Happy New Year Trailer crosses 1 million views on Youtube

The total views of the Happy New Year trailer has crossed the 1 million mark on Youtube. While most trailers of Shahrukh Khan films have broken all previous Youtube records, the Happy New Year trailer will struggle to go viral for 3 reasons.

  • 1. The trailer was first released on Facebook where it has already received about 240,000 likes and 53,000 shares. Facebook doesn’t share the view-count of its videos with the public, so there is no way we can track the same.
  • 2. The trailer was released on Youtube about 2 hours later on three major channels – Red Chillies Entertainment (371,439 views), Yash Raj Films (239,922 views) and T-Series (389,763 views). The combined total of the three channels has crossed the 1 million mark. The reason for releasing it on three channels is – Red Chillies Entertainment is the banner, YRF are distributing the film and the music is with T-Series.
  • 3. The makers have also been circulating the trailer directly with viewers via direct links and on Whatsapp.

When a trailer is exclusively released on Youtube, the link is shared on social media websites like Twitter, Facebook and is also shared by celebrities with huge number of followers. This helps the Youtube go viral and makes it to the front page of Youtube.

Red Chillies Entertainment have opted for a different way to market and promote their trailer. Which is why we won’t be comparing the Youtube views of Happy New Year with any other film.



  • only salmaan has good sense otherwise some of his fans lost badly totally senseless even some of them not saw the trailer yet and posting foolish comment..

    I m already said that salman deserve far better than this types of senseless fans….

    means salmaan feels this is kick ass.. promo and they said this is crap…

    we all better know u guys made lots of crap movies in to a blockbuster list and such an awesomme trailer lyk dis disliked by you haha get a life hater aur kam se kam tum log toh class ki baat karo mat

    plzzzz learn something from your ideal

    this show yours fear and frustration bcoz this gonna break lots of box office collection

    while CE express realise you cried loudly crap crap …. and result you all know ?? 5 year old unbeaten record smashed by it with competition…

    so keep calm and wait 4 Strom…. ;)

  • I think salmaan sir started being human foundation after showing his fans behaviors…

    because they don’t know how to behave ??? that’s why lots of tym sir wearing being human T-shirt to remember them that you all are human and behave like this…

    even in lots of interview he told that if u r my fan behave gently other wise I don’t need to this types of fan even this types of guy stay away from me and my movie

  • Nice. Could have uploaded the trailer on just one youtube channel but what matters is the trailer is watched (whether it be youtube, facebook, whatsapp etc). Box office records matter not youtube views.

  • Why the hell sallu/srkfans r misusing my id? Comments at 7.09 pm and 7.11 pm are n’t mine. .shame on those moronic people! Bt yes,my rating is 2.5. Bt those comments r n’t mine.

  • theres only 1 reasn nd dat is d trailer is pathetic as expectd from d greatest director ever farah khan

  • hahahaha so now srk need 3-4 sources to beat Hrithik King of youtube, and amir, salman l0l
    combinely also its failled to beat Bang Bang.. Dis is worse Article Indicine, we doesnt count other sources and sites downloaded vdo’s or views..
    Or other vdo’s related to Trailer… Please give 1 genuine trailers views only..

  • From yesterday i am seeing a constant comment of some srk fans towards haters as they are creates negativity unnecessary. But they not able to accept the fact that hny trailer is below par. An actor who has 3.7 billion fans from 7.1 billion world population how can haters can be more powerful to create negative vibe.Comeon admin what a poor ideology to defend the failure of hny, one month before when bang-2 teaser was out not many people aware about that but it crossed 2 million in 18 hours because it was superbly made. Pk motion poster got close to 2 million views and hny trailer not crossed 1 million on single platform. And its not excuse how many fb users see the trailer on fb which is not as compatible like youtube neither popular for videos. Even some srk fans given thumbs down on this site. Indicine stop the excuses we are not fools if trailer was good i would say the same but sadly it wasn’t the case. Sorry srkians it big fails this time. But picture abhi baaki h.

  • v shantaram..shant baith..u dnt like srk toh kya movie bad hogi kya… it wil be a nyc movie… n in 100% sure secnd half wil be mind blasting..

  • The trailer has received a grand response, haters are spreading negativity as if HNY success will retire their stars. Even Aamir was scared of clashing his trailer.
    Sallufans hate it- Because there is no monkey beating 20 goons with 1 kick
    Aamirfans hate it- Because there is no short nude alien in it
    HRfans hate it- Because noone shivers in the trailer and there is no manipulation of any kind
    Cant you see, it is a family friendly film on the grandest scale, HNY will be highest grosser of 2014.

  • Pseudointellectuals have a new name- “nipuns”
    These nipuns like anything by Hrithik, absolutely anything, and hate or undermine anything that is a threat to HRs film.
    No matter how good anything may be, it will always get a rating lower than anything by HR. Shivering is better than acting for him.

  • For your point (3) – Makers circulating the link of the trailer through whatsapp…
    I believe they should be sharing one of the three channels mentioned by you in point (2)

    SO.. this count should include the link shared through whatsapp..

  • Only thing matters about the film besides collections,realese date, views, records is d CONTENT.
    Guys let industry ppl do all the scrachwrk abt a muvi u jst focus on ur money’s worth whc u spend on a muvi..

    Y to bother abt rest un needed stuff..

  • I mean to say pk poster is is close to 2 million mark till date not on single day but HNY most publicized trailer launch didn’t create any wonder which bang-2,kick,k3,d3 did or even jthj did on its time.

  • Trailer is not that bad but its sure not in the level we all expected.. This is the reason why its not trending on twitter and also less views on youtube.

  • Indicine forget to mention that facebook doesn’t have dislike button so how can judge what kind of response on fb for opposite reaction for happy new year.



  • Why is indicine giving explanations! It hasnt gone viral simply because its not as good as Bang Bang or Kick teaser/trailer. People mostly wind up watching trailers on youtube only so 1 million the no. But why provide separate figures of the channels. When Bang Bang teaser came, it crossed a lot of views in other user channels as well but then you guys did not report this. This is kind of partial behaviour

  • @Indicine U cant add youtube views from every channel.. Many other channels also posted KICK trailer when it was released and if we add all those views it was 3 or 4 million views easily in one day.. So u cant add 3 channels views and make it 1 million views.. Thats not correct.

  • @incidine
    its a fake news…happy doesnot creat any record or 1 milion viewr on one day…it is not a good sign for film. Itna views to SRK ki movies 1 hour mein kr leti thi.
    But # HNY ki tu watt lag gai.

  • biggest movie of d year coming guys…..
    king will regain his throne…

    meanwhile singham is really nice movie….. definately an INDIPENDANCE day movie….

  • Amir Khan #DHOOM3 Mein Chori Ki koi Nehi
    Dekha Salman Khan bhi #KICK Mai Chri Ki
    Bhi Koi nehi Dekha “Shah Rukh Khan”
    #HappyNewYear mein aise Chori Karega
    World Dekta Rahe jaega

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