Inspired by Hrithik Roshan, fans dance to ‘Tu Meri’

A collection of videos where fans of Hrithik Roshan dance to one of 2014’s most popular dance songs ‘Tu Meri’ from Bang Bang.

A reader of our website, Karthik, posted the videos with the message “I wish my most loved superhero many many happy returns of the day. Wish him good health, success and peace. I dedicate the below links to all his fans where many inspired by him, dance at their best on his latest blockbuster song ‘Tu Meri’ from Bang Bang”










And finally, the original video with the man himself.




  • But the original one is too good.I sometimes feel that the fans create hatred for their favorite stars by speaking ill about other stars.I have never seen Hrithik or Akshay saying bad thing about their contemporaries but still some of their fans keep bad mouthing other stars which creates unnecessary hatred for them.

  • @Chalaa.. fans don’t create hatred, we just express our opinion. For example.. it hurts when you feel your star has delivered a good performance in a film and someone like Shahrukh gets the Best Actor nomination…

    I mean Shahrukh gets a nomination every year.. even for his utterly pathetic performances in Ra1, JTHJ, HNY.. If its purely about popularity, why doesn’t Salman get a nomination?

    If you go back and look at all the best actor award winners.. SRK has got awards for all undeserving performances..

  • As said by Mr.@Chalaa..the original by hrithik is too good for the fans to replicate..

    Afterall,we call him The God of Dance for a reason..

  • @babaii God of dance is only one actor and that man is salman…
    salman inspire everyone…
    hrithik is now gone ahead but original one is original one…
    hrithik keep going man…

  • @Neeraj I am not speaking specifically about fans of certain actors.But when somebody says Srk is nothing in front of his favorite star I do at times want his films to not work at the box office so that he could realize the star power of Srk.I hate when some Srk fan speaks not so good things about Hrithik since both of them are my favorites.The best example is @Arjun Fan. Nobody hated the actor Arjun Kapoor but when he speaks bad about other stars you want his films to fail.That’s my point.

  • @ Indicine:Thank you so much for posting this article in centre page,you made my day. For those people who love to dance, Hrithik is such an inspiration and treat to watch. We dancers always try to match him but fail to get it all right. Thats why HR is King of Dance….

    Though Bang Bang did not have very strong content,Hrithik presence and performance made the film more entertaining. Tu meri,Uff & Bang Bang video tracks were treat to watch. I am not sure when HR will again wear his dance shoes for any film…but every day wait is worth of it…

  • Hro is a very good actor but his ‘small fan group’ are the most irritating one’s .. they are butthurts.
    like @neeraj says that it hurts them when their star is not nominated but why are you just targetting SRK ? see the truth is simple, even SRK’s mediocre performances are way better than other actor’s so called brilliant performances.
    if people like you feel SRK’s performance was crap in Ra. One then did you go blind while watching ‘Bong Bong’ ?
    stay away and refrain from commenting on SRK.

  • This is a brilliant moment for all the HR fans and Cinema lovers a great tribute to Hrithik . Hrithik has taken dance on a brilliant level in movies . His dance is always a thing to look out for not only for his fans but also for neutral fans . Some people just say he is a good dancer . But i want to say in Fiza, Jodhaa Akbar, Guzaarish and Agneepath he did not dance because of his characters . Love you all HR fans for giving such a lovely tribute to Hrithik . I am damn sure Hrithik will be proud of all of you . Thumbs Up ! @ Neeraj I agree with you sometimes that slowly awards are losing their credibility . But the most important fact is that if you want to express your opinions you can do but keep in mind your statements should not be regressive . I always express my opinions when i want to . For Example, I don’t like Varun Dhawan and i have said it many times but nobody has said anything to me because my comments are not offensive for anybody . If any person does not like any actor he is entitled to his or her opinion but he/she should took care that their comments should not hurt anybody . This according to me is the biggest cause of Fan Wars . I hope all the people should take care of all these things . Thanks . @ Indicine Need your reply on this comment of mine . I would like to read your suggestion . Cheers .

