Hercules director Brett Ratner invites his favourite actor Shahrukh Khan to Hollywood

Hollywood filmmaker Brett Ratner, who has previously worked with Hrithik Roshan during the making of Kites, has invited his ‘favourite actor’ Shahrukh Khan to Hollywood for the premiere of his film.

Earlier today, Ratner tweeted “My favorite actors ever are John Cazale, Sterling Hayden, Peter Sellers, Timothy Carey, John Cassavetes… And of course Shah Rukh Khan, Robert Deniro and Al Pacino!”

A couple of hours later, Shah Rukh Khan replied to Ratner on Twitter saying “@BrettRatner thank u so much. Thats quite a compliment.”

Responding to SRK’s tweet, Ratner invited the superstar for the premiere of his film “@iamsrk Please come for my premiere for Hercules to Hollywood?”

Starring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Hercules releases in theatres on 25th July (worldwide, including India).

If SRK does go for the premiere of Hercules, the Hollywood film will get free publicity in India prior to its release here.






  • @indicine whats wrong with my this comment:

    SK: (June 9, 2014 at 8:02 pm)

    still waiting for approval……………………

  • some Indians are really funny as well as foolish who still couldn’t preparing to agree KING SRK is the BIGGEST MEGASTAR OF NOT ONLY INDIA BUT ALSO THE WORLD.SO SRKIANS no need to explain them.HE is the world’s 2ND MOST RICHEST PERSON that’s proved who HE IS.Though almost all of the Indians accepts KING SRK is THE BEST ACTOR IN BOLLYWOOD EVER SEEN still to stop hater’s mouth SRK earned 15FILMFARES.so SRK haters,so kindly tell your star to earn this in order to prove them BEST ACTOR.


  • Kkkkkkkk Kiran…..Main Hollywood Ja Rha Hu……bbbbbbbbbbbbbbulaya hai muje………kkkkkkkkkkkkkkisi nnnneeeeeeee…..!!

  • Hollywood directors put SRK in the likes of al pachino!! King is king… The only superstar in india who can give the collection of 230 cr with just 6 days free run… ringu n bhabhi can not even give 100 cr if they have only 6 days free run!! Now haters will say he buyed Bret ratner … N bhojpuri ki lulli you’re talking as if you knew bret from ages… Frustrated looser be happy SRK is not releasing his movie on eid otherwise everyone knows what your bhojpuri bhabhi is without eid

  • Babaji ka ullu – akki is great
    Akki is a legend
    Akki is the best actor
    Akki is most handsome
    Holiday/ it’s entertainment will collect can beat jai ho collection

    I truly support you yes akki is megastar whose holiday has taken a record breaking opening at the box office forget khans akki is challenging the records of ranveer n arjun kapoor… In his next forget humans akki sir will be competing against dogs… You’re a very good pet oops sorry fan of akki the record breaking superstar

  • @vikram yes dude, the collection of CE was 125-130cr insted of 208cr, as you said ce had only 6 days release, after than they manipulated collection upto 80cr, all time you guys talking about manipulation of K3, but here srk fans clarified that bigger culprit is ce team who increased collection from 125 to 208cr,
    lol i think they count Ouatimd collection in ce, omg but Outimd collected around 60 cr, so still manipulation of 20cr. lets see and wait HNY manipulation will break ce record soon, as it has only 4 day free run, after that only poster will shown outside theatre, while audince will watching Maya memsaab inside thatre,lol.

  • @sss khan
    Before saying indians as fool,
    You forgot that you are the biggest fool currently on earth…
    Everyone see,”Mr. sss khan mentioned King khan as the second richest person of the world”
    Mr.Mukesh ambani,Laxmi mittal,bill gates,mark zuckerberg,sam walton all will be desperately searching for this Mr.sss after his imbecile comment.
    So to reveal the suspense,otherwise u must be still thinking “lol whats my mistake,babaji is a moron”…SRK was named as the 2nd richest ACTOR…

  • Greater box office corrections do not always translate to greater likability. For example, ZNMD was liked more than Dhoom:3, however the collections of the later are higher.

  • @Wick Rum
    Thanx for your complements…
    I hope your Crappy new year works big time…
    But nevertheless OUR KING ROCKS…

  • of course Brett Ratner is not james cameron who said once INDIA means SRK or who wanted SRK’S AUTOGRAPH once.so now Brett Ratner is not the James Cameron who is also a SRK fan.our superstars amir/salman blasted BOI but unfortunately they are not THE WORLD’S 2ND MOST RICHEST ACTOR.SRK doesn’t know acting.HE overacts still HE EARNED 15 FILMAFARE.SO FILMFARE becomes fakefare.now before our complan boy uses his complan mind someone kindly ask him could “one idiot” make an atbb in domestic as well overseas.but the answer is no,because only 3idiots could make such movie that also with one of such great director.now one actor in 1st sequel couldn’t make such dhoom until n unless 3 actor in it’s 3rd sequel that also one of biggest SRK made industry will afford our complan creditchor to make that happen.so now complan boy needs to be understand the fact that only LIFETIME SUCCESS COULD MAKE SOMEONE OR LIFETIME RULER WILL ONLY COULD BE WORLD’S 2ND MOST RICHEST ACTOR nor recent 3 year’s 4-5 bb’s stars.so now we are also seeing upto which extent south remake/multiactor movie will help those 2 complan star.now when our complan boy will understand these fact he will become a genius.but damn he cares more about my deleting comments containing ETERNAL/BITTER TRUTHS,neither complan helped him for growth of height nor height just like his complan star for his height and career,lol.

