Happy New Year Trailer crosses 1 million views on Youtube

The total views of the Happy New Year trailer has crossed the 1 million mark on Youtube. While most trailers of Shahrukh Khan films have broken all previous Youtube records, the Happy New Year trailer will struggle to go viral for 3 reasons.

  • 1. The trailer was first released on Facebook where it has already received about 240,000 likes and 53,000 shares. Facebook doesn’t share the view-count of its videos with the public, so there is no way we can track the same.
  • 2. The trailer was released on Youtube about 2 hours later on three major channels – Red Chillies Entertainment (371,439 views), Yash Raj Films (239,922 views) and T-Series (389,763 views). The combined total of the three channels has crossed the 1 million mark. The reason for releasing it on three channels is – Red Chillies Entertainment is the banner, YRF are distributing the film and the music is with T-Series.
  • 3. The makers have also been circulating the trailer directly with viewers via direct links and on Whatsapp.

When a trailer is exclusively released on Youtube, the link is shared on social media websites like Twitter, Facebook and is also shared by celebrities with huge number of followers. This helps the Youtube go viral and makes it to the front page of Youtube.

Red Chillies Entertainment have opted for a different way to market and promote their trailer. Which is why we won’t be comparing the Youtube views of Happy New Year with any other film.



  • Srk’s heart shud be like diamond khan salman…sallman just tweeted about hny trailer just saw it kickass but in contrary it was really ordinary to bad…….m sure farah must have rang salman to tweet so that trailer gets positive responce coz she know trailer is of very sub standard I still remember when jai ho released srk made fun of kunal kohli for his chice of watching jai ho…….but look at heart lion heart of diamond khan salman tweeting positive for hny

  • kick, krish3, dhoom3, and bang bang trailer/teaser did not realise with any movie ??? this is also a big factor to increase views for these movies that was not mentioned by indicine…..

    so if you want to effect this Promo than stay tuned and wait for singham return collection… than u easily got answer of you question that how many people watch the promo on bigg screen

  • HNY trailer is a disappointment….

    Not an SRK fan or sallu fan but i was kinda having huge expectations Due to the level of promotion but its damn disappointing…..

    After 24 hours it had 1.18 Million views on youtube combined from all 4 channels.( one is unofficial but has 200k views)…
    Even if we include FB & whatsapp view, Its difficult to say it ha reached 2 million mark in a day….

    Going by how he promoted it on Fb , Whatsapp, Twitter n a Grand launch i expected atleast a 2.5 Million+ in one day…..

    The trailer had 5500 Dislikes & 22484 Likes… 80% likes which is quite gud but Compared to Dhoom3 (85%) & krrish 3 ( 83%) , Kick & Bang Bang Teaser (Both 91%) Is low….

    From the Trailer one thing is clear –

    CHUTIYAPA can neither be created nor be Destroyed…
    It can only be transferred from one shitty Director ( Sajid Khan) to Another (Farah Khan)….

    Lets Hope the movie Doesn’t turn out to b a disappointment as the Trailer…..

  • @loki we all knw that srk<<<<<<hrithik in terms of acting and @roshan shahrukh says-main dil main bhi nai aata aur samaj mein bhi nai aata if salman or hr or akshay beat 20 guys alone it not looks over because they have a physique while shahrukh he beated 20 people in ce that made ce a comedy film.And indicine is just giving excuses for their fav star Srk if we would add 3 top channels of kick,k3and bang bang than id would have been much more


    5. KICK – BOSS
    12. KRISH 3 – RANGREZZ
    13. 2 STATES – BANG BANG

    Happy new year is a flop movie.

  • Strange,haters overtake the podium even b4 the fans wer aware of the release of the trailer.. Lol..proves Hw jobless tht list of ppl is..and secondly, the trailer reveals nothing at all about the movie..and the pundits here are up with there own theories… Get to work guys,October 23 is stil a long way to go..

  • @chris j, teri toh, English saand, don’t talk abt our industry, we all know how great is Hollywood where ideas from Korean, Chinese, Iranian and other countries are taken, where dumbass movies like skyfall, crap n furious like films make millions.

    we like class and crass, just like we enjoy ur American crap McDonalds once in a while, we just enjoy masala flicks….Hollywood can stand on their head but can never make a 3 idiots kinda movies, and have u ever heard of Malayalam n bengali movies….go watch them, they are from small states of India, u will nvr talk abt cheap Hollywood movies ever.

  • HNY Trailer: Yeh kahani hai duniya ki sabse badi chori ki. Ji haa Salman Khani ki pichli movies se script chori ki.

