Happy New Year Third Weekend Box Office Update

Happy New Year is steady on the lower side at the box office in its third weekend. The film has collected around 1.5 crore on its 3rd Friday even though it lost several shows and screens to this week’s release ‘The Shaukeens’.

Depending on the growth in business over the next two days, the Shahrukh Khan starrer might cross the 200 crore mark. It should go on to beat the lifetime business of films like Ek Tha Tiger (199.6 cr) and 3 Idiots (202.3 cr). The film will finish as the 4th highest grosser of all time behind Dhoom 3, Krrish 3, Kick and Chennai Express.

The Hindi version of the film has collected Rs 188.84 crore, while the regional (Tamil and Telugu) versions have contributed around 6.1 crore to the total.

Happy New Year First Week Collections

  • Friday – 44.97 cr
  • Saturday – 31.6 cr
  • Sunday – 32.29 cr
  • Monday – 15.01 cr
  • Tuesday – 13.17 cr
  • Wednesday – 11.02 cr
  • Thursday – 9.51 cr
  • 1st Week Total – 157.57 crore

Happy New Year Second Week Collections

  • 2nd Friday – 5.26 cr
  • 2nd Saturday – 7.47 cr
  • 2nd Sunday – 9.51 cr
  • 2nd Monday – 3.31 cr
  • 2nd Tuesday – 4.06 cr
  • 2nd Wednesday – 2.75 cr
  • 2nd Thursday – 3.51 cr
  • 2nd Week Total – 35.87 cr

Happy New Year Third Weekend Collections

  • 3rd Friday – 1.6 cr (approx)
  • Total collections in 15 days – 195.04 crore

Verdict – Super Hit




  • Widest release, more ticket price, 3 full holidays, highest opening day and weekend, still struggling for 200 cr. its a request to srk fans that instead of barking on social websites, go to theaters and see the movie but i think only this much is the fan following of srk. He cannot come even close to salman or aamir when if comes to collections and fan following.

  • 2011 time 100 cr club
    salman khan bodyguard
    SRK Ro one 115cr(everywhare)
    2012 time 150 cr
    salman khan Ek tha tiger
    Srk JTHJ 119cr
    2013 time 200 cr
    Srk CE 219 cr+7cr=226 cr
    salman khan no movie
    2014 time 200 cr or 250cr(depends PK)
    salman khan kick
    SRK HNY 207 cr

  • Oh I m feeling sorry for srk fan after too much promotion nd great weekend holiday the film is still struggling for 200 cr they are saying it as, under performed film than what about ra1 don 2 mnik oso rbnd ??? It means they all are super flop I m not saying this they itself nd srk well performed I mean bb performed earned 227 crore hahahaha this is the power of what they call king khan listen srk literate fan think for a while before commenting on something lolz

  • oh wow……. just wow ! our lungiwalla king’s NONSENSICAL ‘crappy new year’ is a finally a superhit , almost 150 crores of money wasted on making this garbage, over hyped & too much exaggerated publicity & promotions both in India & overseas for this Farah khan’s master piece, best release period of this year with so many holidays & 2-3 open weeks, apart from the ‘king of craps’ srk , superstar abhishek bachhan (who becomes the 1st actor ever to star in back-to-back 200 crore domestic grossers in India), super-starini deepika (out of all those unfortunate hapless souls who happened to watch the torturous crap hny in theatres , 30% of them went to the theatres just to watch the beautiful & sexy deepika, had deepika not been in this crappy new year its final collections would have been 30% less) starring in this movie and still the movie is just about crawling to 200 crores inspite of the manipulation king srk’s record breaking manipulations! oh wow ….just wow!……

    I bet had aamir,salman or hrithik starred in hny replacing the old tired looking lungiwalla king (first of all these 3 superstars would never have even agreed to sign for a bakwaas movie like crappy new year and that too being directed by farha khan ji but if they did) with all the other factors & advantages related to hny remaining the same , it would have done 220 crores minimum in India and probably 250 crores if it had salman which just means that hny would have been a BB in India & not a super hit.
    An irritating over-actor has starred in nonsensical crap rubbish movies like ra.1,DONkey 2, jthj , ce & now hny since the last few years and he still isn’t feeling embarrassed even a bit, oh wow hats off lungi khan , we can only get embarrassed if we have some shame na …

