Hrithik Roshan Upcoming Movies 2015 – 2016

Apart from the three Khans of Bollywood, if there is one actor who can be called a true superstar then that man is Hrithik Roshan. The actor, who has delivered two back to back mega grossers in 2013 and 2014 in the form of Krrish 3 and Bang Bang, follows the Aamir Khan formula of working on just one film at a time. In fact, the pace of Hrithik’s films is also quite similar to Aamir.

As the actor celebrates his 41st birthday today, we take a look at his upcoming film in 2016. Unfortunately, Hrithik has no movie release in 2015.

Mohenjo Daro (2016) (Hrithik Roshan’s Next Film)

  • Director: Ashutosh Gowariker (Lagaan, Swades, Jodha Akbar)
  • Producer: Ashutosh Gowariker Films and Disney India
  • Star Cast: Hrithik Roshan, Kabir Bedi, Pooja Hegde
  • Release Date: 12 August 2016 (Independence Day weekend)

Mohenjo Daro is Ashutosh Gowariker’s most ambitious film to date. The magnum opus will be an epic adventure love story that will also star Pooja Hegde and Kabir Bedi. Previously, the actor-director of Hrithik-Ashutosh have worked together in the highly acclaimed Jodha Akbar for which Hrithik had received the Filmfare Award for Best Actor. The music of the film will be composed by Oscar winning composer A R Rahman, who is known to give his best whenever he works with Ashutosh.

Rumour: Industry insiders say Hrithik has agreed to do a action film for Yash Raj Films, which could be similar to the Dhoom series. The superstar might start shooting for the film later this year. This page will be updated as soon as an official announcement is made.

Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan



  • akki is struggling due to bad choices of scripts and multiple releases.
    hrithik copies aamir khan style of one movie at a time and inspite of that is not able to match salman and shahrukh’s movies’ collection. let alone creating records like dhoom 3.
    were u high when u typed “hrithik is ahead of the Khans “?


  • MOHANJO DARO is a disaster in the making. Mark my words. Bollywood cannot write proper screenplay in existing languages let alone inventing a new language.

    Ashutosh has gotten from good to bad to worse as a director just like Farhan. Its a steep decline in graph.

    LAGAAN was very good direction wise & wiriting wise.
    SWADES direction was big let down.
    JODHAA AKBAR also had poor direction and editing too.
    KHELE HUM JEE JAAN SE is pretty pathetic too. I’ve seen parts of it.

    MOHANJO DARO will be worst of the lot.

  • @hrithik my jaadoo, may b hrithik is ahead of teesra khan but that manipulated boy can’t b ahead of Salman and Aamir.

  • @tiger 10:13am

    ROFL at ‘hrithik my jaadoo’

    Yeah how many more yrs do we need to wait for this inevitability that hrithik will pass the khans… 2 yrs…? 5 years…? IMO 5 years sounds about right to me… So after the Khans retire it will take Jaadoo boy 5 yrs to reach n pass the Khans feats….! :-P

  • Ashutosh is a one hit wonder… We all know why Lagaan worked big time with hindi audiences nationwide n since then in Aamirs absence his films have lacked any real spark and end up being mundane affairs going nowhere fast… Lagaan had an ark- it was going upwards right from min one- Aamir n cast took it to its inevitable conclusion by giving stellar performances- Ashutosh got lucky with that film coz since then his movies are lethargic n one pace- boring would be too harsh a word but it may be the only word to describe his films of last decade or so.

  • @aban u’re high on khan’s stardom ! Hrithik surpassed khans with Krrish 3 bt d media n BOI held him back. He even surpassed khans with his debut. He Surpassed Khans in 2006 with 2 Mega Blockbusters !

    D3 worked bcoz of Brand factor, Fabourable xmas rls. It can’t b regarded as aamir’s success in any way. Dhoom is Dhoom becoz of only 1 Man and that is HRITHIK ROSHAN…go search d poll inducted by Indicne..u’ll gt ur ans.

    @raveena Wait fr some time, khans will b jst piece of history.

    And Hrithik hsn’t copied aamir. He started doing it since 2003. Media jst hyped it, go check d facts. Aamir started doing since 2007 with TZP.

    @raveena 5yrs is very less time fr Hrithik,he prove u wrong in no time. Let him come back in commercial avatar.

    And d Biggest thing above all he is much much talented and hardworking thn khans.

