Shahrukh Khan suffers minor knee injury during ‘Happy New Year’ promotions

Shahrukh Khan has suffered minor injuries on his knee which has resulted in the Delhi promotions of his film being delayed. The injury-prone superstar had earlier hurt his shoulder and the same knee during the shooting schedule of the film.

“Shahrukh has hurt his knee last night and is currently undergoing physiotherapy. He will be late and till then we will entertain you people” actor Abhishek Bachchan had told reporters.

Khan was late by a few hours to the event. When he did eventually make it to the event, he said “I hurt my knee yesterday. It is a minor sprain and I will be alright soon.”

The promotional campaign of Happy New Year has been hectic. The entire cast was in US, Canada and UK to perform at SLAM! The Tour, which was followed by appearances on television shows, press conferences, song launches and city tours in Indore, Ahmedabad, Chennai and Delhi. SRK has also been shooting for a couple of television promos and his upcoming film ‘Fan’.

A source added that the schedule has only aggravated the injury that he sustained while shooting for the film.

Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan



  • get well soon king.. to be honest this man is really a legend and hes nt to be compared with atall, thanks to him for letting our bhaijan collect his 1st filmfare award stil they hate him…u cannot satisfy people even micheal jackson was critisized and hate by some dat he does like gay buh stil world loves him

  • the man who redefined entertainment business time and again and again again! another slap to them haters, u see, i think there should be no argument on srk and other stars on who is better, this statement says it all

  • just watched haider will watch bang bang soon. only those people can feel intencity of haider if theirs life did chu*spa with them. if u wanna happy ending or a dreamy movies kick is best movie of the year but if u like tragic movies and reality of world ofcourse haider is the best movie of 2014 dnt know about quality movies but i apreciate both kind of movies so for me best movie of 2014 is kick / haider till date. shahid acted well, shraddha disapointed, kk and tabu are best on their role. whenever director include salman’s scene i know becuz of put entertainment he failed cuz all scenes are looking chu*spa in the movie. 3.5/5 from me for haider overall shahid deserve best actor 2014 national award cuz i knows filmfare award always reserved for non actors but money makers. jai ho.

  • @arjun kapur good films and u lol..
    Get well soon srk… Hope it cross 300cr.
    PS- posted it to get likes on my comments.

  • Srk is the most stylish actor of bollywood. He is king of bollywood.
    PS – posted this to get likes on my comments to support flop youngistan.

  • I don’t know what is so special about srk that indian and world wide are obsessed with him, he is not as good looking as hr or salman, is not as good as hr, akki in terms of action, doesn’t know comedy well enough.he cant act like amir or big b.the only thing he is at is good at romance and is a good charmer.

  • u instantly posted posters of action Jackson,bang bang,hny but y such delay when it comes to do the same for our films?

  • Aarray!! Phir Se!! This injury prone superstar needs to retire and spends his life peacefully with the money he has earned. This acting or doing actions in the movies or in promotions are not his cup of tea. Truly fragile like frog but behaves like a goat!!
    That’s why I doubt how he has built his physique. A man who is prone to injuries and already has many injuries can achieve the so-called abs in such a short time? Anyway, it seems to me it was digitally enhanced. There is a promo of the washing machine showcasing him as a boxer. In the entry, scene he has 8-packs abs but in the ending scene, 10-backs abs!! See carefully!!
    Anyway, he looks like a malnourished person suffering anorexia nervosa! Hence, we need to request Aamir to do an episode on Malnutrition, Anorexia and their Consequences in Satyamev Jayate!!

  • No matter what, I feel the film will jut manage to be a semi hit!! Let’s see what happens in the coming days!!

  • I KNOW why @indicine didn’t post my comment,everyone knows the reason of their biasness towards salmir fans,lol.

    @babaji,why don’t you understand hr/akki is not even equal to the foot of THE keep jealousness couldn’t help you,@ARJUN KAPOOR is a far better person than you from THE HEART,try to learn at least a bit from HIM,it will help you to further go ahead in your life you losers.


  • Kick Trailer has crossed 100K Likes on Youtube!! History has been created on the virtual world!

    Let’s do some prayers at our respective homes during diwali for the recovery of the injury prone superstar. Let’s protest God by not getting out of our homes until the superstar does not become well!

    @Navin, LOL!!! Very funny and seems true!! Frankly, the Dhobi Machine is an unofficial remake of Lewismilestone’s Ocean 11.
    @Sachin 11, late comer in everything?? ROFL!!
    @Babaji Ka Thullu, yes, the injury prone superstar!!! His fans are clapping at the usage! @Arjun Kapoor is the permanent enemy of yours?? At least you can predict us, that youngistan fan is unpredictable!!
    @Bullin and @Bulli Fan, you guys always rock and entertain us! May God Bless You Too!

  • @sss:No need to tell me whom i should learn and that too from @arjun kapoor…lol who changes colour every minute!!
    He was even praising Bang Bang and then became a chamcha of srk fans suddenly as BB underperformed..
    Don’t worry,he will become a chamcha of Aamir fans next for PK after HNY flops

  • such a hard working guy he is……
    but still i wanna say health comes first.we can wait….. movies can wait
    first fully recover from your injury….. hav a quick recovery

  • I love srk bcz he is a great human being nd self made person. God bless srk. Inshallah HNY will be an all time blockbuster.

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