  • Lol
    Imagine if SRK went to attend the hercules premiere,and ratnner and his co. did’nt recognise him…
    Srk:hey.ummm.hmmmm..you invited me.ahhh..i am the king..u know

    Bret:who r u??
    Srk:u invited me through twitter..uhmm

    Bret:oh,my account was hacked few days ago..sorry Security!!!

    Finally Srk will then try the OSO manoj kumar style and enter the premiere…

  • Ground- better worry about your pk… Even with raju hirani ringu will give a disaster like talaash n then you will give lame excuses you have been giving since talaash about genre… How come talash failed overseas if the genre was not popular in india

  • @Vikram : first think what is srk without Eid ?? He was not even in top 2 from 2009-2012. Thanks to Salman absence he came in top 2 (3rd if we believe K3 figures) in the year 2013 !!!!!!!!

  • @sky hny will break the record of d3, wait n watch ce was just a trailler picture abhi baki hai mere dost

  • Article on SRK already got 50 comments. Article on Aamir just 22. Only SRK articles get most hits and response. And sulkers complain why article on their fav is not published. LOL! Your idols just do not attract attention as the King does!

  • @Hrithik — Be specific kiddo….not salmans absence……but salman s absence from eid :v

  • @romance let it be, i have no problem if hny will break or not because at the last its again Aamir who has p.k. so he will again take the top spot. Haven’t you see. @vera i haven’t mention d3 with mnik, i compared 3i with mnik and even you know in india where is 3i and mnik stands. Yes comparison can be done with d3 and don2 both are sequals, as in overseas both can compare as don 1 was huge success there like dhoom2.

  • @babaji ka thullu,I know now a days you’re very angry and frustrated due to attacking of SRK FANS.you didn’t have the guts to bear THE TRUTH.what happened to holiday,kahin flop to nahi ho gaya na?or could it got average verdict?as now a days we are listening peoples are saying flop movies as average/semi-hit.I know what will your answer but the end you’ll come to the reality.it’s become another debacle of your 60cr club actor however this time he might surpass 60cr barrier really a true soldier could only do this,lol.that’s why,I said see more n more 3rd grade south remake and we INDIANS will reply our answer.that are really non-copied films,lol.even when manoj kumar couldn’t search his identity then he think about to publicize his name with KING KHAN but his age’s other great actor didn’t do that,manoj kumar also took in the same way that you took KING KHAN/so what could Indian could call you simply-moron.samajhdaar ko isharein kaafi hain.I said about KING KHAN IS WORLD’S 2ND MOST RICHEST ACTOR. you know this still overacting just like your flop kumar,lol.

    @hrithik,if Brett Ratner would have know salman is the biggest mass entertainer of India as his few of fans think so,but sadly HE doesn’t know who is salman everyone knows the same what Bret knows.Basically out of 3.7 BILLION FANS pretty of them don’t know about such an actor named salman.now that could make you jealousy and you’ll say stallone/brad pitt/leonardo/will/johnny all knows salman.and you think you could force other to believe,lol.because you’re healthy commentators of indicine.of course salman’s absence is KING’S SUCCESS so will KING KHAN will again going to snatch even knowing bohpuri bhai will release in EID.I salute KING for such daring that salman couldn’t do who has now expiry stardom but KING KHAN’S STARDOM CONTNUOUS FOR 20 YEARS.still you couldn’t believe why HE IS THE KING,LOL.

  • king always king. …only two actor rules in bollywood srk & sallu. ..not joker amir khan fron of him

  • Respect!!

    He has earned all this respect..truly a superstar and a legend.. and Babaji ka thullu never seen this site of u..what happened?

    *And guys Holiday is really a nice movie don’t miss go and watch.. its awesome..

  • @hritik if salman is top y jai ho broke ce record. Forget ce it has not broke ra1 records which released 3 years back.
    One more question. If salman has really big fan following Y big budget, multistarrer movies like janeman, yuvraj, London dreams opened less than srks guest appearance billu. Where was his fans during that time.

  • Babaji ka thullu looks very happy courtesy after long long time akshay movie trends well. Y r u so jealous of srk. This not Akki related article. Do something good in ur life instead of hating one of the biggest superstar of all time.

  • @Hrithik, first you think what salman is without eid, he wasn’t even in top 20 without eid before 2010, lol!

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