    @khan u deserve films like kick,Jai Ho,CE,D3 & HNY !

  • If Ashutosh wud hv collab w/ srk or aamir..u all khantards wud b high and bouncing off? Wudn’t u ?

    Just becoz he didn’t collab with khans his films are bore,unorignal,lathergic,missing d

    Swadesh & Jodhaa Akbar were masterpiece. One didn’t worked..that’s d diff only.

    Lagaan jst took d icing becoz it ws nominated fr Acadmeys..nothing else …it ws also a masterpiece..without any doubt.

    Ashutosh will prove u khantards wrong. Come Jan,2016. I Can’t wait.

  • And srk’s movies…that guy is sinking since 2007 !!

    Hny cudn’t cross K3 with 44cr that wot u call collection..

  • @hritiK my Jaadoo

    Yeah Yeah we heard all this ‘Dhoom is Dhoom bcoz of Ritik n Doom without HritiK’ nonsense for yrs now but what happened to Hritiks dhoom avatar in Bong Bong- oh thats right it was subdue bcoz it was missing the Dhoom factor hence hritik in Dhoom 4 (Bong Bong) collected 100cr less than Aamirs Dhoom 3….

  • I hope Hritiks next with YRF is more an Avatar type movie and YRF send Hritik out to space in search of Jaadoo…

  • @raveena give him xams rls, gv him solo rls, gv him bigger scale rls, give him screen counts !!

    Bang Bang collected 181cr with harsh reviews,pre-diwali(which i don’t knw whether it’s effect u knw abt),non-solo rls,less screens,lower tckt price & rlsd along side niche aud reviewed muv ‘Haider’.

    Talk fair to fair comparisons

    And Doom can i say abt that…learnt abt ur xmen and jadoo theories.. Aamir smartly copied The Prestige,The Dark Knight,The Drak Knight Rises & Now You See Me. And throughtout d muv he hd sme expressions

    Lol…wot abt childish bike transformation he shwd..

    At least D2 ws less on idiotic stuff and high on Style & Speed !!

    And Bang Bang suffered frm weak screenplay and pathetic direction…saving grace HR mde it worth watching !! Again,it ws less on idiotic stuff as compared to DOOM 3

  • @raveena don’t worry until then aamir wth his bmw bike wud dive into the ocean trench without silly boat transformation.

  • @Jaadoo Boy My Hero, LOL. dhoom 2 was more logical???? seriously???? I have never seen a blind moron fan like you. how can a man who is shot thrice and falls down from the cliff and still survives???? what kind of logic is that??? can you explain me Mr. Jaadu boy fan. Dhoom 2 was out n out idiotic and illogical movie. dhoom 3 was still much better than dhoom 2. get some life. hrithik also had same expressions in Bing Bing, Hungry Path and Choom 2. aamir’s expressions were still better than him.

  • @hrithiK my jaadoo

    Forget about giving Jaadoo boy a Xmas release or solo release or even higher screen count- all he needs is Papas manipulative calculator n BINGO collections will automatically jump up 60 CRORES…

    Now thats Bong Bong

  • @hrithik my jaadoo

    Did anybody twist Jaadoo boys hands n forced him to sign a remake of a flop bollywood movie…? Did anyone force him to work with Sid whose previous film was a dud…? He signed the film bcoz just like his idiotic fans he too thought he will be seen in a Dhoom type film but sadly the remake was much worse than Cruises original K&D…

    If anyone was at a disadvantage then it was Aamir in Dhoom 3…. Not only did he have to work alongside the producers useless sibling Uday but also the producers talentless friend Abhishek…. On top of that they forced the Tashan flop director Victor upon him too aswell as a non acting Baby Doll Katrina… Despite YRFs best attempts at hindering Dhoom 3 Aamir dragged that film to the Top of the Mountain… He didnt even bemoan the bad luck- just got on with it n took Dhoom to an unprecedented level- something Hrithik couldnt do in Bong Bong- so much for Hrithik creating the Dhoom brand- without Dhoom brand Hrithik gave his childish fans the amateurish Bong Bong…!

  • @navin, they need not go to space for jaadoo. They can call jaadoo here in earth by playing the melody Ding…Ding…Ding…Dong…Dong…Dong…

  • @HR Haters
    HR is no less dan KHANS actually he s better .actingwise only HR n Aamir wer awesome among d superstars

  • Lol @suchit a 3hrs boredom is worse thn wot D2 offered back in 2006 !!!

