Here’s what a big film needs to collect Rs 300 crore in India

Shahrukh Khan’s Happy New Year and Aamir Khan’s PK are both potential 300 crore grossers in India. But it would take much more than just a earth-shattering opening for the two films to become the first to the 300 crore mark.

Below are some factors that we think are important for any film hoping to collect 300 cr.

Top male star: Like it or not, Bollywood is a star-driven male-dominated industry, and to an extent Khan-dominated too. Only the Top 5 stars in the country are currently capable of delivering huge grossers. Without them, the highest grossing film is currently Singham Returns (139 cr net, Dhoom 3 more than doubled this!). PK and Happy New Year both tick the first box, SRK and Aamir are in the Top 3.

Festive release and genre: The three most lucrative festivals at the box office are Eid, Diwali and Christmas. The highest grossing film outside the three festivals is Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (183 cr). Both PK and Happy New Year release during Christmas and Diwali respectively. Genre is important too, without mass-appeal, the audience in smaller theatres won’t come out to watch the film in theatres. Happy New Year has the edge here, PK will do extra-ordinarily well at multiplexes, but will the single-screen business be equally good? 3 Idiots also didn’t look a film that would appeal to the masses, but it did!

Record opening: Business on first day and the first weekend will be crucial too, because if a film can’t collect 100 crore or more in its first 3 days, it can’t cross 300 crore even if the trend is good – unless the appreciation is as good as 3 Idiots, of course! Out of all films that have crossed 200 crore, only 3 Idiots collected less than 150 crore in its first week at the box office. The Hirani classic collected just 79 crore in Week 1, but went on to collect 123 crore after its first week – something that no film has managed to do. Both PK and Happy New Year will take record opening, but the collections after Week 1 will decide if the two films can cross 300.

Which brings us to the last, but most important factor..

Positive word-of-mouth: Content is King. If a film isn’t universally accepted, it simply cannot cross the 250 crore mark. All the 200 crore grossers like Dhoom 3, Krrish 3, Chennai Express, Kick and 3 Idiots were liked by majority of the audience. Others like Dabangg 2, Bang Bang, Singham Returns fell well short because the response was mixed to negative. On paper, PK has a better chance here as Rajkumar Hirani is one of the best directors of the country. Farah Khan and SRK have done it before too with their last release Om Shanti Om, but the footfalls of OSO was much lower even if compared to a film like Chennai Express.



  • Aamir name is enough to beat any director. last year his stardom beat rohit shetty and rakesh roshan. and this year he will beat trash farah and sajid nadiadwala at the box office.

  • Hrithik Roshan ‘s MOHENJODARO will be the first 300 crore film in history of hindi film industry.
    Rakesh Roshan ‘s next with HRITHIK ROSHAN will be the first 400 crore film in history of hindi film industry.
    HRITHIK ROSHAN come here to rule the world.

  • as usual srk needs deepika to get a hit. but i bet you all this time it will underperform because this time rohit sHIT is not directing and also bang bang which just released recently has made huge collection so after wasting their money on same genra, audience are not fool to waste their money more to watch face of wrinkle faced, botoxed, chimpanzee srk. so HNYwill not cross 200 crores. even kid ranbir’s YJHD will be a tough target for losers. while for Pk, what can I say about the man who competes with himself and is far ahead of all bollywood losers. so PK will thrash kick by miles and also beat dhoom 3 by huge margin. KING AAMIR doesn’t compete with overactor or south copypaste remake star. no matter kick or ce broke 3 idiots record, they didn’t brake actual record of 3 idiots in real sence. because 3 idiots released way back in 2009 and ticket prizes were much lower as compared to these 2 shitt movies. and kick and chennai express will never be remembered or watched again and again by billions of people who will watch 3 idiots till the death. and 3 idiots is watched by much more people than these 2 shitt movies. KING AAMIR rules.

  • @Arjun Kapoor its not that we Aamirians hate SRK..its just the double standards and lack of respect towards other actors what SRKians preach which make us bash SRK!!!

    @Kingshuk thanx for calling us sensible which we always are..and lol for not understanding @Neeraj’s sarcasm..

