Hercules director Brett Ratner invites his favourite actor Shahrukh Khan to Hollywood

Hollywood filmmaker Brett Ratner, who has previously worked with Hrithik Roshan during the making of Kites, has invited his ‘favourite actor’ Shahrukh Khan to Hollywood for the premiere of his film.

Earlier today, Ratner tweeted “My favorite actors ever are John Cazale, Sterling Hayden, Peter Sellers, Timothy Carey, John Cassavetes… And of course Shah Rukh Khan, Robert Deniro and Al Pacino!”

A couple of hours later, Shah Rukh Khan replied to Ratner on Twitter saying “@BrettRatner thank u so much. Thats quite a compliment.”

Responding to SRK’s tweet, Ratner invited the superstar for the premiere of his film “@iamsrk Please come for my premiere for Hercules to Hollywood?”

Starring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Hercules releases in theatres on 25th July (worldwide, including India).

If SRK does go for the premiere of Hercules, the Hollywood film will get free publicity in India prior to its release here.






  • LOL. Classic Fan and Raess hahaha.
    Fan will struggle to cross Ready crore like srk past films.
    Raess will be a boring crap due to Srk overacting.
    Srk has zero charisma and looks very weak and girly to play a gangster.
    He playing gangstar will be same as Imraan Khan in Once upon a time in mumbai dobara LOL

  • @Deepu : nice job of counting number of comments, I hope Indicine pays you. Lol !!! btw Salman Kick page also have 6 pages comments !!!!!!!!!!!

  • @sid_pagal,no doubt you could use your mind so well but what I said you couldn’t get that,I said raj kumar santoshi is not a bb director.may he gave many award winning movies/critically acclaimed movies,I said about BO movies.every film of him hardly got hit no doubt he is a good director.about subhash ghai,all of his movie’s story are some kind old type and couldn’t be innovative one although he is said to be one of big director.I liked his PARDES the most which is successful SUPER HIT movie.while our bhojpuri bhai due to having lack of acting he gave big flop with subhash ghai in yuvvraj,lol.

    @hrithik,I know you couldn’t accepted a SINGLE TRUTH and try to avoid each and every such FACT.so I don’t have any objection if do like that/but you should also remember after mpk,bhai gave too many back to back flop/disaster until 1994.and after hahk,bhai again continued his disaster legacy until KA.then his actually era begun he gave one after one flops/disaster.but one most sad thing is he couldn’t break flop kumar’s record unfortunately got 2nd position for giving highest flop to bollywood.SO TRIMURTI is not a flop it’s an average/below average film not only that films like ASOKA,DIL SE,KOYLA all are average/below average.even SWADES,PAHELI are below average.but why you comparing bhai’s 51% entire career flop with KING SRK’S ONLY 32% flop,lol?get a life you biggest losers.KING KHAN didn’t had a single disaster,lol.

    @js,whenever I read your comment I entertained a lot and I hope you’ll give such comments continue.but one thing though I am not forcing you please tell what’s the reason of your frustration?are you not a normal guy?no,actually your comments indicates like that.so please don’t be angry but one thing please don’t stop commenting it’s a request to you,I always need jokers like you.

  • @sss I will never stop commenting the truth no matter if it makes you angry and frustrated of being an flopactor fan LOL. I said the truth Srk has zero charisma, pathetic physique, and has a girly sense of weakness.
    Srk himself said that he is effemate or more feminine. How can such a person suit role of gangster. People say Imraan was miscast in Outimd, but Srk in raess is bigger miscast.

  • SRK is a common wedding dancer. Comparing him with legends like Dilip Kumar and Aamir is moronic..

  • @sss : It is very much evident who is avoiding Truth. Yes, Salman gave flops but he also proved his capability by giving some highest grosser. Your king yet to give highest grosser of decade in his entire career & struggling to give highest grosser of the year since OSO. If srk had been in place of Salman he would have done & dusted after giving flops forget about giving 5 back to back Blockbusters !!!!!!!!

  • @romance ETT did 188 crore in 2012.
    Eid 2010-Dabangg 141 crore
    Eid 2012-ETT 188 crore (34% increase)
    Eid 2014-Kick
    So obviously Kick will easily beat CE’s 207 crore, as it will match ETT and Dabangg in terms of hype. If ETT releases this Eid it will easily do 230 crore.