    D2 ws bttr and will b best Dhoom movie ever mde..admit it or nt !

    Wot kind of person stammering starts singing ? Hw those kind of illogical bike transformation stunts can be done ? Hw easily can a person break into bank and rob it…

    Is it bad if bank snatches away ur mortgaged properity if u’re nt able to pay back the loan…idiotic base of d story !

    Hw a person can cross a 1000cc bike on a thin wire ? Do u’ve ans fr that.

    It ws fake bullets moron..go watch d muv one mre time..d whole wrld understood d climax and u still stuck in nursery !!

  • @raveena d sme reasons i can also impose on you..Hrithik ws carrying d muv on himself..plastic doll kat hs to do nthng their…sid anand is a flop dir…

    And who asked aamir to sign the his arms were twisted when he signed the film ?

    At least Bang Bang ws bttr thn Doom 3..bttr action and stunts…

    Firts muv to offer F1 racing chase & sky boarding stunts…wiz doom3 lacked. It wrked on franchise factor…Bang Bang ws non-farnchise muv.

  • @suchit lol..abt expression aamir ws worst at doing samar !!! He cudn’t do that part at all…a complete failure..

    Hrithik Roshan’s eyes speak in Agneepath…go wtch it moron..a pathetic low life.

    Hrithik carried Dhoom 2 with style even there ws Aish & Bipasha in bikini..ppl cme out drooling over HR..

    HR’s prfmnc ws praised in each Bang Bang review and carried d muv on his shoulders..

    And u talk abt expressions ROFL at u

  • Best movie of Bollywood history is coming Hritjik the Greek god and god of acting is coming with Mohen jodaro the epic love story of a warrior RIP all box off record

  • Don’t care about what that idiot @Hrithik my hero says.. I am waiting for Mohenjodaaro..

    @hrithik my hero.. You dimwit..Ashu Gowariker was a flop director..even his well made Pehla Nasha was a flop in 90s due to a new was Aamir Sir who helped him and the result was the OSCAR nominated LAGAAN.. Agreed JA was a good movie too but did not reach the lofty heights of Lagaan.. This is acknowledged by Filmi pundits..Any director who worked with Aamir Khan has not got the same success with other actors with the exception of Raju stop barking without knowing facts..and just chill..

  • @Jadoo Boy My Hero, LOL Mr. Champu AKA Chameleon you have proved that you are bigger moron than srk’s most famous chameleon fans like @SSS, @Romu Aunty, @Yuvraj, @V Santaram, and many others. how can a man dive in the desert and with huge security guards enter and disguise the queen Elizabeth so quickly???? can you explain??? how can a guy become a statue in front of huge cameras and security system everywhere???? what kind of logic is that???? how can a man create a fake ID of a watchman when police stop him???? is there any logic???? and last but not the least how can a man who is shot thrice and falls down from the cliff and still survive????? do you have any answer Mr. Moron????? dhoom 3 was still miles better than crap illogical Choom 2. DHoom 2 was the most idiotic and illogical movie ever made in bolywood. I am not hypocrite like you to not accept the reality but dhoom 3 was not as illogical as dhoom 2. even the verdict of dhoom 3 proved how big it was as compared to dhoom 2. dhoom 3 was All Time Blockbuster and dhoom 2 was just blockbuster. that speaks a lot that more people flocked to watch dhoom 3 than dhoom 2 just to see aamir. that’s called stardom. I hope you wear some lenses and check the reality. Good Luck!!!!1

  • @Jadoo boy my hero , really???? dhoom 3 worked on franchise factor then why the opening week collections of dhoom 3 were more than lifetime collections of Bing Bing???? and expressions wise aamir played double role you low lifer chameleon. hrithik couldn’t play double role like that. he has played double roles in KNPH and KMG series but separately mostly. in krrish 3 he couldn’t play double role with ease. aamir was any day much better in double role.

  • @sids_fake as if aamir sir is an alien fr sense.. Aamir is too smart choosing scripts…lagaan wud hv gt sme recognition if srk or any actor offered and grabbed it!

    Raju wud collab with aamir in future also..and Rk fr Sanju’s dn’t mk a fuss abt it..

    And FYI..go search mre of his history..Ashu ws also an actor acted in srk film and why didn’t it woked out with baazi ? Hv any explanation fr that…low life dumb!

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