Happy New Year Trailer crosses 1 million views on Youtube

The total views of the Happy New Year trailer has crossed the 1 million mark on Youtube. While most trailers of Shahrukh Khan films have broken all previous Youtube records, the Happy New Year trailer will struggle to go viral for 3 reasons.

  • 1. The trailer was first released on Facebook where it has already received about 240,000 likes and 53,000 shares. Facebook doesn’t share the view-count of its videos with the public, so there is no way we can track the same.
  • 2. The trailer was released on Youtube about 2 hours later on three major channels – Red Chillies Entertainment (371,439 views), Yash Raj Films (239,922 views) and T-Series (389,763 views). The combined total of the three channels has crossed the 1 million mark. The reason for releasing it on three channels is – Red Chillies Entertainment is the banner, YRF are distributing the film and the music is with T-Series.
  • 3. The makers have also been circulating the trailer directly with viewers via direct links and on Whatsapp.

When a trailer is exclusively released on Youtube, the link is shared on social media websites like Twitter, Facebook and is also shared by celebrities with huge number of followers. This helps the Youtube go viral and makes it to the front page of Youtube.

Red Chillies Entertainment have opted for a different way to market and promote their trailer. Which is why we won’t be comparing the Youtube views of Happy New Year with any other film.



  • so idiot haters.. Now u should understand….so dont compare views.. Compare figures when relese..u will see…. Ur kich brok dhoom3..did it break dhoom 3 collection?? Any hater can ans me??

  • Well it is true that HNY trailer cannot be viral due to the given reasons it can reach a broader audience using a variety of sources. Now whether this method is successful remains to be seen. Of course in the end the film’s business boils down to the content.

  • Ooooooooo!! 1 Milllon views in Jus 24hrs!!

    WTF is that My Friend telling me There had 2 Millon views for Trailers! In same time! dont get over excited.

    n Wat is like:Dislike ratio?

  • Breaking News- Akshay Kumar is suffering from depression after watching promo of tmk2… Film direct bhi kardi aur mujhe btaya bbi nahi

  • nice strategy by srk now everybody starting to follow this strategy like earlier srk was the first person who released his movies in Tamil dubbed language other than Hindi later it is followed by aamir in dhoom3 and hrithik in krish3

    now this is also a masterpiece….. other wise we all better know that JTHJ had highest views earlier than recent movies

  • The youtube channel Thala Ajith has leaked it first. There it has over 2 lakhs views. Why you did not count it indicine?

    mark my words 300cr is surely possible
    all the best king khan
    trailer is very intersting
    now the buzz is on a new high
    feeling sooooooooooooooo happy…….:)

  • But the trailer has’nt been liked that much….
    And for God’s Sake who’s decision it was to see SRK in a yellow pant???

  • Super Faaadu Trailer….!! Very unlike Shahrukh movies. First time I am excited for his film. JTHJ made him sleep in diwali ;)

  • Now everyone even genuine srk fans are very well knowing that HNY trailer is the worst trailer india have ever seen in the history of Indian cinema..

  • M sure, after 24th October, HNY will join d club of haunted ‘H’ of farah khan’s family..
    @Himmatwala @HumShakals & @HappyNewYear

  • Pain killer tablet manufacturing company are expecting big jump in their business as HNY trailer released.

  • HNY lifetime will be 140cr & earn a Flop status..
    Same as @indicine predicted for kick in worst case…

  • Hahaha indicine is publishing HNY seems HNY is produced by Indicine lol
    You guys stop giving BO collection of kick after it over took CE hahaha
    Tralier got more dislike in first hour of tralier released on YouTube n they disable the likes/ dislike button !!
    It’s funny …
    Likes on FB doesn’t matter even single picture of Salman/deepika /shreya / Amir ‘s got likes more than 400k
    But trailer of HNY is only in indicine lol not in any social media or website
    It’s a news lol got 400k likes KICK tralier got 51k plus more retweet just from salman tweeter

  • 2.5/5..average trailer..nothing new in thise trailer..like player 2..evry srk fans knws that it is not good as srk’s previous film trailers bt they are not gonna acpt that it is a average trailer..

  • Really disgusting, I watching HNY trailer on youtube offical page of t-series and LIKES, DISLIKES and VIEWS are all there, these stupid bhai fans talking about disabled dislikes, what a bunch of drama queens,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Salman acted in craps BG, ready and D2 and u have the audacity to call HNY trailer shit??? WHen BG read and D2 were the biggest craps I ever seen (even ETT was crap too except for some scenes)……………………………….

  • Loving the mindblowing response for HNYfrom general audience and trade. (Note : Haters gonna hate, they hated CE trailer also. Ignore them)
    SRKians Shudnt React To -Vity as No Film Got Fully +Ve Response, Every Film Has Different Opinions. #HNYSuccess Wil Be d Answer To -Vity :)

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