Here’s what a big film needs to collect Rs 300 crore in India

Shahrukh Khan’s Happy New Year and Aamir Khan’s PK are both potential 300 crore grossers in India. But it would take much more than just a earth-shattering opening for the two films to become the first to the 300 crore mark.

Below are some factors that we think are important for any film hoping to collect 300 cr.

Top male star: Like it or not, Bollywood is a star-driven male-dominated industry, and to an extent Khan-dominated too. Only the Top 5 stars in the country are currently capable of delivering huge grossers. Without them, the highest grossing film is currently Singham Returns (139 cr net, Dhoom 3 more than doubled this!). PK and Happy New Year both tick the first box, SRK and Aamir are in the Top 3.

Festive release and genre: The three most lucrative festivals at the box office are Eid, Diwali and Christmas. The highest grossing film outside the three festivals is Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (183 cr). Both PK and Happy New Year release during Christmas and Diwali respectively. Genre is important too, without mass-appeal, the audience in smaller theatres won’t come out to watch the film in theatres. Happy New Year has the edge here, PK will do extra-ordinarily well at multiplexes, but will the single-screen business be equally good? 3 Idiots also didn’t look a film that would appeal to the masses, but it did!

Record opening: Business on first day and the first weekend will be crucial too, because if a film can’t collect 100 crore or more in its first 3 days, it can’t cross 300 crore even if the trend is good – unless the appreciation is as good as 3 Idiots, of course! Out of all films that have crossed 200 crore, only 3 Idiots collected less than 150 crore in its first week at the box office. The Hirani classic collected just 79 crore in Week 1, but went on to collect 123 crore after its first week – something that no film has managed to do. Both PK and Happy New Year will take record opening, but the collections after Week 1 will decide if the two films can cross 300.

Which brings us to the last, but most important factor..

Positive word-of-mouth: Content is King. If a film isn’t universally accepted, it simply cannot cross the 250 crore mark. All the 200 crore grossers like Dhoom 3, Krrish 3, Chennai Express, Kick and 3 Idiots were liked by majority of the audience. Others like Dabangg 2, Bang Bang, Singham Returns fell well short because the response was mixed to negative. On paper, PK has a better chance here as Rajkumar Hirani is one of the best directors of the country. Farah Khan and SRK have done it before too with their last release Om Shanti Om, but the footfalls of OSO was much lower even if compared to a film like Chennai Express.



  • Good Wom :
    180-220 cr

    Average Wom :
    160-195 cr

    Bad or Negative Wom :
    120-170 cr

    200 cr still not a cakewalk forget 300 cr !!!!!!!!

    No comparisons between Raju Hirani & Farah Khan same for 3 Idiots & HNY !!!!!!!!!

  • All the factors mentioned above r very much true. Now its srk’s time nd we all know he is the bazigar of the bollywood.

  • I would bet on P.K. for obvious reasons. HNY too have potential if content is liked, it is obvious that it would break all the opening records.

  • @Indicine : How can you allow some foolish comments from @SSS ??? If PK fail due to Aamir then why Srk is behind him ??? Aamir has proved himself not once but thrice – Ghajini, 3 Idiots & D3. Now dont say due to christmas release coz Srk released Don2 during Christmas 2011 & it earned 106 cr. Isnt Srk bigger than Aamir (according to idiots like @SSS & some champus) then why cant he get he announce his release date before Aamir & release it on Christmas ???

  • Very good article,300cr is not a joke even today.Don’t forget till mid 2013 200cr was a tough task for big stars.I can’t say whether PK or HNY will able to touch that mark,I do have strong believe on PK that it might achieve that mark.But only time will tell.
    My dear friend @iamakn was talking about irony by referring other actors,I want to tell you what is big irony.
    1.Srk had 3.7 billion fans out of 7.10 billion world population still srkians are talking with joy about HNY will collect 300cr,just see for them Aamir has no following still he had 100,200,250cr founder and their king despite having 3.7 billions fans has highest grosser CE which got 395cr once that too in 21 years of his career.
    2.Aamir is small actor.He may be not as huge as Salman-srk in 90s still he able to given ATBB in 96 with Raja Hindustani which was 3rd highest grossed of that decade.Since 2005 his come back after 4 years he has been in top league and now he is in other league for we Aamirians.
    They are talking about DG but they forget Billy.
    Moral-Is first srk despite being most consistent actor in his prime till 2005 was able to cross Raja Hindustani for 10 years,HAHK 13 years.And they saying he is biggest.ROFL.Since Ghajini Aamir is their prime target to bash,but before CE they were fighting with Salman fans as srk struggling to cross Ready collection and once D3 broken all existing record worldwide.They are talking about “todenge record D3 waale”.
    They are happy by predicting that HNY will break d3 non holiday opening weekend record with HNY 3 day holiday weekend.
    What else I have to say.
    @imam babu Forget Akki even our full over actor struggling to break DDLJ record for 12 years than why to shout when Aamir,Akshay and SRK all were able to cross 60 cr first time in 2007 with TZP,Welcome and CDI.

  • agree wid you @Indicine, Content is the most important thing in a film.
    why khans every time are releasing their movies the main festivals????? it is simple because no one can dare to challenge them except the Sultan of Bollywood Ajay Devgan.
    King Ashok and Golmaal 4 both will enter 300 cr club for Ajay sir.

