Here’s what a big film needs to collect Rs 300 crore in India

Shahrukh Khan’s Happy New Year and Aamir Khan’s PK are both potential 300 crore grossers in India. But it would take much more than just a earth-shattering opening for the two films to become the first to the 300 crore mark.

Below are some factors that we think are important for any film hoping to collect 300 cr.

Top male star: Like it or not, Bollywood is a star-driven male-dominated industry, and to an extent Khan-dominated too. Only the Top 5 stars in the country are currently capable of delivering huge grossers. Without them, the highest grossing film is currently Singham Returns (139 cr net, Dhoom 3 more than doubled this!). PK and Happy New Year both tick the first box, SRK and Aamir are in the Top 3.

Festive release and genre: The three most lucrative festivals at the box office are Eid, Diwali and Christmas. The highest grossing film outside the three festivals is Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (183 cr). Both PK and Happy New Year release during Christmas and Diwali respectively. Genre is important too, without mass-appeal, the audience in smaller theatres won’t come out to watch the film in theatres. Happy New Year has the edge here, PK will do extra-ordinarily well at multiplexes, but will the single-screen business be equally good? 3 Idiots also didn’t look a film that would appeal to the masses, but it did!

Record opening: Business on first day and the first weekend will be crucial too, because if a film can’t collect 100 crore or more in its first 3 days, it can’t cross 300 crore even if the trend is good – unless the appreciation is as good as 3 Idiots, of course! Out of all films that have crossed 200 crore, only 3 Idiots collected less than 150 crore in its first week at the box office. The Hirani classic collected just 79 crore in Week 1, but went on to collect 123 crore after its first week – something that no film has managed to do. Both PK and Happy New Year will take record opening, but the collections after Week 1 will decide if the two films can cross 300.

Which brings us to the last, but most important factor..

Positive word-of-mouth: Content is King. If a film isn’t universally accepted, it simply cannot cross the 250 crore mark. All the 200 crore grossers like Dhoom 3, Krrish 3, Chennai Express, Kick and 3 Idiots were liked by majority of the audience. Others like Dabangg 2, Bang Bang, Singham Returns fell well short because the response was mixed to negative. On paper, PK has a better chance here as Rajkumar Hirani is one of the best directors of the country. Farah Khan and SRK have done it before too with their last release Om Shanti Om, but the footfalls of OSO was much lower even if compared to a film like Chennai Express.



  • if any film can touch 300 crore mark is one and only PK. no chance of crap hny .
    PK has good chance to cross 300 crore but don’t known why I am saying this that PK too fail to cross 300 crore but hoping I will be wrong with release of PK.
    a perfect storm PK is coming to rule not only the Box Office but heart too.
    hny is a crap and will be crap after release.

  • The man who can replace khan with his acting skills , dialogue delivery , romance , charisma , versatality , daring to different roles n genres is definitely and the one and only — EMRAAN HASHMI .

  • Fantastic Article by clears all the doubts of some illiterate people who predict or analyze the business of any film like for example

    CE=Rohit + SRK + DP


    D3=Aamir + brand + kat + Uday + abhishek

    It does’nt goes like that!!!
    It finally comes to the WOM or the content…

    Bang Bang received mixed to negative response + Negative critics reviews + negativity all around..otherwise 200crs was still on with clash..

  • i think if the scam is stopped then movie with great content even without khans can cross 300 mark.. as far PK and HNY is concerned i think pk will be the biggest grosser of this year with all the awards in hand.. as there is r hirani, amir khan, sanjay dutt and above all from posters it looks like it is a masterpeice.. HNY is more a masala movie so yeah it will do great at box office as indian audience love masala plus srk.. but i am not sure it will cross 300. it will be around 250-270 crs

  • HNY have all Qualities.

    HNY lives up on all rules.

    So HNY is sure short 300cr+

    Bravooo KING Khan

  • I think @element is @sajid. Such an Irritating Emran Fan. Just like Emrans over done Kissing scenes in every movie. RIP

  • My Favourite “Sharabi”

    The much awaited and highly anticipated Farah Khan directed multi-starrer Happy New Year will be releasing this Friday. Though the film was recently cleared by the CBFC (Censor Board of Film Certification) with a ‘U’ certificate, we hear that the makers have just shot a special music video for the film.

    Confirming the shoot, a source close to the film says, “Yes, we did shoot a special music video. However, Farah Khan was not the one who shot it.” The music video was choreographed and shot by Ganesh Hegde. Talking about this, lead actor Shah Rukh Khan tweeted, “Thank Ganesh Hegde & Sanjiv for doing the sharabi song. Sorry to rush you but I am sure u will make it look beautiful as u always do.”

