‘Aamir Khan: Actor, Activist, Achiever’ book launched, priced Rs 1,500

Pradeep Chandra’s book on Aamir Khan titled ‘Aamir Khan: Actor, Activist, Achiever’ was launched by Dalip Tahil, Pritish Nandy, Prahlad Kakar at an event here in Mumbai.

Talking to media reporters at the event, Nandy said “Aamir is a great actor, famous activist; he has done some remarkable movies. And he is a remarkable man. But this book is more about a man who has paid tribute to Aamir Khan”

Nandy also tweeted about the same “Launched Pradeep Chandra’s Aamir Khan book at the Westin Hotels in Goregaon. Recalled the Weekly story on him we did. His very first cover.”

The 272 page book, priced at Rs 1,500 (available on Flipkart for Rs 1,300) is a pictorial biography that contains rare pictures of the superstar.

Book Details

  • Author: Pradeep Chandra
  • Publisher: Niyogi Books
  • Release Date: 9 JuneĀ 2014
  • Language: English
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Number of Pages: 272 Pages


  • @hrehaan great comment dude #respect. @bulli you are too funny dude, guys like @bulli,@sachin 11 and @navin made our day, their comment are too hilarious. Keep it up guys. And there is also a guy complan kid his comments also make fun for us but for different way.

  • Unique concept in filmmaking? Stealing credit, remaking, stealing from books. Activism? Crying on TV once a week for 4 weeks. How great Aamir!

  • @Deepu : so according to you always working with YRF-Dharma, stealing various scenes from different movies & making it a cocktail is unique filmaking?? stealing screens, manipulating & begging for solo release is brave ? Last but not least making audiences cry on TV with serials/shows like Zorr ka Jhatkaa : Total Wipeout !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hritik- if you are crying does not mean the audience is crying… Infact they were laughing much more than by watching overacting of aamir in satyamev jayate ( india is the only county with problems)

  • @vikram : I can believe you as you live in Paglapur where people enjoy Zor ka Jhatkaa & Cry on SMJ !!!!!!!!!

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