    @SRK express..Aamir copies SRK!? Seriously..what are you smoking?? Aamir is the founder of 100,200 and 500 cr clubs..also your king struggled to beat Ready and 3I record for 4 years..and then finally DP and Rohit saved him..

    So if we go as per your logic..then PK will collect 300 crs this year and our King will struggle to beat PK’s records for next 5 years before finally beating it again!!!lol on your crappy logic!!! :D

  • @mighty king, I generally don’t like 2 do what am doing now but your comment was stupid and insane that I can’t resist

    Why Aamir’s presence in Talash was not enough 2 break 3 idiots? Worst case it could not even cross 100 C.

    You are talking about record chasing? SRK is ruling Bollywood consistently for 20 years and it’s been always others competing with him . Accept or not, SRK vs who next was always the question ever and will remain the same…

    3 fans? u got 2 be really obsessed with aamir that u just got u r mind out somewhere before writing that….

    SRK relies on Deepika,…sonu,….deewali…? just can’t stop laughing at ur theory…So 3I was all by Kareena Kapoor, Madhavan, Sharman Joshi, Omi Vaidya, Parikshit Sahni and Boman Irani and long weeks of Christmas/New year festival?

    being fan of someone does not mean that u need to show aversion with others in such a mad way

  • 300 cr. still very difficult to do. But i think, if pk is liked as much as 3 idiots, it will do much more than 300 cr. HNY is very slip chance to do 300 cr. unless it connect with the audiance emotionally.

  • @Mighty King.. @Sky is an Aamirian just like us..that small actor thing is just sarcasm from him to certain SRKians..!!! btw good to see you back!!! :)

  • @sid 1:39pm

    Im baffled by your ‘welcome back’ reference to this ‘small king’ dude- the guy had a serious pop at ‘sky’ and if he is some sort of returning astronaut whos been drifting high above our sky/ stratusphere for a yr then why couldnt he remember that sky is an diehard Aamir fan…? ‘Sky’ has been active on this site for yrs and before even my time I reckon. Every user has seen ‘sky’ and his comments regularly here. Granted this kings head may be all over the place after drifting around aimlessly but no need for him to use such colourful language against ‘sky’- unacceptable behaviour n such language is more suited to paglapurians than Aamirians…!

  • @Suchit : You are not Aamir fan. They dont use such words atleast for Salman !!!!!!!!! You are not fan of any actor but a troll !!!!!!!

  • @yuvraj: I was not expecting kick to be like lootera either. Both are of different genre. I only said that it could have been a better movie and it’s average at best for me.

  • Either film (HNY nd PK) Can’t go beyond 250 Cr mark…
    Only next year releases like Bhajrangi Bhaijaan (EID release) The Fan (Independence Day release) and Ptem Ratan Dhan Payo (Diwali release) would breach the 300 Cr mark…

  • Funny SRK fans saying HNY will do 300 with such crass and cheap promos and also saying that SRK is King so it will do 300 cr when PK will fail since Aamir is not big..

    This is height of insecurity and jealousy. Aamir has been game-changer of Bollywood, both Quality and BO.. SRK has failed to beat Aamir since last 7 years.. All SRK fans salivate like wild dogs before SRK movie releases but when they fail, they still blabber like sheep that SRK is KING, but with these are just mere claims. They are parrots. Aamir is biggest Brand in India and SRK though is equal to Aamir in terms of stardom but what he lacks is Aamir’s grip over audience, Indians blindly trust him..

    Dillemma of SRK fans:

    If HNY earns 300 cr – Reason SRK. If Ghajini braeks record – Coz its Remake. Yet SRK cud not cross it for 3 years.

    If 3 idiots earned 200 cr. Reason: Content.. Still SRK took 4 years to cross it.

    If D3 earned 280 cr. Reason: Brand.. Still SRK will fail to cross it..

    SRK fans never give credit to Aamir coz they know if they start giving credit to Aamir for success of his movies, they will be insulting SRK..

    So by SRK fans’ logic: Remakes, Content and Brands are reasons for a movie’s success alone than they are all bigger factors than their chutiya King SRK. If SRK is so big ,then let him break Aamir’s records..