    When quizzed further about the music video, the source adds, “The music video was shot last night featuring the entire cast of the film. However, a decision has not yet been taken whether the said track will be added to the film or not.”

    Happy New Year that features an ensemble cast of Shah Rukh Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Deepika Padukone, Sonu Sood, Boman Irani and Vivaan Shah is slated for release this Friday, October 24.

  • My opinion for 300cr is as follows..
    Star power of actors
    Long festival public holiday like amir films which always receive where no other big film releases during the next few week like dhoom 3 and 3 stupid.

  • Well HNY will have all ingredients but as expected there would be a paper thin story.
    So HNY will have it tough. PK (director Rajkumar Hirani) and Mohenjo Daro (Director Ashutosh Gowariker) have chance of 300Cr club in near future as these films have the star power in Aamir and Hrithik and with those directors we can expect a good story as well.

  • For the record- any record The Antique Washing Machine breaks/ sets in opening week- PK will annihilate come 19th Dec- Aamir will open the 300 cr club just like he opened the 100cr n 200cr clubs respectively- trendsetter is Aamir- our Malnourished King is just a shepherd from Bakrapur…!

  • @indicine advance booking happy new year is not started yet it will start from wednesday then how can you say advance booking is good it is right srk has more pr than fans.such a selfish money spinner star.hny will not cross buzz for movie.

  • @Neeraj — Surely SRK rocks.
    Thanks and again thanks for the welcome.
    Really AAMIR fans are the most realistic persons.

  • hope people havent forget me. both movie cant able to do 200 crore i mean hny can collect 185 all versions and pk can 212 crore and kick will remain highest grosser of 2014.

  • @babaji though I gave u a thumbs upp stil dont agree.. bang bang ‘s wom was mixed to wasnt going to collect 200crs anyway… though it loose 10 to 15 crs bcoz of haider..even the trade xpert says d same. accounting which its busniess wud hav been around 190 crs…not more dan dat(official figures)
    if we wil consider figures from boi it wud hav at max collected 150 crs… n datz a #fact

  • IF ANY FILM THAT CAN CROSS 300CR—-THAT IS ON HNY BECAUSE IT HAS KING looking like talash and has many controversies which is not safe for family audience,but however raju can do good films but can’t do 3idiots like mass appeal film again also it has amir which is biggest disappointment who has no fans at all,so there is no chancetto cross even 200cr.


  • iamakn….ur comment is like 5th class student no sense….
    hirani is the main hero hahahhah
    ok what about ghajini all time blockbuster beats rab ne bana ji jodi
    what abt dhoom 3 all time blockbuster beats chennai express. .
    now u will say dhooma brand or ar murgadous will the main hero hahaha….
    ajay devgan who has very less number of fan following than shahrukh he give 100 150 crore with rohit shetty…so why not shahrukh not a big deal….
    I will not say rohit shetty is the main hero in chennai express bcoz I have sense….
    so complete ur 10th standard first then comment iamakn…

  • Content is the king? ?
    I slightly disagree! Entertainment is the king for collection. And, that should be a commercial comment . Otherwise, if we go strictly through content, ce,kick etc are average at best case. So it’s the entertainment factor which helps more.
    WOM depends on both entertainment and content.
    the combo of content and entertainment is the real king.

    • @nipun, I don’t think you understand the meaning of content. Good content means a film that satisfies majority of its audience. It could be an entertaining film like Kick / Chennai Express / Rowdy Rathore, a thriller like Kahaani or even an art film that will satisfy its target audience.

  • Bang Bang would have done 200 crores plus with mixed to positive WOM and better reviews. It had hype,top celebrities every thing. But negative to mixed reviews ruined it.
    180 crores is looking possible now for its life time business. With better reviews and WOM ,it would easily have done 20-30 crores more.

  • @damnn: what makes u think like that? Bang Bang’s life time will be 180 crores. Do u think it wouldn’t have done only 20 crores more with better wom?

  • how you cant expect 300 cr from HNY or any upcoming movie of any khan?
    is kick collected 300 cr? which is salman movie who is riding high rit now.. ofcourse not!! then why you are expecting suchh a bibigger collection from HNY.

  • Both won’t cross 300 crores. Forget 300 if both touch 200 it will be a big deal.
    HNY is by losers, of losers and for the losers.
    PK is retarded porn. Raju Hirani is a great director but this looks nothing like his film. Insulting religion, constipated monkey-face Aamir, nude posters.

    First 300 crore fillm will be Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, starring Sallu Bhai and directed by the greatest director in Indian cinema Sooraj Barjatya.

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