  • Why PRDP 400cr?
    PRDP release date 6 November
    sreen count 5500 all language
    1 day 40 cr
    2 day 45 cr
    3 day 50 cr (Sunday)
    4 day 30 cr
    5 day 30 cr (holiday)
    6 day 35 cr (diwali)
    7 day 40 cr (diwali)
    8 day 27 cr (holiday)
    9 day 30 cr (holiday)
    10 day 35 cr (sunday)
    note.check 2015 calendar
    500 cr possible
    if like MPK.HAHK.HSSH

  • yesterday I made fun of bhai fans hw they blamed modiji for jai ho failure and nw they r praising him for doing repeated interactions with bhai.@Salman rockz has again said the same thing proving that bhai fans r true chame leones

  • @babaji. According to boi its 173 CRORES and it ll definitely cross yjhd and ett.
    But what about this according to boi bang bang has collected 141 CRORES. Lol. And its budget was estimated as 150 CRORES. So should I consider bang bang a disaster. Answer this. Lolz

  • @sameer Bro. The boi collection or trade figure is 173 CRORES.so the difference is only 20 CRORES.
    Book look at this the trade or boi figure for bang bang is 141CRORES. Lol. Paltry 141 CRORES. And its budget given by fox star was 150 CRORES. That means it hasn’t even recovered its investment. So it should be disaster or flop in best case scenario.
    And happy New year passes K3 as far as boi goes. Lol

  • @anandi from balika vadhu. Nobody stopped lallu from casting a bigger heroine. And lolz that’s an excuse.
    And as far as casting heroines goes. SRK s RBDJ and OSO had new heroines and still block busters. Lol.
    And as far as jai ho goes its a flop movie. And agree to the fact that lallu is just a festive severe bully. Lolz that’s WY he has even pre booked Eid 2017. Lol. Insecure at its heights
    We were not the ones to say it as underperforming. U were the ones. So stop

  • So stop posting Ur nonsensical comments.
    And if u are comparing ce with kick every one knows that ce was better than kick in all aspects.
    CE with 3700 screens just 1 week empty and with clash 227 CRORES. And world wide 422
    Kick with 4300 screens and 2 weeks free and comparatively higher prices than ce and just 6CRORES ahead. Lolz and to top it worldwide just 370 CRORES. That’s the laughing part
    Lallu would never get a 100 CRORE overseas.rofl. And u bhaitards are dreaming of 500 CRORES worldwide. Ha ha ha ha. Too much fun. Guess lallu would take an eternity to cross ce worldwide collections. Ha ha ha

  • Q. Will Happy New Year make it to the 200
    crore nett mark?
    Ans. It looks a 175-180 crore nett finish

    Now SrkFans: ‘We don’t care boi

  • I am not a srk hater infact I watched Cdi ddlj swades kkhh bajigar rnbdj mohabatein and many others more than 20 times but hny is a crap movie with about zero logic and full of overacting so I request to srkfans pls don’t try to protect hny and only protect good movie not a bad don’t be biased and love gud movies

  • @DON2,completely agree with you bro,EID is more profitable holiday period than DEEWALI AND CHRISTMAS.whoever thinks jai ho is one man show,they are completely wrong rather than it’s the power of successful south remake.salman with out south remake/MASALA genre is just like fish with out water,LOL.so INDIA never accept salman as the bigger superstar if he can’t show his versatility.That’s why still SRK is called THE KING OF BOLLYWOOD.

    @legend khan,don’t modified KING SRK’S statement—-aaa which is now classic was considered as non sensical at that time too.shame on you for hating THE PRIDE OF INDIA—-KING SRK.BTW few days before you were celebrating about jaya bachan’s statement,now what happens now the whole family are apologizing,so you must have feel jelousness,LOL.BTW the same thing also happened before,amir also apologizing KING SRK at HIS residence for what he had written about HIM in twitter.feel THE POWER of GLOBAL MEGASTAR.