  • @zeeshan: ha ha ha. well said bro.
    Nothing against Hr. but if u people dont stop talking filth about SRK we need to bash u as well

  • @neeraj: so Chak de was bad. or should i Say MNIK was bad. or Swadesh was bad lol. if they are pathetic then there is no good performance in bollywood. sorry to say these performances haventt been matched and never ll be. shame on u. ur lies have hit the roof

  • @challa and to all I m anyways leaving indicine within a few days time so I request u to not take my name ever.If u ppl hate me and find my comments irritating,offensive then instead of going on taking my name for different things u should b happy and relieved.

  • @Chalaa.. I agree about Arjun Kapoor Fan.. But that actor has no fans, hate will get him a few more viewers :D

    @Zeeshan.. Bang Bang was a much better performance than Ra One.. By calling ‘Bang Bang’ as ‘Bong Bong’ what exactly are you trying to prove? I called call Ra One as Bra One or Gay One.. but does it even sound nice? Let’s be mature enough at least while discussing movies.. According to me, Hrithik was way better in Bang Bang or Krrish 3 as compared to SRK in Ra One.. which was IMO his worst performance ever. He couldn’t even get his body language right for action scene. See the scene where he is trying to throw cars..

    I have nothing against SRK to be honest, but he doesn’t deserve half of the nominations and awards that he gets. Only Chak De and Swades were award worthy performances..

    The problem with you SRK fans is.. that you can’t accept when SRK fails at something and still support him which explains why he has been doing such shitty films and working with such pathetic directors. You guys deserve the movies that you are getting. If SRK isn’t good at superhero.. you still praise him. I am willing to stand up and say Hrithik is not good at comedy and SRK is way better at romance than Hrithik. These are facts you guys (SRK fans in general) run away from facts.

    Anyways… if you continue name calling I am not going to reply to you.. if you have something to argue in a nice sensible way.. say whatever you want to and I’ll get back with my opinion :)

    Take care.

  • @Arjun I don’t think anybody hates you here but at times you make some illogical comments like comparing Arjun with Akshay.

  • Hrithik Roshan… I had watched his every single movie from knph till Bang Bang…. And i just didn’t bothered whether the movie was good or bad but still I loved him in every frame… That is a reality and thats why I admire him from Bollywood… Great Personality

  • @Arjun Kapoor… please dont leave bro and stop being sad.. you are little irritating at times but you are very entertaining too :D :D Ranbir has huge line up.. you cant leave at this time

    @Saksham.. I was being nice.. I dont think I try to offend anyone here.. I just express my opinion. I was talking to @Chalaa who seems like a nice guy.. suddenly this @Zeeshan jumps onto me saying Bong Bong.

  • @chalaa u don’t hate @arjunfan that doesn’t mean everybody don’t hate.I hate @arjunfan here because of his continuous bringing down akki sir and few other actors except srk,amir(to gain support for flop youngistan).
    Tevar is a disaster whether it does 40cr or 35cr or 45cr it will lose about 30cr-35cr.

  • Ranbir all films flop one by one @neeraj .. Besharam,roy,jagga jasoos,velvet,tamasha…
    This is akki sir ‘s year in baby,brothers,sib,gabbar.

  • @zeeshan chill out, there is no small group of HR. We are here in many numbers.

    Calling Bang Bang Bong Bong shows ur insecurity. Go Bark at srk articles.

  • @baby da fan d one who are u claiming god of dance can’t do anything except rubbing his gentials & buttchecks. In wot way he inspire ppl ?

    It’s abt Dance nt any Nautanki.

    Hrithik Roshan is & will b Best Dancer of d Indian Cinema. d God of Dance = HRITHIK ROSHAN. period

  • Please go back @ArjunKapoorFan and don’t bring your comments ever here.U did not like bang bang and u created hell on bang bang release.Please leave site and repel us from all the stupid films of ur team.

  • Really addicted to indicine. I think I’ll stay here for quite a while :)

    Happy Birthday Hrithik. You rock man and keep rocking.


