Can Holiday beat Jai Ho to be the highest grosser of 2014?

Q. Can Holiday beat the lifetime collections of Jai Ho (112 crore) and go on to be the highest grosser of 2014? – Suniel (New Jersey)

A. Certainly, it has more than a decent chance of going on to be the biggest grosser so far this year. The word-of-mouth that the film is carrying, growth over the weekend after a slow start on Friday and the way Holiday has sustained on Monday – all suggest that the Akshay Kumar – Sonakshi Sinha starrer could be set for a long run at the box office.

If the film can manage to collect 6.5 crore or more on Monday, it should collect 60-65 crore in its first weekend and then pick up once again this weekend (second weekend of the film) as there are no big releases – apart from Akshay Kumar’s home-production Fugly.

2 States, which took a similar opening to Holiday, collected 60 crore in its first week, 15.5 crore in its second weekend and 24 crore in its second week. Assuming Holiday collects about 20% more than 2 States, as it’s likely to retain more screens, it should amass around 27-29 crore in week 2 taking its total above the 90 crore mark in 2 weeks.

Again, these are assumptions based on how ‘good word-of-mouth’ films have fared this year. Holiday could fare better or worse depending on how well it manages to sustain in the next 3 days and the growth that it shows this weekend.

The next big release is Humshakals which is scheduled to release on June 20.

Opinions differ and looking at some of our Twitter mentions and the comments section here.. almost everyone is a trade analyst today. So go ahead and drop in your comments below. Tell us if Holiday can be the biggest grosser of 2014 – a record (if it does achieve) that it should hold for less than 2 months as films like Kick, Bang Bang, Happy New Year and P.K would be targeting 150 crore in Week 1!

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  • HAPPY NEW YEAR GONNA BE THE HIGHEST GROSSER IN BOLLYWOOD…..100%…IF U ASK ME,Holiday will definitely beat flop Jai Ho to be highest grosser till HNY release……


  • I think looking at the trend,it should beat Jai ho’s collection..

    And it deserve to beat Jai ho coz it is a much better film than jai ho…
    Those who have’nt watched it yet,should watch it.

  • Where are floppy,flop kumar,loki????
    They should put a stamp of MORON on their forehead and then kill themselves…
    Indicine will be a much better place then.

  • if the weekdays remain steady then yes, for sure. Jai Ho had a big drop in the 2nd week, if Holiday does decent business in the 2nd week too than It has all chances of crossing Jai Ho’s lifetime (116 crore). & going by the great W.O.M, it should cross it & reach a figure of 125-130 crore.

  • Ya, I feel Holiday will beat Jai ho. But Peekay will definitely cross Holiday. If the contents are good Happy New Year & Kick also could be among top 3 most grossing movies of the year.

  • Well Holiday will certainly be the highest grosser of 2014 till date…..For Jai Ho 1st Weekend did 55% of total collections…..Buh for Holiday as WOM is very good as per me collections will be as follows
    1st Weekend-40Cr
    2nd Friday-6.5Cr
    2nd Saturday-7.5Cr
    2nd Sunday-9Cr
    Rest of the week-13Cr
    third Week-12Cr
    Rest of the Weeks-12Cr

    Total Lifetime- 125-130Cr

    AKSHAY KUMAR is back with a Bang……Keep us entertained mate….Stay Blessed…!!

  • If fugly turns out to be a successful one. .i will affect it by 20 crores .then humsakals is there. My prediction is 110-120 crores. .
    As for biggest grosser, pk has more chances followed by kick,hny which are on par with each other. Then bang bang and singham 2. But if marykom/haider changes their date. .bang bang will be at top 2-3 .

  • I love Akshay but i think very less chance of it.But having said dat Holiday is better film than jai ho, d3, krrish3 and ce.

  • Holiday need to beat Jai Ho.. Bahut bada samajhte hain na salman fans apne apko.. Bhul gaya Akki Sir ne do baar kaise pachaara box office par.. Kaise piti thi kyunki, main aur mrs khanna yaad hain bhaitards? Hope Kick becomes The Biggest Disaster. PK, Happy New yr will easily beat kick dekh lena

  • Holiday may sustain and emerge as hit but happy new disaster wont collect much and will be clear cut disaster. even the hercules premiere wont save it. lol if srk goes there, he wont go in plane or ship. he will ride hercules cycle there to fit the film’s title lol.

  • PK or Kick will be the highest grosser of the year, others have very little chance. HNY has 0% chance.

  • Why Sharook fans are supporting Flopiday? Akki fans never supported you fools. You guys will get the greatest kickkkk this eid. Salman bhai aa rahein hain!!!

  • Holiday weekend collection is very poor for a so called big film. How can you even compare it with Jai ho which had 60 crore weekend? Akshay no match to my Salman

  • qualitywise holiday is a far better movie than jai ho…i hope it collect more than 100 crore at domestic box office…112 crores looks tough but it has still chance to surpass the jai ho record.

  • @sakhi….happy new year would not be highest earning movie of 2014…peekay or bang bang or may be kick just b’coz of eid factor would be highest earning movie of this year….but happy new year would be among top five that’s sure.

  • just dont write for the sake of writing. Holiday is not trending that well. SS occupancy is also bad. it will struggle & not reach the 100 cr fig,forget 2 states or jaiho. 2 states was so good ,if that cud only just about manage 100cr what will holiday do. to put good no’s u need the support of ss & multiplex, so holiday has no chance.

  • I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news.Holiday won’t cross 100 crs even.Beating Jai Ho is out of reach.

  • Bang bang can’t cross 75cr forget 150cr, Humshakals will be huge n become highest grosser of 2014

  • highly unlikely. humshakals will dent its chances. so watever business it has to do it has to do before 20th june. if it does manages to break jai ho’s record i will be highly surprised. infact humshakals will break jai ho’s record.

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