    Why All ATBBs recently and all All-Time Grossers have only 1 name in common?? AAMIR KHAN

    Aamir had to chase his own records in Overseas even during D3 . Thats supremacy. SRK is all noise with no substance. Admit it SRK fans. Aamir is SRK’s dad in STARDOM..

  • @ nipun dnt mind salman makes movies for his fans not for highly rated comentor of indicine. ha ha ha. kick was far better movie than all of hr movies.

  • SRK’s highest grosser (without Deepika, before ce)= ra one(117cr).

    Deepika’s highest grosser(without srk, befor ce)= yjhd(180).

    Conclusion- hny is a deepika starer like ce.

  • talaash was an unconventional movie made for niche audience who look for cinema beyond srk and salman’s shitt movies with mindless entertainment. aamir has guts and courage to do a film with unsual new concept unlike your K….K…K….K…Kiran wala star who can only do movies without any sence. talaash was released on nonholiday period. tell your overactor to release a film on nonholiday and do a film like talaash. lets see how far he can go. he took 3 years to brake ghajini’s record of 114 crores and 4 years to brake 3 idiots’ record, and god knows how many years he will take to brake dhoom 3 and PK’s records. and yeah ghajini had no big heroine, no big production house, no big director and released on the same month when so called king who is ruling Bollywood for 20 years with help of yashraj, dharma, kajol, madhuri, etc. so yes ofcourse aamir is bigger than over actor.

  • @Navin Bhai..humaara usool unity hai..
    This @mighty king is a noob on this site..he too is an Aamirian like me, @legend khan and @sky..he has gunned down SRKians like @sss and @loki whenever he has commented..thats why I like this guy..moreover even though this was a mistake from him..lets spare him for now and move on by continuing to bash some idiots who bash our idols..!!!


  • @Rahul don’t worry bajrangi bhaijaan will struggle to cross 100 crores. because it is not remake of a south movie. also your bhai jaan is losing fans with dud film like jai ho and underperformer Blockbuster kick. kick was expected to be first 300 crore movie. what happened>? your bhai couldn’t come anywhere close to D3. PK will be first 350 cr movie because it has actor+megastar+trend setter.

  • @sid

    Sorry bro I was just gobsmacked by his comment FAO Sky and still shocked to see Indicine havent moderated his comment despite my request from earlier on in the day to do so…!

    Yes I dont know him but its nice to hear someone is bashing paglapurians like ‘sss’ and ‘loki lootera nipun’ so keep it up king dude…! ;-)

    Coming days will be FUN so we need to consolidate our ranks and bring the FURY this Halloween onto the HNY articles- storm is coming but not from the Antique Washing Machine but its the PK storm…!

  • @mighty king, whole world knows the starpower of ur tingulal. Don’t talk about south remakes bcoz ur tingulal was nothing bfore the south remake ghajini. Dhoom 3 worked bcz of francise factor. 1year earlier we all had seen aamir’s starpower with bhoot romance talash.

    N.B- It is my 1st anti aamir cmnt in indicine….sry aamir fans.

  • @navin the reason why I was bashing sky was becausue initially i thought that he is aamir hater. but when i read his whole comment than i realized that i mistook him as aamir hater. so sorry to all who felt bad with my comment and no offence to salman and his fans. because one salman fan bashed aamir by saying rubbish in his comment. that guy’s id name is @salman khan. so i got frustreated. so please forget my comment and chill. it was a mistake.

  • @navin, @sid original and @sky, sorry guys. don’t take my comment personally and seriously. my frustration was only for srk fans who were pretending to be salman fans and writing bullshit about aamir. so i got frustrated. so sorry for all my comments against salman. so just chill now.

  • @mighty khan : we have nothing against Aamir but stop abusing Salman unnecessarily. Stop being a war creator between Salman & Aamir. If you continue your thrash we will force to reply you in same language as yours !!!!!!!!!!

  • to enter 300 crore club film need to make it weekend 110-15 crore and 1st week 150 crore

  • @tiger the ral king how dare you to write these against aamir. don’t be pretentious. and also sallu’s height is also short so, I can also call him tingulal. and so is srk.

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