Shahrukh Khan suffers minor knee injury during ‘Happy New Year’ promotions

Shahrukh Khan has†suffered minor injuries on his knee which has resulted in the Delhi promotions of his film being delayed. The injury-prone superstar had earlier hurt his shoulder and the same knee during the shooting schedule of the film.

“Shahrukh has hurt his knee last night and is currently undergoing physiotherapy. He will be late and till then we will entertain you people” actor Abhishek Bachchan had told reporters.

Khan was late by a few hours to the event. When he did eventually make it to the event, he said†”I hurt my knee yesterday. It is a minor sprain and I will be alright soon.”

The promotional campaign of Happy New Year has been hectic. The entire cast was in US, Canada and UK to perform at SLAM! The Tour, which was followed by appearances on television shows, press conferences, song launches and city tours in Indore, Ahmedabad, Chennai and Delhi. SRK has also been shooting for a couple of television promos and his upcoming film ‘Fan’.

A source added that the schedule has only aggravated the injury that he sustained while shooting for the film.

Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan



  • those who r aiming to reach the pinnacle of everest minor injuries don’t affect them. Don’t worry srk, entire india wants u to climb the everest of box office and create 300cr club. all the best. waiting for 24th October

  • I hv a strong gut feeling that hny will b a great entertainer.the trailer was decent buttge dialogue promos and couple of songs r absolutely awesome especially manwa lage.cant wait for 24th October

  • This is why he is right there on top..he has overcome many such obstacles, challenges and injuries in his entire life that’s why he is so successful..

  • @indicine can u just tell us budget of HNY including
    print and advertising?
    they were said 150cr. but the way they r promoting
    its look like gone over 165-175 cr.
    plz tell us

  • to all srkians,if u want hny to enter 300cr club then stop praying for 1st day or weekend records.hny will score 150cr+ anyways.but to enter 300cr club it needs to do a 3 idiots I.e earn 120cr post 1st week

  • Srk reached in the event late bcoz of knee injury as if he always reach before time in any event.Latecomer everywhere whether it is any event or 100,200,300,400,500 crore clubs.

  • again a new strategy to gain attention. shame on you srk. how many times will you pretend and create these dramas to get attention. intni zyada insecurity??

  • Oh my god…again SRK & HNY..It looks like i am going to get bored of following Indicine very soon…no portal is promoting HNY to such an extent to what Indicine is doing…Have other actors died…

  • King always gets injured during the pre-release phase- just a coincidence or pure publicity stunt- eitherway lets hope film does well so our Sarkar can make a speedy full recovery just in time to go to the bank on Monday to cash in on all the free publicity….

  • Get well soon srk

    bhaitards are frustated these days

    they knows that Jai ho will be blown in 3 days and Kick will be kicked wothin 2 weeks

  • @Bulli fan, Bulli ko harana hai, toh Bulli banke harana pageda. Lekin Bulli sirf ek hi hai. (modified dialogue from Guru film :D)

  • @bulli fan

    Cancel the Halloween party this Diwali n lets all pray for King until he makes a speedy recovery- afterall no film is more important than our Kings health right…

  • Breaking News

    King injured his knee during the special screening of HNY for the cast/ crew of the film HNY, Players and Cash- PS sadly George Clooney, Matt Damon, Brat Pitt n rest of the cast/ crew of the Oceans franchise skipped this event…! Reports are eminating that King fell of his seat after he realised that Shirish Kunder had mischievously casted afew of his aliens from his JOKER film as background dancers at the WDC…!

  • Biggest excuse is coming “hny is nt doing well becoz srk was nt able to promote it properly due to his injury.”

  • this minor injuries couldn’t affect THE KING.THIS SHOWS how our being human star’s fans behave with A MAN WHEN SOMEONE GOT IINJURY,even salman also said the same before jai ho release,then WE SHOWED bhai the result of that joke,this what in actual is being human,human must change to criminal,then it will OK.


  • How much publicity you need Mr. Srk ???? Every time your movie releases some accidents, some deaths, some awards, some magazine covers, some FAKE abs happens !!!!!!!!!!

  • @nivin_pauly:Yes agree with u @ARJUN Kapoor is a changed person,but maybe u don’t know that he always keep of his major trait!

  • Oh no.Our king suffering from minor knee injury but we pray our king will recover fast and our kings movie hny will recover its cost

  • @bulli fan You are saying right coz whenever our king has any injury we feel the pain and now 4 billion peoples knees are paining worldwide without injury

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