  • @js,another moron comment,lol. CE released faced each week with 3 bigger superstar’s film while ett didn’t face any of single big superstar.1ST week CE’S screen reduced to 1500 from 3500,then decreased to 500.but nothing such happened ett,still it couldn’t surpass 180cr.this is due to lack of stardom.if CE would have got no big superstar’s release then would have thrash puny d3 and would have the 1st 300 grosser of bollywood.in dream also kick couldn’t surpass YJHD,forget 3iodiots or beyond that and don’t expect much from a 3rd grade south remake.

    @hrithik,ha ha..blockbuster,my foot!!!!!it’s called demand of south remake/bhojpuri clan.let your star to give CONSISTENT 5 BACK TO BACK 200CR GROSSER ,then talk.that’s not so easy if OUR FILM collected HIGHER THAN your bhai’s films that means OUR FILM appreciated more than yours worldwide whether INDIANS or foreign.it’s your seek thinking to support your bhai to neglect GLOBAL AUDIENCES or you didn’t want bollywood film to globalize.our BOI is also like that they give verdict according to domestic only.but who cares,by keeping budget low each of bhai’s film got bb verdict even besides ett,non of them collected more than RA ONE’S worldwide collection.FORGET ABOUT GIVING TEN BACK TO BACK HITS in both DOMESTIC/OVERSEAS containing 4BLOCKBUSTERS. so you could think clearly who is AHEAD. bhai’s stardom lost in jai ho after south remake got killed.I bet south remake will fail 100% due to holiday it may got grace and hardly could collect 160cr.@hrithik,may KING SRK didn’t get his highest grosser in this decade because 2times he didn’t get opportunity and never give a single semi hit/flop.about highest grosser SRK has same highest grosser as salman if we exclude salman’s multistarrer film.about stardom,CE spoke all what is actually stardom is which doesn’t depended upon HIS SELF MADE YRF like others.1st let bhai to compete that,FORGET ABOUT BECOMING THE GREATEST ACTOR OF THEIR GENERATION.

  • @sss : what more I can say who thinks ETT & DABANGG (Salman top 2 grossers) are south Remakes !!!!!! Accept or vanish if you dont believe Srk has 0 zero Highest grosser of the year since OSO !!!!!!!!!!

  • @hrithik,all those what I explained you ignored them means you accepted that.In last decade SRK has 3HIGHEST GROSSERS and salman has 0 and amir has 2.add 2014 into OUR LIST and get prepare for vanish from indicine according to the deal.

  • @sss : hehehe !!!! another senseless comment worthy of deletion. Moron, It was me who first ask to leave Indicine after You getting crowned for most deleted comments. Last, wash your face, Dabangg was highest grosser of 2010. I hope you even the meaning of a Decade !!!!!!!!!

  • @hrithik,don’t laugh like a thief!didn’t you know how many years are there in a decade from 2000-2009 ,count including 2000 and then show your 32 teeth.who cares it doesn’t affect anymore if worthless comments approved by someone over my USEFUL COMMENTS,in such a biased site I landed my foot so obviously I have to wash my foot and have to wash my fingers after typing words for losers and kind od low grade films watchers like you,lol,did you want forther shameful thing to prove in which state you’re,then comment again.

  • May God help you & give you some sense !!!!!! you create your own decades whereas rest of the world follows a different thing, so entire world is wrong n you are right. I can believe because only such creatures exist in Sarkar aka Srk’s Paglapur !!!!!!!!! :-p

  • @rajgay aka romance @sss and ol tell srk to dnt act over, which luk lyk crappy expressions a overactor, and srk’s emotions are far away from hrithik he is nevr cm close to Hrithik in expression, l0l overactor, tell him atleast do a acting in movie like jodha akbar, forget kmg, agneepath, guzaarish, mk, k3g, lakshya, knph, fiza, kites, d2, superhero krrish, :D overactor goat :D

  • and i people even not forget yeh lamhe hai *hudai ke most remembered movie, boaring jthj :D dil se? No 1 knw that movie except chaiya chaiyan sng, yea ajay is btr actor than Srk in intence, serious role, srk do memes in ol movie n nothing, he is overactin alws. :D

  • srk,is the one of most popular actor of india ( from previos ten year,)he is become world famous mainly in germany.gr8 news is that due large fans demand in germany, their local t.v channel start showing srks film every week or month,that is amazing.According to TOI magazin 3.5 billion of people know who srk is(including fans).shortly there is no comparison of sallu with gr8 SRK.

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