Happy New Year Trailer crosses 1 million views on Youtube

The total views of the Happy New Year trailer has crossed the 1 million mark on Youtube. While most trailers of Shahrukh Khan films have broken all previous Youtube records, the Happy New Year trailer will struggle to go viral for 3 reasons.

  • 1. The trailer was first released on Facebook where it has already received about 240,000 likes and 53,000 shares. Facebook doesn’t share the view-count of its videos with¬†the public, so there is no way we can track the same.
  • 2. The trailer was released on Youtube about 2 hours later on three major channels – Red Chillies Entertainment (371,439¬†views), Yash Raj Films (239,922 views) and T-Series (389,763 views). The combined total of the three channels has crossed the 1 million mark. The reason for releasing it on three channels is – Red Chillies Entertainment is the banner, YRF are distributing the film and the music is with T-Series.
  • 3. The makers have also been circulating the trailer directly with viewers via direct links and on Whatsapp.

When a trailer is exclusively released on Youtube, the link is shared on social media websites like Twitter, Facebook and is also shared by celebrities with huge number of followers. This helps the Youtube go viral and makes it to the front page of Youtube.

Red Chillies Entertainment have opted for a different way to market and promote their trailer. Which is why we won’t be comparing the Youtube views of Happy New Year with any other film.



  • Congo.. Srk takes over facebook ,twitter and youtube now. Meanwhile emraan hashmi was trending on no.1 on facebook when raja natwarlal trailer came.

  • Likes and dislike buttons are disabled in only oje channel while available on other two channels t series and yrf….

  • HNY Trailer Is CRAP. HNY Trailer Is CRAP. Sabki Jubaan Par Yahi Baat Hai…Farah, Shirish, Sajid must Be Proud Of You Now.

  • @indicine you didn’t point out the 4th reason of HNY struggling to go viral.
    Here it is :- It is the shittiest trailer of recent times and not standing up to the expectation of SRK’s own fans. I mean look at the trailer uploaded by Red Chillies. They knowingly disabled both the ‘LIKE/DISLIKE & COMMENT” sections. Because the response has scared the sh*t of em’.

  • The king of diwali is back. HNY will cross 300 crores. Awesome trailer. It’s a class Hindi movie. Not a bhojpuri flick which Sallu does

  • I’m totally disappointed with the negativity spreaded by SRK haters over HNY trailers (specially by Salman fans).
    What guys? Is that so bad? Ask your heart what you people are blabbering is because of bad trailer or because of hetaerism ?
    See the tweet of your beloved Salman khan as well :
    Just saw the HNY ka trailer. Its kick ass.

  • no one beat kick 99000 like On YouTube which highest ever.
    top 3 watch trailer On YouTube
    k3 – 22 million ( 57k likes)
    d3 – 19 million ( 58k likes)
    kick – 18 million (99k likes)
    yo sallu , aamir, hr rocks
    srk shocks.

  • Oh no.They should have released trailer in you tube only we losers wanted to win atleast on youtube views if not box office

  • abt 250K likes n 53K on fb…facebook is certainly way bigger platform than youtube,master stroke by team to give preferance to fb over yt.some movies create records on youtube while others at BO,HNY belongs to 2nd catagoery

  • if they wud had released it on youtube first just like others,it wud had easily got 3M views within 24 hrs

  • Probably 1 million is combined total, while trailer releases in YRF, Red Chillies & T Series too. Shame.

  • Combined Total Views From All Channel Is 1M for HNY Trailer in 24hrs. Isse Badi Bejjati Nhi Ho Sakti :D

  • Ooooooooo!! 1 Milllon views in Jus 24hrs!!

    WTF is that My Friend telling me There had 2 Millon views for Trailers! dont get over excited.

    n Wat is like:Dislike ratio?

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