    I have a logical counter-argument and I wont use any offensive terms. Awards are very relative choices. I do however believe that this year apart from Aamir and Shahid no other superstar deserved any nomination. But if you say awards are partial towards Srk then they were partial towards many others in past.

    I was surprised when Hrithik won for Dhoom 2 not Sanjay Dutt for Munna Bhai 2/Aamir for Rang De. And Koi Mil Gaya ahead of Gangajaal? Ranbir for Barfi ahead of Irfan for Paan Singh? Go back many years and consider this. Aamir for Raja Hindustani ahead of Nana Patekar for Khamoshi? If we dig deep every filmfare winner had a strong equally deserving contender.

    Yes, Srk gets preferential treatment because he values awards. When Aamir, Ajay openly say they dont give a damn then why would the award hosts even consider them? Akshay and Salman arent very much into it either. Only superstars who value awards are Hr and Srk. And now Ranbir. Naturally the awards get inclined towards them even for mediocre performance.

    If you ask me the best actor award should go to Sanjay Mishra for Ankhon Dekhi because he played his part exceptionally and one award will give him more recognition and better roles. But the hosts need big faces. If Shahid wins it, Srk, Hr are nominated, their fans will watch their show. Who will watch Sanjay Mishra? I hope you get what I mean.

  • @hrithik my hero
    Salman hit in everywhere…look at him…
    sallu is hit in action, dance, comedy, romance, body….
    that’s why sallu has huge fan following in india…
    now look at hrithik
    agree he is God of dance, hit in action, body but he is flop in romance n comedy…
    look srk now hit in romance but flop in action, comedy, body, dance…
    but we can’t compare sallu with aamir…both r on same level…
    love u sallu , aamir n Akki…

  • @Zeeshan , did u just say srk’s mediocre performances are “wayyyyyy betterrrrrrrrrr…………” than other actor’s so called best performances? :D :D lol oh my! yeh I think u were joking , nice joke bro but before u write such jokes indicate in some way or other that they are just jokes otherwise people would take such jokes seriously. :D
    Don’t know why most of u srk fans have such a mindset , accept the reality & be practical bro , srk is just a good (or at the most a very good) actor nothing more than that , he is not a ‘great’ actor (like how u srk fans project him to be) and he can never be one but honestly he is a better actor than salman but aamir, hrithik, ajay & even akki are much better than him in almost every acting department (may be except romance, one department where srk rules as good as a crocodile in the water), this is the reality bro accept it (and now please for god sake don’t again repeat the same blah…blah….. that srk has won this many ‘film fare’ awards, that many ‘ film care’ awards, ‘zee tv’ award for this movie ‘we tv’ award for that movie & blah blah blah..) I bet aamir, hrithik & ajay would have done as good or much better than srk in CDI, I can envisage Rajni kanth, aamir, hrithik & even akki doing a better job in ‘ swades’ than srk, I can even say had aamir been in swades the great movie might have not flopped at all and perhaps Asuthosh should have done such a great movie with superstar rajni and not with srk.
    its just that srk was lucky to do 2 great movies like CDI & swades like now how u srk fans are saying the same about aamir being lucky to be a part of 2 great movies like 3 idiots & PK but the truth is that as many as 90% of all aamir movies are regarded as great but the same can’t be said about any other actor including srk.

    And seriously & honestly do u think srk’s acting was far better than hrithik’s in ‘bang bang’ ?
    Ask your conscience once whether srk should have really been nominated for hny or not and if your answer is yes then what can I say? then may be he should be nominated for national & Oscar awards as well :)

    The hall mark of a great actor/actress is to immerse himself/herself totally in the role given to him/her just like how aamir,hrithik , ajay, vidya balance do and play the character & not themselves. salman, rajni kanth, srk & akki are big superstars who can do almost every kind of role but the problem with these superstars is whenever u see them in a movie u see them more as themselves, the larger-than-life superstars and not as the characters that they are portraying.

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