  • hny trailer struggles to cross 1 million in you tube now and it will struggle to cross 10 million in box office.so sorry,king of over acting

  • after watching so many illogical mvies u ppl have also lost ur logical power
    simply u shld understand that we r not talking about no of channels but we r talking abt d official channels
    there r 3 fr this mvi and for most mvi’s its generally 1
    thats why we r adding these 3
    moreover if u r counting fb views then u shld know that nt every person likes a video he/she watch

  • We don’t want to know about others but we Shahrukians like the trailer very much I personally like the trailer very much guys have you noticed in the trailer when King Khan punch a guy and camera close to Srk face wow what a scene awesome Hny rocks.

  • The buzz of HNY trailer after its release is not even ¼ of the amazing chaos that KICK trailer created before its release!

  • I guess.. not up to the expectation.. disappointing.. probably I may cross 200 but sick trailor.. classy..but not huge. As koimoi SD..nothing new..

  • Big no no…srk…losing it..will end up wishing each other happy new year…. Farah..sajid..srk..Jr..bachan..and bunch of losers…deepika…u lost it girl..

  • JTHJ promo realese with ETT and what happened ETT smashing opening day record… now HNY promo realise with singham return and what’s happened ajay enter in 30 croreand hater say about views on youetbe collection itself say how many people views the promo on big screen ;) use some brain hater if u have..?? becoz non of the most veiwed recent movie promo realise with any movie so thats why they got more viewaur singham return ke views check karo noteven half of kicks promo bt what’s happened it broke kick opening day realise…earlier when srk every movie got massive responded on you tube you guys said that srk movie only blockbuster on you tube andthat’s time lots of factor involve for less view which is earlier indicine told that

  • Flop movie for sure. Srk is gone, he was just lucky to make 200cr last year because salman did big favour for srk last eid chennai express which salman already destroyed with KICK.

  • Haters keep calm!!!
    Hny will collect above 40crs on 24th oct!!!
    Trailer is awsm!!!
    Aur bhi SRK ka marketing aur promotion bakki hai!!!
    SRK rocks!!!!
    KING of bollywood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    When it comes to digital and marketing innovations for films, Red
    Chillies Entertainments Pvt Ltd has been at the top of the game.
    They have proved it yet again with their trailer launch of Farah Khan
    directed film Happy New Year . Red Chillies not just involved fans in
    the launch of the trailer that took place in Mumbai on August 14,
    but also opened up many new platforms for the fans to view the
    trailer as the launch happened. This was the first time that newer
    platforms on digital medium were opened for the trailer keeping the
    user preference in mind. Red Chillies used all possible Digital
    Platforms- Social Media, Mobile (VAS), DTH& Application Economy
    to ensure a large user preferred reach for the trailer.
    While most of the films opt for the conventional Youtube platform,
    Happy New Year trailer was first launched on Facebook’s native
    video player using an application wherein the trailer was not only
    launched on the Facebook page of Happy New Year but also the
    timelines of all the users who subscribed to the app. “In keeping
    with the tradition of innovation established by Red Chillies, we were
    delighted to launch the trailer of Happy New Year for the first time
    across multiple platforms. This was also done to meet the demands
    of fans who are consuming talent in ways that suit them. This has
    given the trailer an unprecedented footprint and delighted the fans,”
    said Venky Mysore, CEO RCE.
    If this isn’t enough, the trailer was also launched on the native video
    player of Twitter with personalized messages from the cast of HNY.
    “Red Chillies and the cast of Happy New Year understand the value
    of developing live, personal and interactive connections with their
    audience, which is only possible on Twitter. From the entire cast
    and crew sharing every moment of film production on Twitter via
    their personal handles to their launching personalized trailers and
    posters on Twitter, Happy New Year has set a new national and
    global standard in the movie business,” said Rishi Jaitley, Market
    Director, Twitter India. The Trailer was also launched on the
    conventional platform of Youtube on all channels of the partners
    (Music Distributors T-Series and Film Distributors Yash Raj Films)
    on the film along with Red Chillies’ official channel. The total views
    of the trailer from all platforms cross a record breaking number of 4
    million in 24 hours. Happy New Year is slated to release this Diwali.
    Below are the statistics of 24 hours from the minute the trailer was
    launched on all the Digital Platforms, which got it more than 4
    million view:
    First film trailer to be launched on FB and becomes the most viewed
    movie trailer on FB Native Player across the Globe
    1.5 Million Trailer Views
    2.8 Million Post Interaction & over 18 Million FB users reached.
    Over 360K Likes for the trailer (Highest Ever)
    1.5 Billion Impressions only on Aug 14
    5 Hash Tags trending of Happy New Year (PFA Screen Shot
    Over than 2 Million views across various Youtube Partner Channels
    First Film to send out the trailer via WhatsApp
    Reached Over 13 million Subscribe of a DTH & each one has to
    watch channel 100 when they switch on their sets before they go to
    any other channel of their choice
    They have over 15 million visitors every day
    Over 300,000 fans received it via SMS service (missed call facility)
    Over 25,000 fans received it via email

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