Hercules director Brett Ratner invites his favourite actor Shahrukh Khan to Hollywood

Hollywood filmmaker Brett Ratner, who has previously worked with Hrithik Roshan during the making of Kites, has invited his ‘favourite actor’ Shahrukh Khan to Hollywood for the premiere of his film.

Earlier today, Ratner tweeted “My favorite actors ever are John Cazale, Sterling Hayden, Peter Sellers, Timothy Carey, John Cassavetes… And of course Shah Rukh Khan, Robert Deniro and Al Pacino!”

A couple of hours later, Shah Rukh Khan replied to Ratner on Twitter saying “@BrettRatner thank u so much. Thats quite a compliment.”

Responding to SRK’s tweet, Ratner invited the superstar for the premiere of his film “@iamsrk Please come for my premiere for Hercules to Hollywood?”

Starring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Hercules releases in theatres on 25th July (worldwide, including India).

If SRK does go for the premiere of Hercules, the Hollywood film will get free publicity in India prior to its release here.






  • Hrithik dude I think you were in coma during the years 2011 n 2012 Ra.one broke the highest single day record on diwali of bg which released during the most bankable period for box office first. Second maybe you don’t know jthj with 2300 screens and a clash collected 122 cr without much promotions… If it would have been released in 3200 screens,4 weeks free run like ett
    then SRK would have broke 3 idiots record in 2012 itself

  • All Paglapurians..Let the New Year’s Cash Party beat Jai Ho and Ready’s record before even thinking of D3!!! :P

  • Babaji ka ullu – dude you be happy about your akki struggling to go past 100 cr which HNY will collect in 3 days only… You go better worry about crappy entertainment where even a dog has more screen space than akki THE record breaking superstar … I hope holiday go past 70 cr which your ch akki is struggling from his past 5 or 6 releases

  • @Sick Rum if that’s the case, ask your King to release a non Holiday movie without Diwali, Eid, great music, YRF-DP, top director, top actresses and low marketing..lets see how much will he earn!!! :P

    @sss Eternal Truth is that all the Lungis vanished in the air after a hooded superhero and a BMW bike zoomed across em!!! Also you are the biggest fool not able to find a difference between 2nd richest actor and 2nd richest person in the world!!! Seconding what @Babaji ka Thullu said Mark Zuckerberg, Ambanis and Mittals might be looking out for you to give Mentos which you badly need at this time!!! :P

  • @indicine,my 10:34am comment is important and given to clarify many one’s doubt,so kindly post this non abusive or non hatred comment.

    • @sss, after every comment you post a request to get the previous comment published. With all due respect, that ain’t going to make any difference. Post your comment, if we feel its good to go online, it’ll be approved. Thanks :)

  • Guess Ratner hasnt seen Kings epic ASOKA which if he did will make him reevaluate his original diagnostics of Kings acting ability…! :-P

  • @Dark boy rises nigga! CE has already collectd huge in d world..nd 2day if an art film like MayaMemsaab releases in d overses it surely vl perform well…such films can b criticised only in India cos India is full of Dumbass audiences like u…

    @JS mere bhai tu har article pe ek hi ranking deta firta hai…tu kaunsi sadi ka manushya hai?? Rankings deni hai to authentic de wrna mat de..


  • Salman Aamir fans will remain losers for d entire life….there’s no point in explaining dem anythng cos they r Idiots…nd its better not 2 argue wid dem..:p

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    @hrithik,why do you have so much hope on crappy kock(batman+krish mask) that will struggle to surpass 150-160cr.what HNY will do you’ll watch in 23RD OCTOBER.

    @sid_pagal,you remembered what you had told once?you said you respect each n every actor’s work even SRK also.now where is your fake respect?lungi will blow or tingu will blow WE will see later.yeah if your stars blown BO then why they couldn’t be as rich as KING KHAN? as you have so much knowledge about richest actors,lol.only one answer I could give you only LIFETIME SUCCESS will made you THAT not 3-4 year’s 4-5 recent successful bbs,lol.count day from today when puny bmw’s record will thrash,lol.

  • @Sss dont worry indicine also not aprove my comment sometime…..keep rocking dude……i love your comment i always proud to be srkian…….

  • @Navin dude every actor has bad movies even actors like al pacino,de niro, et cetra…except for Salman cos all his movies are bad…
    and Salman fans a hearty request to all oof u please do not comment about good cinema or classy movies it justs doesn’t suit u….

  • @yy In emotion as ur think may be srk is best, i forgot 1 name in that list, and i paste that as it is commented by other in prev. Comment, in that too Aamir name comes be4 srk, as it is i paste, i dint said aamir, srk or Hrithik placed on rank 1, 2, or 3..

    But in emotions expression, rank wise list is like below,

    1. Hrithik
    2. Ajay
    3. Srk/Aamir

    that was diff. Thing srk is on Rank 1st in romance b’coz he did most of romantic movies in career.. Thats not mean his emotions expressionwise is best..

