Hercules director Brett Ratner invites his favourite actor Shahrukh Khan to Hollywood

Hollywood filmmaker Brett Ratner, who has previously worked with Hrithik Roshan during the making of Kites, has invited his ‘favourite actor’ Shahrukh Khan to Hollywood for the premiere of his film.

Earlier today, Ratner tweeted “My favorite actors ever are John Cazale, Sterling Hayden, Peter Sellers, Timothy Carey, John Cassavetes… And of course Shah Rukh Khan, Robert Deniro and Al Pacino!”

A couple of hours later, Shah Rukh Khan replied to Ratner on Twitter saying “@BrettRatner thank u so much. Thats quite a compliment.”

Responding to SRK’s tweet, Ratner invited the superstar for the premiere of his film “@iamsrk Please come for my premiere for Hercules to Hollywood?”

Starring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Hercules releases in theatres on 25th July (worldwide, including India).

If SRK does go for the premiere of Hercules, the Hollywood film will get free publicity in India prior to its release here.






  • to all haters just read d article before ur dumb cmmnts… u will understand why he is called KING KHAN…
    And dont miss holiday, its a gud movie

  • Promotion of Hercules in India. LOL
    Anyways top superstars ranking as per BOI:
    India: 1. Salman 2. Aamir 3. Srk
    Overseas: 1. Aamir 2. Srk 3. Salman
    Worldwide: 1. Salman 2. Aamir 3. Srk

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  • dis is aura of our khan. the king khan..directors from hollywood are also his fans..earlier director f the last stand also praised srk n his liking for working.wid.our one n.only shahrukh king khan…v all r proud of u sir..may u reach zenith heights!!!

  • Good way of promotion. But if he had called Salman or Aamir as his favourite actor, then Hercules would have been much bigger box office in India.

  • Now what can i say Haters………………………..

    Everything speaks itself


    We r Proud of u Sir KING SRK

    U May Live LONG

  • You know what, SRK’s “My Name is KHAN” is liked more than Aamir’s multistarrer “3 idiots” overseas.

  • ha ha ha it’s may be Promotion activities of Hercules in India …….but actually he don’t know who is salman…he is only famous in india .and everyone knows that who is more popular in oversea/??that’s why he invited srk,,not salman…

  • @JS exactly…. he is not like aamir or salman to show fake friendship to unite fans to score big at BO….

  • @JS and ur BO rankings include only last 4-5 releases. pl come up with comments that describe their entire career . in that case ranking would be

    1. SRK >> 2. Aamir >>>> 3. Salman

  • Top grossers of 2014 will be
    1. Kick/PK
    2. PK/ Kick
    3. Bang Bang
    4. Bombay Velvet
    5. HNY
    Wished HNY was higher, but he is used to chasing Ready’s 125 crore with 4 films and CE success was due to Rohit and Deepika.

  • well i m not hr fan but what the difrce btwn hr and srk ppl invites srk to come and meet them, and with hr hollywood persons came to meet him :D now time to listen some meme with ching chan and brett

  • SRK go to hollywood. Otherwise how will the other 2 khans rule here in bollywood? The only way ;p

  • ?#? SRK?
    Father from Pakistan
    Mother from Hyderbaad
    Born in Banglore
    Grown up in Delhi
    Lives in Mumbai
    Actor of Chennai Express
    Owner of Kolkata Knight Riders
    Rulling the world
    Wears the T-shirt of Punjab after Victory
    ?#? Respect

  • @Jolly ur approach is so childish. They invites Sir SRK for Premier not for personal chitt chatt. So grow up. Premier of Hercules must be in Hollywood not in India. Lolzzz so ill minded haters.

  • Robert di niro – Taxi driver
    Al pacino- Godfather 1 n 2
    shahrukh khan – ChenaiExpres,maya memsab Rofl!

  • Until today we dont know brett ratner but we wil behave like we know him from ages coz he invited our king

  • @Dev Thats ur view, truth is

    1.Hrithik, Aamir,
    2.Irfan Khan,
    3.Ajay D – Srk.
    5. Akshay-Salman.

    3.Ajay D.

    Fan Following
    1. Salman-Srk
    2. Hrithik-Aamir
    3. Akshay,
    4. Ranbir,
    5. Ajay-Ranveer-Emraan..

    1.Romance- SRK, Hrithik, Salman.
    2.Villian- Sanjay Dutt, Rishi Kapoor, Vivek Oberoi.
    3.Comedy-Akshay, salman, Rajpal Yadav, Paresh Rawal.
    4.Action-Akshay, Hrithik, Salman,
    5.Masala-Salman, Akshay
    6.Emotions-Aamir,SRK, Hrithik.
    8. Period films – Hrithik,
    9. Sci-fi – Hrithik,
    10. Superhero- Hrithik.

    List belongs to dis era of bolly.

  • its great hollywood director invite SRK to came of premiere of his film and he is his favorite Bollywood actor..of course SRK is Global star and King of Bollywood and everybody knows him….
    will be great also if SRK work with him.and he want also to work with SRK..not with Salman .for who this director never heard :D

  • hmm, great news. for srkians.
    but the director is not aware about out complan boy who hold the record of most deleted comments on his name, if the director read his comment he will become his fan rather than srk, srk might break each and every record but he can’t break the rcord set by our complan king.
    @dev yes indicine will publish list of Aamir’s career only when you add Das ahead of your name and become Devdas.

    @vera may be but as i heard or understand 3i collected more then MNIk in overseas despited being Aamir film weren’t used to be bigger hit there than srk, so if mnik was much liked there than 3i won’t be highest grosser there, despited it released multiple phase than MNIk but facts was also that MNIk initially released much wider scale than 3I, nevertheless we all know after sholay 3I is the only film which was like by almost every movies goers worldwide, barring very few exception.

  • Srk is great
    Srk is a legend
    Srk is the best actor
    Srk is the most handsome
    HNY will collect 500crs

    Now his every fan will be happy,i guess

  • Brett Ratner is a flop director, most of his movies have tanked at the box office. LOL just because he is from Hollywood, doesn’t mean he is biggest. He isn’t Steven Spielberg or James Cameron or Christopher Nolan or Tim Burton or Rob Cohen. lol srk fans are so much rejoicing over the fact as if srk is going to get a lead role in a hollywood film. If Hercules succeeds then it will be due to the stardom of Dwayne Johnson not Brett Ratner. Nobody likes the work of Ratner outside India, don’t believe then go check the IMDB ratings of his films, you will know.

  • Moreover Ratner has worked with Hrithik before, so i don’t see a big deal here. lol

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