry. It’s other way round. So who need who??

    This Man hs nothing left to prove. And I Think You might gt ur answer.

    Happy BirthDay Legend.

  • Hrithik roshan is the best actor in world after Aamir khan

    iam waiting for.
    1Mohenjo daro
    2 yash j next
    3 judai matlab payer hai hrithik with deepika

    4 krrish4
    5 i hope hrithik work bang bang 2
    6 i hope hrithik work in dhoom4

  • Thank you Indicine for such a brilliant article . I was waiting for such a article for a long time . You have made by day . I am damn excited for Mohenjo Daro . It will be classic and absolutely masterclass . Ashutosh Gowariker is one of the best directors of Bollywood and also of one of my favourite directors . The shooting of Mohenjo Daro will start from 18th Jan in Bhuj . The technical staff of the movie is just deadly stuff . I want this movie to win hearts just like Jodhaa Akbar . The release date looks good to me . It releases before Republic Day and that day Hrithik got one of the most successful movies of his career – Agneepath . History will repeat itself . Some people were disappointed after seeing Krrish 3 and Bang Bang but i am damn sure they will love Mohenjo Daro . I hope Hrithik signs movie with YRF . It has been 9 years since Hrithik has worked with YRF . I will wish Hrithik badly in 2015 but i think he will bounce back in 2016 with a Bang ! I want his 2 movies in 2016 . Whenever he has taken a break he has given something magical . In 2005 no movie of HR was released and in 2006 he came with Krrish and Dhoom 2 . Both of the movies were good movies, got the love of audiences and were Box Office Blockbusters . In 2007 no movie of HR was released and in 2008 he came with Jodhaa Akbar . It is the only successful period movie in the last two decades . It was appreciated by critics, the audiences loved it, won a lot of awards and also got international acclaim . In 2009 no movie of HR was released and in 2010 he came with Guzaarish which was not successful but won a lot of hearts, critics praises it and it became a Cult Classic .

    • @Saksham, different people have different ways of expressing what they feel. If everyone was the same, the comments section would be boring. Democratic country and the comments section is equally free for people to say whatever they want to, as long as they don’t abuse.

      By the way, love reading comments!

  • If he does that Dhoom like movie with YRF n if the conteng gets accepted then God Save Overrated Khans. Happy Birthday Greek God.

  • @Romance_flop_yr save ur grace of ur self proclaimed king. D diwali dhamka after 44cr opening(8cr manipulation) ws a misfire earning 175crs only.

    Nw, Fan ‘ll b experimental with Maneesh Sharma of whom we all know the craps he hs mde.

    Raees & Shetty’s nxt crap isn’t happening & rlsng till 2017.

    Think before you post

  • why the hell do u compare hrithik with the khans. even akshay has a bigger stardom and fan following than hrithik .

  • Amir khan upcoming ATBB
    Salman khan upcomingBB
    SRK upcoming SUPER HIT
    Rhit shetty next(ATBB)
    HRTIK roshan upcoming hit
    Akshay kumar upcomingFLOP
    sigh is bling

  • @aban lol..akki is struggling…can’t u see. Srk is sinking. Hrithik is ahead of Khans. Admit it !!

    Wait for the time. He will Surpass all of them.

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