  • @Sht : I have already given reply on some Srk related page about why Jaaneman, Yuvraaj failed but you didappeared from that page. Why did Trimurti failed despite multi cast, Subhash Ghai – Raj kumar Santoshi collaboration, Anil Kapoor – Jackie Combo (who previously gave Raam.Lakhaan a super hit) & Srk at prime after DDLJ ?? First answer this !!!!!!!!!

  • @anna,it’s a great compliment,thank a lot and always PROUD TO BE A SRKIAN.

    @ankan,ask your fav. actors to do a movie like EVER REMEMBERED FILM LIKE BAAZIGAR that none of them could do in their whole life.or some of such another kind of EVER REMEMBERED FILM LIKE CDI,SWADES,MNIK,DEVDAS,VZ,KHNH,RNBDJ,MB,K3G,ANJAAM,JTHJ,DDLJ,DTPH,DARR,KANK,DIL SE and MANY MORE OF SUCH MOVIES. at least let your stars act in one of them so that I could test their ability to act/emotions.btw hr is a romantic actor,almost all of his love stories are flops even from YRF. that means PEOPLES didn’t approve hr as a romantic actor even actor also because most of his movies are flops.average besides his papa’s movie.so don’t post hallucinatory commet.SRK is THE MOST COMPLETE VERSATILE ACTOR WHO ACTED IN EACH GENRE THAT no one did still yet.in emotions/expression HE IS TOPPEST ACTOR that bollywood have ever seen.MOREVER don’t forget HE ACHIEVED 14 TIME FILMFARE.in emotions hr is behind ranbir kapoor.hr is weak in aggressive type role,comedy role.romantic role most important he couldn’t give good expressions just like some overrated expression in krrish series.

    so according to acting capability/emotions with expressions

    3.akshay kumar

  • @zack True we dont comment on any articles discussing ‘classy cinema’ because we spend 99% of our precious time on Sarkars pages discussing the virtues of third grade cinema produced by a third rate Youtube king with his third rate lungi fans….!

  • @Ankon I think u seem to be hr fan so u r putting hr name ahead. if u talk about emotions just watch k3G film u can compare hr nd srk emotional acting ability then u ll get to know. otherwise go nd watch mohabaten there you can see the real acting of two legends ab nd srk. #respect

  • Maneesh Sharma’s Fan for which SRK is toiling hard.

    Reports suggest that YRF honcho Aditya Chopra is leaving no stone unturned to create a brilliant project here. After getting international crew for SRK’s look, the production house has now roped in South Korean action director O se-Young for the upcoming film.

    Young, who has previously made a name in Korean flicks like King and The Clown and Blades Of Blood, will serve as the stunt director in Fan too. Since Korean films are known for its sleekness, one can expect Fan to be matching up to the international standards when it comes to action. Young will be designing stunts in Mumbai, Delhi and Croatia for the film.

    Fan is all set to go on floors this July with SRK donning the lead role.

  • moron @nipun,how and when and in which planet hr and ajay becomes better actor then SRK,LOL according to ankan?

    @Sahir,VERY GOOD AND HAPPY NEWS.I knew FAN will be another ATBB after HNY which will RULE next year EID and screw some big actor’s movie like last year.


    @navin bhojpuri,we know the types of 3rd grade meaningless movies you like bodyguard and dabang2 still are jumping with joy.how shame,your comment looks so childish and uneducated,lol.

    @hrithik,I want to ask you why subhash ghai’s yuvvraj with bhai becomes a disaster and why the same subhash ghai’s PARDES becomes SUPER HIT WITH KING SRK? btw who sadi you raj kumar santoshi is a bb director,he gave disaster from his 1st film aaa with salman-amir,lol.once upon a time in some era ago RAM-LAKHAN was a BIG HIT. that same type of story didn’t become successful later with TRIMURTI.

  • @sss Thanx and I m totally agree with u. Fan & Raees will be totally oppoiste in gener but will be highly entertaining for Masses & Classes.

    @sss after FAN & RAEES 2016 Eid will be even more Bigger and Better as KING will be Back with Rohit Shetty opposite Katrina Kaif Titled LEGEND. After that 2016 Diwali will see Historic Due SRK & Aditya Chopra comes together for another ATBB after Blockbuster RNBJ.

    So coming 5 movies are Highly Exciting and Full of Entertainment, Romance, Action, Drama, VFX etc.

  • @sss such low IQ level..wow..looks like you forgot that Rajkumar Santoshi was the same director who gave three national award winning films i.e Ghayal, Damini and Legend of Bhagat Singh(LOBS) with Sunny Deol and Ajay Devgan..Also Ajay himself is a two time National Award winner with Zakhm and LOBS..also he gave one of Ranbir Kapoor’s biggest hit i.e APKGK which had a Sallu Bhai Cameo..so please increase your IQ before spewing lame stuff which you term as ETERNAL TRUTH!!! :D

    And i still maintain that i respect the work of all the actors..its just because of some low IQ and brainless idiots like the Paglapur clan, i comment against Our King!!!

  • 90 comments. And haters ask why SRK articles are published?

    All stars fans are spending more time on SRK than their own favs.

    No one is as interesting as SRK. :D

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