‘Aamir Khan: Actor, Activist, Achiever’ book launched, priced Rs 1,500

Pradeep Chandra’s book on Aamir Khan titled ‘Aamir Khan: Actor, Activist, Achiever’ was launched by Dalip Tahil, Pritish Nandy, Prahlad Kakar at an event here in Mumbai.

Talking to media reporters at the event, Nandy said “Aamir is a great actor, famous activist; he has done some remarkable movies. And he is a remarkable man. But this book is more about a man who has paid tribute to Aamir Khan”

Nandy also tweeted about the same “Launched Pradeep Chandra’s Aamir Khan book at the Westin Hotels in Goregaon. Recalled the Weekly story on him we did. His very first cover.”

The 272 page book, priced at Rs 1,500 (available on Flipkart for Rs 1,300) is a pictorial biography that contains rare pictures of the superstar.

Book Details

  • Author: Pradeep Chandra
  • Publisher: Niyogi Books
  • Release Date: 9 June 2014
  • Language: English
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Number of Pages: 272 Pages


  • Very costly book and if it would have been our kings book then it would have cost 150 instead of 1500

  • great news, looking forward to read this book soon.
    Aamir is truly a Achiever in different leadue. Hats Off.

  • yeeess, finally u posted some good and about our Mr. Perfectionist, he is awesome Man. People will buy it with 2000 rs, if Aamir is behind it…. This will generate only sence,
    not like crap stories like Srk-salman

  • Aamir Khan Greatest Actor..Most Versatile , Trendsetter, unique and one d biggest superstar of all time .. We love Aamir and proud of him.. Eagerly waiting for another classic film P.K.

  • Finally one book written on Aamir. Big deal! SRK, Amitabh and Dilip Kumar already have dozens of books written on them.

  • They know noone will read it so they kept price very high. so that they can give excuse of high price if book flops Lol.

  • now amir fans will behave in such a way as this book written by bill gates.but who cares about our complan boy who didn’t have a penny to buy this book and I agree with @Lootera for speaking the truth.

  • Akki’s holiday/it’s entertainment has full chance of beating 2 states n gunday… As akki has no interest in beating the leading stars but kids who have gone ahead of him… I truly support babaji ka ullu ka patta as holiday has taken the biggest opening ever for post ipl releases beating raajneti which released in 2010 (1500 screens)… Holiday has full chance of just going edging past of salman’s flop jai ho then he can celebrate as his star has finally beaten jai ho



  • @Bulli would love to meet you personally man..there hasn’t been a single comment of yours for which i haven’t laughed!!! Keep It Up!!! :D :D

  • @lootra don’t worry dude, as your name suggest if book cost is 1rs, still you will steal it, as you himself is lootera, so how could you watch, that’s why they kept costing high, in case you stole it than at least you can earn respectable amount after selling it.

  • Aamir is a true megastar of bollywood nobody can take his place in any category…thatswhy he is called as a perfectionist….The only actor in indian cinema who makes the records and breaks the records as well…no introduction he needed Aamir the is enough.

  • Aishwarya Rai who is junior to Aamir also had book written on her before him. There was book on Salman also in 2004. Aamir is a laggard who is catching up now.

  • SidOriginal thanx and if you want to meet me personally come to this address – kings apartment ;baadshah gali;paglapur

  • Aamir khan more dan da Superstar he is,, i feel he is the best TRENDSETTER and da Most UNIQUE ACTOR in da History of BOLLYWOOD… RESPECT Sir.. 4r Ur Dedication, and Courage 4r bringing Unique concept in Film making.,wish many More Books on U releases in future days

  • @babaji ki lungi Why not try watching Akkis Holiday again which may help him break free of the 60 cr club n start his very own unique 70 cr club…!

  • Aamir khan always reaches on the top whatever he does.Top actor,Top activist and Top achiever of bollywood and also box office record holder.

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