    @gotya vs bulli, KING KHAN is the 1ST ACTOR to give back to back 200CR GROSSER.amir couldn’t have done this with out raju hirani and brand dhoom3 rather than with Rohit/Farah and he is not a versatile like KING SRK.still KING KHAN is the 1st actor to give 1st 200cr with a single STARRER movie CE.KING KHAN IS BEST ALWAYS.

    I think HNY may cross k3/kick in WORLDWIDE,because there is huge chance is there.

  • look at this @Don2..he is crying for the release date!!!

    What was wrong with the release date?

    Frustrated loser SRK fans can’t accept defeat…

  • @Indicine, You did a Mistake., it will b 5th highest grossing movie not 4th….

    It will beat ETT by third week n may soon cross 3 idiots….

    So BOI fans (Insecure Haters) have again started bashing K3 & Hrithik….. Keep Barking Haters, Everyone knows How much k3 collected….

  • PK will be highest grosser of 2014. no body can beat AK. he is the real king of bollywood, not a fake one like someone who needs big heroines in every movies.

  • Everybody knows that Divali isn’t the period for records, still SRK pulled it off. Best opening day and weekend. Christmas Khan en Eid Khan won’t be able to cross this in years to come. I know for sure that Christmas Khan’s next film will be over a couple of years. Guess what, I bet release date on Christmas. I have more respect for Eid Khan than Christmas Khan. Everybody knows what happens if Christmas Khan releases his films on other dates, remember Dhobighat and Talaash. SRK and Salman are the only one who are consistent, with the note that Salman from 2010 and SRK much longer.

  • kill dil is a govinda film !! nevr has govinda attracted crowds in the 200s

    so a flop is assured..

    interest in movie is important for it to run..

    it was the glitz of hny which gave it the zip initially ..kill dill doesnt have it ..it sounds dull..
    the shows for hny are almost over ..its petering out and is on last drops of oil in its tank..so its nothing to talk about..

    the upcoming films also dont look promising..

    here is my prediction for kill dill 7-8 cr weekend only

    surprise package may be interstellar may perform like gravity..definately positive wom

  • 1.5-1.6 on friday means on average one more time a good steady held by hny though little bit lower but still after 2nd week,,i must say hny has a steady numbers and it clearly shows that it is well received by family audiences as it has 2nd highest 2nd week numbers of this year after kick..
    every one be it srk fan or srk hater,,guys we have to accept the reality..
    hny is not an under performer..
    i read the article on indicine about performance of hny and i completely agree with it.
    though hny,,after first record breaking weekend,,not did extra ordinary business but still the numbers are fair enough to call it a success and a decently accepted movie by its target audience.
    coz 200 cr number in india is still not an easy task.
    though all fans of all actors predict 300-400 cr in india..
    i believe in reality.
    nd reality acc to me is – hny is right now a super hit,,it is going to cross 200 cr mark in india,,it may achieve blockbuster status if it will cross 3 idiots figure..

  • @Hrithik fans — Be the collection whatever but we will not falsely claim that we achieved tyethe highest grossing film status….each film does manipulation….According to BOI it will be 175-180 crs lifetime and 180-185 crs all versions and producer fig will be 200 crs all versions and hindi version less than 200 crs…..so diff will be 20 crs….just like SINGHAM, MARY COM claim to be 100 crs HNY will also be 200 crs by producer fig…So you better not tag SRK as manipulation king…it belongs to HR with 50+ crs manipulation :v

  • Why not blockbuster???it is not fair trade always do that kind of injustice it will grossed higher than ik tha tiger and if we go with trade fig it collects more than krish 3 i m amazed ark can only get blockbuster by deliver all time earner except cdi.. oso,rnbj,ce all are no 1 grosser or close to no 1 grosser what is this???

  • @arjun kapoor I’m not making fum of ali zafar & ranveer singh .. I just said the truth, read my comment once again.
    @babaji don’t be jealous .. you are Sajid Khan of indicine, you are old & you don’t make any sense & @bulli is rajpal yadav.

  • @Babaji, yes! The ripped off ‘Gotya’ is nowhere to Bulli. While Bulli has never used a bad word and is always sarcastic, this Gotya uses harsh & offensive terms.
    That makes Bulli hilarious and gotya absurd!

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