  • Lol ‘happy-crappy new year’ can collect 300 crores in India only & only if the ticket prices are more than doubled otherwise there’s no chance at all, the great legend & 3 time Oscar award deserving director Farah ji being its director the question of ‘good content’ is totally out of the coverage area as ‘good content’ & Farah ji are the exact opposites of each other, sir shirish kunder ji gave us the unforgettable classic ‘joker’, the legendary sajid khan Saab gave us the epic & timeless ‘humshakals’ classic, now its the turn of her majesty the legendary Farah khan to give us an eternal, the best ever classic ‘happy-crappy new year’ which could sweep not just the Oscar awards in every category but could also win Nobel prizes in the fields of literature (the story of hny could be the greatest ever thus far), physics & chemistry ( Farah ji & srk could discover & invent so many things in both the fields for sake of the movie) etc

  • Very Good artical.
    It may possible for Pk this year to cross 300cr because of releasing date of this film very good.
    But i think it’s not going to happen this year 2014.
    But next year 2015, Bajrangi Bhaijaan and PRDP both will be able to cross 300cr. Mark my word

  • hny most certainly will win the best foreign language film academy award, Farah Ji will win the national award for best director and of course our king srk will definitely will win the most prestigious awards like the golden khela, the ghanta, the bhada baigan etc for the best actor (or for the best over actor)

  • Is Diwali totenge records India wale Hny will be first movie to go past the 300cr mark Pk might be less than 300cr let’s see but Hny surely rocks.

    • @Arjun Kapoor, yes. Yet to begin in Kolkata. Started in Hyderabad, Noida, Bangalore, Odisha and few other places. Again, select screens, but the advance is good. Clearly explained in the article itself yesterday.

  • @nipun leave bang bang for a has got wat it deserves.and plz stop insulting ce,kick,yjhd in every article.learn to respect higly loved films atleast

  • thanks @indicine for giving best explanation to nipun.
    nipun really u dont understand the meaning of content.
    instead of bang bang I must say u watch movie again kick, ce, even k3, must watch dabangg.

  • @indicine: Hmm… I thought you meant quality by the word content . But you actually meant the entertainment by that. There are very good off-beat movies like queen,Barfi etc who gave entertainment to the audience. That’s why they got success. But movies like lootera,dedh ishqiyaa couldn’t perform well at BO. May be it’s because they didn’t give the entertainment to the audience.

  • @indicine plz stop this u r saying like advance booking started all over india. hardly in few centers advance booking started. hardly 4-5% in India advance booking started.

  • PK will cross 300 crores easily not because of raju hirani but because of king of Bollywood aamir khan. his presence is enough for a film to create history. he doesn’t chase record for 4 years with the help of top most heroine, masala entertainer, bagging others to postpone their ambitious project (OUTIMD). HNY will cross 170 cr by most with the help of deepika, abhishek, sonu, boman and long weeks run of deewali. \
    that’s the difference between chotu lungiwala srk and king of Bollywood megastar aamir.

  • happy new year had every big chance to open 300 crores club as it has deepika ( the biggest female star), talented actors like abhishek, sonu, boman, Jackie and deewali holidays. but s..s..s…s.. shahrukh is the biggest week factor and disappointment who has 3 fans who count themselves each as 1 billion fans. if it had aamir in HNY, then sure it would not only open 300 crores club but 400 crores club. but oldie short man srk will fall short of kid ranbir’s YJHD. Shame on leap year 0 actor.

  • @salman khan you are shame and disgrace on your star. salman himself said that those who don’t respect any other stars like aamir than they are not his fans. and he would never like them to see his films. so you are not his fan. bloody double faced moron.

  • @sky you stupid bastard, you are not aamir fan. what do you mean aamir is small actor? he was always megastar since the beginning of his career. where was chimpanzee faced overactor when king aamir started his career with box office storm QSQT and continued with Dil, RH, rangeela, ishq, sarfarosh, lagan, DCH, RDB, fanaa, TZP, 3 idiots, ghajini, D3. and don’t forgert aamir is baap of overactor in overseas and remake star is nowhere close to him in noeither overseas and domestic. if there is any record of remake star and overactor which aamir can never brake is the FLOPS and DISASTERS record. aamir can never brake those records. DHOOM 3 ATBB in INDIA and OVERSEAs. get some brain before writing any bullshit.

  • @ nipun i dnt have any brother so for me you are my junior brother. kick’s maker didnt publicized that they made a masterpiece like pyasa, mother india, navrang, peoples get 95% content what they want in kick. did salman or sajid made promice to you that they are making ek tha lootera. the films u calls masterpiece or quality movies are actually dust infront of pyasa watch pyasa than match it with ur lootera only afterthat you will understand why people bash u.

  • OMG||| what I had read from my complain kid,sir srk when I was kid I cried a lot after watching Baazigar.Lol.Who told you kid that you a grown up guy.No you are still a kid,its great that you love srk and you have right but kiddness is still in you.
    Beware Charlie our kid is coming on Mannat.
    @hrithik bro chill even Indicine skipped to read his comments.Lol that’s why he keep saying to Indicine to publish his comment as admin skip his comment and deleted without reading.That’s why he is deleted comment Baadshah.

  • this year will be great cuz its incredible stardom vs extreme creativity. srk vs hirani.
    lets us see who will win at BO.

  • Indicine dnt waste your time writing these kind of articles just wait for next year
    Prem ratan dhan payo
    u expect 300 cr from srk-farah film i think its time to quit

  • It’s stardom vs. direction. It’s aamir vs. farah. farah can never beat aamir in box office. so HNY will be supper disaster and PK will be ATBB.

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